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Avatar f tn Hello, Pain under ribs esp after breathing is characteristic of pleurisy. Pleurisy occurs when the double membrane (pleura) that lines the chest cavity and surrounds each of your lungs becomes inflamed. The condition, also called pleuritis, typically causes sharp pain, almost always during the act of breathing. In your case,preexisting pneumonia can be the cause of pleurisy.
Avatar m tn While carprofen IS an anti-inflammatory, I would think that a drug like Tramadol would actually work better on the kind of pain caused by pancreatitis. The pain associated with this is actually quite severe and treating it with carprofen would more or less be like expecting a patient who just had abdominal surgery to be able to take Tylenol or Advil for post-surgical pain. Tramadol is stronger and much better equipped to handle the kind of pain produced by pancreatitis.
Avatar n tn Most people typically have some form of discomfort or pain in the URQ when something like that is going on - or they feel like they have a 'ball' lodged under their ribs.
Avatar n tn My dog had acute pancreatitis over the weekend and I took him to an emergency vet on Sunday and to his vet on Mon. They both kept him overnight, IV, blood work, meds, and his vet did a rectal x-ray and abdominal x-ray with barium to look for obstruction. He found dirt/sand. My dog ate cat poop covered in dirt. He is at home now doing fine and I have him on a bland diet of canned white chicken and brown rice only. However, his lower abd/belly is a little distended and hard.
10821430 tn?1439584483 nine have symptoms of PLE although his mom did have Pancreatitis when she was around 4 years old,has not had since...diagnosis was by this same veterinarian.
902019 tn?1249865014 Symtoms of AIP Before my final weeik when I was in unmistakable pain and had jaudice etc, I had very little sign of a problem. Only in retrospect did I realize that I had had a continuing and unusual thirst and some lack of whiteness in my eyes for about 9 mos. I had passed those things off as "just getting older". Big mistake.
4469853 tn?1355079825 Hi! This pain above your left collar bone could be due to a bad gastric reflux. You will need to take a combination of medications (under medical supervision) like a proton pump inhibitor such as omeprazole, lansoprazole or pantoprazole empty stomach in the morning and an antacid gel after meals for complete relief. Drink cold milk. Avoid heavy meals and eat frequent small meals. Avoid too much of caffeine, tea, smoking, fried food and drinks both alcoholic and non alcoholic fuzzy ones.
Avatar m tn The pain was pretty severe for him until the evening and at around 5, it subsided and he was Ok. He was able to relax after that and he had pain only when he stretched or doing something. He had some pain in the back as well, but it was far better than the pain he had in the morning. Until around 11, he was perfectly alright and then around 12:00, his BP started falling and he told like people look in different color. The doctors examined him and his pulse was completely down.
Avatar n tn My husband is 29, non-drinker, non-smoker, fairly good shape, no cholestral, no family history of pancreatitis. One day he experienced severe abdominal pain. At the ER, a CAT scan, resulted in an "inflamation of his pancreas," and consequently admitted to the hospital. A triple lumen on his chest was inserted, the past three weeks he has not had a drop of food and liquid (except ice chips).Daily blood tests and blood cultures taken.
Avatar n tn Either not being able to or having to eat. I got pancreatitis from the precedure it was well worth it to get rid of the pain. Pancreatitis pain for me was much different - the pain spread across the rib cage settling mostly in the left side, and in the back. I did have severe bloating and was unable to pass gas. Pushing on my stomach was unbearable. I hope this helps you.
Avatar f tn Pain Dogs in pain, may tend to pant. Finding the source of pain sometimes may be challenging. Senior dogs may have joint pain or the pain may be abdominal such as in dogs suffering from pancreatitis after eating a fatty meal. A female dog may pant after hours and even days after giving birth to her puppies. This occurs because the uterus tends to contract for a few weeks after giving birth. Such contractions are stimulated by lactation.
Avatar f tn Did they also give her antibiotics for the pancreatitis? How about pain meds.? This is an extremely painful condition....The trick here is to let the pancreas rest for the inflammation to go down. Usually, antibiotics are given incase the cause is infection. What you choose to feed her is the next step. Get them both off of Iams Food; as this is very LOW quality and they need much better nutrition for their senior years. LOW fat is what your sick girl will need.
Avatar n tn Ribcage pain/ diaphragm pain with deep breathing upon waking was started.
Avatar m tn what disease have you been diagnosed with that calls for the prednisone? Do you know the side effects of that medication? Side effects from prednisone can include increased thirst and urination, increased appetite and weight gain, dull, dry haircoat, increased panting, vomiting, diarrhea, elevated liver enzymes, pancreatitis, muscle wasting and behavior changes ( depression, lethargy). Source: Prednisone mainly acts to speed up the aging process of the body.
Avatar n tn bloated stomach, trouble breathing or catching breath, severe cough, discomfort when sitting or standing, cannot eat without severe pain. -he is 40, non smoker, light drinker, and is in severe pain, the attacks come on randomly sometimes immediatly after eating sometimes hours after they last anywhere from 3 hours to 24 hours of crippling pain, any ideas as to what might be wrong? also he feels a pressure around his diaphram.
793908 tn?1294708709 Julie had another Pancreatitis attack...she had diarreah & vomiting. I was prepared this time...I was scared but it was either me treating her or the ER Vet for 4 days again. I came to terms with my decision to treat her at home. I called my Vet & he said to give her the Flagyl that he gave me 2 wks. ago...just in case this attack happened again. I did & It worked after 1 day but I kept her on it all week.
Avatar n tn But I cannot help myself with worry that it may be something else. The breathing improves but at time gets worse when I try to take deep breaths but not all the time this happens. I don't have a cough but sometimes i have to clear my throat to force up clear phlegm I myself was worried it might be emphazema as I used to smoke but give them up.Any one else shed light on this or im I just to accept that it is what my doctor says.
Avatar f tn It started with diarrhea, back pain. low grade fever and fatigue. My Dr knows I have history of pancreatitis and did CT scan which was normal. Still having symptoms and back pain and abdominal cramps so doc put me on 1000mg daily of both Cipro and Falgyl. After about 3 days, stomach got better, but developed cough, chest pain and fever. Still having back and flank pain. Went to emer. clinic and xray shows pneumonia in my right lung.
Avatar n tn There may also be dry cough, fever and chills, pain when moving, or fast, shallow breathing -- shortness of breath.” Please don't worry too much about the more extreme causes listed above. More people have Pleurisy without it being serious than those that have the more serious causes. But, you need to continue to pursue a diagnosis of this condition, especially if it as you describe and significantly worsened by breathing. Best of health.
Avatar n tn Only drinking about 6 cans of beer, the next morning i had nothing wrong with me for about 1 hour of being awake, then i felt the worst pain in my stomach starting, it was like a constant burn and stabbing feeling and i started to find it hard to breathe and the pain was that bad i found it also hard to walk short distances, the pain was too much.
Avatar n tn Sore to the touch, sharp pain when pressed above the area. Not painful when pressure is released. I am not constipated, that area seems to be working ok. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn 2 days ago, I literally stood up and felt a sharp pain from across my chest to my middle upper back. Felt it more when breathing in or moving,bending. Eventually pain was a tad better and mostly just in my back. I had an EKG and chest X-ray which were normal. Next day pain was still there mostly in upper right back area. A few hours after waking up, my right arm felt funny and my right hand was tingling. I went to ER, had another EKG, And chest X-ray and bloodwork done for bloodclot.
Avatar n tn I went on a fast for about 10 days (February 1999) consisting mainly of water with small amounts of lemon or grapefruit juice mixed in. By the fifth day the pain was completely gone. I was pain free until December of 1999 when I started eating a lot more junk food than usual (just like I did in December of 1998). So I am fasting again to see if I get the same results.
Avatar n tn I'm a 35 year old female, and I've had a pain on the right side of my stomach for a few days - right under my rib cage - any ideas what this might be? My stomach almost feels like it's bruised internally.
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Avatar m tn when I hang out with friends im always awkard after my mom, and always mad and nervous. When I smoke it hurts a lot and goes away, when I drink the pain goes away and dats why i am drinking exceesivly cause of pain. I sometimes cant sleep it bothers me. Im sorry about this message but I dont know what I should do or say.
Avatar n tn At that time they put me on ratinidine for heartburn and it stopped the chest pain. After that time, I started having problems breathing, especially when sitting or laying down on one side..eventually I started noticing the pain...and the feeling of something growing larger. Yesterday I went to the Dr who did xrays to prove to me it was only a nerve in my back which wraps around to your rib..but upon viewing the xrays, said it is a hiatal hernia.
Avatar n tn Walking or standing straight for longer period hardens upper stomach and feel like upper stomach cramps and feels exactly like someone punched you in your solar plexus, it gets difficult to breath breathing pains too. Movements aggravate pains. Doctor says it could be Pancreatitis but my symptoms are not exactly of Pancreatitis, although pain is severe and it radiates to back but eating (although I eat very little) doesnt particularly increases the pain.