When is ovulation period in women

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Avatar f tn Hi! When is the rigt time to get pregnant? Is it during ovulation? Also, when is the right time to have sex and will not be pregnant? I need basic knowledge about this.
Avatar f tn I ovulate on CD12 usually because my luteal phase is 16 days. Remember, that is the time between ovulation and AF. If you ovulate late, your period will be late because your period is based on when you last ovulated. You will get a period within 12-16 days (whatever your luteal phase is) of ovulation unless pregnant. Phew! Sorry for being so long-winded. Here's to fertility 101!
Avatar n tn I started bleeding little spots on Tuesday but was brown, only really showed as a period on Wednesday, so am I now on day 4 or day 5 of my period?? Also when will my peak ovulation day be??
543414 tn?1217866667 Implantation is what happens when I woman is becoming pregnant. This happens after normal intercourse and after ovulation. When the egg attaches itself to your uterus. This usually happens about 6-10 days past ovulation.
Avatar f tn Hi i had sex 1 day before my period which was march 6 and i came on the next day my period was normal it lasted its usual length but then again three weeks later i had sex again which was march29 when it was time for my period in april i missed it and thts when i found out i was pregnant...my questions are when is ovualtion i thought it was2weeks after your period...
Avatar f tn On med help they a tracker to help you know when the best time to conceive is. Use the ovulation kit and basal thermometer first thing in the morning. I know what you are going through my husband and are have been found this sice last year but have been trying since we got married about 7-8 years ago. I hope this help good luck.
Avatar n tn There is something called pre-ejaculation which is when sperm is discharged from the men penis while you are having sex. Even when discharge comes from the vagina that does not mean that some are not still in there. If you want to conceive and you have been trying to and you noticed that this might be a problem in preventing you from concieving then the best solution is to talk to your gynecologist about the problem. He may be able to suggest something. PS.
Avatar f tn The time to try and get pregnant is the tree days prior to and during ovulation. With PCOS it can be hard to predict when you are ovulating. Often, women use ovulation predictor kits that can tell them when (and if) they are ovulating. In a typical 28 day cycle, ovulation occurs at day 14. MedHelp also has an ovulation tracker application that can be helpful. You should discuss with your OB/GYN your desire to conceive and he/she can help you get started on the right foot. Good luck.
1663460 tn?1327503811 My period just started saturday I should be done by at least thursday and thats when my bf comes home for his break in training....when we do have sex when is the time I will be most fertitile?
1080032 tn?1326414386 A lot of women have 28 days in their cycle, so that would mean 14 days from your first day your period you would typically ovulate, once you ovulate that egg is good from 24-48 hours, so you obviously want to make sure you know those days if possible. Sperm can live inside of a women and fertilize an egg at the most 7 days. So you are going to want to try to time having sex around this.
Avatar f tn However, my cycles on clomid (with confirmed ovulation) are 34 days and I always thought that my period comes 14 days after ovulation. So which one is it? Am I ovulating in the early part of my cycle, day 14-16 (going by the 5-9 days after last tablet guide), or am I ovulating later, around day 19 or 20 (going by the 'you get your period 14 days after ovulation' guide)????
Avatar f tn So there's a couple different things you mentioned here. Your period and when you're ovulating. Many women don't know when they ovulate because they don't know the signs of ovulation, nor do they track their cycles. Start with what specialmom said and begin tracking your menstrual cycles. There's a great tracking app you can use from this (Medhelp.
Avatar f tn Hi I am trying to get pregnant can you tell me when we can try to get as in which days are when usually ovulation happens.
1195411 tn?1277328333 So that means you prob ovulated on the 20th or 21st. Some women start testing before their period is even due and some just wait until they are two wks late or at least a couple days late. Personally I test before my period is due. Usually between 10-12 days past ovulation a woman can get a + preg test. I know with my second child I got a + preg test only 9 days past ovulation.
Avatar f tn could my cycle change without including ovulation period changing as well?and why this sharp pain?my cycle is 32days before the next one.is it not too long a period?considering a normal cycle is 28days?
Avatar f tn No, you can only fall pregnant in your fertile period (when you ovulate) - that also depends from person to person, most women ovulate on the CD14.
8892684 tn?1403993984 So having sex on the last day of your period can result in a pregnancy if you ovulate at day 11 or 12, and it is not uncommon at all to ovulate that early.
1487690 tn?1316760585 Some women use it to track ovulation. It is an indication of ovulation but is not always accurate.
1050301 tn?1253735918 This bleeding is caused by either a buildup in the uterine lining that can no longer sustain itself or by an estrogen level drop. The main way to decipher if ovulation is in fact taking place is by tracking the body temperature.
Avatar n tn Hi, well. Here is the thing. It is virtually impossible to absolutely know. Women often want to know this as it would make having a baby so much easier, right? For a lot of women, our cycles follow a typical pattern. The way you track your cycle is to being counting on cycle day one which is the first day of your period. The last day of your cycle is the day before your next period begins (as determined by when it starts).
Avatar n tn hi im 20 yrs old im trying to get pregnant in march 1st i got my period was gone by the 7th but just yesterday (march15) i noticed i was bleeding again when is my ovulation???
Avatar n tn The only way to be sure in your own personal case is to get an ovulation test kit and use it one month to see if your ovulation is on the 14-day schedule that it is for many women or if it is not.
Avatar n tn I had a period one week and then started again the next week. I figured my ovulation cycle based on the second period, but now I'm feeling like I might be pregnant which would be like I ovulated after the first period. Could I ovulate after both? I was positive for ovulating on schedule after the second period.
Avatar f tn however if your cycles are longer and irregular its hard to determine when ovulation is happening... my cycles are usually 30-35.. and ovulation sometimes happen between CD14-CD18 but with this pregnancy i ovulated late CD24.. if you always had regular cycle you can find your fertile window very easily...
Avatar n tn but when is 4day to see another period i wil start seeing white fluid coming out of my vigina. Coz ovalation is some days after period not some days before period.Is it normal?
Avatar m tn But looking at the calendar June 1was a day in your fertile window. Although you/women may not ovulate every cycle and this is absolutely normal.....