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1916673 tn?1420236870 One word of caution ... if you have a dog that has pancreatitis, don't use these recipes, as they are high fat/meat content. Always check with your vet beforehand. I hope some of you find these ideas useful in the battle to get your dog to eat. If your dog is eating a manufactured renal diet without problems, I would stick with it, and then use home cooking if and when he/she starts refusing their regular food.
Avatar n tn PS, I can also recommend many sources for low-fat recipes and tips. Although underweight due to the pancreatitis, I have had to completely modify my diet (recommendation is not to exceed 20 grams of fat per day). It's possible to do that and still feed a hungry family!!
Avatar n tn I have searched and searched the internet for a no fat diet to fight acute pancreatitis. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
Avatar f tn I start the HCG injections on 05/06/08. Prior to started the injections, I have had two colonics (colon cleansing), stopped eating red meat, modified my diet two weeks prior to starting, and I also had an IV chelation therapy. I'm going to do the shots every day for a 4 week period and go to the doctor every week for a weigh in.I have done my research prior to starting this diet. Yes, you do lose weight, (with the possibility of regaining) but I don't plan to do that.
Avatar f tn I probably should add that I am still phasing in the Hill's K/D diet and am 1/3 Hills and 2/3 homemade low fat kidney diet. He has not shown any symptoms of pancreatitis other than the PSL being in the low 700's. Do you think I should continue phasing in the Hills K/D?
Avatar f tn She will not eat any kind of dog food, this is how she got the pancreatitis that caused the diabetes. My vet is of no help, she said that if she won't eat the RX dog foods then just give her white meat chicken, boiled only and brocolli or green beans. That's it and I know that my dog is not getting enough nutrients from this diet. She was diagnosed in May of 2006 at the age of 5. She gets 3 units of HUMULIN N twice a day.
Avatar f tn But the recipe must be given by a vet and made for a specifically for a patient. Many cancer diet recipes, and allergic diet recipes are better than any commercial diet out there. Commercial diets are improving though. Soon I will a post a list of best commercial foods. Please watch for it!
1350404 tn?1276786240 I have been told I am low on Vitamin D, B-12, and has chronic pancreatitis. The problem is that I can not go a day without being so nauseated. I had the Neisen Fundeldoplacation Surgery and can not relieve my nausea by regurgitating. I sweat constantly and try to drink Gatorade. I am suppose to see a Liver Specialist soon. I also have no energy and crying all the time. I am basically inbound at home because I never know why I am going to have diarrhea or so dizzy I might fall.
Avatar m tn After they turned her down for the radioactive treatment, the only option we had left to control her thyroid disease was diet. Now my cat is on Hill's y/d thyroid diet food. This is the only food she can ever eat. She does not seem to enjoy the taste of the food that much so once in awhile we do "sneak" her a little bit of chicken cooked with no oil or other ingredients. She is 14 years old and has been able to stay healthy on the y/d for about a year now.
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Avatar f tn All the usual meds are being given, Cooper will not eat - neither his kidney diet nor his favorites and won't even touch the homemade recipes I've found here. He is just lying around. It's so sad....what should I expect? What can I do?
793908 tn?1294708709 and you will come up with a wholle host of websites that have recipes for home cooking for dogs with kidney issues. This is what you need, since dogs in renal failure need as little protein as possible in their diet because their kidneys can't process it. There has to be SOMETHING on there that your dog will eat readily that your vet will agree is safe for her to eat every day.
Avatar m tn If you do have Crohn's, you do need a low fibre, low fat and high protein diet...believe me, I have had Crohn's for 38 yrs and have seen many hospital dieticians.This diet is not just their opinion, but borne out by my experiences. My recent qrtly newsletter from my Crohn's Assocn in England has just posted some IBD recipes from an IBD surgeon and is a free e-book of recipes for people with IBD.
1448838 tn?1284738852 We have been using these recipes for about 3 years. We also have a 5 year old Shih-tzu/Jack Russell mix who is very dominant. So we are thinking maybe it is stress related as well? But we have had her for 5 years now. We realize that Shih-tzu's are very sensitive especially in the tummy area. We have tried fasting him for 24 hours, Manuka Honey, feeding him once a day, treats right before bedtime. I have been on an infinite number of forums and nothing is working.
Avatar f tn However, I noted earlier in your post that your dog has suffered from pancreatitis - and excessive fat in the diet can induce bouts of pancreatitis, so it's something to keep an eye on. Eggs "can" also be a good addition to the diet of kd dogs ... BUT ... while egg white is rich in omega-3, the yolk is very high in phosphorous and omega-6. The best balancing rule to follow therefore is one egg yolk for every 3 egg whites. Eggs are also extremely high in good protein ...
Avatar f tn Serve food twice daily, and feed at approximately 2% to3% of the dog’s body weight daily in food. For example, a 100 pound dog would get two to three pounds of food (one cup is approximately 8 ounces, or  pound). A 50 pound dog would get one to one and a half pounds of food daily. A 25 pound dog would get eight to twelve ounces daily. A ten pound dog would get three to seven ounces daily. Dogs can vary on these amounts, depending on their metabolism and activity levels.
Avatar f tn This has naturally persisted, along with classical symptoms of increased water intake. To address his pancreatitis, he was placed on a low fat prescription GI diet (Royal Canin), which I have maintained, but I supplement with canned food (fat < 5%, protein 5-10%) and home cooked food (chicken/sweet potato/pumpkin/green beans/mixed vegetables/rice/flaxseed meal).
Avatar f tn Vet said possible gastritis, not necessarily related to the kidney disease, but possibly. She ate a bland diet for a few days and back to the kidney diet. 6 days later we had another episode of the shaking, but this time she was swaying while standing. No vomiting and she had eaten fine. This was in the middle of the blizzard on the East Coast of the US and there was no way to get to the emergency Vet! I was a nervous wreck. This lasted about 30 minutes, 2 separate times.
1716071 tn?1308806756 I do not think it is ALLERGIES as her diet/environment has not changed. I've seen her go hours and hours without licking her belly but then I'd come into my bedroom some afternoon and she's licking her belly and legs again. None of my other cats as of yet have begun to lick their fur off.
Avatar f tn For the last few weeks Baillie was getting up many many times during the night but since she is no longer on the Frusemide and a change in her diet I have also increased her last dose of Tramadol before bed to see if it helps her and so far it has. At the moment she is lively (enough) eating small meals throughout the day rather than one big one and I am filled with hope... for a while anyway. Our one concern is that she is not in any pain and hand on heart I don't think she is.
Avatar f tn B, auto-immune hepatitis, hemochromatosis, primary biliary cirrhosis, exposure to toxic chemicals such as insecticides, pesticides, organic solvents and incorrect diet. Luckily the liver cells are very resilient and with proper diet and supplements they will repair and the enzyme levels will slowly come down over time in the case of simple fatty liver. This may take some months. It is also not uncommon for the enzyme levels to fluctuate up and down before they decrease.
Avatar n tn Hi Julia! There are some very good web sites that describe the gallbladder flush. Please check out This is the site where I ordered herbal tinctures to take prior to peforming the flush. I just started taking the Gold Coin Grass and Curcuma. It will probably take about a month before these are finished. Then my husband and I plan to do the gallbladder flush.
475555 tn?1469307939 yep, if he says it needs doing better to do it probably. I had mine was stoneless, but had torn loose from my liver numerous times, (due to my long history of dieting without much success (no pituitary function) ) the tearing caused infection....the stones can too. If it gets bad enough, the thing can burst. Also, if a stone does get caught beneath the common duct it will back up the bile into your pancreas and digest it....rare...but not good.
Avatar m tn Finally, after suffering with this pain, I went to the er the next day and was admitted for acute pancreatitis. Needless to say, I don't advocate the use of Victoza. The only plus of using the medication was the weight loss, although, I'm not sure it was worth all the pain.
Avatar f tn Even if I get my GB removed I still have to watch my diet and now all I think about is how to come up with some tasty recipes to make. I mean I'm craving a Subway right now. lol..and a beer! I'm from the 70's. We always did what we wanted. It's no fair...Like my Mom always said, things could be worst!
280891 tn?1261016650 He started his research in the 1950's and has had good results. There is web site supporting his diet. The Paleo Diet has also shown success in treating these neurological diseases. If you want to find out why you have MS Hal Huggins has a book "Solving The MS Mystery Help Hope and Recovery". It is my understanding that the earlier in the disease you address the problem the better chance you have of recovery. Is it all about our genes being messed up?
541150 tn?1306037443 IBD, being that it's basically food allergy, is all about diet, so he has told me to get E.N instead of Z.D to see how kitty's body reacts to it. Trust me, if I have to have them perform the endoscopy I will, but the vet isn't too happy about it. He knows which cells are the trouble makers, and he even explained to me how they work, basically how they "think", so lets hope my cat gets better. He is young, and he's got that going for him. Please let us know how your puppy is doing.
1916673 tn?1420236870 I have tried my very best to put as much useful information as possible in this piece, but if your questions and concerns are not answered in the piece, please start a thread and post your comments. To help track your thread, please head it with the name of your dog.