Period symptoms after ovulation

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Avatar f tn Exactly 9 days after my period I had intercourse and according to my period/ovulation app I Ovulated the next day which is day 10 after my period and I had sex day 9. But still have discharge but am having cramps my breast aren't sore and I have no period symptoms like usually every month I do.
Avatar n tn Well it really does depend upon how long your cycles normally last. Have you had any symptoms that are possibly abnormal to you? Its very well possible. I am in the same boat you are though. I just had a miscarriage and I believe that I may have become prego. I hope all goes well.
Avatar f tn If you are planning to conceive then the best chances of conceiving are from some 5 days before until 1 to 2 days after ovulation. A sperm can live for up to 5 days in the uterus and that is why a woman can get pregnant if they ovulate within 5 days after intercourse. For improving chances of conceiving have sex during ovulation days.
Avatar f tn My most fertile day was on the 24the of this month but my husband anI tried on the 26th. My period is supposed to start tomorrow but I am feeling some symptoms of pregnancy. Can you still get pregnant even if you try after your most fertile day? When will a pregnacy test show ppositive(when should I take one).
Avatar f tn Hi, Ovulation is sometimes accompanied by little cramps, the cramps will be more in case of induced multiple ovulation, coz of the multiple follicles growing in one place. Are you taking any tablets to induce ovulation? How is your cylce?
Avatar n tn You didn't mention how you are tracking your ovulation. Are you using a basal thermometer? Are you inserting your fingers into your vagina to check for the "egg white" and the position of your cervix? Have you tried the ovulation tests that you can buy at most stores now? Try checking around the 10th day to the 17th day after your period starts. This is when "most" women they say.
Avatar n tn On average, you ovulate around 2 weeks after your period (not always, but most of the time). If it hasn't been that long, or even close to it, then I wouldn't think it was ovulation pains. Like I said, I would take a test. If it's negative then I would maybe see a doctor to see what's going on. Especially if the pain is bad.
1431138 tn?1294570494 Start with your first day of your last period then add your symptoms. Like I said the best way to tell if and when you o is to either take your temp daily or buy ovulation prediction kits. the opks are more expensive. But buying a basal body thermometer is the best way. They are about $8 at walmart.
458967 tn?1268489655 Hi there have you finished your last clomid pill,if so you will ovulate no later than 9 days after the last pill,you need to use ovulation tests also.clomid can cause those ovaries to work over time,i got pregnant this cycle on them,i felt like mother hen laying eggs,felt it all,best of luck..
875268 tn?1332772451 Last week Thursday I got this eggwhite mucus indicating my ovulation, but DB was on a busines trip. We only got to BD on Saturday morning... It made me feel a little disappointed, but I came across multiple articles that said the eggwhite mucus doesn"t have to mean you're ovulating RIGHT THIS MINUTE. What are your thoughts on this? Could we still have been on time?
Avatar f tn I was shocked when I got my surge right after my period ended. We BD'd like crazy and I got pg that cycle.
676912 tn?1332816151 9 it goes to the hundredths of a degree like 96.97. During the first part of your cycle your temps are lower.....approx. 24-48 AFTER ovulation HAS occured your temps will spike. The amount of the spike depends on the woman. Your temps will then stay up during your luteal phase. They usually drop back down right before AF shows up if you don't get preg. You can go under my profile to my ovulation tracker and look at my bbt chart.
Avatar f tn I was supposed to ovulate on the 4th of this month but ended up starting what I assume to be my period on the 14th putting my ovulation date on the 1st. My period seemed fairly normal and lasted about 4 days. The only reason I'm questioning whether or not I could be pregnant is simply because the "PMS" symptoms havent gone away. I usually tend to breakout before my period but my breakouts are as bad as when I was 13 years old and aren't getting better. I've been moody and EXHAUSTED.
Avatar f tn Yes u can. I have a question for u though, about ur ectopic. If it isn't too painful to talk about, could u please tell me if u had any odd symptoms, looking back, that would have pointed to ectopic?
918479 tn?1272841752 With past pregnancies my nipples wore sore too. I've had tender breasts after ovulation the last few months, but they haven't been tender for as long as this month. I'm hoping this is at least a good sign that I for sure ovulated this month. I also hope that I get my period on time since I go to see the fertility specialist in a week.
Avatar f tn Could I really be ovulating without a period currently and is it possible after going without a period for so long? I thought I was in menopause. Additionally, 3 years ago I had a pitutary tumor removed. The symptoms of that were a discharge from my nipples and ceasing of my period. I have an annual mri to ensure the tumor has not returned with the last one just 6 months ago.
Avatar f tn I had a feeling I was ovulating (never really had these symptoms before pre-pregnancy). The second month after my miscarriage, two weeks after my period I had headaches again..mild that lasted about 4 days. My husband and I ttc during that time period and got pregnant right away. Unfortunately, though, I'm going through a second miscarriage =( My hubby and I will wait a few months before we start trying again (even though the doctor said we can start ttc anytime).
1184094 tn?1264206220 If your period is due on the 6th then im guessing you ovulated on or around 21st.since after ovulation our luteal phase is no more than 16 you wouldnt have ovulated on the this would have made a luteal phase of 22 days,not possible.this will explain cramps.this is caused by ovulation,some months we feel it others we dont.
Avatar f tn I had sex on the 11th of April my period came early April 27th and I had sex day after my period now am spotting light pink what could be wrong
Avatar n tn You will resume menstruation 4-6 weeks after a D&C (typically). Ovulation occurs about 2 weeks before the start of your period. Hope you are feeling well. I am sorry for your loss.
Avatar f tn So you had a full period, not just the PMS symptoms? Hmm. Check in with your doctor. Perhaps your thyroid is out of whack or you've developed some kind of cyst on an ovary that's stirring things up. I'm 55 and found out a few months ago I had a big old cyst on my ovary. Shoot, I thought all that stuff was done and extinct like a volcano.
Avatar f tn My doc said you wont ovulate till after your first period, I had mine about 6 weeks after. then after that ttc again if you are ready..
Avatar n tn My husband and I are ready to start trying to get pregnant, so I decided to take an ovulation test yesterday due to my symptoms. Though my test line is not AS dark as the reference line, it is still there none the less. Could this be a false LH surge because because of the depo? Should I continue testing? Thanks!
495854 tn?1210204278 4 to 8 weeks maybe even longer but i was wondering if there was any chance of ovulation during the time that you are waiting for your next period.. my dr said my husband and i should wait atleast 1 cycle before trying again .. so i was trying to find out if my husband and i should use protection during this time or is it not nessisary .. we would like to wait atleast one cycle to concieve again .. just to be on the safe side and to give my body some time to heal.. and my heart ..
348985 tn?1205241625 During this period I didn't have my previously normal ovulation spotting. Also no ovulation spotting in October cycle. I have roughly a 23-25 day cycle. My question is this: If my tubes are now blocked/severed/etc., is it possible to still have this "ovulation spotting"? My LMP was Nov 12 07 and on Nov 26 I had my "ovulation spotting". I called my OB/GYN and she said to call back if my period is late or I get a positive pregnancy test.
Avatar n tn The DR said it is okay to try before my next cycle but I am freaking out. How do you calculate ovulation after miscarriage and before period? Thanks ...
Avatar n tn I too have experienced wet and stretchy CM after ovulation. Not too sure what it is. I am 4 days late for my af, and have no symptoms. I also took a hpt, and -. I hope it is a sign of pg, wouldnt that be great. What a AWESOME New years that would be.
337157 tn?1199639806 After one more normal cycle, I was pregnant again. During the second miscarriage in October, I also had an early period 23 days after the bleeding stopped and about 12 days after my hcg dropped to 4 (based on an RE blood test). So it took my hcg levels 2 and 1/2 weeks to drop to 4, and they were really low to begin with during that pregnancy; oddly, after the miscarriage, the hcg even went up before it went down.
162784 tn?1227299650 Anybody ever feel sick after ovulation? I spotted possibly a day after ovulation, which was yesterday. I normally don't spot at O. Today I feel nauseous and I know darn well you cannot get pregnancy symptoms this early, I'm only on CD15. I know normal implantation is usually about 5-10 days after O. I'm sure it's all in my mind because of wishful thinking. But please humor me LOL. Here's my story: CD10-Neg.