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Avatar f tn hei there yes you have to start couting from when the period came in your case is on the 17 th but if you are trying for a child i will wont stress it up i was trying for a chillast year but when it happend it happend i have a baby boy and hes 4 months old ....
Avatar f tn Hello..we have been trying for our second baby since 3 months. No result. I have a doubt that Im not ovulating. But I have periods .will there be periods without Ovulation ?
1351105 tn?1277146505 It's driving me crazy. I also started keeping track on ovulation since Jan., had ovulation in Jan. No ovulation in feb-march. Ovulated in April then I haven't ovulated since. I am so hoping that once I get the clear from my gyno when I see him again in Nov he'll put me on something to help like he said he would and hopefully we'll be able to conceive. My lil guy who will be 2 in dec is already asking for a sister :) such a smarty pants.
Avatar f tn Do you guys think that is because of ovulation or something else? Is there a good site that tells you about ovulation and how it feels other than a squeezing of the ovaries? I've felt a little crampy and when we BDed last night (heck, if I was ovulating, I wasn't going to pass the chance!) I was sore. Hmmmmmmmmm.... answers welcome!
Avatar f tn I have to chart every day to see if I even ovulate and then I have to take hormone pills to bring on a period and I may only get one chance at have a child b/c of my medical issues. While I would NOT be disappointed with a baby boy I would be sad for a long time if I never got my little girl. It may be a 50-50- shot but there are things you can try to increase the odds. If it works great, if not then you've lost nothing. Why not give it a shot?
Avatar n tn I think I am ovulating!! How can this be possible if I never recived my period?? Did you ever get your period? Let me know if you want to. I'm here to talk if you need it. Beleive me, I need to have someone listen to my problems too!
Avatar f tn Now I just found conflicting information on the internet saying no period = no ovulation. There are too many darn sources out there. Anyone know for sure?
Avatar n tn Hi! If you were my patient, I would advise you that there is really no good way to select the gender of the baby without doing IVF. As far as your fertile days--I would suggest getting ovulation predictors (they are similar to pregnancy tests) and start testing on cycle day 11 (July 30) then continue testing until the result is positive--when the ovulation predictor is positive it indicates that you should ovulate within the next 24-36 hours.
Avatar n tn My last period was on the 16/09/07 lasted about 5 days which is normal for me. I am trying to conceive, so i had sex on the 24/09, then everyday till the 27/09. On the 02/09 i stated having moderate cramping pain, then i had a bit of very light bleeding, just a tiny bit, im still loses a brown discharge, this is the 3 day, and I have mild cramping now also i have sore breasts and nipples, i took a pregnency test last night, it showed up neg.
Avatar f tn I did intercourse just my period finished can I be pregnant if not then will be the right to get pregnant. my last period started on 24th nov2015 and ended 28th nov. I want to conceive a baby boy. Plz tell the day of ovulation. My menstrual cycle be 26-27 days.
4097140 tn?1361061634 ) Just stay positive!!!
Avatar n tn They won't understand the motherly instincts we have now and our need to nurture a baby. My husband hates seeing me upset when I get my period and understands if it takes an OPK to make me happy, then that's what we'll get. Yes, I live in Oklahoma, in the U.S. And whoever said 30 is old?! 30 is the new 20. Here is Oklahoma, it seems there alot of younger girls between the ages of 18-20 starting to have pregnant (some on purpose, some not).
Avatar f tn But I have actually passed out from cramp pain and boy is that embarrassing to explain in high school. Ovulation was even a nightmare, not as long as my period cramps but sharp knifing pain. Going to the bathroom was painful. A full bladder was extremely painful. So I did it. I gave up coffee, tea, chocolate, coke, etc... I thought I would go crazy, I was tired, I had headaches and I was grumpy!
Avatar f tn We have a free ovulation tracker - http://www.medhelp.org/user_trackers/gallery/ovulation We also have free apps for mobile phones. For the iPhone, we have My Cycles, which helps track your cycles, ovulation, etc., and I'm Expecting, which helps track your pregnancy. http://www.medhelp.org/land/my-cycles http://www.medhelp.org/land/mobile-pregnancy-app For Android, we have I'm Expecting. http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn I took the clomid CD 5-9 (100mg), then did an ovulation predictor kit, and had an U/S done on CD 14 to detect follicle size in my ovaries. I had one follice that was large enough to release an egg. I believe that I released an egg on CD 13 or 14. We did lots of BD around that time. I also did temp charting and my temp stayed elevated, so I went ahead and did a HPT on CD 29 and got a BFP, I was thrilled!
Avatar f tn OK ladies... my partner and i are trying for a baby boy. We have 4 girls together and we really want a boy..so we are going to plan this to try to make it happen.. I start my period on the 14th of every month for 7 days.. We are going to try the ovulation kit this month and next then try in August.. can anyone help with any other info.?
Avatar n tn Finally, if all your testing comes back normal, even though I don't think the short time between ovulation and your period is the cause, you could consider taking supplemental progesterone after ovulation and this too is something to talk over with your doctor. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Shouldn't i be experianceing sore breasts now a week before AF this month has been a little weird for me I had a very heavy period on 29 nov and boy was it heavy and painful I had not had one like that in two years. has anybody experince this before whats wrong with me. is this normal? I'm sooo glad i found this forum.
458937 tn?1271198381 Hello =] ok so... I have a ten month old baby boy and my cycle has been way off. I had light spotting and it lasted like fours days which started may 23rd and it as of yet has not returned. So we would like to try for another baby but i have no clue about when I ovulate and such.
475551 tn?1284954302 my story is I was 19 weeks yesterday and went in for an ultrasound found out it was a boy. Then got a call from the doctors, the baby has not formed any of its organs. But yet it has a perfect heartbeat and did yesterday too. And yet it can kick and move with nothing inside of him. I dont understand it. They want to induce me and have me go in labor to push a baby out that will die, and it would have been my first one.
Avatar m tn I finally got my BFP (Big Fat Positive) on January 19th, 2010, I am now 39 weeks and 4 days pregnant with a healthy baby boy =0) So I recommend this product to EVERYONE, since I really think that this is what gave me my BFP! Well I hope this helps, and good luck!
1550139 tn?1294128296 Thank you - I have tried using the kits and it is so hard for me to tell - because of the shades of the bars. I guess I never really know if it is a definite yes. I bought them in bulk online - cheaper. Can you recommend any OPK?
Avatar n tn Please I wish to know out of the six days ovulation period, which day is best to make a baby boy.
Avatar n tn I am also impatient and don't want to wait 3 months. After my first m/c I concieved after first period and had beautiful baby boy. Good Luck and try to be patient, I know it is hard.
458438 tn?1228037775 i had a blood test done yesterday to see how much hgc is left, but wont get results for a wk. we want a baby so much. we already had a little boy who is 18 months and we want anther one around the same age. please help, very confused and upset. also how long does it usually take to get prgnant after m/c? is it true you are more fertile, or is it a myth?? i so need to get over this, but cant untill i know everything is babk to normal!!!
Avatar n tn I delivered at 20 weeks a baby boy on September 17, 2003. The doctor does not have a reason why. All test came back normal. It took my husband and I 6 years to get pg. Our doctor also wanted us to wait at least 6 months before trying, however, I disagreed with him. This week is (hopefully) our fertile week. I do have the bloodish thick discharge. (I don't know if I am ovulating) I wish you luck and I will say a prayer for you!
Avatar n tn This is actually a couple of days before ovulation, which allows the slower X sperm to get there after the Y sperm have died. Ovulation can happen when you feel those ovulation twinges, but if you're timing for a girl, I wouldn't trust that. Those twinges could be due to anything, (gas, follicle getting ready to ovulate, etc). You need to keep track of your cycle with OPKs, Basal Body Temping, Cervical Mucus examinations, etc.
Avatar n tn I went on to have a healthy baby boy. There may be other factors the doctor is concerned about. Usually, but not always, the major concern is with emotional well being. I had to ask myself: Could I handle losing another baby so soon? When I knew I would be able to handle it and knew that I wasn't just replacing the one I had just lost, I knew it was time. Take some time, make sure you and dh are ready and double check with your doctor to find out their reason for wanting you to wait.
Avatar f tn I finally got my BFP (Big Fat Positive) on January 19th, 2010, I am now 36 weeks and 3 days pregnant with a healthy baby boy =0) So I recommend this product to EVERYONE, since I really think that this is what gave me my BFP! Well I hope this helps, and good luck!