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Avatar m tn The FDA is actively looking at data on other PPIs, but at this time the FDA is not warning patients to avoid taking Plavix along with other PPIs. It seems there is so much misinformation, changing opinions, etc. does not bode well for confidence in the medication. I wouldn't want a mega dose of anti-platelet meds. It took hours to stop bleeding from a dentist visit, and I'm on a baby aspirin. The risk of bleeding internally (bowel, stomach, etc.
1274110 tn?1270788561 I am on plavix also and was taking nexium for gerd. My cardiologist told me to go off the nexium because the FDA has found that the nexium or any of the PPI's inhibits the plavix from working properly. I am now on pepcid instead of nexium. I am curious to find out if your cardio's had mentioned this to you. Protonix is in the same group of PPI's as nexium. Google plavix and ppi's or go on the FDA website. You will read a lot about the two meds. Just for your info.
Avatar m tn Had to go off it because of the FDA findings. Am now on pepcid You can also look on the FDA website for more info on that. Good luck.
976897 tn?1379167602 Data clearly shows taking aspirin/plavix along with acid reflux medication is causing a higher death rate. The cause is unknown as yet. So, I would advise anyone due for angioplasty to discuss with their gp stopping any acid reflux meds currently being taken.
315318 tn?1353251800 I will talk to my cardiologist about the point you make about my INR number. On the other hand, two months ago, I had to spend four days in a hospital after a nose-bleed event. The bleeding kept going , on and off, for more than 12 hours and made the doctors suspect gastrointestinal bleeding. In the hospital they discontinued both aspirin and effient for 2-4 days. I guess, I must be lucky because the discontinuance did not lead to any thrombosis.
Avatar m tn According to the FDA the nexium inhibits the plavix from working properly. I also have a stent and was taking the nexium with plavix. My cardio took me off the nexium and put me on pepcid. Google plavix and nexium to get more info on this subject or go to the FDA website.
Avatar n tn Some doctors prescribe taking the Plavix for a lifetime and other prescribed it for 6 month to a year. Plavix really helps avoid the blood clots. Shortness of breath when walking would be a warning sign that something is wrong and he should let his doctor know if this happens.
Avatar n tn I recently got off plavix, (2 1/2) weeks ago and yesterday I experienced severe chest pain, so severe I screamed several times. The pain started on the right side of my chest when I had bent over and then I had to sit down because the pain continued. The pain then shifted over to the left side and all throughout my chest. I called my cardiologist and he told me to go to the hospital, which I did. They evaluated me over night and only did some blood tests.
1210142 tn?1266077031 I think plavix is very important for CAD sufferers. The half life of plavix is short anyway, so if it came to some emergency, it wouldn't take long for the effect to wear off.
Avatar m tn The mixture of Metroprolol, Ezitrol, Lipitor, Ramipril, Isordil, Plavix, Nexium and Aspro and now Coralan leaves me feeling quite week and lathargic and always very tired. My BP is steady at around 100/60, my cholesterol is below 4. I did used to walk about 2km a day before I started Coralan even though I got angina, but now I feel I just dont have the energy to do the walk to see if I still get angina. Not sure what yer answer might be but thought Id write this down anyway.
Avatar f tn I understand you being on Plavix for your heart, and you should remain on it. But I am very surprised to hear that your husband is still on Coumadin for a clot 3 years ago. Is this clot the only reason he takes it? My daughter had a blood clot due to a very serious car accident, but once her injuries healed, she no longer had to take anything. He needs to address this with his doctor, and ask why he still has to take it.
Avatar n tn I was told there is no real evidence it reacts with clopidogrel (plavix) and if it does, the effect is tiny. My INR didn't change on this medication for 2 years. It would seem Aspirin is the culprit for causing my stomach issues, so I've been taken off aspirin and put back onto plavix for life.
Avatar m tn it includes some of the following Cipro,Ciproxin,Ciprobay,Ciproproxine,Ciflox and Livaquin, Two other medications in this group have been taken off the market by the FDA some time ago for the nasty reactions they had. There are a lot of other antibiotics that don't have these nasty side affects and are safe to use, although when taking to many antibiotics your stystem could become immune to them and when you have an infection they don't do much good.
Avatar n tn Been on Plavix for 6 years for 5 DES stents. Very recent, I had an event monitor for 3 years of ongoing, sporadic irregular heart beats that causes 5-8 seconds of dizziness/lightheadedness. Finally caught it on the event Monitor. Doctor said monitor showed Atrial flutter in the upper chambers of heart. Told me to get off the Plavix and she would RX Pradexa which is like coumadin.(never been on coumadin or heparin) I am 74 years old and also take Nexium, Crestor, Avalide 150/12.
Avatar m tn Just wondering did the hcv drugs worked on hbv patients somehow so ppl started to use them to cause FDA to issue a warning?
1386233 tn?1279931493 Victoria, I have to lean toward Jen's explanation. My father had multiple episodes in the hospital recently because his platelet count plunged - he was ignoring having tarry stools. Listening to the doctors, the color of the blood indicates where it is coming from in the digestive tract - the further it has to travel to the rectum to exit, the darker the color. Bleeding from hemmoiroids (sp?) is almost always bright red because that has the least amount of time and distance to travel.
Avatar m tn t find the warning. The conselor reiterated that though the test is FDA approved, that the FTC has issued a warning concerning home testing accuracy--home testing being the Home Access test. Basically what I'm trying to get at is... 1.
Avatar f tn I think they are saying these effects are in the realm of possibility because although it isn't clear exactly how Copaxone does what it does, it does alter part of immune system function. Remember, it's an immunomodulator. (Don't know if it makes you feel any better but there are plenty more drugs approved long before anybody understands the why or how of their success.
Avatar f tn Taking Plavix indicates you have drug eluding stents. The a drug-eluting stents (DES) basically have a special drug that delivers the agent right at the site of the injury to the artery and prevents much of the scar tissue from recurring. Compared to the alternative bare metal stent and it is known that the likelihood of the arteries re-narrowing after drug-eluting stents are much less than after bare metal stents.
Avatar n tn The doctor said hypertension was the cause. There seemed to be no warning signs except on the day it happened. He had a terrible headache and went downhill from there. He was taking all his medication--plavix, 325 mg of asprin, blood pressure medicine, etc. and was doing fine. He did have very bad back pain but finally got relief and was back to himself for a month and a half. This stroke came on so suddenly....did I miss something? His pressure was under control and he was feeling good.
Avatar f tn Do you think that medication for cholesterol and triglycerides and even taking plavix/aspirin can help me minimize any risks. Can I still work full time and exercise?