When is the ovulation period for a woman

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Avatar f tn Ovulation occurs approximately 14 days prior to the start of the next period. This means, for example, if a woman has a regular 28-day cycle, that she will ovulate on or around day 14 of her cycle. On the other hand, if a woman has a typically longer cycle, say for example a 32-day cycle, then she will ovulate later, in this case on the 18th day of her cycle.
Avatar n tn How likely is it to get pregnant two days after your period, when your period is usually late..so it makes ovulation further on than normal?
Avatar f tn A sperm can live for up to 5 days in the uterus and that is why a woman can get pregnant if they ovulate within 5 days after intercourse. For improving chances of conceiving have sex during ovulation days. In a woman with normal menstrual cycles the week before and week after menses is considered as a safe period since the chance of conceiving during this time is less.
Avatar f tn that is why we count it from the 1st day of the last period even though you really fertilize about 14 to 20 days after, when ovulation happens. March 30th would have been exactly 40 weeks. fertilization would have been approx.
Avatar f tn Hello, The average time when ovulation occurs is roughly 14 days after the first day of the start of a period; however, the exact timing varies from woman to woman. Few women may have a slight pain in their lower abdomen or slight bleeding during the middle of their cycle during ovulation.Vaginal discharge becomes more watery and increases in quantity during ovulation. Other tests to determine ovulation are ovulation predictor kits and ovulation calendars.
Avatar n tn I know that the average woman with a 28 day cycle usually ovulates on day 14. However, my cyle is a little unsteady, my period does come on average, every 28 days, but it can last anywhwere between 3-8 days long. Is this normal? Does the length of my period have any bearing on when I ovulate? We have 2 wonderful little boys, which both were unexpected, yet joyful surprises, so I really don't know when they were concieved. I never knew how UNFAMILIAR I am with my body, until now?
Avatar f tn do u ovulate before or after your period?
392087 tn?1252608959 Yes, if you are getting a period, I believe that means that you are ovulating since that is what a period is is the unfertilized egg released during ovulation. If you are having periods only 3 or 4 times a year, I'm sure you are ovulating, just not every month like the average woman. That doesn't mean you can't get pregnant. It just means that you may have a harder time with not knowing when you are ovulating or when to expect it. I suggest doing what BTS said as far as charting.
Avatar n tn Hello, In a woman with normal menstrual cycles the week before and week after menses is considered as a safe period since the chance of conceiving during this time is less .The best chances of conceiving are from some 5 days before until 1 to 2 days after ovulation. You should consult a doctor if you have been unable to conceive since more than a year. The causes of infertility are hormonal imbalances, ovulation disorders, thyroid dysfunction, blocked fallopian tubes etc.
Avatar n tn this is because ovulation (the release of the egg) is what prompts your period. most women have a 28 day cycle and ovulate on day 14 and that is why most people say day 14 cause its right in the middle there for them. but! seems to me that after 4 years you probably don't have a regular cycle. so i would suggest using a basal temperature chart to find out. i used fertility friend.com and the tracker on here, plus a home made chart of my own.
Avatar n tn Sperm can live for days hanging around waiting for the ovulation to occur, so having sex a couple days before ovulation can result in pregnancy. Also, certain things (stress, illness, etc.) can delay ovulation, so a woman who thinks she is ovulating on day 14 may actually ovulate on day 20, or somewhere in between, or later.
Avatar n tn My Opks stay positive for at least 3 days which is normal (I read). As for opks showing a + PG, I know that when I was pg I got very bright +s on my OPKs.
Avatar n tn pain in the overies tends to happen form before ovulation as the follical developes till your period comes and is not a good way to find your most fertile days. if you wait till you ovulate to start having sex you won't get PG. your most fertile days are 5 days prior till the day of ovulation...with the highest chance of PG 2-3 days proir to ovulation. if you want to not use ovulation predictor kits or basil body temp....
676912 tn?1332816151 First, there is no way to know for sure when your ovulation happened without charting temps and watching for the increase that shows ovulation. Implantation could happen anywhere from day 6-14, usually between 7-10 DPO. There is no way to know how long your implantation was. As for taking the OPK, cycles vary. Sometimes I O on day 12 or as late as day 16 and I have pretty regular periods. Just keep taking it and once you get a + result you will O from 12-36 hours later.
Avatar n tn I would say day 20 would be the most likely time to ovulate, but every woman is different. Usually is is about 14 days before your period.
Avatar f tn It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
1767573 tn?1313714508 Started Provera up again the last week of July and did Femara from cd3-7 and got a positive OPK on cd 8 and 9, and O'ed on cd 10. First time I O'ed in a long time. Every women is different. Do you also check your cervix? ( For the position, the texture and of the opening?
Avatar f tn Having said all that, using an unprotected method to either not conceive or to conceive there is a statistic that says there is only a 30% chance of conception per month when not using protection. If you are worried about trying to avoid pregnancy, please use a form of birth control that is more effective than counting days. It is just not effective and can not guarantee no pregnancy at anytime. The only 100% effective way to prevent pregnancy is to abstain.
Avatar n tn No one can tell you the odds that you will conceive. There is about a 20% chance that any fertile woman will conceive even if she has sex exactly at the right time. But you either are, or you aren't. If your period is late, test. Learn about something called Plan B, too. If you have unprotected sex and don't want to be pregnant, you can take this up to 72 hours after intercourse.
Avatar n tn after reading about it all of the time here on the forum, it kind of made me wonder when i do? i know when my period ended my husband and i had unprotected intercourse and that was 2 days after my period ended. i got pregnant.(this was 4 yrs ago). anyway, it seems (cuz iv'e been more aware the last few months) that my discharge is that clear,stringy sticky feel, just a couple days after my period ends. so... is this when i am ovulating?
366581 tn?1207593759 If you feel ovulation pain on one side, that's a great indication on when to get busy!!! As for the cervical mucus, it will become more abundant, slippery and clear as you get closer to ovulation. Creamy CM is more common during the rest of your cycle. Hope that helps! Best of luck to you this month!!!
Avatar f tn I know either way it will be great but we had a girl then a boy and now a sister for my daughter would be great. The only thing is we really don't have the room where we are living now.
676912 tn?1332816151 You can see it on my profile I have an ovulation tracker, which I'm currently using to track AF. I have a nine day gap so far in end date for AF, and all the online calculators for ovulation show a five day fertile day window, so for example this month, if AF was my lowest cycle of 31 days my fertile window is Sept 20-25, and if it's the longest at 38 days it's Sept 27-Oct 2. So there's a total of 12 days that could possibly be my O day, going by the online calculator.
980925 tn?1257460023 There are many people on clomid here and on the clomid club which is a yahoo group for clomid users. You really need to maybe ask here and on there! Best of luck to you and I really hope they get to the bottom of this! You need a caring agressive dr you can trust!
Avatar n tn Hi All, I have been tracking my ovulation for 3 months and each month, the ovulation predictor says that I ovulate on the 17/18th day from the first day of my last period. I have pretty regular periods between 26 to 28 days. Is this normal?
Avatar n tn I know EPT says they can detect as soon as 4 days before you next AF, for me I am due to come on On Feb. 28th, but I took a urine test at a clinic is there test better than an EPT?
Avatar n tn feels tight when I wear pants and skirts. Right now dresses are my best friend. The bloating feels different than when my period is on. I was nauseated all day Monday and Tuesday but today I don't feel nauseated, only bloated. Someone told me to wait two weeks and retake the HPT, because I may have taken it too early. Is that true? Could I be pregnant? Instead of taking another HPT, I will make an appointment with my doctor for an ultrasound.
Avatar m tn 3 weeks ago I had ovulation - I can always tell when I have it because of the discharge and right sided pain- but when the time came for my period I only had a brown spot and that's it! Is this considered a period? I am not pregnant. Is this a common symptom in perimenopause? Am I finally going into meno??
419964 tn?1333305506 Cycles are meant to be 28 days from the day of your period. So period is 1-5/7 and then you ovulate about the 14th day. Day 28 is the end of the cycle and period starts day after. This is text book though. My cycle seems to be 33 days long and I ovulate on the 18th. Some people can ovulate really late and some really early though.
1360237 tn?1351819781 first - what is a RE and what is the differnce between a RE and a OB? I am currently using a OB and its my second and she is finally helping me. I havent been able to O is so long and now that my Ob has uped my dose of metformine to 1500 (btw I take it at night but it doesnt say RE on it.) I have O and gotton a pregnant, ended in m/c. what are the other types of meds that can be taken with pcos? what is famara? and I had no Idea that woman with pcos dont O very often, and how do you know?