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Avatar f tn I was taking much more vicodin, but I'm on day 4 cold turkey and the withdrawal has been bad, but tolerable. Mostly restless legs and aches, sweats, light headed.
599420 tn?1227715618 00/month for just my Avinza is not my idea of good money management. And, it didn't even work that well for me. It worked better than nothing, and better than Vicodin, but I am glad to be off of it now. Give me the cheap Prednisone anytime!
Avatar n tn I have been directed to take all of these every day, but unlike the pain pills, I took daypro only when I had a flare up, it brought be back down in 4-7 days, to the level of pain I was used to and then I would stop and just continue with the vicodin regiment. Since the loss of the vicodin, I have been taking the anti inflamatories (3 a day instead of the prescribed 2, still petrified of a flare up).
Avatar n tn Suicide, but Vicodin encouraging such an act. Vicodin sets you up, makes you feel good for awhile, and then makes things much worse. My sister commited suicide, my mother suffers from manic depression, and i suffer from depression. So...from much experience my biggest bit of advise would be a psychotherapist, especially if antidepressants don't seem to work for you. Though usually with a good psychiatrist, they CAN find an antidepressant that does work for you.
Avatar n tn I am also as addicted to Vicodin as anyone can get. I take up to 50 vicodin ES's a day and have been for years. I have been in rehab once before 4 years ago and lasted less than a week and have been taking them almost every day since then. I have once again come clean to my wife and family today and finally admitted that I was an addict.
Avatar f tn 2 weeks ago I herniated 2 discs in my lower back, was prescribed a 6 day pack of prednisone and some vicodin. I had been given valium to stop the abnormal movement in the past, however the valium didn't really work all that well. Now what I find odd is that after completing the first day of prednisone tablets, I realized I did not have any abnormal movement that day. I continued to monitor myself as I do with my medical diary and sure enough while on the prednisone, I had no abnormal movement.
Avatar n tn You didn't say if you went cold turkey off the Pred at the same time you stopped the Vicodin and Valium. Prednisone withdrawal is a real *****. (Why the valium? Makes no sense, best drug to help relax the gut spasms and help sleep is Donnatal.) You are correct that the Vicodin can help the D (diarrhea) that you get when you are in a flare, but if you aren't having pain, you can get just as good, if not better, relief from Imodium AD. I *always* have a box of that on my desk!
1057595 tn?1257901938 She is currently taking Colchicine twice a day along with naprosen and #5 vicodin as needed. The pain has become unbearable and she has been forced to drop one class from her 3L law school schedule and reduce the time she works in the clinic. Her EP is hesitant to put her on a steroid protocol, but I can't find any other treatment that might help her. Does anyone have any experience with pericarditis and severe pain that colchicine does not help??
Avatar n tn Right now my Physician is giving me Prednisone 20 mg. twice a day and I take 2000+ MG. of I buprophen. I don't like the Prednisone ,because of Possible side effects,but it may be making the strength come back some. This is my second round,another 10 day period. I wont take the Tramadol any more.I use the Vicodin 5/500 2-3 times aday.Tylenol Pm to sleep.I get about 3-4 hours a night,if I'm Lucky.I do walk for excercise despite the Pain ,I think it helps.Like physical Therapy.I hope this helps.
Avatar f tn But I managed to get my meds down to just the vicodin during my period because my period pain was so bad I just could not handle the monthly pain without it so I just continued using my vicodin, but I did up my fiber, exercise (yoga and running), water and in all this time I continued researching trying to figure out what was wrong with me!
Avatar n tn havent gotten that test back- she put him on a week worth of prenazone and vicodin for pain. that seemed to help. once off prenazone- his feet started back swelling along with the left wrist. they did more blood work and the ESR test was a 61 ( normal is 15) other of his blood work came back elevated. what do you think this is? weve got no clear answer from our doctor and hes in pain- he feels achy all over and feels hot/cold- ive looked up fibromyalgia,shingles.
1024532 tn?1380061952 I have been tested for RA and thyroid. Gave me a shot in joint of cortizone and I had bad reactions and still swollen and red. I went to ER Monday and they gave me Vicodin for pain. Has anyone else had similar symptons and still negative results on blood work for rhmeutoid arthritis? Any help would be appreciated. I have been to 5 doctors now. I have not worked for 2 months. Have checked my only kidney as well.
Avatar f tn I've been in pain for 6 days now and the ER gave me Vicodin for the excruciating pain. I see within myself that the Lupus can work very fast.
Avatar n tn A psychotherapist and will also help you. There are several Vicodin/Lorcet Plus addiction organizations that will also help. Please refer to: http://www.vicodin-addiction.
Avatar m tn Dr. prescribed 300 mg Gabapentin along with Vicodin and ibuprofen 800mg for pain.Is this going to get better,stay same,progress? I looked at a Dr.Timothy Helm's Low Level Laser Therapy,do you have an opinion?Any info or answers are greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn Then I was prescribed Vicodin which takes the edge off, but the pain is still there, lastly Prednisone which has given me the most relief so far but is still a far cry from bearable pain. I had a MRI of my spine done this morning. I have also been experiencing tremors in my arm, shoulder and neck which don't hurt, but are felt.
Avatar f tn They checked for lupus, my rheumatoid factor, several organ function tests, a complete blood count and a metabolic panel. They started me with Vicodin but it started to give me headaches so I got switched to darvocet which didn't work at all. Finally vicoprofen 7.5 w/ 200 mg IB (every 6 hours) worked without headaches and sometimes take an extra ibuprofen or 2 with it. I was then referred to a rheumatologist who ran more tests.
Avatar m tn i am 34, diagnosed with Lupus, a very painful auto-immune diseas- for which there is no cure- in March 07. I have been taking vicodin and ultram since then. The amount varies. Sometimes I would just take 1 vike...then if pain was intense...2 vikes and then eventually it got up to 2 vikes plus 2 ultram about 2-3 times a day..sometimes more. I want soooooooo bad to get off of these things. I would love to follow your program to be clean by Christmas....gosh, that would be so wonderful...
Avatar n tn hi 28yr old female, i have been dealing with a severe sinus infection for about 2 mos, severe pressure in face and ears, swollen, painful lympnodes on skull, i have been put on augmentin, predensone, vicodin for pain and now another anitbiotic levquin, nothing seems to be helping, had a ct scan of sinuses, doc says it is definatley sinusitus. i am scared. has anyone had the lymph node problem before. any advice on what to do next? i feel like i am losing my mind. thanks.
Avatar n tn As for the pain radiating down your arm, you need an axial traction device, and initially a dose or two of prednisone, then ibuprifin. Use the device four to six times daily for about a minute or two or three each. The pain is increased by osmolality caused by high blood sugar levels. You also need range-of-motion exercises through the limit of pain, or you will end up with a "frozen shoulder".
Avatar n tn Since just having an episode of asthma that we are trying to get under control I am taking 30mg of prednisone,biaxin, nebulizing, serevent, and am now about to jump out of my skin. Depressed would be an understatement. I am not having what I call my usual SVT. Always before not only did my heart beat in the 200's but it also seemed to quiver or beat irregular. My question is that now my hearbeat is running 110 to 130 should I go ahead and go to the ER or not.
Avatar m tn I have seen many doctors, Internal medicine, Cardiology, Neurology, Psychology, Pulmonology, and a GI, and a Ear nose and throat doctor. As of yet I am undiagnosed. I have a tightness in my chest and shortness of breath that comes and goes (but I never feel normal anymore) It all started around the age of 15-16. Now its to the point where I feel dizzy, tired, short of breath (some times are much worse then others) and the sensation of someone sitting on my chest.
Avatar n tn I could be wrong. But during that time I was on 8 vicodin a day and 4 muscle relaxers. So I didn't feel the real pain. I stopped using the drugs so I can get a grip and make sure I am not putting my body thru more pain and hurt. I am going to stop taking Accutane today after reading al this. I thought all my pain stemmed from another source but all this makes sense. My back pain is horrible. All my joints hurt even my wrists at times. Going up and down our stairs is torture!
1468406 tn?1286492742 sensations in other areas of my bodies, I have never had this hug sensation anywhere other than my back and chest. Mine almost always lasts anywhere from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 weeks, and tends to increase in intensity over the first couple of days, and is almost always accompanied by an increase in spasticity in other parts of my body, especially my legs. Because of this I've always tended to think of my "hug" as being caused by spasticity.
1443810 tn?1287155476 This has been the worst yet,started 8/23/10 pain scale=10 Dr A put me on prednisone vicodin and flexoril with no relief.8/25/10 he put me on dilaudid 2 mg every 3 hrs with little relief.Saw a pain mngmt dr 8/26/10 who started me on neurontin 100mg it's finally starting to help.I have an appt today for my 1st facet injection,wish me luck!
Avatar m tn cant find a new doc, mine is a jerk and wont perscribe me anything more then a few vicodin a month cause he says everyone gets additicted to them. now he sent me to see another spine doctor only because i called up to him and spoke with the nurse and she alerted me to something in med. files that i finally found out was alarming and was not told of. so here goes and was urgently sent for an mri.
198419 tn?1360245956  Elec hospital bed with APP pad (?) for better sleep.  Walker, wheelchair, scooter for mobility (no more Harley's for me right now, so I put Harley stickers on my devices, which gives opening to conversations with new people).  PT to keep muscles moving.  Moving to home state to be closer to family and friends.  Eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water and quit drinking soda and eating fast food.  Laughter has become a necessity and is most definitely therapeutic.
Avatar n tn MY acupuncturist feels there is a weakness on the right side of my neck structure that is radiating up through my jaw and right ear when she inserts the the acu needles on that side the pressure ceases but the next week if the temp drops i get the fullness back in my ear also if my wife does an ear candling session on me I can be pain free for a week at the beginning my GP put me on penicillin and vicodin in fact he gave me enought vicodin for three weeks that was a horror show cause I wan't
Avatar m tn Then I switch back to vics to stay out of withdrawals and get some pain relief. I took my vicodin for seven years and never had a problem, not once. I stopped taking all pain meds for ten days recently as I ran out and also wanted to see what my true pain levels are at. I had been on pain meds since the amputations (eight years). my pain levels were hitting sevens and eights on the pain scale that week. I tried to go back to the oxys after being clean and it happened again.
Avatar m tn Initially, steroidal drugs and immobility and rest. After a short period, prednisone, ibuprufin and intermittant gentle axial traction, and exercise through the limit of pain. Traction, traction traction. But not 24/7 traction. Five to fifteen minutes of traction ten to fifteen minutes initially, separated by appropriate intervals. Gabapentin sometimes helps, but it degrades mental performance. Avoid riding in a car or sit on an inflatable pillow to cushion the bumps. Then special exercises.