When is the ovulation period for a woman

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Avatar f tn Typically 10 to 14 days into your cycle from the start of your period. Get yourself some ovulation sticks, that's what I did. I learned that I ovulated earlier than most woman at day 10. For better odds, try to have sex every other day during that time to make sure you don't miss the window for getting pregnant. One sign of ovulation is to pay attention to the consistancy of your discharge.
Avatar n tn 14 days after the first day of a womans period is usually when ovulation happens. Although every woman is different, a woman is most fertile from the 11th through the 17th days after the first day of their period. A woman can get pregnant any time its just more likely in that window. I am not a doctor, i just read up a lot when i was pregnant.
Avatar n tn The first time we used a condom the entire time. The second time however, we had unprotected sex for a little bit and then I used a condom for the second half of our sex. However, I did not urinate in between the time I ejaculated the first time and the second time we began sex unprotected. I've read conflicting information in regards to a woman getting pregnant from the leftover semen in a man's urethra if he had not urinated between sessions.
Avatar m tn Not only did you have a period (a pretty much slam dunk indicator that a woman is not pregnant) but also, if you had the period begin on the day after sex, you would not have been ovulating at that time. Your ovulation would have been more like on the 7th of October. There would have been no egg in your system waiting for a sperm on October 20. Sounds like you got pregnant on November 4.
Avatar f tn that is why we count it from the 1st day of the last period even though you really fertilize about 14 to 20 days after, when ovulation happens. March 30th would have been exactly 40 weeks. fertilization would have been approx.
419964 tn?1333301906 Cycles are meant to be 28 days from the day of your period. So period is 1-5/7 and then you ovulate about the 14th day. Day 28 is the end of the cycle and period starts day after. This is text book though. My cycle seems to be 33 days long and I ovulate on the 18th. Some people can ovulate really late and some really early though.
Avatar f tn Hi! When is the rigt time to get pregnant? Is it during ovulation? Also, when is the right time to have sex and will not be pregnant? I need basic knowledge about this.
957185 tn?1250540128 You can have the EWCM for days. The last day of EWCM is the day you ovulate. The mucous can also come and go. So you don't ever really know what day was the actual day of ovulation except in retrospect. Or unless you use a 2nd method of determining ovulation, such as an OPK or BBT.
Avatar f tn Then, her body thinks it over and ovulates again when it feels like it. The lead event is ovulation, the follow-up event is the period, and then the next ovulation could be any-the-hell when. (A woman with random, irregular or long cycles, will be random between the last period and the next ovulation, not between ovulation and the next period.
790546 tn?1237050228 The time between ovulation and the first day of your period, called the luteal phase, is different for every woman. Many have a 14 day LP but far from everyone does. For the most part, once you determine the length of YOUR luteal phase, you can feel confident that it will stay the same for you every cycle within a day. For women with irregular cycles, their LP stays the same but the length of time from day 1 of your period until the day of ovulation (folicular phase) changes.
Avatar f tn No, you can only fall pregnant in your fertile period (when you ovulate) - that also depends from person to person, most women ovulate on the CD14.
Avatar f tn In addition, strenuous exercise has also been shown to cause a woman to not have a period. However, during these times that the woman is not having a period, she may very well still be ovulating. Not ovulating is a completely different situation than not having a period, and can be caused by completely different things. It is important to note that a woman can still become pregnant during her period.
Avatar f tn that sounds like you are ovulating and sounds right, when your period is late is the best time to take a prego test...each time you have a 20% chance of geting prego so its never a guarantee but it is possible! you can also buy those ovulation tests to check and see if you are in fact ovulating too... and just so you know its never too early to start the prenatal vitamins especially if you are trying to concieve :) good luck!!
Avatar f tn First, you have to know how long your cycle is...some women have 28 day cycles, some 30, some 35 etc. Once you know how long your cycle is, subtract 14 days and that is when you ovulate. For example, if you have a 28 day cycle you'd ov on day 14...if you have a 30 day cycle you'd ov on day 16...(day one being the first day of your period). Hope this helps! Good luck!
Avatar n tn If you know when your period is expected--- if you have been tracking it at all, then you can use an EARLY RESPONSE brand pregnancy test which says that you can get a positive result in as early as 4 days before your period is due. (I did!),. However, in general--- testing when you missed your period can be the easiest thing to do. First mornings urine is best to use. As far as early symptoms, this will vary from woman to woman of course.
Avatar f tn im just tryin 2 figure out which time did i conceive because i have a friend who is really tryin and i keep telling her the wrong thing for ovulation some say 2 weeks before your period some say 2weeks after which 1 is it....
737715 tn?1347791040 The most reliable way to gauge how close you are to ovulation is to watch for the thin, stretchy, egg white, cervical mucus and use those days. AND in a healthy cycle you want to see about 5 days or more of this watery mucus. Good luck!!!
Avatar f tn The window I got on the calculator that used your 32-day cycles said that the last day it computed for ovulation (given a period that began on the 22nd of May) was the 16th. All it would have taken for you to get pregnant from guy #2 is for you to ovulate a couple of days later than usual. And sperm from him, of course. The problem is, you didn't get pregnant from guy #1 in all those tries, and guy #2 is not ABSOLUTELY ruled out.
Avatar f tn I am on my first cycle of clomid. My ovulation date was a week later than the doc said it should be. My monthly was due on the 9th. I took a test today and it was negative. However because of my late ovulation could orbs off because there are not enough hormones yet or am I just getting my hopes up for nothing?
Avatar f tn The count is done this way because especially in the days before ultrasounds, the last period was the only signal a woman had regarding her reproductive cycle. The date of the last period, and its blood, is noticeable and ovulation is later, hidden, and unknown. So they would begin the pregnancy count with that day (even though the doctor knew the woman was not pregnant then -- she was having a period!) And they still do today.
Avatar f tn You should take a test when u miss your period or or expecting your period. Everyone feels things differently and at different times.
Avatar f tn Sperm can live inside you up to approximately 6 days depending on the acidity of your cervical mucus at the time of sex. When ovulation happens the egg lives for approximately 6-24 hours and only within this window can be fertilized. Implantation (and implantation bleeding included) happens anywhere from 6-12 days AFTER ovulation. My implantation bleeding started 9 days after ovulation and lasted four days.
Avatar f tn Ever since then my period has always been irregular I would like to know exactly when is it that a woman ovulates during her period Or after and how long of a window do we have? I know every woman is difference, but I just want to have an idea thank you for this matter god bless!!!
Avatar f tn Ovulation is the starting action and the period is the ending action, not the other way around. A woman ovulates, and about 14 or 15 days later, her period comes to clean out the unneeded lining (if she didn't get pregnant in the meantime). Then the body goes on its merry way, and when it feels ready and healthy and not stressed, it ovulates, and then 14 or 15 days later, if the woman hasn't gotten pregnant in the meantime, her period comes.
543414 tn?1217866667 Implantation is what happens when I woman is becoming pregnant. This happens after normal intercourse and after ovulation. When the egg attaches itself to your uterus. This usually happens about 6-10 days past ovulation.
1527009 tn?1329854525 Also I have had cramps both yesterday evening and this evening. Last night was more twinges on the right side and now it's more uncomfortable across the middle. Is this still ovulation cramps seeing as I am just finishing my fertile period today or could it be pregnancy? Im assuming I have ovulated yesterday or the day before because Im finishing my fertile period today?? (also my partner and I only had sex day one and day five of my fertile period :-/ ) any help would be great...