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Avatar n tn My 10 year old has that, cushings, and now kidney failure. I am having trouble coming up with a good diet, it seems that what is good for pancreatitis is bad for kidney's and vice versa. Could you recommend anything? I would greatly appreciate it.
2215501 tn?1339495927 Hi, I see that you give a lot of advice for people dealing with kidney failure in dogs. My 10 year old, Prince was diagnosed with kidney failure in February, the latest in a list of other medical problems. I have found some tips through these forums that have helped keep him stable since and was wondering about Pedialyte. Do you know if it would be beneficial? Thanks! Prince suffers from Pancreatitis, Cushing's Disease and SARDS (Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration).
Avatar f tn My 8 year old dog has late stage chronic kidney failure. She was diagnosed just over three weeks ago. We were shocked to hear this news because she just started showing signs of nausea about a week earlier (no other signs before). BUN 83, Creatinine 6.0, and Phosphorus 8.5 (her levels lowered after 48 hours of IV). She is anemic and has pancreatitis and a UTI as well. She has been struggling with loss of appetite (weight loss) and vomiting.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, as I have read in previous posts, it seems there are several people on here that have gone through this. My 14 yr old boy Louie was diag. yesterday with kidney failure, & pancreatitis. He's been slowly getting weaker for about a month now, but always ate, and had no issues with going potty. We took a road trip last week,.which is his favorite thing, but I noticed he was very quiet most of the time. Anyway, vomiting started yesterday, couldn't hold anything down.
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82861 tn?1333457511 Hale2uf - I'm posting your questions on a new thread so that it will hopefully get more notice and responses. The "Kidney Failure" thread was getting so long that new issues were overlooked. ********************************************************************* To: Aggieone and All, My baby girl Jetta was diagnosed with kidney failure 3 weeks ago. For 5 days she was on IV flushing; she kept pulling out her IV.
6839387 tn?1385681693 I'm always so sorry to hear another kidney failure story. It's a hard, hard thing to deal with. Please don't feel guilty that you weren't aware Zeus was sick. I didn't know my dog was in kidney failure either until it was too late. Most animals hide illness because it marks them as prey, and some of our dogs are just too good at it for their own good. The biggest issue with discovering your dog is in kidney failure is that it usually is too late to do much by the time you find out.
1036535 tn?1278506199 CT was actually OK, but I had numerous small stones in my kidney. Not unusual for me. But my lipase was high. Left w/ dx of pancreatitis. No gallstone blocking the duct, no alcohol use. Yet another doc I have puzzled. My question is: Do any of you know if Neurontin &/or occasional Darvocet use can cause pancreatitis?
15945427 tn?1444239993 my 15 yr old dachshund was diagnosed with kidney failure last night, he is on 250cc X2 a day sub Q. Anti nausea and appti increase meds. He lab results Urine Specific Gravity 1.015 BUN 122 Creatinine 2.6 Phosphorus 11.4 I gave him his saline under skin last night and this am, this am he is eating and walking and chipper. I will go home and add another 250 cc The UA displayed crystals not normal more like antifreeze but there is NO way i have looked everywhere high and low it is impossible.
Avatar m tn of course (meaning that kidneys cannot repair themselves, like some organs can -like the liver) -so usually, by the time kidney failure is diagnosed, 75% of kidney function is lost. So all there is to work on is the remaining 25%. It's a question of getting that 25% to stay that way for as long as possible. It can be "managed" like that, but full function can never be restored. Now most dogs won't show many symptoms at all until the nausea starts, and they go off their food.
Avatar f tn This is one of the most difficult things I've ever had to deal with. My beloved Gypsy is dying of kidney failure. Gypsy is a Jack Russell Terrier and she turned 18...yes 18...on Christmas Day. It's just so hard to know when it is "time." I prayed and prayed that she would give us one final parting gift and die on her own in her sleep...but she is SUCH a fighter and refused to surrender to this thing.
Avatar f tn My dog is 17 1/2 (old I know), and last year he had a bad pancreatitis attack that led to kidney failure. After being put on IV fluids for 3 days, he got much better and the kidney failure actually went away. However the same thing happened yet again a week ago.
Avatar f tn You could ask your vet's advice about palliative care including anti-nausea medication and particularly "Phosphorus binders". There is no cure for kidney failure. But it can sometimes be slowed down with the right medication and diet. Sometimes a dog can gain more time and a decent quality of life for the time remaining. But of course if appetite has already gone and doesn't recover, then it probably is 'time'.
Avatar m tn was almost gone. Then 1 1/2 years later he developed kidney failure (I should mention that he has been a diabetic for 15ish years). None of his doctors could explain why his kidney where failing. Now the past month or so he has developed a swollen gland on the side of his neck. It was the size of a grapefruit now it is the size of a golf ball. The itching and vomiting returned a few weeks later. He has just a small amount of jaundice.
1916673 tn?1420236870 If anyone wishes to join the Group (your input and participation will be appreciated) or anyone that has a dog with Chronic Kidney Failure and wants information, advice or support ... please click the following link: http://www.medhelp.
2361255 tn?1339611918 As far as Meds for kidney disease goes,Dogs with kidney failure will end up getting ulcers, throughout their digestive tract, and because of the ulcers, the vet will prescribe anti ulcer medications, as well as anti nausea meds. Dogs with kidney disease will also experience a rise in their phosphorus levels, so typically a phosphate binder is given. And when the dog is not drinking, and not staying hydrated enough, then it is time to start administering Sub-Q fluids.
10821430 tn?1439584483 I only ask because of my role as Administrator for the Chronic Kidney Failure in Dogs user group here on MedHelp. Intestinal inflammation could certainly be one cause, but there are many others including Leptospirosis, a very high protein diet, Cushings, congestive heart failure, Addison's disease and bladder stone ... as well as pancreatitis.
Avatar f tn My dog was diagnosed with kidney failure last May, the vet said that about 70% of his kidneys have failed and he has been on sub q everyday since then and given EPO injection once a month. Recently, he was diagnosed with pancreatitis and was hospitalised and on IV drip & medicated for the past week. His red blood count has been low and has only very slowly rising after giving him the epo injection once every 3 days.
Avatar f tn If your vet continues to insist on phenobarbital, they should at the very least try and protect the liver with potassium bromide and Milk Thistle supplementation. Kidney failure in a young dog is not unusual. This may be Acute kidney failure. Have you and your vet discussed the possibility of poisoning? Have you examined things used at home and in the garden for toxic effects (contact or ingestion)? Have you looked into the diet of your dog prior to the diagnosis?
19691093 tn?1488197669 It can cause kidney failure and/or cause a rapid deterioration of any existing kidney failure. On the other hand, it no doubt eases the painful joints, so hard decision to give or not give. This really is a quality of life decision only you and your vet can assess. Creatinine at 2.4 would put Bebe in Stage 3 of kidney failure. This is the appropriate time to start fluid therapy in most dogs, which would help reduce the creatinine maybe bringing the kidney disease back to stage 2.
20820562 tn?1524881446 She was constipated and vomiting. The vet took blood work that showed she had pancreatitis and kidney disease. Her BUN was 76 and creatinine 5.6. Her pancreatic function numbers were (Am) 2148 and (LP) 2792. She was on IV fluids overnight and her numbers barely changed for her kidneys but her pancreas function numbers were (Am) 441 and (LP)550.
Avatar f tn She was 10 1/2 years old when we finally after 1 week of unbearable misery I put her down. She was diagnoised with renial kidney failure in September, 2008. She ate the Science Diet K/D wet dog food. At first she would eat 1/2 can at each feeding, plus a little bit of dry K/D 2x per day. She remained pretty stable for a year. She did go through boughts of no eating many times.
Avatar f tn I did not know anything about pancreatitis or kidney failure until this happened.I don;t know if this was acute renal injury or acute on developing chronic and a bout of possible pancreatitis triggered her downhill battle? I had been feeding her high quality food from Chuck and Don's called FROMM, and it's made in Wisconsin. I doubt that food had any problems associated. About a year ago, I bought a bag of chicken jerky treats from Waggin Train, and now realized there was a recall on them!
14146674 tn?1433801990 com/When_a_Pet_Dog_Dies You will also find a whole variety of articles written by me about canine kidney failure on my website at I am pleased you have joined us here. We are a family of friends, all with one thing in common, we have had or do have a dog with kidney disease. There is a wealth of experience and knowledge here, and everyone is very empathic and supportive.
Avatar f tn I am so sorry you have had kidney failure from Metformin. It damaged my pancreas, causing pancreatitis every time I was on it. Took myself off it when my doctor refused to, but now I have to be on insulin because of the damage it caused. Good luck with your law suit.
20820562 tn?1524881446 She was constipated and vomiting. The vet took blood work that showed she had pancreatitis and kidney disease. Her BUN was 76 and creatinine 5.6. Her pancreatic function numbers were (Am) 2148 and (LP) 2792. She was on IV fluids overnight and her numbers barely changed for her kidneys but her pancreas function numbers were (Am) 441 and (LP)550.
Avatar f tn Fat can cause pancreatitis to occur in kidney dogs. Phosphorous is always a bad thing for kidney dogs, although it can't be completely avoided. Chicken thighs are the lowest in phosphorous (all dark chicken meat is lower). If you do feed chicken, it MUST be human-grade, because chicken intended for dogs is low-quality and causes even more kidney stress. Phosphorous (blood test result) is still too high - what binder are you using?