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Avatar n tn // eMedicine Pancreatitis – Childhood Pancreatitis – Pancreatic Enzyme References – Control of Pancreatic Exocrine Secretion – Overview of Pancreatic Development –
Avatar n tn The lactulose stopped working and just seemed to make him lay around feeling bad , so after reading on line about the liquid glycerine, I tried getting a suppository in him with no success, I then got the baby lax, it is liquid glycerine in a prefilled prelubricated little plastic bulb/bottle with a tip for inserting, it holds 3ml which is ok for a cat according to the Veternarian Merck manual on line although they recommend soap suds, YUCK.
Avatar n tn pheochromocytoma - thanks for that, i had almost forgotten about that from a Merck Manual i have that is a few years old. Thing is i don't have high blood pressure and the blood test did not reveal anything to indicate that condition. RE: Vagus Nerve - I think there is something here, although not exactly sure. Again, the more i think of this, the more i think that General Anthesia does some strange things to certain people, and that not a lot is known in this department.