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Avatar n tn My 10 year old has that, cushings, and now kidney failure. I am having trouble coming up with a good diet, it seems that what is good for pancreatitis is bad for kidney's and vice versa. Could you recommend anything? I would greatly appreciate it.
82861 tn?1333457511 Hale2uf - I'm posting your questions on a new thread so that it will hopefully get more notice and responses. The "Kidney Failure" thread was getting so long that new issues were overlooked. ********************************************************************* To: Aggieone and All, My baby girl Jetta was diagnosed with kidney failure 3 weeks ago. For 5 days she was on IV flushing; she kept pulling out her IV.
6839387 tn?1385681693 I'm always so sorry to hear another kidney failure story. It's a hard, hard thing to deal with. Please don't feel guilty that you weren't aware Zeus was sick. I didn't know my dog was in kidney failure either until it was too late. Most animals hide illness because it marks them as prey, and some of our dogs are just too good at it for their own good. The biggest issue with discovering your dog is in kidney failure is that it usually is too late to do much by the time you find out.
Avatar m tn of course (meaning that kidneys cannot repair themselves, like some organs can -like the liver) -so usually, by the time kidney failure is diagnosed, 75% of kidney function is lost. So all there is to work on is the remaining 25%. It's a question of getting that 25% to stay that way for as long as possible. It can be "managed" like that, but full function can never be restored. Now most dogs won't show many symptoms at all until the nausea starts, and they go off their food.
Avatar f tn This is one of the most difficult things I've ever had to deal with. My beloved Gypsy is dying of kidney failure. Gypsy is a Jack Russell Terrier and she turned 18...yes 18...on Christmas Day. It's just so hard to know when it is "time." I prayed and prayed that she would give us one final parting gift and die on her own in her sleep...but she is SUCH a fighter and refused to surrender to this thing.
1916673 tn?1420236870 If anyone wishes to join the Group (your input and participation will be appreciated) or anyone that has a dog with Chronic Kidney Failure and wants information, advice or support ... please click the following link: http://www.medhelp.
10821430 tn?1439584483 I only ask because of my role as Administrator for the Chronic Kidney Failure in Dogs user group here on MedHelp. Intestinal inflammation could certainly be one cause, but there are many others including Leptospirosis, a very high protein diet, Cushings, congestive heart failure, Addison's disease and bladder stone ... as well as pancreatitis.
Avatar f tn If your vet continues to insist on phenobarbital, they should at the very least try and protect the liver with potassium bromide and Milk Thistle supplementation. Kidney failure in a young dog is not unusual. This may be Acute kidney failure. Have you and your vet discussed the possibility of poisoning? Have you examined things used at home and in the garden for toxic effects (contact or ingestion)? Have you looked into the diet of your dog prior to the diagnosis?
Avatar f tn She was 10 1/2 years old when we finally after 1 week of unbearable misery I put her down. She was diagnoised with renial kidney failure in September, 2008. She ate the Science Diet K/D wet dog food. At first she would eat 1/2 can at each feeding, plus a little bit of dry K/D 2x per day. She remained pretty stable for a year. She did go through boughts of no eating many times.
Avatar f tn I did not know anything about pancreatitis or kidney failure until this happened.I don;t know if this was acute renal injury or acute on developing chronic and a bout of possible pancreatitis triggered her downhill battle? I had been feeding her high quality food from Chuck and Don's called FROMM, and it's made in Wisconsin. I doubt that food had any problems associated. About a year ago, I bought a bag of chicken jerky treats from Waggin Train, and now realized there was a recall on them!
14146674 tn?1433801990 Your story is not unlike my own 3 years ago, when I first discovered the dreadful truth of how quickly kidney disease can deteriorate once symptoms start. The problem is, as you may know, outward observable symptoms don't show until stage 4, the final stage of kidney disease. By this stage, there is very little that can be done, other than palliative management, IV fluids, diet change, and all those things you already did for your best friend and companion.
Avatar f tn Azodyl is a mixture of probiotic organisms and prebiotic therapeutic supplements for dogs at varying stages of kidney failure. The manufacturer says it uses a mixture of three urease positive bacteria that work to actively reduce toxins in the bowel and circulatory system. Various studies have assessed how effective Azodyl is in treating chronic kidney failure, with most coming to disappointing conclusions. David J.
Avatar m tn It is when there is a combination of common symptoms and blood results that a vet would ordinarily advise further and/or repeat tests and come to a suspicion of kidney failure. Typically, this would include high blood pressure and high Triglycerides along with protein in a urinalysis. I think what I'm trying to say is ...
1916673 tn?1420236870 Samantha is a nearly 18 year’s old bichon frise and was diagnosed with kidney failure on Oct 2. She has good days and bad days. Sam has been on daily IV fluids since Oct. She takes zantac, vitamins, cranberry, denamarin and anti-phosphorous medicine twice daily. She has lost considerable weight and lately has become disinterested in food. I am supplementing her little intake of food with nutrical. That's the bad news.
Avatar n tn Ascariasis, scorpion bite, Kidney failure, Kidney Transplant Patients with Crohns disease In the majority of patients with acute pancreatitis, the disease is self-limited and resolves spontaneously. Patients are usually medically treated with supportive care with special attention given to analgesis, maintenance of normal plasma volume (fluids to prevent dehydration), frequent monitoring of vital signs, and identifying and treating possible disease complications.
Avatar n tn Ascariasis, scorpion bite, Kidney failure, Kidney Transplant Patients with Crohns disease In the majority of patients with acute pancreatitis, the disease is self-limited and resolves spontaneously. Patients are usually medically treated with supportive care with special attention given to analgesis, maintenance of normal plasma volume (fluids to prevent dehydration), frequent monitoring of vital signs, and identifying and treating possible disease complications.
Avatar f tn We had much better results with injections last year with our dog who was dying of kidney failure. Sometimes bypassing the GI tract altogether produces a better result with things. I take phenergan every day for my own medical issues, and learned from my vet that dogs can also take phenergan. When nothing else works, one 25 mg phenergan gets rid of my dog's occasional nausea, extreme bowel noises and vomiting.
Avatar f tn Reading my journals for the last six weeks-will provide some of the highlights when I can, but now I just can't. Hopefully, this will help somone else recognize the symptoms of kidney failure in their babies. I cannot express to all of you how much your comments mean to us right now. Not sure we could make it without you. It is so hard.
1832268 tn?1326819610 When a person is told that their dog has kidney failure, the biggest question is, How much more time can I reasonably expect my dog to live...? Because each dog is different, Veterinarians and the internet, are vague...some say weeks to months...others say months to years. I hope the information collected here, along with recommendations and guidance from the dogs veterinarian, will offer dog owners helpful information, and realistic expectations.
Avatar f tn 1) The vet said she was in kidney failure which caused all her symptoms. However she wasn't throwing up, urinated normal, just wasn't eating or drinking which I assumed was from the pancreatitis. The night before she passed she sat on the porch with us looking for bugs. Could her kidneys fail that fast causing the symptoms I described? And looking at her values do you believe she was in kidney failure? 2) I am suffering and grieving with guilt for not giving her gabepentin.
1928356 tn?1323072131 My vet has told me that all that I am doing for him for the kidney failure - sub q fluids, 6-8 small meals a day, love and attention - is the same care recommended for the pancreatitis. I did get an additional holistic medication for the pancreatitis. His stomach and entire system is so sensitive these days that there are things that I would like to give him but can't on a regular basis - like fish oil, renatrophin, vitamin e, because too many things causes him to feel sick.
Avatar n tn I make chicken and rice for my pug with CHF, kidney failure, pancreatitis, blindness and deafness. She will be 13 in February. She no longer will take her meds for heart and water. I refuse to force her anymore. She gets nothing but my homemade food and one benedryl in the morning hidden in a small piece of sliced cheese. Her coughing is real bad without the benedryl. I was told it works better than cough meds and I think I agree.
Avatar n tn My younger brother, age 39, died last Friday of heart failure, secondary to liver and kidney failure. He was in the hospital for 6 weeks, on daily dialysis. He had been a heavy drinker for over 20 years and suffered from depression. No one could reach him. He wouldn't go to the MD until my parents threatened him. At this point he couldn't urinate, was severely jaundiced, abdomen distended and in total denial of the seriously of the disease.
Avatar m tn She was considered in the very early stages of kidney failure. Her blood Phosphorus however wasn't elevated. Her only symptoms were drinking more water, and peeing in the bed (very unusual for her) Our vet immediately put her on a kidney diet (prescription diet) plus ACE inhibitors. That had remarkably good results with her and soon her elevated blood values were back to mid-normal.
Avatar f tn I did some cross-reference search, and none of these seem to be symptoms typically associated with kidney disease, but more with Addison's. Finally, she had an episode about 1-1.5 years back in which she got sick so fast that I thought she got into something and we brought her to the emergency vet. They ran a full panel and toxicity screening and couldn't figure out what she got into (we also searched the house for any sign of anything she could have eaten and found nothing).
1358341 tn?1282213443 I hope the vet is opened: "You may have heard that restricting protein is recommended for cats in kidney failure. Although this has been the "standard" treatment for decades, as far as cats are concerned, it has always been--and remains--very controversial.
Avatar n tn No one has the power to see the future and know which is the best choice, yes the Meds might have given you more time, but there are side effects, I am sitting here with my 14 yr old conner, he is now in early kidney failure due to the meds for his CHF. wondering if it is time to say goodbye. Just remember Gretchen as she was in life and in health, she knew she was loved and cared for She had you with her all the way.
Avatar n tn I'm having withdrawal symptoms I didn't expect. Light headedness, the runs, blood pressure going up, and general fatigue. Lots of fatigue. And some irritability. I am hoping that these symptoms begin to decrease soon. Well, they have gotten better than it was in the first 2 days. I am still wondering how long I can expect to have these side effects of withdrawal?
Avatar f tn Hello--thank you for providing some of the most comprehensive information on managing chronic kidney failure in dogs that I’ve been able to find. I have an ~18 year old terrier mix rescue dog who developed chronic kidney disease--stage 2, about 2 weeks after an episode of acute pancreatitis—now about 7 weeks ago. He had been on metacam for degenerative joint disease (elbow, spine, hips) for about 2 years, so we have been monitoring his blood work at least every 6 months.
Avatar n tn I can be tired after 12 hours sleep! Can I be suffering symptoms from my thallassemia. Does any one else feel the same way that I do? This is a little bit hard for me, but I don't want to complain.