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Avatar m tn So sorry you son got Strep throat and rheumatic fever. This is from the Mayo Clinic: Rheumatic fever symptoms may vary. Some people may have several symptoms, while others experience only a few. The symptoms may also change during the course of the disease. The onset of rheumatic fever usually occurs about two to four weeks after a strep throat infection.
Avatar n tn Furthermore, a couple of the occult papers come out of the Mayo clinic, not known for sloppy work (see the tail of the 10/23 2006 Liver Meeting thread below for a list 41 of publications that have cited the original occult study). If you accept the PCR data, this leaves the non-viable and co-existence theories. The non-viable theory is made suspect by the detection of - strand RNA,a side-effect of replication. IMHO the co-existence theory is the most plausible.
Avatar n tn I have blacked out twice in the last week and last night I was in the Mayo Clinic (the best health care facility in the world) emergency room. My passing out is related to coughing and I was diagnosed with whooping cough. The passing out is a condition with the name "Syncope". Research this for more detailed information. It describes my condition, and many in this thread, perfectly.
Avatar n tn $300 later (no benefits) I still have a terible cough, phlegm and a bright Orange Tongue just in time for halloween!!! Tomorrow I am headed to the Veterans Affairs clinic and am gonna try and figure this all out for $6 instead of $300 well see what happens. I am hoping its nothing serious I have throw around every idea know to man on what this could be, my guess is the prednisone killed all the bacteria and the bad bacteria grew back faster then the good bacteria???.
Avatar n tn Of course if you search there are a multitude of other things it could be from things such as a food allergy (Gluten, etc) to Staph Infection (Staphylococcus Aureus) and these are to name but a few indeed.
Avatar n tn I have just started seeing an herbalist, my last straw. Has anyone gone to Mayo Clinic? Also, is anyone wheezing with coughing? I have been for a week.
Avatar n tn I was put in quarantine as well, it's highly contagious to someone who hasn't had the chicken pox. I know they have anti virals that work that are out now, but basically you just have to treat the symptoms. I had blisters around my neck, chest and stomach, even in my ears and mouth. I ended up with temporary Bell's Palsy. I couldn't feel part of my face at all.
Avatar f tn But got a case of angular cheilitis ( cracking in corner of mouth ) not contagious, harmless. Treat it with Neosporin. I've only gotten it a handful of time's when I'm run down. Leg's were hurting,but that happen's to me when I'm holding on to , too much water. It doesn't take much either. Have too stay on the lean side , stay mobile and stay away from the Well so far I'd say I'm kickin some major booty here. Will try to start fattening up those muscle's.
Avatar n tn im dreading going back to my doctors as they will probably have to test me again as i had it diagnosed at a gum clinic and probably dont share notes. im sick of people prodding at me when im sore. is it true you can test for strep through urine? does anybody have a good home remedy for this awful illness? im always in a bad mood and i havent had sex in four months and im 20! boyfriend says he understands but our relationship is wearing thin. please help!
Avatar n tn And I may also look into getting my bikini line waxed in future cos if the puss is so contagious it's probably best not to use a razor at all. Also to not squeeze the lump but just wait for it to pop (or not) by itself. Thanks everyone for taking the time to share your experiences & hope my own will help as well!
Avatar n tn Well it was on a friday so they didn't get to it...Needless to say I went to a walkin clinic and they gave me the same cream as my GP and gave me this awful pills called FLAGIL. I went to the GYn a week later. She told me not to use the cream and to see if it heals on its own. She tested me for yeast and bacteria and all was negative. WHATEVER. I don't think she quite understands what this is all about. I used the cream two weeks ago and now it's back.
Avatar f tn I believe there is something missing in our medical understanding of this creature. They are so contagious yet some people don't get them and some people can't get rid of them -there has to be a reason for this. Personally I suspect people without them have an as yet unknown digestive enzyme that destroys them, and people who can't get rid of them are lacking this enzyme.
Avatar n tn Hello all, As i read each and every single post, i realized many of the symptoms compared to my skull indentation. Not only is there a big indentation on the center (towards the back) of my head, but when i touch my hair or skull, it actually hurts. I usually pull my hair in different directions as to relieve the pain. I used to think my head was too oily thus was hurting my skull but even though, after i washed my hair there was still pain (just a little less after the wash).