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Avatar n tn Both lovenox and Plavix are category B in pregnancy, which means they've done animal studies which indicate no fetal risk, but no human studies available; or adverse effects in animals, but not in well-controlled human studies. oh, for lovenox, I think if you end up using it, you should also know that people who use lovenox and need to have surgery actually go off the lovenox for 24 hours before surgery then resume lovenox after the surgery when it is safe.
Avatar n tn Recently, I had a total knee replacement. Lovenox was used to bridge before and after surgery. I have used Lovenox many times in the last three years for various procedures etc. I have never had a problem. But, this time, Lovenox was started the day after surgery and coumadin on the day of surgery. Within two days I began to bleed into the knee...four units of blood replacement were required not to mention all the other complications.
Avatar n tn 1) Have you ever heard of lovenox injections to prevent further clots in stents and 2) what are the risks from lovenox to her relatively healthy kidneys (after 30+ yrs of diabetes)? Thank you for your good advice. You were the only Dr. who said E.R.
Avatar n tn Does coumadin do the same thing as plavix, and if so, can I switch to coumadin to avoind the back and joint pain? If not, what can I do.
Avatar n tn as Orthopedic surgeon says I must be off Plavix for 7 days and on Lovenox for 10 days. Cardio says no Knee surgery. I cannot walk due to this knee problem yet will have to suffer like this until I am told that research has discovered that one can get off Plavix safely in 3? 4? 5?years. I have been on Plavix now for over 2 years for 2 stents and close to 2 years for the other stents. Doctors should warn their p[ateints now about these DES and may want to consider Bare Metal Stents.
469720 tn?1388149949 The company has done a great job of convincing people that if they are not on plavix, they should be. There is no doubt that plavix is a good medication and is essential in some patients. However, there are some patients who would best be served by a single aspirin per day at several cents per tablet as opposed to clopidogrel/plavix at $1-2 per pill.
4896293 tn?1360673772 I need to have knee replacement and I had a stent place in August 2012 The card says must take Plavix the surgeon wants me to stop Plavix and use Lovenox What would be the danger if any if I just stop both for a week?
Avatar f tn Are there any counter indications for a patient who's taking plavix, lovenox and nitroglicerine?
Avatar n tn Thanks for your answer. My cardiologist mentioned stopping the warfariin and going with lovenox for 3 days prior to a cathererization but said there was no need for plavix to be stopped.
Avatar n tn 8 and was told to bridge Plavix with Lovenox. Shouldn't he be off of the Plavix 5 days before starting the Lovenox since Plavix has a 5 day duration?
Avatar n tn Apart from warfarin other blood thinners are heparin, Lovenox, Plavix and some herbal preparations. All have their plus and minus points. Do discuss this with your doctor. Take care!
Avatar f tn The prognosis has been improving (at last check, the artery was wide open again, and I had good flow through the bypass). I have been on Plavix daily and recently switched to aspirin 81mg. My question is: what are the risks to me and my baby if I get pregnant? Also, should I stay on aspirin or Plavix during pregnancy or seek another form of anticoagulation (lovenox)?
Avatar m tn From my understanding from my Cardioligist and Hemotaloigist, My coumadin pervents me from forming clots, and the plavix helps keep the arteries slick, keeping the clots from sticking. They do not have me on the Plavix anymore, as now when my INR/PT gets too low, they use Lovenox shots which helps thinn the blood quickly but does not disrupt the coumadin. If I am explaining this wrong, please correct me.
Avatar n tn luckily, my neurointerventionalist was able to use the MERCI retrieval system and I have made a total recovery, I was only in the hospital 6 days! ANyway, now I have to take Plavix, and I'm considering getting pregnant again. It is scary b/c none of my doctors want to tell me "yes" or "no", they say it's up to me!! I don't want to take 2 Lovenox shots/day for 10months, but there's no studies about Plavix and pregnancy. Also, I hear epidurals are dangerous w/ anticoagulation.
Avatar n tn In my situation, I was placed on coumadin (though Plavix is effective too) and cardizem for rate control. After a while, I was loaded on sotolol and cardioverted and did well until open heart surgery. Then I was placed on amiodarone which has awful side effects...eventually, I had an AV nodal ablation. I see more and more AV node ablations being done with a pacemaker especially if the person doesn't tolerate the rates and has significant side effects or contraindications for taking meds.
Avatar m tn The other night I was given 50 mg Lopressor, plavix, and lovenox, as I thought and the hospital thought I was having a cardiac event. I already take 25 mg atenolol. I wasn't having event, but non-specific chest pain. That was Monday night. Now I wake up with my heart racing and blood pressure rising. I also wake up exhausted. I think this is from coming off of the Lopressor. I called my MD and they said just go back to regular dose of atenolol.
Avatar n tn Headaches are gone and horners seems a little better. Wishful thinking??? On lovenox and coumadin for now, switching to just coumadin this week hopefully. My question is, I keep hearing about 100% occlusion. I guess I need to ask Doc but is this something that would be obvious to me? Other than weakness from meds I feel good. Occasional and minimal pain, ear popping but otherwise since treatment after one week I feel like my old self. Any info? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn my husband is 51 years old and has had by-pass surgery,and has a mechanical valve and is having sever side effects from the coumadin. We need a safe alternative for coumadin without compromising his health. We are looking for a doctor to help support this transition.We reside in PA. and hope to find a medical doctor that will monitor this change, what is your opinion?
Avatar n tn Wife 45 insulin depend diabetic 37 yrs, former smoker, hi cholesterol, hi bp, cabg x4 after many stents and this year 2 clinical mi's and more stents leading to closed circ and braches of circ. Recently diagnosed with diastolic dysfunction & bnp of 400+. IV diuretics brought edema down but potassium loss put her back in hospital for iv potassium (2.4).
Avatar f tn The most common one is Lovenox, but some people can't take Lovenox. I use one called Arixtra, when I need it. Both Lovenox and Arixtra are shots that you give yourself at home. Arixtra is a once-a-day injection; I'm not sure if Lovenox is given once a day or twice a day. A doctor or nurse can show you how to give yourself the shots. The injection will make a blue spot under your skin that looks like a bruise, but it is not painful.
279234 tn?1363108849 As many of you know I'm not DX with anything but I know something isn't right. I watched my body, along with friends and family, change and not for the good. But my problem has been finding a good doctor that will work with this "puzzle" and figure things out. I've been told by doctors that "I have nothing" to, "we don't know what's going on" ,and my favorite"you must be suffering from stress".
612551 tn?1450025775 In particular, people taking fish oil or long-chain omega-3 fatty acid (EPA and DHA) supplements in combination with anticoagulant drugs, including aspirin, clopidogrel (Plavix), dalteparin (Fragmin), dipyridamole (Persantine), enoxaparin (Lovenox), heparin, ticlopidine (Ticlid) and warfarin (Coumadin), should have their coagulation status monitored using a standardized prothrombin time assay (INR).
Avatar m tn Five days prior to biopsy was taken off plavix + aspirin and placed on lovenox. I was released Tuesday morning, the 24th and late that evening had first BM post-op which resulted in massive rectal bleeding. Over next 2 days had 4 more massive bleeding episodes until punctured(during biopsy) artery was sutured on Nov 26 at 6pm. No bleeding since. Released from hosp yesterday(12/4).
Avatar n tn In 3 yrs, my wife, 44 yrs old, insulin dependent diabetic with CAD, PAD, stable retinopathy, protein in urine, high choles, form smoker, form hi bld press w/ many meds -went from 3% plaque in arteries in ‘00 (angiogram) to 14 stents RCA & then CABGx4 w/ graft to RCA closed 6 mos, & the LCX never bypassed had a major blockage 1 yr later. LcXstented w/ 1 BMS & closed w/ clot.
Avatar n tn Anyway, now I have to take Plavix, and I'm considering getting pregnant again. It is scary b/c none of my doctors want to tell me "yes" or "no", they say it's up to me!! I don't want to take 2 Lovenox shots/day for 10months, but there's no studies about Plavix and pregnancy. Also, I hear epidurals are dangerous w/ anticoagulation. Anybody have any experience with all this stuff??
Avatar n tn He was post MI ( STEMI ) which had occurred two years earlier and was on Plavix which had been stopped for surgery. TEE showed evidence of old apical ventricular clot, presumably at the time of the MI. It was theorized that new clot formed after the Plavix was stopped and embolized when it was resumed since he suffered a right MCA stroke 21 days post op. He is now on Coumadin and needs right hip replacement. Bridging with Lovenox pre and post op is planned.
Avatar m tn Did your mother have any clotting tests? surely the platelet activity is far too low? I'm on aspirin and clopidogrel (Plavix). Before I was on these drugs, a cut, even deep, would stop bleeding very quickly, withing minutes. Maybe that was the beauty of very high cholesterol? anyway, since being on blood thinners, a cut takes about an extra ten minutes to heal, but no more than that. Blood tests have shown my clotting factors are as they would want them to be.
Avatar n tn Coumadin, Plavix or Lovenox. Do not take any iron-containing medicines or supplements 7 days before the colonoscopy. .......
Avatar n tn I am having an EGD and colonoscopy with biopsies on Thursday. I had to stop my Plavix this morning.I also stopped all aspirin and my Iron pills. I will start getting Lovenox injections on Monday morning thru Wednesday and start them again on Friday for another 4 days. I resume my Plavix and baby spirin Friday morning after the procedure. They are calling in a Anesthesiolgist to monitor me so I do not have an A-Fib attack or a heart event.