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Avatar n tn I'm feeling much better and haven't had another painful attack. However, I still seem to have soreness on my left side, but not in the same location as the pancreatitis pain. My stomach is also still bloated. My attack was 5 days ago. My question is; is it normal to have some residual soreness after acute pancreatitis? If so, how long will should the soreness last?
Avatar m tn I have only two symptoms of pancreatitis and do not have nausea, headaches, jaundice, fatty stool, vomiting, constipation, low B/P, rapid heart rate, fever, sweats or an inflamed pancreas 4. The pain location minus the banding effect to my back is located directly on top of the location I had a pyloric stenosis surgery (and two consecutive repairs) 5. The pain can start immediately when I eat and at night.
Avatar n tn It is unlikely that the steroids or the procedures were the cause of the pancreatitis. Furthermore, without the actual radiographs, I cannot comment on the location of the fluid and the association with pneumonia. I am also not clear that a CT scan of her chest was done to help identify the issues of the fluid. This may be more helpful than the x-rays. Finally, an acute aspiration event can cause a "shadow" on the lung and then clear unless a patient is chronically aspirating.
Avatar n tn The left side (middle of side) is called flanks (plz look it up on net and see if this is the location of pain). So is this where your pain is located? If yes, then this is usually due to kidney stones or kidney infection or due to urinary infection or muscle pull or pinched nerves. Rarely is it due to colitis. The pain due to kidney stone can radiate back as well. An ultrasound of the abdomen followed by urine examination may help clinch the diagnosis.
Avatar n tn Either not being able to or having to eat. I got pancreatitis from the precedure it was well worth it to get rid of the pain. Pancreatitis pain for me was much different - the pain spread across the rib cage settling mostly in the left side, and in the back. I did have severe bloating and was unable to pass gas. Pushing on my stomach was unbearable. I hope this helps you.
Avatar f tn smitty100 - Thank you for your suggestion. However, my symptom is not associated with pancreatitis at all. Wrong location, wrong type of pain.
799801 tn?1237606856 The radiologist felt that this tubular cast was likely to be intraductal in location. There is a mild dilataion of the main pancreatic duct in the region of the tail measuring abt 3mm. I would like to check if anyone has the similar problem and if removal of stones helps my present condition which i found to have diabetes mellitus 1 year ago. The sever pain only bothers me once every 2 years.
Avatar m tn It is characterized by symptoms of abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. Pancreatitis can lead to severe complications, if left untreated. There are two types of Pancreatitis 1.Acute and 2.Chronic. The main causes of Pancreatitis are persistent high alcohol consumption, gall bladder stones, geographic location, especially the tropics. Allopathic treatments include IV or IM pain killers, Antacids and Antibiotics.
Avatar f tn to 2-4 hours from exhaustion heart palpatations during attacks increased body temp white cell count is up(test conclusive) starting location of pain is directionally proportionate to the gallbladder however no stones have been found in tests(ultrasound) this condition has been ongoing for about 7 years now so even small stones should have enlarged at this point to be visible\\\ we're at the ends of our collective ropes here....
Avatar n tn you also might want to ask about his pancreas. I had an acute pancreatitis attack a couple of years ago & my pain was in same location and one mornin i woke up w/it unbearable & had to go to ER - I was in ICU for 11 days. NOT fun & its VERY dangerous. good luck to you both.
Avatar n tn you say you googled the location of your pain, look 1st imagine an a big plus sign on your whole abdomen area,not chest.ok theres 4 quadrants, right upper quadrant, left upper quadrant, right lower quadrant and left lower quadrant. place your hand on your pain, is it left upper quadrant or right upper quadrant??? if you say right, then its liver related, gall bladder or gall stone. if you say left, then it could be the spleen, or large intestine splenic flexure area.
Avatar m tn Prior to the operation, and after, I've had a pain on my left side, which feels like a faint version of the acute pancreatitis I had a few years ago. The location is the same as the pancreatitis.
Avatar n tn I hate to keep going to the doctor everytime there is an ache or pain, I feel like I may over reacting. This pain does not feel like acid or gas. More like something is inflammed. I am concerned that I may have something seriously wrong with me, but don't know if I even have symptoms of anything. There is no fever, occasional loose bowels but not bad, no blood. I also have been going through a lot of life changes lately which have been very stressful. I am on no medication.
Avatar n tn Im 28 year old I have been having pressure like pain on the upper left side of my ribs.. the first Doctor said it was the Acid Reflux thing then i started to vomit after eating. Second Doctor did a upper GI nothing there for Reflux went to another doctor he really had nothing to say he gave me delay pills.. I took 4 different types before we found the right one the..
Avatar n tn it's not worth it. My G.I. doctor says the location of the pain doesn't say much. But you can give that a try. The best home remedy for gall stones is olive oil and lemon juice. Maybe I'm off in left field and it's not gall stones, but with pancreatitis I don't think you would have fits immediately after eating like that--I think it's supposed to be more continuous. I have been very pleased with this, and I don't even have gall stones.
Avatar f tn It can be elevated due to acute pancreatitis and considering the location of pain this could be a possibility. X rays can be normal in pancreatitis and ultrasonography may reveal abnormal findings. Your symptoms and elevated lipase levels can also be seen in cholecystitis. And going on a gallbladder conscious diet will not hinder the findings so don’t worry. Ultrasounds and CT scans will help detect any abnormalities in the structure of the gall bladder.
Avatar n tn Hi I am not sure about the exact location of the pain except that it is on the keft side of your abdomen. However, “whenever abdominal pain strikes, it shouldn't be ignored. By heeding symptoms early, you can spot the difference between a minor problem and a medical emergency.
Avatar n tn Well about a week ago I ate breakfast and then had a baked potatoe for lunch and about 2hrs later I started having severe abdominal pain. When I got home I had real bad diaherra and I also vomited the pain was so bad I thought I was dying. I later went to the ER because I never experienced such bad pain. I had blood work done and a abdominal CT scan which all came back good.
Avatar n tn I have bouts of severe upper right quadrant pain radiating below my scapula that began in the early 80"s after my last child was born and I was in my late 20's; I'm 55. Anticholinergics helped, as did H2 blockers then omiprizole,until the late 90's. Pain & gastritis were also aggravated by a med for trigeminal/occipital neuralgia--which was dc'd. In the late 90's: I failed two HIDA with CCK scans & my gallbladder was removed, without improvement.
Avatar n tn today I haven't eaten anything out of line. I am in a lot of pain in my back it is the same location everytime. What could this be? Should I seek care like ASAP? Like emergency room? Is is my pancreas? How can I tell?
Avatar n tn It starts as a stabbing pain, right under my breast bone. I then get real bad diarhhea, then I start to vomit. My stomach burns and hurts. I went to the doctor for it when it first started happening. He thought that it was gastritis. It wasfine for about 5 months and then it happened again. Could someone tell me if this has ever happened to them? Thank you.
Avatar n tn Right after surgery I developed severe upper abdominal pain. I went from Dr to Dr searching for answers to my pain. After a year and a half I was finally diagnosed with SOD by ERCP with menometry whiched found high pressure in my bile duct. I also had elevated liver ensymes. I had a sphincterotomy done on my bile duct and the pain went away. Now the pain is back - though not daily ,and by far not as severe. My question is: my pain always starts with an empty stomach.
Avatar n tn The 'pancreatitis' pain has now resolved but my original pain remains. I can now relate some of the pain to after meals but that pain usually occurs on the right side. The left sided pain is ALWAYS there. It gets bad and then eases up but is always there. I do become nauseated at times but I am not vomiting. I lost 10 pounds in the hospital but put 6 back on. No further weight loss has been noted. My GI physician is stumped.
Avatar f tn - hepatitis - pancreatitis, or maybe only a pancreatic cyst - aneurysm of abdominal aorta - disease of the colon (Ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease), obstruction in the colon You've said you've had endoscopy - this was gastroscopy? Liver, pancreas, and aorta may be checked with ultrasound; for the disease of the colon, colonoscopy would be needed. It would help, if you can write down a history of your pain, eventual other symptoms, and their exact time course.
Avatar n tn admitted incorrect dx (after $70 antibiotics of course) and a few extra holes in my tummy. suspected kidney with further understanding of location of pain. ivp - no stones has another "episode" of pain. didn't go to the hospital. i know i should have, but i was tired of hospitals and as i said, if i'm still it subsides. doctors are done with me. no more tests to do.
1012432 tn?1250879669 Hi Welcome to the forum! It depends on the location of the pain. Since you call it stomach, I assume the pain is in upper part of abdomen that is referred to the back. This can be due to duodenal ulcer, GERD, liver problems, pancreatitis, sub diaphragmatic abscess or gall bladder problems like stones. It is difficult to comment beyond this without examining. Please discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn peptic ulcer disease GERD gastritis pancreatitis myocardial infarction pericarditis ruptured aortic aneurism Causes of diffuse abdominal pain specifcally include: gastroenteritis mesenteric ischemia familial Mediterranean fever bowel obstruction peritonitis irritable bowel syndrome You can see there are many possible reasons for your symptoms - some of which are pretty rare. Abdominal pain in IBS is usually described as a crampy sensation with variable intensity and periodic exacerbations.
Avatar f tn My surgeon has relocated to another city and other surgeons in this area are hesitant to take my case due to its complexity. Four days ago I noticed the beginnings of pain in the same location (ruq) as I had when I had my gallbladder removed. Obviously, it can't be a gallbladder attack. The pain has increasingly intensified over these four days until now my whole gut hurts - especially when I take a deep breath inward. I've begun running a low-grade (max 100.
Avatar n tn I think my pancreas is involved because the pain is in that general location, plus my insulin levels are too high. My first doctor thought I had pancreatitis when I first went in for medical treatment 2 years ago. There is a condition called "insulinoma" where your pancreas produces too much insulin. The symptoms are, weight gain, abdominal pain etc. Look it up. But it is hard to diagnose. I am so frustrated at the medical profession right now I could spit.
Avatar f tn no matter what I eat (even if I don't eat at all) I have pain and nausea. the pain is very similar to the pain of gallstones in location and feeling. it feels like someone has dug their fist into my upper abdomen just below my brest and is squeezes anything and everything they can. its can be unbearable abd keep me awake at night for hours upon hours. the pain sometimes can be eased if in the fetal position but not by much. the nausea its also constant and does not go away.