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1118724 tn?1357014191 Is increased blood pressure the reason? Potassium will not affect the liver. But elevated as well as too low potassium can be bad for the heart and cause arrhythmia. Potassium chloride should not be taken with some blood pressure medications such as losartan, lisinopril, and some others. Are you on any medication? If yes, write them here and I will try to check for you if they are OK to take with potassium chloride.
Avatar f tn LOLOLOL I'm 44 and was pregnant at age 41 for the first time. She was down syndrome, bad heart and didn't make it. I gave up on it for a couple of years because it hurt too bad. Back at it again and doing accupuncture. Feel like a different women with these treatments and hoping they help. Take care!
Avatar f tn I know that potssium lowers blood pressure, but does it lower the heart rate as well? If so, how does the potassium lower the heart rate in chemical terms of the heart?
Avatar n tn 42yr old female, heart arrythemia, fatigue, recent lab shows chloride 4.4, potassium 106, kidney and liver functions within normal ranges, cholesterol 217, CBC normal. results were sent to my home with a note about my cholesterol being a bit high. My heart acting funny was initial cause for seeing a dr.. Some research founded that increased potassium can cause arrythemias but also alot of other things. does the potassium and chloride have anything to do with each other?
Avatar f tn I have a handout that Cleveland Clinic gave me from their syncope clinic that recommends 5g (=5000 mg) sodium/day so that's what I aim for, though I don't use tablets or anything, I just salt load in my diet (hello, soy sauce! haha). For potassium, I'm in the same boat as halbashes and I'm on Rx Potassium supplementation.
Avatar n tn When the kidneys are not receiving adequate fluid delivery, as in hypovolemia and heart failure, potassium excretion will be reduced. Fluids and inotropics may be ordered to correct this situation. Acute tubular necrosis is permanent damage to kidney cells, requiring dialysis to remove excess potassium. During the early stages of renal disorder, the body may be able to excrete the excess potassium.
798555 tn?1292791151 MY BAD.....and I'm so sorry............ I said that wrong -- should have said "I didn't know that *deficiency* causes heart issues"........ lack of potassium can cause heart issues, such as "misfiring", flutters, palps etc........ and can eventually cause death.... Potassium is an electrolyte, which must be in balance with sodium and other electrolytes. From what I understand it is involved the process of keeping us hydrated.
Avatar m tn I'm a 17 yr male fighting some sort of illness doctors cant find anything wrong with me having upright tachycardia dizzy spells chest pain palpitations body flushing pooling blood in legs sometimes hands hot flashes cold hands and feet my dads has raynaud's i thing he passed down i lost 20 pounds i gain 10 back loss of appetite red eyes dry mouth muscle twitches back pain arm pain rarely head ache rarely and much more im been on metoprolol it scares me because it can rise potassium im going to a
Avatar f tn A bit of history on me. I am 36 years old, have had bulimia since I was 17, doctors and family have only known since 2006 when I was hospitalized. I have some cardiac damage from purging and use of laxatives, diuretics & ipecac. I'm on several medications for depression, anxiety, severe insomnia, GERD, bowel problems & edema (from heart issues) and recently diagnosed with osteopenia so I take pain medications and prescription supplements like magnesium, vit D, iron and a multivitamins.
Avatar f tn Examples of electrolytes include sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium and magnesium. The type of diuretic (water pill) you take can determine the electrolytes lost. The most likely cause of your symptoms is depletion of one or more of the electrolytes.
Avatar f tn and unfortunately by worrying about it, you feed your heart adrenalin and that makes it 10 times worse! Avoid coffee and caffeine and add a banana per day, to your diet! banana's are high in potassium and it is good for your heart.
Avatar m tn I saw the doctor the next day and told him that my heart was beating very hard and it was keeping me from sleeping. He listened to my heart and did an EKG. Everything was normal. Later that day the leg pressure came back just as bad if not worse than the first time. That, coupled with the heartbeats made me start to panic a bit. After a while I began hyperventilating and tried the ol' paper bag technique to combat it. Again, my mom convinced me to go to the ER.
Avatar n tn Are you drinking enough fluids and eating well now? Sometimes with a cold and/or fever you can get dehydrated and your electrolyte (sodium, potassium, chloride and CO2) levels can get off and make you feel dizzy and off. This can cause palpitations if your potassium is way off for example. But usually that happens with a bad flu not a cold. You could get dizzy and/ or vertigo from an inner ear infection. But usually not palpitations.
Avatar n tn I've just done some research after seeing these results and, as my husband is a biochemist, I know that NA/K balance controls heart rhythm, etc. So I am worried about that and about possible kidney/adrenal issues. Thanks in advance for your reply.
Avatar n tn The limitations after the surgery will depend on how well her heart recovers and remodels. We do a lot of congenital heart surgery here at the Cleveland Clinic. If you are interested in coming here, you can call the number below for details regarding the financial arrangements. I hope this has been useful. I wish you the best of luck. Feel free to write back. Information provided here is for general purposes only. Specific questions should be addressed to your own doctor.
Avatar n tn I have cardiomyopathy and am on 2 different beta blockers (toprol xl and coreg) plus accupril, lasix,potassium chloride, and aspirin. My doctor said he doesn't know what else to do medically to help with my condition, he can't put me on any higher dose of beta blockers. Any suggestions to bring up at my next appointment? Thank you.
Avatar m tn Basing on that doctors infused potassium chloride and I take additinally potassium supplements. Recently I noticed that when Arrhythmia occurs, I heal it not with potassium restore, but with neck streching up. When I stretch the neck up, arrhythmia dissapears even before infusion of potassium chloride. What could be here a problem? How can I heal that problem. Additinally, I got the hypothyroidism (Hashimoto syndrome). I take the thyroxine to keep the TSH hormone stable.
213533 tn?1315394783 I was recently hospitalized because my potassium level dropped so low that my heart rate escaled too high. I have been taking toprol 25 and finds that it makes me more sleepy and really affected the quality of my lifestyle especially being a single mom.
Avatar n tn Mild hypokalemia could be treated with oral potassium chloride supplements and nutritional supplements like bananas, oranges, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables etc. The tachycardia at night is most likely due to anxiety and stress of an upcoming cardiologist appointment. Hope this helps. Take care.
Avatar m tn I'm wondering if you can or can not use something like Lo Salt that has potassium chloride in it along with beta blockers, and if so how much is recommended. I'm looking to substitute lo salt for some other high in potassium foods in order to cut down on my sugar content.
Avatar m tn such people need to limit potassium intake and often increase sodium intake. Another test is potassium chloride (No Salt brand seasoning), but that can give fast and nasty reactions. Even a small amount in Campbell's Healthy Selects soups can cause strong reactions. Another thing that can cause heart palpitations is an allergic reaction, but tomato sauce is most likely a potassium issue in someone who has known heart or kidney problems.
Avatar n tn Iodized salt is thus table salt mixed with a minute amount of potassium iodide, Dehydration results from the loss of water and important electrolytes from the body, including potassium, sodium, chloride, and many other minerals that are often overlooked. I am unsure y u r trying to avoid potassium as it is one of the items lacking when u dehydrate...many with chiari may have low levels of magnesium and potassium.
Avatar f tn I have swelling/edema most of the time and my sodium and chloride levels are at the top of the reference range, while my potassium levels are low, unless I take daily potassium supplement. Swelling/edema is a symptom of hypothyroidism, but there are many other things that can cause it, as well, including congestive heart failure and others.
Avatar m tn I could lay in the bed all week, feeling sick and general malaise (heavy arms and legs), take a few grams of potassium chloride and get up, and clean the whole house without even thinking about it. It is a difference of night an day. I have repeated this for countless times - every time I think I can do without salt supplementation, or I have to do it for medical research, I quickly become bedridden for the whole day.
941118 tn?1312285526 Magnesium has been mentioned as one solution. Potassium, sodium and calcium are also necessary for normal heart function. Here are a few suggestions. Try the natural calm, but if you can't find it quickly go to any pharmacy and buy magnesium tablets. (250 or 500mg) Drink some orange juice (for potassium and calcium). Also, if you can locate some Celtic sea salt, put a dab on your tongue when you drink the orange juice.
Avatar n tn she also got blood work done for signs of fatigue (showed up months before this incident) and her chloride and potassium levels were well above healthy. could this contribute to her period being late? please let me know, thanks.
Avatar n tn Raising your potassium intake is easy if you add fruits and vegetables to your diet, but you should consult with your physician before considering salt substitutes that contain potassium chloride, and never take potassium supplements unless they're prescribed by a physician. As per Dr. Weil P.S.
Avatar m tn I went to the emergency room and they acknowledged my blood pressure was 180 and heart rate was extremely high although didn't tell me what, they didn't do anything because they had no idea what the problem was. I ended up driving home and the attack episode went away a day later. The night before I took Bacopa Gold and 500mg of L-Tryptophan Woke up and 2 hours after doing so I had: 100mg DMAE, 500mg L-Carnitine (alcor), 1200 Omega 3, 100mg Rhodiola.
446156 tn?1275863176 i will tell you only what i know. i was thought to be 11 weeks preggo and went in for my first scan and only to find out that baby stopped developing at 6.5 weeks ,it was just a black dot with nothin in it no heartbeat no nothing. i had NO spotting , no cramps no nothing . i thought everything to be fne. well i had a missed ob but my body kept on carrying it almost six weeks after it had passed . so i had to have a d&c. and it broke my heart.