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Avatar m tn My heart was beating so hard that I seriously was not sure that I wasn't going to have a heart attack. Somehow I managed to collect myself and finish the set. After that, the symptoms I had became worse and I started to have new ones. I started to have a constant nausea, unable to eat anything without feeling horrible. Eating a big meal would cause my heartbeats to be more heavy and fast. I felt an odd swelling in my neck (not throat), down near the collar bone.
Avatar n tn All told, they reported that those with the highest ratio of sodium to potassium were more than twice as likely to die from a heart attack as those whose ratio of sodium to potassium was lowest. You can even out your sodium to potassium ratio by consuming less sodium (most in the American diet comes from processed or restaurant foods) and ramping up your potassium intake - that means more spinach, bananas, prune juice, plain yogurt and fish.
Avatar m tn At the moment of this post I am suffering from another attack because I decided to try a bath in bath salts(filled with magnesium chloride). Almost instantaneously I started to have major heart palpitations to the point where I could feel my lip moving from the blood flowing through my head. I thought this just might be my body absorbing it and it might eventually calm down so I decided to sit in there for a total of 8 minutes and then got out. I measured my blood pressure and heart rate.
Avatar m tn 5mg/5ml, Potassium Salts:0.1mg/5ml, Ammonium Chloride:25mg/5ml, Senega:0.05ml/5ml, Menthol:1mg/5ml, Terpin Hydrate:10mg/5ml, Potassium Bicarbonate:0.1mg I have been using pulmonol for 3 years every single day now, please let me know does it have any side effects?
14533107 tn?1435028850 They hooked me up to an IV (with oral potassium chloride), which eventually brought my potassium levels back to normal, and I was released. Afterwards, I had a series of anxiety attacks. About an average of three a day for about two weeks. From then on, I began to worry about things like heart attack, stroke, and even heart arrhythmia. I know that it is extremely uncommon for a 13 year-old to have ANY cardiac issues, it's possible, although very rare.
390388 tn?1279639813 My Mom needs another surgery (total revision on her foot), my step father needs surgery, my brother is still doing rehab for his heart attack, my hubby is still having issues with his feet and legs........I REALLY NEED RID OF THESE STUPID PAINS! lol Going to start back to church this Sunday. Too much on my shoulders and it may give me some relief. It's been a long time since Brother Foley passed on. It's time to check out different churches again.
Avatar m tn I began performing the stretches regularly and this pain subsided for several months. Last night, I went to the emergency room experiencing symptoms that mimic a heart attack. It started with symptoms similar to the pinched nerve mentioned above.
Avatar f tn ---even though my blood serum tests showed up normal, I was obviously deficient as it also [healed] my heart arrhythmia, RLS, and muscle twitching. Magnesium is very important to get the nerves and muscles working smoothly together which is out of sync with GP. As long as I take it the GP stays away--the rare times it comes back, I have gotten lazy and stopped the magnesium or have taken too many NSAIDs.
Avatar n tn ■Long-term high blood pressure ■Heart valve problems ■Heart tissue damage from a previous heart attack ■Chronic rapid heart rate ■Metabolic disorders, such as thyroid disease or diabetes ■Nutritional deficiencies of essential vitamins or minerals, such as thiamin (vitamin B-1), selenium, calcium and magnesium ■Pregnancy ■Excessive use of alcohol over many years ■Abuse of cocaine or antidepressant medications, such as tricyclic antidepressants ■Use of some chemotherapy drugs to treat cancer ■C
Avatar m tn Hello. My father-in-law (63) recently had a heart attack and had a angioplasty with stent placement performed. His daily post-op therapy involves Aspirin (100mg), Brilique (2x90mg), Omnic Ocas (Tamsulosin hydrochloride 0,4mg), Prenessa (Perindopril erbumine 4mg), Concor (Bisoprolol 2,5mg), Sorvasta (Rosuvastatin 20mg), Nolpaza (Pantoprazole 40mg). Approx. 2 weeks after leaving the hospital, he noticed blood and a few clots in his urine.
Avatar n tn In addisson lab results can be normal or you can have low sodium, low chloride and high serum potassium, elevated BUN and plasma renin is increased . Usually there is hyperpigmentation.(but I'm sure you doctor figure out all this lab values, symptoms and signs).
Avatar m tn I began performing the stretches regularly and this pain subsided for several months. Last night, I went to the emergency room experiencing symptoms that mimic a heart attack. It started with symptoms similar to the pinched nerve mentioned above.
Avatar n tn My cardiologist gave me potassium chloride in pill form. I couldn't stomach the side effects so I started reading about potassium and it's role. So I changed my diet and started a regimen with potassium rich foods. My K level was hovering around the bottom of the test range, 3.5 to 5.0 mEq/L. My cardiologist wants it around the middle of the range.
Avatar m tn Last night, I went to the emergency room experiencing symptoms that mimic a heart attack. It started with symptoms similar to the pinched nerve mentioned above.
Avatar m tn Last night, I went to the emergency room experiencing symptoms that mimic a heart attack. It started with symptoms similar to the pinched nerve mentioned above.
116881 tn?1189759423 I have supplements I'm suppose to take because I'm on a diuretic but sometimes I forget. One teaspoon of potassium chloride mixed with some Gator Aid and the skips disappear in a couple of hours. Having said that, don't do this unless you consult your Doc and have a blood panel done. If your Potassium is below 3.5, then this might be an option and might help. If not, or if you have high Potassium to begin with, this might not help and might be bad for you. Anyway, my take.
Avatar n tn Sometimes I even get sleep paralysis, where I'm awake but I'm not, my eyes are closed and I'm not dreaming but I'm aware at the same time, and i can feel my heart beating so fast it feels like it's goign to just stop (like atrial fibrillation or 220+ BPM) maybe it was just me, I felt a lot of fear durign the episodes like i was having a heart attack. My dreams are numerous, but the theme is common. Earliest i can remember was....
16702 tn?1234094245 But too much salt can be dangerous for your health, leading to high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, and kidney failure. By Dr Mercola.
970279 tn?1247806970 Loss of these nutrients cause nausea, vomiting, weakness, dizziness, fainting, and even heart attack. You need to drink a lot of Gatorade and orange juice to keep yourself hydrated, and these 2 drinks contain what you need, also eat bananas, which are high in potassium. Let me tell you a true story. I have a good friend who suffered tremendously from IBS with the severe diarrhea.
1491898 tn?1288593219 Went to Neuro (peripheral neuropathy,he diagnosed,skeptical since symptoms are still present), Internist , Cardiologist (Heart issue), Orthopedic surgeon (back and joint pains), Urologist (for lower back pain) I have the ff: symptoms: 1. Numbness (both ankles,face) 2. hot flashes (feeling you have a fever inside) 3. back pain 4. lower back pain (pelvic area) 5. nausea 6. loss apettite (can hardly eat) 7. weight loss 8. feeling week or sick 9.
Avatar m tn Currently untreated) HDL 40 - 59 MG/DL 51 CHOLESTEROL 110 - 200 MG/DL 203 TRIGLYCERIDE 40 - 149 MG/DL 90 LDL CALCULATION 50 - 99 MG/DL 134 6. Low Potassium POTASSIUM 3.5 - 5.5 MMOL/L 3.4 CHLORIDE 98 - 110 MMOL/L 97 7. Elevated Neutrophils ABSOLUTE NEUTROPHILS 1.8 - 7.7 K/uL 8.4 8. Elevated White Blood Count WBC x 10^3 4.0 - 11.0 K/uL 12.0 9. Low Lymphocytes LYMPHOCYTES 27 - 45 % 24 New Test Results Issues: Low IGA Quant (Score 70, range 91-414) Low Vitamin D (Score 31.
1811056 tn?1316646764 I was told from then on NOT to take any potassium supplementa or eat food that was high in potassium very often as having too much potassium in your system can cause heart palpatations just like having too little. Hope this helped a little.
Avatar f tn My heart then began racing and pounding and I felt like I would pass out. He took me to the ER where they said I wasn't having a heart attack and sent me home. The entire next day I could not get out of bed and my heart was racing and pounding. I could see my heart beat when I closed my eyes and feel it in my head. I was sick like this for three full days. 11/27/16 I went to the ER again and they told me the same thing. They also told me on 11/29/16 my magnesium was 1.
Avatar f tn   Hair loss Headaches every day (but they are like pressure and only in a few specific spots in my head, lasting a few seconds at a time) Dizzyness (sometimes with nausea) Feeling drunk but totally sober Confusion Memory fading Extreme mood swings Slowed sometimes slurred speech Elevated tsh levels (last checked around 14) Hypothyroidism Hyperprolactinemia  High chloride levels  High potassium levels Low rbc High mch Low neutrophils High lymphs Driving down a familiar road or being in a familia
Avatar f tn Brain injury or stroke Convulsions Delirium tremens Dermatomyositis or polymyositis Electric shock Heart attack Inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis) Lung tissue death (pulmonary infarction) Muscular dystrophies Myopathy Additional conditions may give positive test results: Hypothyroidism Hyperthyroidism Pericarditis following a heart attack Rhabdomyolysis" Medline Plus - Creatine phosphokinase test
Avatar n tn Examples include having a low thyroid level (hypothyroidism) or an electrolyte imbalance, such as too much potassium in the blood. 4. Some medicines for treating heart problems or high blood pressure, such as beta-blockers, antiarrhythmics, and digoxin. I've checked electrolyte imbalance already by blood tests (as i understand it): Ca++, Free Calcium, Calcium ionized - 1.14 mmol/l refer:(1.03 - 1.23) Ca, Calcium total - 2.31 mmol/l refer:(2.10 - 2.55) К+, Potassium - 4.3 mmol/l refer:(3.
Avatar n tn The Elevated heart Enzymes were a concern as they normally raise with a heart Attack yet no heart attack was seen via a Cath. They did not have a clue. The CC doc explained that these enzymes can spill over during an A-FIB attack. I have been blaming the use of Albuterol, the night before, on my Scary A-Fib attack but The CC doctor's reply made perfect sense that with Dynamic LVOT Obstruction, due to Systolic Anterior Motion, A-FIB is a possiblity and Dr.
Avatar n tn Problem is these medications intensify the palpitations and I'm afraid I'll have a heart attack when I take them. In fact seemingly any chemicals (vitamins, any meds) make my palpitations worse. Isn't pounding heartbeats daily very serious for a person of my age? Should I have some sort of device implanted to prevent heart failure or heart attack?
1303113 tn?1303083307 I ever read if you ever have a heart attack make sure that they start you on a mg drip immediately, it is the # 1 thing that will save your life. If you want more let me know and I'll share some web sites with you. Good luck.