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Avatar f tn I know that potssium lowers blood pressure, but does it lower the heart rate as well? If so, how does the potassium lower the heart rate in chemical terms of the heart?
Avatar n tn When the kidneys are not receiving adequate fluid delivery, as in hypovolemia and heart failure, potassium excretion will be reduced. Fluids and inotropics may be ordered to correct this situation. Acute tubular necrosis is permanent damage to kidney cells, requiring dialysis to remove excess potassium. During the early stages of renal disorder, the body may be able to excrete the excess potassium.
Avatar m tn I'm a 17 yr male fighting some sort of illness doctors cant find anything wrong with me having upright tachycardia dizzy spells chest pain palpitations body flushing pooling blood in legs sometimes hands hot flashes cold hands and feet my dads has raynaud's i thing he passed down i lost 20 pounds i gain 10 back loss of appetite red eyes dry mouth muscle twitches back pain arm pain rarely head ache rarely and much more im been on metoprolol it scares me because it can rise potassium im going to a
Avatar m tn I saw the doctor the next day and told him that my heart was beating very hard and it was keeping me from sleeping. He listened to my heart and did an EKG. Everything was normal. Later that day the leg pressure came back just as bad if not worse than the first time. That, coupled with the heartbeats made me start to panic a bit. After a while I began hyperventilating and tried the ol' paper bag technique to combat it. Again, my mom convinced me to go to the ER.
Avatar n tn The limitations after the surgery will depend on how well her heart recovers and remodels. We do a lot of congenital heart surgery here at the Cleveland Clinic. If you are interested in coming here, you can call the number below for details regarding the financial arrangements. I hope this has been useful. I wish you the best of luck. Feel free to write back. Information provided here is for general purposes only. Specific questions should be addressed to your own doctor.
213533 tn?1315394783 I was recently hospitalized because my potassium level dropped so low that my heart rate escaled too high. I have been taking toprol 25 and finds that it makes me more sleepy and really affected the quality of my lifestyle especially being a single mom.
Avatar n tn Mild hypokalemia could be treated with oral potassium chloride supplements and nutritional supplements like bananas, oranges, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables etc. The tachycardia at night is most likely due to anxiety and stress of an upcoming cardiologist appointment. Hope this helps. Take care.
941118 tn?1312285526 Magnesium has been mentioned as one solution. Potassium, sodium and calcium are also necessary for normal heart function. Here are a few suggestions. Try the natural calm, but if you can't find it quickly go to any pharmacy and buy magnesium tablets. (250 or 500mg) Drink some orange juice (for potassium and calcium). Also, if you can locate some Celtic sea salt, put a dab on your tongue when you drink the orange juice.
Avatar m tn I went to the emergency room and they acknowledged my blood pressure was 180 and heart rate was extremely high although didn't tell me what, they didn't do anything because they had no idea what the problem was. I ended up driving home and the attack episode went away a day later. The night before I took Bacopa Gold and 500mg of L-Tryptophan Woke up and 2 hours after doing so I had: 100mg DMAE, 500mg L-Carnitine (alcor), 1200 Omega 3, 100mg Rhodiola.
171927 tn?1294027323 once they give me iv fluids at emerg and i lay there for about five hours, my heart rate goes down and they discharge me. another er doctor also suggested that my numbness / tingling / muscle flutters / headache is probably due to anxiety. i just know it's not. not sure where to turn next, so hard my body's not cooperating (brain pretty uncooperative at times, too).
Avatar n tn Okay, I got a copy of my Holter and blood work from my doc today now I need your interpretation since his was "all is normal." 48 hr Holter showed 467 Ventricular Ectopy and 19 Supraventricular Ectopy with 1 Couplet which equated to less than 1% of all heartbeats. I had a low rate of 45 and a high of 129. They said I had "no heart block or excessive slowing noted." Now the good part. My blood work was all in the "normal" range.
Avatar n tn Lexapro is supposed to be a refined version of Celexa, unfortunately you will find that it will have all the same side-effects as celexa or any of the other SSRI's. What you need to do is to have a simple enzyme test for the enzyme P450. If you have low or no P450 enzymes then you body with no metablize the medication and will have a toxic buildup which will lead to experiencing severe side-effects. I would suggest looking at the physical cause of your anxiety.
Avatar m tn Hi all, Recently went to the E.R. recently with a strange, successive PVC event (had what felt like 5-6 skipped beats in a row) and it scared me to death. Last year, I had an echocardiogram and a stress test.....both of which came back normal. Also wore a 2 week Holter monitor at that time also. ALL came back normal. Question....my blood pressure (at the ER) was 117/63....my oxygen level hovered around 98-100 consistently.....but my heart rate once got as low as 47 beats per minute....
Avatar f tn Hello! Low blood pressure and an increased heart rate can be a sign of dehydration, the heart beats at a faster rate compensating for the low blood pressure. Electrolyte abnormalities (sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride, calcium) any of these can lead to irregularities in the pulse rate. Thyroid imbalances, Arnold Chiari are few other rare causes of a low blood pressure and high pulse rate.
Avatar n tn Feel hot sometimes (mornings?) but I generally have a high metabolic rate and higher temperature (always had this).. 7. Recently I have noticed a few dizzy spells, a little faint feeling. Seems to be better when i have a bowel movement. TESTS: I went back to the doctor and told him all of the above. I went for the following tests: 1.
Avatar m tn Also to note, I have always had optimal blood pressure, but in past few years it has skyrocketed to over 219/105 and sometimes higher out of nowhere. Heart races at times, numbness and tingling in hands and feet, profuse sweating at times, contipation and bloating beyond belief! Age:38 thyroglobulin 25.3 testosterone free 69.3 (urine I believe) Free testosterone (blood) 5.92 Testosterone 282 Free T4 0.9 Dehydroepiandrosterone 465 Vitamin D status 25-OH Cortisol 18.
Avatar f tn My mom and i both have fibromyalgia....and i can say without a doubt the fibro pain is not just in your neck and shoulders. We both have the worst all over muscle..joint..nerve pain and we have both been to a Rheumatologist. My doctor even diagnosed me with Polymyalgia which is only in your neck and shoulders... ive been on lyrica...cymbalta..every kind of pain med thete is and nothing helps...they just turn me into a zoombie..W cant sleep well..always exhausted...in pain..shakey...
Avatar m tn She was administered oral furosaminde (40 mg) and potassium chloride (10 meq) with a balanced diet and wholesome lifestyle. She lost almost 50 lb of fluid in 1 month. Mrs. M.P. was treated with 600 mg. Of oral apha-lipoic acid in 2 divided doses (300 mg each), 900 mg of silymarin in 3 divided doses (300 mg each) and 400 mg of selenium a day. A premium B complex vitamin was added to her regimen because alpha-lipoic acid depletes the body of thiamin, biotin and other B vitamins.
390388 tn?1279639813 I also get severe headaches that last only a few seconds and chest pains ~ once a week. Because my BP and pulse rate has been elevated to stage 2 hypertention at times she is doing a Echocardioram, exercise stress test followed by a 24 hour holter monitor for tachycardia unspec. Until she gets the test results back from all this she is not doing anything about the pains yet. It's getting really hard to sleep. Sigh. She did give me Etodolac in hopes that it may help with inflammation.
Avatar f tn During pregnancy, I felt somewhat more energized and I was able to stay organized and had drive and energy to live life. Aside from typical pregnancy symptoms I felt somewhat normal. Shortly after giving birth to my son, my symptoms came back tenfold. I started to experience extreme pain in my back and all over weakness and fatigue. After running some basic blood work I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and continued to have frequent UTIs.
Avatar m tn I'd feel like I was falling when I'd try to sleep and wake up startled and shaky. I'd have anxiety all night/day. I also suffer from iron deficiency and possible B12. I have internal tremors and still have fatigue...my head still feels 'off', kinda dream like and vision is like its a bit unfocused. I started with a low dose of D3 (NEVER take D2 it's toxic). Only take it in the morning and afternoon...it can cause insomnia. The first week I took 2,000iu, then 5,000iu daily.
199882 tn?1310188142 If you feel better and your heart rate feels steady then it's your call. A cardiac arrhythmia, bad heart (even fatal) rhythm is the main danger of a very low potassium. It also can damage the muscles. I'ts your call, eat a couple bananas. Be seen in the morning. If you worsen ,,,,,,,,,YOU KNOW!
891909 tn?1246670715 There are two main types of adrenal insufficiency. With primary, some electrolytes are affected (sodium will be low, and potassium will be high), which affects water/salt balance and blood pressure. Calcium can be high too. Electrolytes and minerals can be included with a CBC. My cortisol was low and I had all of these abnormalities (listed above) for a long time, but I learned everything in retrospect.
Avatar n tn ) 2002 Anterior compression fractures, increased thoracic kyphosis, cervical hyper lordosis, etc. 2003 Heart Bundle Branch Block Calcium 9.0 Potassium (L) 3.4, Chloride (H) 108 2004 Calcium 10.3 TSH 2.57 2004: Antidepressants. Don't work 2005 Begin Ritalin for concentration problems. Jan-Mar 2006. 'Event' with rapid weight loss, increased body temperature, high blood pressure, sweating, polyuria, rapid heart rate of 140+ , etc. Calcium 9.1 TSH 2.15 2006 Psychiatrist.
Avatar m tn 0 RDW-CV 14.3 % 11.5-14.5 Sodium 144 mmol/L 136-145 Potassium 4.3 mmol/L 3.5-5.1 Chloride 107 mmol/L 100-110 CO2 28 mmol/L 21-32 Anion Gap 9 7-15 Glucose Level 87 mg/dL 60-99 BUN 16 mg/dL 5-28 Creatinine 0.90 mg/dL 0.50-1.40 BUN/Creat Ratio 18 10-28 Protein, Total 7.3 g/dL 5.8-7.5 Albumin 4.2 g/dL 3.4-5.0 Alb/Glob Ratio 1.4 1.1-2.6 Calcium 9.3 mg/dL 8.5-10.1 Alkaline Phos 50 U/L 30-105 ALT 21 U/L 6-60 AST 15 U/L 15-37 Bilirubin Total 0.4 mg/dL 0.2-1.
Avatar f tn I tell her that the gyn thinks it cardio so she agrees to do a ekg and chest x-ray, the results are sinus rhythm with sinus arrhythmias, she also was very happy to tell me that my heart rate on the ekg was 77. Why would my heart rate be different in my arms then in my heart? Is this not weird? She tells me the ekg machine said abnormal reading, and that everything looks fine she doesn’t thinks anything is wrong so but is sending me to a cardiologist anyhow.
Avatar f tn In the last week I have gotten progressively worse. A combination of hypo/hyper symptoms. Heart rate fast and then slow. Feeling awful. Spoke with the doctor today and he doesn't know what he can do to help. Suggests I go to the ER. Mentions going back to Synthroid. I considered going to the ER, but my heart rate has normalized. I feel that my issues are my adrenals. I should have had them in tip top shape before starting the NT.
9470507 tn?1404224399 ) For the last couple of years I've been having these bouts which consist of fatigue, whole body tremors, weakness, excessive thirst, sweating (for no reason) also night sweats, waking in the middle of the night, rapid heart rate, loose stools and my menstrual cycle stopped a year ago. These symptoms come and go and vary from moderate to not being able to get out of bed.
363243 tn?1331037450 Also, to see my PCP for the sinus arrhythmia. I feel like crap and I can constantly feel my heart rate increase with each inhalation and decrease with each exhalation. My appetite is low, I have no energy except enough to be anxious. I feel as though I'm losing my mind!! I haven't felt decent since before my diagnosis of Hashimoto's over a year ago and now my adrenals seem as if they're not functioning optimally!! How do people live like this??!!