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1560663 tn?1298050127 Also try and brush your cats, even if you think they have short hair and don't need it, it's not true, if you don't brush your cats they can develop hairballs that cannot be passed. In cats with megacolon or chronic constipation the last thing you need is something else to block your cat. Like you all know I have 7 cats and I manage to brush them all, even if its a little bit every few days.
Avatar f tn I have read that prednisone is a good treatment for pancreatitis in cats but I'm not sure if Wiz has this or if it is too strong a med at this point. Thanks for any help.
Avatar n tn gall stones, liver, pancreas, ovaries (cancer)? What would produce these symptoms and have them chronically occur yet not all the time? I am tired of it and want to figure it out. My last GYN was seemingly normal (9/02), although since then I have not had a period since October. Feel aware of low pelvis being sometimes achey, but do not seem bloated really, and have lost a bit of weight, but am by no means underweight. I have felt peri-menopausal for a couple years.
Avatar n tn But some things that could cause her to vomit are an overactive thyroid, diabetes, kidney problems, and pancreatitis. All these things are treatable but could become serious FAST if you don't get her seen by a vet. Have you noticed any other symptoms?? Like is she drinking and peeing more than usual?? Is her appetite still normal eventhough she is puking? Also it's important to notice what the puke looks like. Is it just food or is it foamy etc??
Avatar f tn Other possibilites are pancreatitis, IBS. It could also be certain internal parasites. Are there any other symptoms at all? Have you noticed if your cat is going to the litter box normally? If you can, it's true that you really should take your cat to the vet as soon as you can. Also, make sure you are using a good quality canned food, along with dry food. That will assure that your cat does not become dehydrated (which can cause overproduction of bile, among other things).
Avatar f tn I have to really concentrate on my steps, it is really difficult at times. My provider said that these symptoms were from treatment meds. I complained, stating I was off meds. She explained to me how freq the medication stays in our blood stream for a period of time, that side effects continue for a couple of weeks, months , a year and in rare occassions never disappear. That was depressing to hear. I prayed that my issues would resolve.
Avatar m tn I have always fed her Friskies (which I know is prb not the best) can food and Purina dry food for indoor cats. I give her 1/2 a can in the a.m. and 1/8 cup of dry food around 4p.m. and then the second half can around 10 p.m. She always tolerated this well. She loooooves food! She always wants more. But since we have moved, she hasn't been eating all of her food and she has had diarrhea. She used to eat everything in one sitting.
Avatar m tn I think she sounds like it is pancreatitis or Irritable Bowel. Fairly common in cats. My cat is also on Hills Z/D food only. I know some do not favor this food but it works for my cat along with the I am a believer. Sometimes feeding your cat some boiled rice for a few meals will help with the loose stools--you can cook it in chicken broth. Let us know what happens.
Avatar f tn Also, super important that he isn't dehydrated so I would at least switch kitty to wet food where there is more moisture...dry food isn't good for cats but especially older cats w health problems. Good luck! Let us know!
Avatar n tn hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), hypertension (high blood pressure), seizure activity, heart problems are all symptoms of stroke in cats.
685623 tn?1283485207 Cooked poulty bones splinter very easily and can cause obstructions or perforations in the gut. The fatty skin can cause a pet to develop pancreatitis, a very painful inflammation of the pancreas. As we have mentioned many times in the past, don't give grapes or raisins to your dogs, avoid feeding foods that have been excessively salted or that contain onion or garlic powder, and any sweets that contain Xylitol must be kept away from our dogs. Chocolate, of course, should be avoided.
Avatar f tn Have you tried calling him see if he can hear you or hear anything at all? Many cats lose their hearing when they get old, and start yowling because they can't hear themselves. Also, it could be a matter of orientation. He is old, so his senses may not be working very well. If an animal feels disoriented and lost, it will cry/howl until they feel safe. Seeing you makes him feel safe because you’re the owner.
Avatar f tn Giardia, Pancreatitis, HGE, IBD, Parvo, and stress colitis. Another possibility is a GI foreign body (The GI foreign body would require a barium study and possibly surgical removal of the object). There are snap tests for giardia, pancreatitis and parvovirus that can be performed in-house immediately. These diseases, except a GI foreign body require symptomatic therapy at the vet's office.
3227046 tn?1458317076 I spent ten days in the hospital and was treated for sepsis and pancreatitis before removing laparoscopically my gall bladder,then 8 stones in the common duct. before that I had no symptoms except extreme fatigue. I am staying with my daughter, mostly resting and seem to be without signs of further problems except for some sore cuts in my mouth from the tubes used for anesthesia for which I am using peroxide mouthwash.
Avatar f tn // that would help me greatly. Here is additional information since the original post: I visited the vet again today (without kitty) and we are trying her on an aggressive anti-nausea and anti-upset stomach regimen for a few days (pills and injections, if we can manage it) to see if this will get her to eat again.
Avatar m tn Opus88 and PikaPika88 ~ My kitty was just diagnosed with Kidney problems and from what I've read (and it's A LOT trust me lol) one of the main issues for them is keeping their weight up and keeping their appetite normal. So I've read that for these cats basically just let them eat as much as they will cause they have issues that normal healthy kittys don't have. Unless of course it's causing problems and then maybe your vet would advise you to cut back.
Avatar f tn Hate to say it because steroids are VERY controversial for cats, but when one of my cats went through a mystery ailment involving loose stool and constant hunger, it was only a (very short!) run of steroids that stopped the problem. I think we gave him three doses, one a day. But never do this without strong advice to do so from the vet, and keep in mind that steroids in a cat -- well, some people wouldn't do it for any reason.
541150 tn?1306037443 Thing is, according to them, Pancreatitis and FLD are common in IBD cats. But as to what really causes a cat to suffer from these symptoms is still unknown to EVERYONE. I was reading, and they highly recommend a diet that's low in fat. Raw foods are recommended, but as you know not all vets are willing to accept the fact that raw foods can save a cat's life. I don't really know what happened here. We moved to our new home and that's when he stopped eating.
Avatar f tn However, because of the blood I would also vet check and do blood tests if necessary to check for other things. Watch for cleaners you are using around the house, cats walk around and clean them so they do ingest many more chemicals than us.
931217 tn?1283484935 This occurred in about 12% of cats with FLUTD symptoms, and the risk is higher in castrated males cats.[122,123] Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland atrophies or is damaged by the immune system and fails to produce adequate amounts of thyroid hormone.[124,125] It occurs in an estimated 0.2%-0.3% of dogs.[126,127] Some studies have found that neutered dogs are at higher risk than intact dogs for developing hypothyroidism.
Avatar f tn It could be her teeth (at her age she's entitled!) and it could also be an illness like pancreatitis or a liver problem. Nausea could also cause this kind of behavior and can be caused by a variety of conditions. When she goes to the litter box, does she have any difficulty? Are there signs of diarrhea, constipation or any trouble urinating? In the meantime, try KMS mother's milk replacer, it's a highly nutritious dietary supplement that all cats, in my experience, just adore.
Avatar f tn hi again, I wonder if your Vet has considered pancreatitis? this is often overlooked in cats...symptoms no appetite, lethargy, vomiting...just a though..sending some info and some ((hugs)) http://vetmed.tamu.
931217 tn?1283484935 Most coyotes and wolves, for example, are gone by 7 or 8 years old. Pet dogs and cats, however, are now living into their teens quite commonly. Diet is not the only reason for this, but it does not follow that eating raw meat is a positive factor. Most pet animals are not eating raw diets now and live long anyway. Their safer, indoor lives while eating consistent professionally designed commercial diets are one likely reason. That, and better health care than in decades past is another.
12679876 tn?1426981493 Hi Darth, I think he should have an ultra sound or x-ray of his stomach and bowels also, if possible. There may be an obstruction or it could be pancreatitis. Blood tests are only part of the info for diagnosis. Good that he is getting his teeth taken care of that can be very painful to eat. My cat was throwing up for 3 days , was not dehydrated either, but the ultra sound and x-ray was needed to complete the picture. Just sayin---that is what I would do.
Avatar f tn The normal for cats is 75-120mg. So I would say the Fructosamine level should be your go to indicator, like Pip says. Reason for this is it is not affected by stress or infection. Apparently the stress your pet feels upon going to the vet and all that goes with it can increase his Blood sugar to the high you have stated, while the Fructosamine test will test normal. I would also take a look at testing for pancreatitis, since the pancreas is what controls insulin.
Avatar n tn I love to hear about others' stories about loving cats. I have rescued 5 cats who are the best friends that I could wish for (not all 5 are living with me presently). I read a story to my son about a cat who saved his people from carbon monoxide poisoning. Actually, we have several books about amazing cats. The most incredible one is titled "Cat Heaven" and helped me to cope with the death of my first cat, Bucky.
Avatar n tn My cat ended up being diagnosed with pancreatitis and was switched to a diet for sensitive tummies. Also cats can have IBS just like people. If you think your cat has IBS or pancreatitis NEVER give furball medicine as that can lead to another attack. Good luck with your babies with and without fur.
Avatar n tn A short-term regimen (a week or so) is usually tolerated fairly well, but longer than that puts you in a position where your dog is flirting with developing diabetes mellitus, Cushing's Disease, pancreatitis, or several other problems. By doing bloodwork at least twice during the two months he's being treated you can keep track of how his system is tolerating the steroids. Weaning him off at the earliest sign of problems would be possible if you're keeping track of how he's responding.
Avatar f tn My cat Annie either has Lymphoma or Pancreatitis. I opted out of a biopsy after the ultrasound since she is 13 1/2. I changed vets and she is now on Prednesone. She had lost quite a bit of weight, but seems to be holding on. I'm sure her intestines are thick and lymph nodes swollen so this must give her alot of discomfort. She's not crying but it's so hard to know how she's doing. She doesn't go into that deep cat sleep so she must be so tired.
Avatar n tn She thought it could be cancer or pancreatitis but I would have to pay for more tests that might not find the problem. I decided to go back to the old vet and get my cat's file. I remembered some of what he had done and tried to explain it to the new vet but she wasn't really taking what I was saying seriously. I presented her with the file and she read it over and agreed it was the exact same problem.