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Avatar m tn I would just use the retrieval date as a starting point, then go back two weeks and use that as "last menstrual period". Then go online and find a pregnancy calculator, enter the LMP (last menstrual period) and you'll be able to get a due date. Although if it's twins, she may deliver before then ;-) Best of luck!
Avatar f tn I am 10 weeks and two days pregnant but the calculator but for the last couple of days I have been bleeding and having small clots I was wondering if this could be a miscarriage? And what are signs because my first two pregnancy where fine no blood and with this one I have blood and no pregnancy symptoms I had two csections.
Avatar f tn OB says the 13th. The calculator on here says the 11th. I have a feeling it will be earlier just like my last pregnancy. I had preeclampsia with my first, and I'm already swelling like crazy!
359321 tn?1278268890 Everywhere I look online I am finding that my numbers are very high, I am 20dpo and my beta came back at 3095. I used a doubling calculator from the first beta and it came back that I was doubling every35 hours. I asked the nurse if it looked like multiples and she said that they do not like to guess any more and that all she could say is that it is higher than they are looking for so it's good. Can anyone help?
175665 tn?1306459024 Congrats on ur pregnancy,,,I wish u get as u wish,,twins!
Avatar f tn Based on my last period the pregnancy calculator says I'm 8 weeks pregnant. Can't I be less weeks pregnant? My last period was Oct 12. Please help me understand how long I may be?
Avatar f tn At my last ultrasound I measured 3 days ahead, my des is feb 9. My lmp was May 4 and the previous one was April 16, I've always had irregular periods. I had two negative pregnancy tests may 13 & may 19 then tested positive may 28. I am so confused now as to when I got pregnant. April or may? The tech said the babies measure w my lmp but I don't understand how they measure ahead. I'm having twins.
Avatar n tn Yes.
Avatar m tn It sounds like she is pregnant by someone else. Let us say for the sake of analysis that she ovulated on July 17 and got pregnant by you. It is plausible that on July 31 she could have gotten a positive blood test, that part of the story is acceptable although she would have to be pretty alert to go that soon to a doctor. (Most women do a couple of home tests before going to get the pregnancy confirmed by a doc. Do you know if the doctor used a blood test or a urine test?
Avatar f tn But pregnancy will come soon if nothing is wrong?
Avatar f tn I've been having such a hard time maintaining a healthy weight gain throughout my pregnancy.. I weighed 116 pre-prengnancy and the last time I went to the doctor I weighed 141!!!
Avatar n tn So i used the pregnancy calculator right and with my peiord being a 28-34 day cycle it indicated that i was pregnant. With that been said last wednesday my period should have came?
Avatar n tn //www.babycenter.
Avatar f tn I'm going to assume you didn't use a condom. There is a very good chance that your ex is the father of your baby.
1227139 tn?1462334630 Although I find it kind of silly to have the Ovulation Calculator in the Pregnancy community since if you are trying to calculate your ovulation, you certainly aren't pregnant, and If you are pregnant you wouldn't need to calculate your ovulation since you won't be ovulating. Shouldn't this tool be in a TTC community or something like that?? Why would I join the pregnancy community if I am not yet pregnant?
1820608 tn?1317229265 It's definitely possible. Ovulation though on a calender or calculator is nothing more than a guess at best and you could ovulate sooner or later than it shows. To show it accurately you need to chart your BBT or use OPK's. Are you trying to get pregnant?
Avatar f tn So I did a due date calculator thing because I was bored. I am lost it says my first trimester begin on June 22 but I didn't have sex until June 29th and July 6th and my doctor told me my due date was the same as what the calculator gave me which was March 29th. I don't understand how my first trimester could of begin on the 22 if I didnt have sex until the days I listed. Sorry first time pregnancy 18 years old lol. Some one help explain?
Avatar f tn the worse part is in a week is my birthday and 3 weeks from now will be the anniversary of my last miscarriage. they had been twins, i lost the 1st one at 9 weeks and the 2nd one at 19 weeks...
Avatar m tn have a question i was wondering if anybody could help ok me in my kids mother i have twins.. were broken up in she was sleeping around in she ends up getting pregnant so heres the scenario her very first period was from feb 1 to the 5th of feb she started taking birth control on the 4th we had sex on the 14 of feb then she had sex with him on the 24th of feb..
Avatar f tn What if my last period was in feb. Is the ultrasound wrong on my due date?
Avatar f tn Me and my partner have been ttc since jan 28th no period feb 22 no period march 22. Based on the calculator I'm four weeks. Is the I'm expecting calculator accurate.
Avatar f tn if u go on google and find a pregnancy calculator which was very accurate for me , type in the 1st day of ur last period, how many days ur cycle is and it should tell u a due day and how far along u really are :) congrats ....
Avatar n tn There's no way to tell for certain when you conceived as it can take up to a week after you ovulate, and if you don't track ovulation there's really no way to tell. That's why at the start of pregnancy doctors use your LMP to date pregnancy until you get a dating scan. If this is because of a paternity issue the only way to know for certain is to have a DNA test when baby is born.
Avatar f tn I'm pretty certain I know who the father of my unborn twins are, but I have been having doubts lately because of how set he is set that they are not his.... He is claiming he ha been told by a doctor he is sterile.. I will be doing a DNA test after the twins are born but I would like some kind of advice ATM...