Pneumonia or lung cancer

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Avatar n tn One does not describe pneumonia as a mass. However, pneumonia may be the first sign of a mass, benign or malignant, as that mass blocks a bronchus. The information you've provided suggests that your mother may have both. The CT Scan is quite good at distinguishing a mass from pneumonia. In general, one does not biopsy pneumonia but one does biopsy any associated mass. You are right to be very concerned.
7900821 tn?1395195704 Lung cancer can predispose one to pneumonia but in that case the pneumonia would recur in the same place in your lung each time. In addition it is quite unlikely that the radiologist would mistake lung cancer for pneumonia. That still leaves the question of why you should have recurrent pneumonia, unanswered and that is a question that will require further investigation.
5601163 tn?1370705272 Could be residual changes from the pneumonia -- many times the xray takes longer to completely resolve than the symptoms, even after a course of antibiotics. Sometimes, pneumonia develops in response to mild airway blockage from a mass or tumor, so if they saw something (even small or subtle), they probably just want a CT to make sure it's not something like that.
178345 tn?1242539846 So I went to see a lung specialist to see if i have pneumonia or bronchitis or lung cancer. Turned out to have pleural effusion in the one lung, had fluid drained and came back positive for OC. Only advise I can give you is that when you have x ray done, make sure you stand on your side with arms up as fluid tends to shift and standard pose may not always catch the fluid.
Avatar m tn It could be treatment resistance as develops in certain types of pneumonia or tuberculosis, but it can also be cancer (especially since you were a smoker until recently). This does not mean that you have cancer, but it is your doctor’s duty to rule out this possibility if the lung opacity does not resolve. Hope this helps. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar f tn Isn't it possible that the pleural effusion is caused by sepsis, calcium deposits or pneumonia. Does a mass on the lungs always mean cancer? Isn't the doctor supposed to order a blood culture and send in a cardiologist to check his heart? He's currently on zocor,coreg,Norvasc,Hyralazine. I did a med check online and saw some interaction between Zocor and Coreg. He doesn't have high cholesterol, but the doctor wanted him to be safe from developing Carotid artery disease.
Avatar f tn I was truly afraid that she had come down with pneumonia and was floored to find out it was cancer. She refuses surgery,chemo or radiation. Besides for being on oxygen and the occasional coughing ( she does not cough up anything) she seems to be in good health. Her mind is sharp although her body is weak due to lack of excercise and a very small appetite.The Dr. has said that her cancer is the most aggressive kind (I cant remember the name, my mind went numb when he said cancer).
Avatar f tn It is essential to differentiate whether it is pneumonia or pulmonary edema or pulmonary embolism or secondaries in the lung. It can be differentiated based on the clinical symptoms, response to antibiotics and radiological findings. A lung CT can help differentiate. It is best to discuss your concerns with the treating physician. Hope it helps. Do keep us posted. Take care and regards!
Avatar n tn 6 mm and 12 mm nodules, with lymphadenopathy, are unlikely to be cancer. There is no strong corelation between multiple myeloma and lung cancer. A repeat scan after a course of antibiotics is a prudent decision.
Avatar m tn Because his respiratory rate is still shallow and fast and he gets noticably SOB on any exertion I'm concerned that the 'pneumonia' is masking an underlying problem or maybe it isn't even pneumonia, maybe it's a tumour or pulmonary effusion. Can radiologists 'see' through pneumonia? Can they differentiate on a simple chest xray between tumours and pneumonia? Thanks for any info.
Avatar n tn What they point to is the presence of infection in your husband's lung (e.g. pneumonia or bronchitis). Gram positive rods are a type of bacteria typically found in lung infections, while "moderate white blood cells seen" indicate an inflammatory reaction to the infection. "Culture in progress" means that an attempt has been made to grow the gram positive rods, so that they can be better identified by the pathologist.
Avatar n tn This happens quite frequently when I exert myself or while I'm in bed at night. About a month ago, I had what I know to be pneumonia in my left lung, something I have never had before and this just came right out of the blue. Just one day of severe cold-like symptoms and right into the lung it went. Since the pneumonia and quite possibly before, I have had this very intense and localized pain in my left rear rib cage.
Avatar m tn I would like to discuss few really important points on lung cancer. please read below.
Avatar m tn Should she get a 2nd opinion. Could this mass be something else or a benign tumor? It seems as if she went from lung drained to almost near death in 2 weeks. No one seems to know whats going on or what shes experiencing such symptoms. Your help would be greatly appreciated. I am terrified. Please pray for me. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Hi, Stage 4 lung cancer with metastasis to the liver has a very poor prognosis. As must have been explained to you by your physician the 2-3 year survival rates are very low. There is a high risk of mortality in such cases usually. Some forms of lung cancer are gradually progressive with very little time for a diagnosis to be established or treatment planned. In any case, lung cancer itself has poor chances of survival.
Avatar n tn Is it possible for the doctor to mistake a possible lung cancer for TB? Now keep in mind that I have had a lung allergy for 3 years where I get asthma type attacks sometimes where I have to use a ventoline enhaler.
Avatar m tn You have good reasons to be concerned about your sister and her multiple health problems. Pain associated with her pneumonia should have eased as her pneumonia resolved. Pain at this time is not normal. The recurrence of cough and pain along with the abnormal X-ray findings of “scarring” and “a hole” in her lung suggest otherwise; that is to say that hers is what we would call complicated pneumonia. You ask, if she needs to be admitted to a hospital.
Avatar n tn The diagnosis of a lung nodule depends on the symptoms you have, the size of the nodule, number of nodules and their shape and borders. A well defined solid opacity in lung can be due to pneumonia, cancer, tuberculosis, a benign lung nodule, or due to an infarct. Less well defined or diffuse opacities are usually multiple in nature and often due to inflammation, tuberculosis (military type with multiple lesions), asbestosis, silicosis, auto-immune diseases etc.
Avatar f tn Discovered after admission for pneumonia. Right lung. Metastisized to her liver. CT scan of her brain is clear. Without treatment physicians have told her 6-7 weeks to live. Begins chemotherapy this coming Monday. Portal?? or Port has surgically been placed below her neck on the left side. Oxygen 24/7. General health is poor. Smoker 20+ years. Unhealthy diet & virtually no exercise except to shop!!
Avatar m tn yes that is normal. sometimes autoammune dieases can cause pulmonary nodules and the inflamation that goes on with it. she should have regular ct scans and possible biospy if it does not clear or if it grows.the pulmonary dr will follow that.
Avatar m tn This has only happened recently since seeing the Dr When I last went to him I was worried I had lung cancer or soem sort of cancer due to smoking but he advised me this is most definetly not the case. What should I do? What could this be? Could it be cancer?
Avatar f tn Had sudden, severe right lung pain. I'm not very active due to previous back injuries, so I knew it wasn't from a fall/etc. Went to the ER Tuesday, 10/19/10, they did an EKG, chest x-ray, bloodwork, said I was fine, sent me home.' I was right back there Wednesday the 20th, where THIS time, they did a chest CT w/contrast & found 2 masses, a 3cm & a 6cm. I was told I may have lung cancer, which was strange becaue I'm a lifelong non-smoker.
Avatar f tn My brother-in-law has today found out he has lung cancer which is also in lymph nodes. They have told him surgery is not an option & doubt if he will get Radiotherapy. Possibly Chemotherapy. He also has Caeliac. He is to have a P.E.T scan this Thursday. He also has Osteoporosis & is starting to get pain in his bones. Could you advise me if there is anything else we could do to help slow down any more spread of the cancer please, or any info at all will be really appreciated.
Avatar f tn They found a lesion. What r the chances this could be cancer or could it just be as a result of the many xrays i had done while on life support. the didnt anything when i was on life support.
Avatar m tn My blood counts show a slight elevation but not real high or anything to cause alarm. Does this sound like cavitary pneumonia or lung cancer? What form of lung cancer would present like this?
Avatar n tn My mother in remission for breast cancer, went for mammogram and they told her she had a spot on her lung, her doctor said it could be pnemonia, yet she isn't sick, no mucous, no counghin, no fever-she feels fine. Could this be pneumonia without symptoms or could this be cancer, her father died from lung cancer, she does not smoke and is very healthy for her age. I am very worried for my mother and her doctor isn't helping at all.