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Avatar m tn I would just use the retrieval date as a starting point, then go back two weeks and use that as "last menstrual period". Then go online and find a pregnancy calculator, enter the LMP (last menstrual period) and you'll be able to get a due date. Although if it's twins, she may deliver before then ;-) Best of luck!
Avatar f tn OB says the 13th. The calculator on here says the 11th. I have a feeling it will be earlier just like my last pregnancy. I had preeclampsia with my first, and I'm already swelling like crazy!
439903 tn?1380137882 According to the due date calculator on this site, i'm due February 12th. Im just waiting for my first u/s (hopefully i will have the date tomorrow) and then i will have an accutrate date.
1525332 tn?1315845477 I gained 4 1/2 pounds in the last 2 weeks. Yeah! 18 weeks 2 days pregnant. Twins are doing well. Nice strong heartbeats.
1525332 tn?1315845477 Went back to ER this morning because pain is getting worse and a lot of blood. I have miscarried the heartbeat.
Avatar f tn I am 10 weeks and two days pregnant but the calculator but for the last couple of days I have been bleeding and having small clots I was wondering if this could be a miscarriage? And what are signs because my first two pregnancy where fine no blood and with this one I have blood and no pregnancy symptoms I had two csections.
359321 tn?1278268890 Everywhere I look online I am finding that my numbers are very high, I am 20dpo and my beta came back at 3095. I used a doubling calculator from the first beta and it came back that I was doubling every35 hours. I asked the nurse if it looked like multiples and she said that they do not like to guess any more and that all she could say is that it is higher than they are looking for so it's good. Can anyone help?
1299010 tn?1272732429 I currently have two daughters. My daughter's age is 2 and 3 years old. Now I am currently expecting to bring twins into this world on nov. 13, 2010. I wasn't expecting twins but I knew my belly was to big for to be three months so I went to the doctor and she told me you are expecting twins. I am over that part and I really hope everything go right for me because I am looking forward to learning more from raising twins with my soon to be hubby.
Avatar f tn again http://www.babymed.
1525332 tn?1315845477 Went to dr today. Better than expected...Had ultrasound...after measurements were done, found out I am further than previously told / expected. I am 10 weeks 3 days (10 days further). ALSO - 2 Babies!!! *****TWINS***** Lost 1 pound this week.
1525332 tn?1315845477 Last Night at 1030pm the Dr checked me and I was in Full labor. . . They took me to the OR for my c-section. . . The babies are here ! YEAH :) Baby Boy "A" was born September 10, 2011 11:56pm He weighed in at 5 pounds 2 ounces. 18 inches long. Baby Boy "B" was born September 11, 2011 12:06am He weighed in at 4 pounds 8 ounces. 19 inches long. . . I can't believe they were born 10 minutes apart. I was expecting 2 or 3 minutes apart. They don't even share a birthday...
175665 tn?1306459024 Congrats on ur pregnancy,,,I wish u get as u wish,,twins!
1386655 tn?1452097056 OMG ladies, I'm having twins! Both babies are measuring the same and the heartbeats were excellent! Even though I had a feeling it was twins, I'm feeling a little shock and overwhelmed! But I am happy, my husband is excited too. The Dr. said my leg had to be me - somewhere along the line I must have banged it and the bruise is just a black and blue mark. He said to just put warm compresses on it. I go back next Thursday for my next sono! Wow!
792052 tn?1309742492 t want to have these twins this early in the pregnancy.
Avatar n tn Without getting too detailed according to my ovulation calculator I am most fertile tomorrow. I think my husband and I might have done all we can do to set the stage to make the most out of this cycle, but we would like twins. I am already taking a folic acid supplement but wanted to see if any of you lovely ladies had any more tips or tricks that might help maximize my egg production?? Any advise you can give me would be great, dont leave out the cooky old wives tales either mammas!!
1746987 tn?1381247624 Well i had a little scare today so i had my ultrasound early and everything is OK...two wonderful flickering heartbeats!! I'm having TWINS!!! Still a little shocked although i was expecting it with my high Beta numbers. I'm on bed rest for a week...and i'm going to make it 2 weeks since my holidays start on friday just to be safe!!
6077797 tn?1520004188 could it mean i will be having twins?? there are several set of twins in my family including my mom... could it be?
Avatar n tn Yes.
Avatar f tn At my last ultrasound I measured 3 days ahead, my des is feb 9. My lmp was May 4 and the previous one was April 16, I've always had irregular periods. I had two negative pregnancy tests may 13 & may 19 then tested positive may 28. I am so confused now as to when I got pregnant. April or may? The tech said the babies measure w my lmp but I don't understand how they measure ahead. I'm having twins.
134578 tn?1578157483 5 times as likely to have twins as someone from the general population. A mother of fraternal twins is 3-4 times more likely to have another set of fraternal twins. A woman who is an identical twin is no more likely to have twins compared to someone else. Why do fraternal twins run in the family but not identical twins? It makes sense once we understand the differences between the two types of twins. Identical twins come from the same fertilized egg and are sometimes called monozygotic.
Avatar f tn Based on my last period the pregnancy calculator says I'm 8 weeks pregnant. Can't I be less weeks pregnant? My last period was Oct 12. Please help me understand how long I may be?
1538862 tn?1304210814 30 we found out that we are have twins although the sac on baby A is not as good as baby B. But they are the same in size its just the sac and we asked if it is ok and the doc said that it just might be to soon to tell but he has seen it before and it has came out fine so we are keeping our fingers crossed. Hope baby A will pull through. I have another ultrasound in a few weeks so we will keep an eye oun that that little one..
Avatar f tn Use an ovulation calculator and the date of your last period.
1227139 tn?1462334630 Although I find it kind of silly to have the Ovulation Calculator in the Pregnancy community since if you are trying to calculate your ovulation, you certainly aren't pregnant, and If you are pregnant you wouldn't need to calculate your ovulation since you won't be ovulating. Shouldn't this tool be in a TTC community or something like that?? Why would I join the pregnancy community if I am not yet pregnant?
Avatar f tn I've been having such a hard time maintaining a healthy weight gain throughout my pregnancy.. I weighed 116 pre-prengnancy and the last time I went to the doctor I weighed 141!!!
1525332 tn?1315845477 Had 20 week ultrasound today! Everything is going well and the twins look great. Dr knows what we are having but we are not finding out, yet. Dr said I have another 10 weeks, as long as everything stays well, before I have to go to the hospital. I hope they stay well and I continue to gain the weight!!! So happy!
439903 tn?1380137882 Wow so i found out today that God has blessed my husband and i with twins! TWO! we have been trying for 2 and a half years for ONE and were going to have TWO!! we are so thankful and amazed!!! hes so excited he was telling people before i could!! i think he is more excited about the twins then just being blessed with one which is usually the oppostie! most are set back when they hear multiple!! i love him so much! we are so happy right now!!!