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7900821 tn?1395195704 Lung cancer can predispose one to pneumonia but in that case the pneumonia would recur in the same place in your lung each time. In addition it is quite unlikely that the radiologist would mistake lung cancer for pneumonia. That still leaves the question of why you should have recurrent pneumonia, unanswered and that is a question that will require further investigation.
Avatar m tn about 6 weeks later i went back to my doctor has i was still getting pains in left side of my chest and in my back weare my left lung is, i had anouther chest x ray and it came back saying i had a dark patch on the left side of the pulmanary chest wall, the doctor never gave me any trement for this just saide i may have to have anouther chest x ray at a later date, i have not been asked to have anouther x ray yet and it has been nearly 4 months, i still have the pain in my chest and back and it
Avatar m tn Several courses of antibiotics later and X rays, the pneumonia has gone but left some marks on the lung; scarring according to the doctors. Despite being able to cycle and run ok, I am still not feeling right and still have catargh on my lungs which is fighting to stay put. The worst is just not feeling that my head is connected, almost like I continually have had a glass of wine! Anyone else felt like this after pneumonia? I am an asthmatic although controlled perfectly by ventolin etc.
Avatar n tn When I had my bronchitis episode in March, I was spared the pneumonia. Still I think it is very possible to develop it on tx. I know you are against the resuce drugs. You mentioned your WBC -- now what is your absolute neutrophil count????? Remember, neutrophils are the infection fighting type of white blood cell, and your body is left without that important protection when your ANC is low. Seems like any real drastic change in climate - and from the deep south back to Mass.
Avatar n tn and a lack of air movement in my lower left lung. She diagnosed me with community acquired pneumonia. I was prescribed Robitussin with codeine to help me sleep, although all it really did was tire me slightly. After another week of feeling completely miserable I started to breath better, my nose dried out, and my cough produced less and less green mucus. Sleeping then was hard, but I was able to take my meds, settle down, sleep for about two hours, wake up again from coughing and repeat.
Avatar n tn In April I developed a feeling of one side of my chest rattling, the doctor took an xray and diagnosed mild pneumonia in the left lung. I was not at all unwell, no fever and the cough was only moderately worse than usual. I took oral antibiotics and the follow up xray showed complete resolution and concluded clear lungs.
Avatar n tn Also, if I had Pneumonia and Pleurisy in the Right Lung, why or how did the left lung get damaged or have scarring? I am still having shortness of breath and rapid pulse rate (111 beats per min). My Pulmonologist doesn't seem very confident in what he is doing. I am very concerned. When I make my bed I become winded, if I walk up a flight of stairs I become winded also, simple activities causes me to become short of breath.
Avatar f tn Ok, I was to my doctor the other day and she was listening to my lungs (I had a bout of the the flu, lingering cough) and she said that she heard significant rales in my left lung. Now, what I'm wondering, when I breathe in, I can hear a rumbling noise and FEEL it, easily - but only when my stomach is empty. I've been assuming that that noise and feel is just stomach juices rumbling around on an empty stomach (can be felt on lower left side, just below rib cage, left side only).
Avatar n tn Oddly enough I recently just had shoulder surgery, and was intubated. I have the same excruciating pain in my left lung again. It keeps me up all night. the only relief i get is if I hold my breath? Could being intubated cause this strange pleurisy like pain?
Avatar n tn Fluid around the left lung is unlikely to be from collapse of the right lung. It could be from heart failure or from infection of the left lung. Mucus plugging can cause lung collapse. To find the cause his doctors may have to do a bronchoscopy. During this procedure a bronchoscope is passed through the nose into the windpipe to look into the lungs. A bronchoscope is a flexible tube with a small camera at one end. With the bronchoscope secretions can be collected for further testing.
Avatar f tn Prior to this, I had been noticing that I could feel some congestion in my left lung at different times. Since I was pregnant and had previously lost a child to a miscarriage, I chose not to contact the doctor until/unless I was sick. So, when I got sick with pneumonia, I was prescribed Ceftin as it is safe during pregnancy. The antibiotic did clear up the pneumonia (no x-ray was done) and I felt much better, but I could still feel that congestion in my left lung.
Avatar n tn I have need recently diagnosed with shortness of breath due to a Paralyzed left lung diaphragm. I have a history of cervical spondylosis at and foraminal stenisis at c2 c3 c4 c5. I underwent Fusion at c5 c6 in 2000. Could there be any relation to the phrenic nerve as to the spondylosis of thje C spine. The diaphragm was diagniosed using sniff test under fluroscopy.
Avatar n tn During my hospitalization, chest x-ray showed granulomas in the left mid lung, minor atelectasis in lower lung, mild apical scarring bilaterally and compression of the T7 vertebral body. A CT scan was then done which showed multiple lung nodules in the left lung (a total of 7, the smallest measuring 5mm and the largest 8mm), a shadow in the upper left lung which they said was probably the pnuemonia, atelectasis and mild apical scarring.
Avatar m tn A nodule in the lung could be an infection, lung disease or even cancer. They might also decide to biopsy the nodule. Also, you should quit smoking.
6483754 tn?1381722452 I recently had a two chest x-rays in different hospital, first is for pre-employment physical and the second one is for mayors permit, The first results stated that i have pneumonia left upper lobe koch's etiology not ruled out, and the second result stated that i have fibrohazed densities at the left upper lobe or ptb, i just don't have the signs and symptoms of the same disease, .i am so confused.kindly someone help me.
Avatar f tn Is it possible to get a lung infection or pneumonia from breathing in cat litter? The night before last I cleaned out the litter and for the next few hours I was having some chest pain and tightness, and my throat was getting sore. I felt better by the time I went to bed and woke up without any chest pain or issues. Then I went to class and after walking around a bit I developed the issues again, which sort of came and went throughout the evening and were much better when I went to bed.
Avatar m tn However, now one month after she was first diagnosed her cough has returned and the pain has never left. She in pain constantly. I do not know what to do or what is wrong? Does she need to be admitted to hospital? IS the pain being still there normal? Is her inability to talk for an extended period of time as she is in so much pain normal? WILL SHE EVER RECOVER? i am extremely worried.
Avatar f tn After going to the doctor I had a Xray, which showed up a wedge in my lung which they thought was a blood clot or pneumonia. They then rushed me to the emergency room, and did bloods, and the d-dimer showed up normal. They sent me home with antibiotics. I went back two days later in still the same if not worse pain than on Monday (the day it started). He sent me for a VQ scan, which showed up that i had that wedge, but it did not rule out a blood clot.
Avatar n tn Yesterday I was back in the ER and was told after having yet another chest xray that I have an early pneumonia in the left lobe. I get very very ill with the pneumonia. Fever, chills, vomiting, etc. I have not seen a pulmonologist but I intend to do so. Is there a reason for a reoccurence of pneumonia in a person who has been so healthy? The common cold with me turns into pneumonia. Will I have to live on antibiotics?
Avatar f tn Well i began to notce that it used to be a cold that wud turn bad that penu set in but now I can b cold free and get entirely new sympthoms. In Sept 09 I got wht i call a sever lung spasm(felt like a charliehorse in my right lung) which u cant move r anything until it lets up.I was fine one minute and then it came on. Once it lets go u get the feeling that u get when u have pleurisy.Pain but not like the spasm! When i get my spasms I also cough up blood tinged sputum .
Avatar n tn But now October 5 still have tightnes, short breath if move about or talk normal pitch and feel some soreness and burn under breastbone and fullness in left lung. Am i just not giving it time. I dont want to go to dr unnecessarily.
Avatar n tn and a lack of air movement in my lower left lung. She diagnosed me with community acquired pneumonia. I was prescribed Robitussin with codeine to help me sleep, although all it really did was tire me slightly. After another week of feeling completely miserable I started to breath better, my nose dried out, and my cough produced less and less green mucus. Sleeping then was hard, but I was able to take my meds, settle down, sleep for about two hours, wake up again from coughing and repeat.
Avatar n tn my mother is 60 years old . she has been recurrent pneumonia for about 20 years. each time it's healed and than comes back after a year. lately , it has become a lot more recurrent- each 2-3 monthes. she is being treated with cefuroxime each time - which helps, but the illness comes back after 2-3 month. Each time on other place - right or left lobe. The doctors made c.t & blood tests but couldnt find what is the cause . any ideas what is the cause?
Avatar n tn My 12 year old daughter was diagnosed with swine flu back in October...doc sent her home and said she would be fine even though I insisted there was more to it...her breathing was shallow and her chest hurt, 3 days later she ended up in icu...diagnosed with septic shock due to bilateral pneumonia with complications of a right sided pleural effusion. We almost lost her but luckily the doctor drained enough fluid to help her breath on her own again. After 5 days in icu she was placed on peds...
Avatar n tn A subsequent CT (on 23rd July) showed a small focal infiltrate (homogeneous opacity) in the left lung. It was not a mass. All meds were stopped. A bronchoscopy with bronchial washing and lavage was non diagnostic of any kind of abnormality, including bacteria or malignancy. A subsequent CT after 3 weeks showed the infiltrate moving a little down the lobe, and clearing on the initial position. The blood was less in the sputum, however it was periodical.