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Avatar n tn Vice versa, for female baby, have sex 4-5 days before ovulation, for better chances of having a girl baby.
Avatar f tn Hello..we have been trying for our second baby since 3 months. No result. I have a doubt that Im not ovulating. But I have periods .will there be periods without Ovulation ?
Avatar m tn Sept 5!!! I have the same due date with a baby boy!
170935 tn?1225371076 Just wanted to see how accurate the shettles method apparently is! Apparently for a girl you make love a few days before ovulation and for a boy the day before or the day of ovulation.
Avatar f tn OK ladies... my partner and i are trying for a baby boy. We have 4 girls together and we really want a boy..so we are going to plan this to try to make it happen.. I start my period on the 14th of every month for 7 days.. We are going to try the ovulation kit this month and next then try in August.. can anyone help with any other info.?
Avatar f tn I have to chart every day to see if I even ovulate and then I have to take hormone pills to bring on a period and I may only get one chance at have a child b/c of my medical issues. While I would NOT be disappointed with a baby boy I would be sad for a long time if I never got my little girl. It may be a 50-50- shot but there are things you can try to increase the odds. If it works great, if not then you've lost nothing. Why not give it a shot?
Avatar n tn My two girls were conceived at the end of my ovulation cycle. I have 4 boys, expecting another baby boy and only 1 little girl at home. (Our first daughter passed away).
1894154 tn?1321250192 me and my boyfriend tryna work on baby 4 we have 3 girls and need a boy and befor the iud i was vary fertile thats y i have a 7 year old my m iddle turning 6 next month and my last one is 4 in a half i had my iud in for 4 in the half years and i got it removed on 10-3-11 and started heavy on 10-5-11 and 4 days later it stopped on 10-9-11 and started again on 10-28-11 and it lasted for a day in a half thin stopped and haven had a period since but took 4 hpt and all came back - so is it to early
1295016 tn?1272414913 it may be as simple as having sex at the wrong time of the month i agree with sk123 and try tracking ovulation, i wouldnt know how to check n do that myself but yeah and just on a quick note when ive tried to concieve a child myself i always have lots of sex 1 week after my period has finished and 1 week b4 they r due, as i can time mine almost down to the trime i will start my period, so id have 2 solid weeks of trying and would every second day but its not nessecary to have sex every second d
Avatar f tn I am using Copper T for past 2.8 years.As we need a second baby, My last period start date was on April 24th and i have removed the Copper T on April 30 th and we had sex from 1st May to 4th May and we just stopped.Will I conceive this month?
Avatar f tn if you want a girl you need to have sex the 5 days before ovulation and stop within 48-72 hours before ovulation. if you want a boy only have sex during the days your ovulation stick is positive.
Avatar n tn We will be thrilled with a boy or girl - just a healthy baby. We already have a boy and just decided to see if we can sway things for a girl. There is a lot to read out there about gender selection. I prefer the term persuasion since you can't really pick. If you google trying to conceive a girl you will find a ton of info out there. They really make sense when you think about our chemical makeup. The biggest things to try to increase chances for a girl are lower your pH. Read about it.
Avatar f tn i am 5 months pregnant, this is my first pregnancy & i found out it is a boy. I am 31 in January. I desperately want a girl, i have been so depressed and down since i found out it was a boy. I dont know what I would do if I never got a girl. So I was wondering for my second baby when that time comes, if i take clomid so i know exactly when i am ovulating as my ovulation is all over the place & always has been so I never knew when to have sex to concieve.
Avatar f tn Trying to get the third a boy.. any suggestions on the best time of ovulation for a boy perhaps... two girls already 3 and 6...
Avatar f tn Hi! i am trying to have a baby boy... heard that if we bd 24 hrs within ovulation and 12 hrs past it, likelihood to have a boy increases. so i tried to pin point my ovulation date, thru online ovulation calender, and then started using target brand opk 2-3 days b4 the expected ovulation date. i tried them twice a day, for the past 3 days, and it still shows -tive, im scared that my fertility window might have gone already... plz help...
Avatar f tn Now I just found conflicting information on the internet saying no period = no ovulation. There are too many darn sources out there. Anyone know for sure?
Avatar m tn Hi girls! I am new to this site and figured I'd look for some help/advice from other mom's. I am a mom of a 9 month old baby boy and my husband and I are trying again for our second (and final!) baby. My last period was Feb 20th and I believe I ovulated around March 10th (kind of late)... we had sex every other day during my fertile week. My cycle since I stopped breast feeding in November has been around 30 days. I was expecting my period 3 days ago (3/20)...
Avatar n tn I heard if you have sex closer to her egg release time (ovulation) your likely to have a boy. If you have sex days before ovulation I heard the girls sperm live longer and your more likely to have a girl. It could be sn old wives tale but I will say we didn't have sex for a few weeks before I ovulated an then had sex on the very day I ovulated and had sex everyday after and Im FINALLY (lol) having a Boy!
Avatar n tn I am 31 and I have a baby girl. Now try ing for a boy..any suggestions or tips??
1693826 tn?1308864385 s just doubtful you will right now because lack of period indicates lack of ovulation (ovulation is what causes you to bleed) and you need to figure out why you're not having a cycle.