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Avatar f tn I ave just been diagnosed with pneumonia. Will this leave me with permanent lung damage. I feel very short of breath.
Avatar m tn i had pneumonia last year,i was not diagnosed with it till after 4 months has the doctor thought i had a chest infection and i was not respondin to antibotics,i was given a chest x ray and i was put on the right medication and had to have a chest x ray 6 weeks later to see if the pneumonia had cleard and what damage it had done to my lungs. when the results came back from my second x ray the doctor said the pneumonia had cleard.
Avatar n tn I recently had a CAT scan and bronchiscopy to see if there was possibly something more wrong with me. Nothing unsual found. My right lung, middle lobe is where the pneumonia continues to reoccur. I have always been healthy. I used to workout 5-7 days/wk. prior to having Sam. During and after the pregnancy, I have not worked out at all. I am 5'6, 130 lbs. Please help.
Avatar n tn What we want to know is he likly to develop permenant damage to his lung eg scarring is this what happens with this type of pneumonia? or should he in time make a full recovery?
Avatar n tn 50 yr. old Female diagnosed with pneumonia in right lung when stuggled to breathe sitting in chair(Chest XRay, blood tests, physical exam at ER) on 03/05/05, put on Levaquin for 10 day course(caused sleeplessness) and prednisone 50mg. for 5 days and given albuterolinhaler to help breathing(nebulizer treatment in ER). Pulse Ox was 92-95(by blood gas and pulse oximeter). Low BP. Temperature went no higher than 100.5 for about 2 weeks but had almost constant shivering.
Avatar n tn In October, his symptoms began with what doctors thought was pericarditis, which I'm assuming lead to pneumonia, respitory failure, septic shock, and kidney damage. He was hospitalized at the time for a total of 8 days most of which were spent in the ICU. In November, he was again admitted with similar symptoms, which did develop into pneumonia, although this time he was not intubated and his lung continued to function on its own. Less than 2 weeks ago (Feb.
Avatar n tn It is also very unlikely that any lung damage or scarring you might have had with the Mycoplasma pneumonia would have resulted in your recurrent lung problem. You may have to be examined thoroughly by a pulmonologist. This is the type of specialist to be able to clarify your problem and determine the most helpful treatment. What you describe suggests recurrent hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP). HP is inflammation of the air sacs of the lungs.
Avatar f tn You would have to speak to your doctor about that, you didn't ask? OD'ing can cause damage to many organs, so I"m guessing that's why.
Avatar n tn Most atypical pneumonias are caused by viruses. They seldom damage the lung. The most important thing about any pneumonia is that the follow-up chest x-ray is completely clear.
Avatar n tn my father just got over a severe case of pneumonia and they also found that he has emphysema (which I know can't be cured) he is on a ventilator now and they say he has severe lung damage.
Avatar n tn Prompt treatment is quite necessary before the advent of advanced fibrosis which is a irreversible damage to lung tissue. Such lung damage is highly likely to respond to glucocorticoids and you are already on it. I suggest you to consult respiratory physician. Take care and regards.
710085 tn?1238026964 I feel like we have most of the same sympotms, I swalled a vitamin that went into my right lung, I've had pneumonia for the last 3 months they are talking about putting a stent in, but i'm vary leary i woke up really sick this morning my arms and mouth went totally numb and tingly, I almost felt like i had a minni stroke but my brathing has been real bad latley and my side has been hurting for months. please help, i would love to talk on the phone id you would like..
Avatar n tn I'm just curious, I recently had a cat scan, and was told I have lung nodules, is this damage from what I went through or is it more serious. They are 3mm & 8mm in size.
Avatar m tn I had pneumonia a few years back which resulted in a lung scraping operation. After with the large insition on my back and left side it's left it numb and especially nerve damage to the left front below my chest area. Is there anthing that can be done to get relief from the numbness and pain I get in this area.
Avatar m tn Just spent X MAS and New Years in the hospital with pneumonia 2 different antibotic Joclyn something with an L IV's white count went up to 38,000 And the made about face doctor for follow up and was told I now have bronchitis Then told we have to repeat CT in a weeks I've been taking Augument and the Keflex 500 mg breathing treatment every 4 hours while in the hospital so much string Green junk came up went to the follow up and was told yesterday we have to repeat CT there is damage sho
211940 tn?1267884866 I am in the hospital right now mostly due to aspiration pneumonia. Pneumonitis is the inflammation of the lung due to aspirating "stuff" into it. The difference is that pneumonitis doesn't respond to antibiotics - even though many doctors put patients on them. The fever - mine goes to 104 (just this past Monday) is caused from the damage done to the lung tissue - as opposed to bacteria or virus.
Avatar f tn The initial insult to your lung tissue, exposure to red-fuming nitric acid (RFNA - The rocket propellant red fuming nitric acid sometimes combined with hydrogen fluoride) during the First Gulf War, clinically resolved but could conceivably have left some residual lung damage. That you remained seemingly healthy for more than 18 years suggests that this exposure is not a major factor contributing to your current illness.
518117 tn?1429279873 I get the shots simply because even tho it will not prevent me from getting sick, it will prevent me from getting a severe case that could land me up in the hospital and ending up with permanant lung damage. I personally believe the shots are worth their weight in gold to people like me. I too am moderate, and also diagnosed about a year ago. I also make a point to stay out of big crowds and away from school children right now. While it may give someone else the flu, it could kill me.
Avatar m tn It seems cigarette filter fibers (made of cellulose acetate) can fall out and get inhaled into the smokers lungs, where they get stuck and can cause irreversible lung damage since they are not biodegradable (like asbestos fibers). Since I smoked a cigarette with a damaged filter and I'm having these symptoms, I'm now almost positive I inhaled these fibers, that my lungs are inflamed and that I'll get terminally ill with pulmonary fibrosis or something similar.
940391 tn?1255758976 Nicole I am no doctor - but I have done lots of research on Nodules - from what I have read - most lung nodules are benign. I would not worry - sounds like you doctor is right - beneign lung nodules - I also have many scattered nodules - and if these were going to kills me - I should be dead by now..........mine are also up to 7mm .... small nodules are almost always benign..........stop worrying and enjoy your life. Life is precious - we need to enjoy what we have ........
Avatar f tn I have had 2 bout of sudden onset pneumonia and have been told i have permanent lung damage and damage to my voice. Because of this I have been unable to work (it' hard to work when you just lose your voice out of the blue and have constant raspy voice!) I have lost my business as I constantly am taking time off. I am still seeing specialists having tests and I feel sick and lethargic most of the time. I am in my 40's and I feel like an invalid.
Avatar n tn Now, he has informed me that he aspirated a whole french fry! How will this affect his pneumonia? Can 6 months of a lung infection cause permanent damage to his lungs?
Avatar f tn 5lt of fluid over 24 hours. I had a partially collapsed lung afterwards due to the fluid damage, but have recovered fairly well since. I've been back for a few chest xrays since which show improvement, but my doctor says I have permanent scar tissue and may only get back to 90-95%. Its now almost 10 months later, and I've been training for my first marathon. My chest has largely been okay, though every now and I think it gets inflamed and I'll feel uncomfortable after I've gone for a run.
Avatar n tn This is very serious, having all that lung damage could very well reduce her lung capacity in the future to the point that she has a chronic disease. Also The damage to the lungs will promote more inflammation and mucous buildup, so that she stays stuck in this vicious cycle of getting pneumonia or any other lung infection for that matter. If she is already seeing a pulmonary specialist, you should send her to another one for a second opinion and better treatment.
Avatar f tn What comes to mind with your son’s history of pneumonia in the same spot is that there may be an abnormality of that specific part of your son’s lung, either congenital or acquired. There are a number each type, not common but also not rare. The congenital are usually the result of some type of anatomical abnormality.
Avatar m tn Breathlessness on exertion could be due to the decreased lung function. To improve lung function practice breathing exercises and quit smoking. Lung function tests could further help in evaluation. If the symptoms are getting worse or if you develop additional symptoms please consult your primary care physician. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn The collapse of your right middle lobe (RML) may be due to a plug. It might also be due to structural damage of the RML from the pneumonia. RML syndrome describes recurrent RML collapse, infection or a combination of the two. Of all the lobes of the lung, the RML has the poorest drainage or clearance. The airway to this lobe is long and thin. As a result mucus gets trapped. Infection frequently fails to clear and the result is permanent damage to the RML.
Avatar m tn I want to know if there is anyway to help prevent reccurence of pneumonia? Will there be any damage to his lungs because of reccurence of pneumonia? Is his immune system weak? Please help me.