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1353650 tn?1429466974 He does not follow ILADS or Burrascano's guidelines to treatment of lyme disease. Do not see a doctor that does not follow these guidelines. They don't treat you to get better, they treat you to make money. We wasted a lot of our time and money going to the first doctor and it was all a waste. Symptoms of bartenella: swollen glands, abdominal pain and sore feet when putting your feet to the floor in the morning.
931217 tn?1283484935 There is a large and complex scientific literature addressing the pros and cons of neutering, and this review is an attempt to extract from it some sound information with which to formulate rational guidelines for making decisions about neutering. A number of reviews of the pros and cons of neutering have appeared in scientific publications and posted on the Internet by interested laypersons.
Avatar n tn Pancreatitis Action to Take: Call 911 or go to an emergency room right away. Acute pancreatitis can cause shock, which may result in death if not treated quickly. _____ Symptoms : Extremely sharp abdominal pain, perhaps with other acute symptoms. Possible Causes: *Pelvic inflammatory disease *Heart attack *Perforated stomach ulcer *Shock, from allergy *Diabetic emergency *Poisoning Action to Take: Call 911 or go to an emergency room right away.
181575 tn?1250202386 Current treatment of HIV infection is based on creating a high genetic barrier to resistance. ... Current guidelines for initial treatment of patients with HIV infection reflect that view by recommending a combination of 3 or more agents from different classes having different mechanisms of action. ... Although data are not available for all antiviral agents used to treat HBV infection, it is becoming clear that single-drug therapy may not provide a sufficiently high barrier to resistance.
940391 tn?1255758976 Just came back from the doctor - got a copy of my CT Scan NO CHANGES since my last Scan in May 2009. That is such great news for me - takes a load off me. I have been very anxious for the past several months. How are you doing?
Avatar n tn My stomach problom started about two and a half years ago (October 2009) and has been so typical in its recurring patterns that, by now, I have become accustomed to handling each occurrence as to just endure the pain through the whole night rather than rushing to an ER or going to see a doctor about it. That said, it is still quite troubling (and annoying!) when it occurs and I have not (yet) lost all hope in finding a cure for it.
Avatar n tn He could barely walk, it would take him a very long time to respond during the limited conversations we had and he looked so detached. There was a true emptiness behind his sad eyes. Now we are at March 24, 2009 where his wife has told me he is swelling and having to get blood transfusions because he is bleeding internally and they can’t stop it. They removed several liters of fluid off his abdomen this past week. From what I read on this blog it seems really bad.
Avatar n tn I've been going through it with digestion & AFib episodes. I'm scheduled to have an Ablation Procedure 12/22/2009 but I'm apprehensive because I keep thinking what if it's a digestive issue. I now have a scar on my heart which is normal from the EcoCardiogram I had done in August. I have never been a big soda drinker.
Avatar n tn i had pancreatitis in december and was on ambien again at the time and they tried me on seroquel instead for sleep... seroquel is an anti-psychotic, a neuroleptic drug used to treat schizophrenia... but it has such a sedative side-effect that it is effective as a sleep agent..... i am not schizophrenic!! but it sure as hell helps me sleep at night~ i also suffer from depression and take prozac and neurontin and the seroquel helps with mood also...
Avatar n tn 732-5). Fibromyalgia is often observed as a consequence of IFN treatment (I read in MedHelp some posts of people suffering from it). But is it a cause or a consequence ? Nobody knows today. Moerover, Q10 has shown anti-inflammatory effects on some markers which are the same involved in the brain processus described in the last papers I sent you.
Avatar n tn My doctor put me on Vicodin and Bennies starting in May of 2009 for a disk issue in my back. The pain only got worse and I started to lose interest in everything, which almost cost me my job. To make a very long story short; I realized I was over medicated and found an excellent treatment center in Michigan. I spend 10 days there and I'm doing much better. I learned that if I had stopped cold turkey I could have died. It's be 21 days now and I am still in withdrawal.