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Avatar n tn We have wonderful success with the canine Pancreatitis patients in our veterinary clinic using a few natural therapies with a home made natural diet. Take the burden off your dogs pancreas with full spectrum digestive enzymes. Re-balance your dogs digestive system with probiotics. Consider a bland home made diet such as chicken, rice and peas. If you would like to follow up on this in detail with me, that would be fine.
Avatar f tn my dog has had pancreatitis 2 times he is 8 yrs old and he hasnt shown symptoms in 2 yrs. we got a kitten over the weekend and the dog ended up eating the cat food a couple of times. now he has diahrea and i have seen a couple blood drops by the poop. Is there something i can do for him other then take him to the vet. It is the same exact symtoms as last time so i really dont need to pay a couple hunred dollars for them to tell me what i already know.
Avatar f tn Fluid therapy, regular blood work (sometimes several times a day), pain meds or a patch for pain and antibiotics are often used. This is a very painful condition. In pancreatitis, nutrients the dog needs are passed out in the feces, thus probably the reason for the weight loss (and that is quite a bit). Has he been checked for diabetes?
Avatar n tn We took him to a specialist hospital where he had the same treatment in ICU as a human with pancreatitis. He had a central line placed in his neck so he didn't have to get stuck with needles all the time, and was put on TPN - nutrition given via IV. He also had a ton of pain meds - a 75 mcg fentanyl patch along with injections of dilaudid for breakthrough pain. At least I know he was as comfortable as humanly possible those last couple of weeks.
Avatar n tn my Min-Pin had the same in Oct 2007. He got pancreatitis from a steroid shot.He spent 5 days in the hospital and on the last day did he start to eat and drink. The vet made it very clear if he could not hold down water or food, he was to return immediately. For the first week he was also very weak and he ate very small meals every few hours. This also helps to keep his pancreatis from working hard.
Avatar f tn My 9 yr. old little Poodle Julie also had 2 bouts of 6 mos. time. Same symptoms as your dog & she was hospitalized both times for 4 days. They did the same to Julie as your dog. She came home 2 wks ago & is much better. Julie has Cushings disease & that may have caused it. No-one is sure. One thing I do know is that I gave her fatty table food right after last Xmas & she was real sick on New Years Eve. She also had a seizure with that bout...
Avatar m tn I chose to put my dog to sleep after 3 weeks of trying to save his life because his gallbladder was getting so huge a rupture was likely. While it IS possible to remove a gallbladder in a dog, the dog's anatomy makes it difficult and doing so in one so ill with pancreatitis generally isn't a good idea. As you've no doubt been told already, pancreatitis is an incredibly painful condition.
Avatar f tn Anorexia (not eating) and vomiting in a dog is very serious. He should be seen by a vet within the next 12 hours ideally. This could be a vius, bacterial infection, pancreatitis, foreign object in his stomach etc.
Avatar f tn This little Chessie is just miserable. She will be great for a few days and then within a matter of a few hours she can be in pain and so sick. I am able to do IVs at home if I need to, but my question is what do you get them to eat? Pumpkin she loves...yogurt at times. She was eating ground turkey with rice and cottage cheese....but now she won't even look at the turkey...what else can I give her to eat some protein. I just had the lab test drawn today for Pancreatic functions....
Avatar n tn Thank you for that. She is going in today for check up so our Vet can have a look at her eyes. I appreciate your comments very much!
Avatar n tn Your veterinarian needs to examine your dog in order to find the right meds for the situation. This is a common condition that can be managed.
Avatar m tn So, I don't remember exactly which enzymes were high, but a couple I think the ALP for one and maybe another of the A ones. I feed her regular dog food in the morning, a lamb and rice one and in the evening she gets rice and hamburger or poultry at night. She really doesn't get many snacks except a bit of Apple or a small bit of cheese. When we got her she did a lot of scratching of her chin to the point of bleeding, which I think was food related, so I am very careful with what I feed her.
Avatar n tn Except for the vomiting last week and today. (Keep in mind that with his pancreatitis he never vomited even though that is a main symptom). We did start mixing his food with a weight maintenance food about three weeks ago, but I wouldn't think a change in food would take three weeks to show symptoms, maybe I'm wrong. Either way, we changed the mixture back to the way it originally was today. All other things are normal, appetite, energy, etc. Help!
Avatar n tn I lost my first dog to pancreatitis and he had the same symptoms as your dog. It's an extremely painful condition and very difficult and expensive to treat. The only blessing here is that your dog was spared a great deal of suffering and took a difficult decision out of your hands. The only way to know for certain what happened is a full postmortem exam if the blood work doesn't confirm pancreatitis.
Avatar f tn It doesn't sound like your dog has anything for nausea, so ask your vet about something to cover that angle. It really can make a big difference in getting a sick dog to eat more. And get your pilling technique refined so you can just pop that pill down his throat before he even notices. If you get it past where the back of the tongue rises against the roof of the mouth, it won't come back up. I can pill my dogs in less than one second by now. They never know exactly what just happened.
Avatar f tn Blood work was ordered for the pancreatitis and an ultrasound was recommended instead of a x-ray to look for symptoms of a puncture since wood doesn't show up on x-rays. Ultrasound came back negative as well as the blood work and was told to watch him closely for a few days and control his pain with medicine. A few days past and he is slowly getting better and for a few days back to full energy. Then the pain comes again and a slight temperature.
Avatar f tn He has chronic diarrhea and has had this condition since he was a puppy... but it has gotten worse. But in all honesty... no other symptoms. Everyone tells me that he looks and acts like a puppy... he still plays with his adopted sister, who is a very big puppy (and will always be... LOL!
Avatar m tn others go downhill no matter what happens. It's a terrible waiting game of treating symptoms. I really hope your dog pulls through but at his age I think you need to prepare yourself for the worst.
Avatar n tn My dog has been very sick for the a little over a month. I’ve taken her to the vet numerous times but they don’t seem to know what’s wrong with her, and keep misdiagnosing her. It started on July 11, 2014- she was coughing all day. It seemed as though there was something caught in her throat that she was trying to cough up, but nothing was coming up. At that time other than the coughing she seemed fine. Eating regularly, going to the bathroom regularly, and very active.
Avatar m tn I have changed this to twice a day in order for her to get her insulin shots on schedule. Since the change in diet, she has had increasingly abnormal bowel movements. It started as just loose stools, now she has progressed to diarrhea with jelly-like blood mixed in. Is this indicative of pancreatitis?? Even with all of the medication she still wobbles and can't manage stairs. All she does is sleep, drink water and pee.
Avatar f tn Senior dogs may have joint pain or the pain may be abdominal such as in dogs suffering from pancreatitis after eating a fatty meal. A female dog may pant after hours and even days after giving birth to her puppies. This occurs because the uterus tends to contract for a few weeks after giving birth. Such contractions are stimulated by lactation.
Avatar f tn I just want you to know that you did everything possible for your Cissy and she is no longer suffering. I had a dog die in my arms 20 years ago and have had to put down 2 since. They are like your babies and they can never be replaced. I know your Cissy is in the arms of our Savior and my beliefs are that we will see our dogs again. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Avatar m tn Sorry to hear that. My daughter has a dog with chronic pancreas problems and has been at the Vet's at least 3 times for treatment and very expensive. She is usually put on IV's and food withheld to give the pancreas a chance to heal and settle down. She has been on Science Diet ID for some time now and does quite well. Everyone knows not to feed her anything!! My daughter did find a treat she can tolerate. Hope your dog recovers also.
Avatar f tn The vet that performed the gallbladder removal should/will take your dog for a "follow up" appointment, which should/would be included in the original cost of the procedure. Get your dog back to the vet that performed the procedure, and tell him that something is wrong. Who knows... they may have left a sponge or something inside of him (not unheard of), or missed a stick someplace and he's leaking toxins into his body and becoming septic.
Avatar f tn I was just wondering, why do so many dogs and cats get pancreatitis and liver failure? Do you think there is something in their commercial dog and cat food or perhaps it's our lifestyle reflected onto them. You know what I mean...........too much food, not enough exercise. (this applies to me) Maybe you have some other idea. It seems like every second person you speak to has had a pet with pancreatitis or liver failure or both.
203342 tn?1328740807 It's still hard to think about, he was such a healthy puppy and young dog. He had so many surgeries in his life but in the end he didn't make it. Until the last day and the hours before he died, his quality of life was good.
Avatar f tn Chrissy has been like this since sometime yesterday and is still sick. My sister gave the dog an Anti-Acid tablet and the vomiting has stopped since then (a few hours ago). Thank you.
Avatar n tn hello. i have a 9 year old american building with the same problem. we went to the vet and the blood results showed that she had an enlarged heart, liver and some abnormality with her kidneys. we are so afraid to loose her. they want to keep testing her and we are not sure we want to put her through that. we are hopeful. im guessing this may be a her time :( it breaks my heart at the thought of having to put her down. my 4 year old daughter is going to have a hard time. what to do?
Avatar f tn Get to an animal emergency hospital immediately or another Vet in the area! Your dog is in very serious distress. Diarreaha for that long is bad, let alone the dog is bringing up what is probably bile. After this is over you need to find a new Vet also. I don't know if they told you to give the dog Pepto Bismol, but you should not give that to a dog. Please get that dog medical attention right away! Please keep us updated.