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Avatar n tn After suffering through my first acute pancreatitis episode a few months ago and the discovery of multiple pseudocysts in my pancreas, with later diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis also, I do have some suggestions. A very strict low-fat diet and complete abstinance of any alcohol are most important. Gallbladder problems and alcohol cause 60-75% of the cases of people diagnosed with pancreatitis.
Avatar n tn com online has many good recipes for strict low-fat cooking. I have had acute pancreatitis attacks, and now have chronic pancreatitis and have to maintain a diet with less than 20 grams of fat daily. I take enzymes so I can eat, and to help maintain the pain caused by eating. I have found those enzymes prescribed by a GI to be better than those found in health food stores though, as they are higher in amounts of lipase than anything that can be sold over the counter, thus more effective.
Avatar f tn I have an ~18 year old terrier mix rescue dog who developed chronic kidney disease--stage 2, about 2 weeks after an episode of acute pancreatitis—now about 7 weeks ago. He had been on metacam for degenerative joint disease (elbow, spine, hips) for about 2 years, so we have been monitoring his blood work at least every 6 months. His creatinine had been creeping up slowly, but entered the abnormal zone at 1.
1916673 tn?1420236870 We have a just turned 15 year old husky/lab mix, Chance, who I saved years 14 years ago off the highway. 3 years ago she was diagnosed with stage 2 chronic kidney issues. We changed her diet at that time to Mature consult canned and Dry...We have added daily Aventis KS to her food and we fill her water bowl more than half full of water at each meal as she doesn't drink.. Given everything going on with Doogan, we just had her values checked and they have come down a bit.
1350404 tn?1276786240 I have been told I am low on Vitamin D, B-12, and has chronic pancreatitis. The problem is that I can not go a day without being so nauseated. I had the Neisen Fundeldoplacation Surgery and can not relieve my nausea by regurgitating. I sweat constantly and try to drink Gatorade. I am suppose to see a Liver Specialist soon. I also have no energy and crying all the time. I am basically inbound at home because I never know why I am going to have diarrhea or so dizzy I might fall.
Avatar n tn Good question. My daughter has a Chihuahua mix that is "strictly" on SD food. They think she has chronic pancreatitis. She has had at least 3 hospitalizations, costing ove $2,000 and that is even with my daughter being able to do IV treatments at home! I feel so bad when the other dogs get treats and she gets a microscopic piece of something. I have given her pieces of carrot.
Avatar f tn All the usual meds are being given, Cooper will not eat - neither his kidney diet nor his favorites and won't even touch the homemade recipes I've found here. He is just lying around. It's so sad....what should I expect? What can I do?
793908 tn?1294708709 I just lost my little Shorty to renal failure and she had cushings. I did so much research and seems there are varying opinions on what to feed and protein in diets. Most say must be a high quality protein and phosphorus is a big thing. Now my 15 year old Honey's kidney values are elevated with BUN of 63, creatinine of 1.8 and protein in urine. I just set down and cried. This a horrible disease and to make matters worse she has chronic pancreatitis and has always been a picky eater.....
1448838 tn?1284738852 He could have gall bladder problems, or chronic pancreatitis, or something else going on. The best thing is to find out if everything inside is working as it should. A simple blood test should show if anything is elevated or out of balance.
Avatar f tn The outcome of this final consultation was her heart was fine and to stop the Vetmedin and Frusemide. She did have Chronic Bronchitis and shadows were found in her spleen. I refused a biopsy of them as I felt she had been through enough. The lab results showed her kidney function was getting worse ( I need to get the results from the vet). She is now on Royal Canin Renal wet dog food and loves it..
Avatar f tn I'm kinda scared, ive cut the fat almost out of my diet, but loosing weight is hard, if you loose it to fast it can make things worse, but im afraid to eat anything, and other times i feel as though i'm starving. If anybody is struggling with this please drop me a message and let me what your plan is.
280891 tn?1261016650 He started his research in the 1950's and has had good results. There is web site supporting his diet. The Paleo Diet has also shown success in treating these neurological diseases. If you want to find out why you have MS Hal Huggins has a book "Solving The MS Mystery Help Hope and Recovery". It is my understanding that the earlier in the disease you address the problem the better chance you have of recovery. Is it all about our genes being messed up?
Avatar m tn Finally, after suffering with this pain, I went to the er the next day and was admitted for acute pancreatitis. Needless to say, I don't advocate the use of Victoza. The only plus of using the medication was the weight loss, although, I'm not sure it was worth all the pain.
Avatar n tn In addition, considering adding some decent probiotics to your diet every day. They're the 'decent' bacteria that should be in your GI tract but may not be due to illness or medications. I'm not sure what brands you have in your country, but if you can get something like Culturelle, it may be of help.
541150 tn?1306037443 IBD, being that it's basically food allergy, is all about diet, so he has told me to get E.N instead of Z.D to see how kitty's body reacts to it. Trust me, if I have to have them perform the endoscopy I will, but the vet isn't too happy about it. He knows which cells are the trouble makers, and he even explained to me how they work, basically how they "think", so lets hope my cat gets better. He is young, and he's got that going for him. Please let us know how your puppy is doing.
Avatar n tn and QUIT DRINKING ALREADY ! Google RAW DIET, and you will find all kinds of information about it for free ! and recipes and stuff. It is a very strict's actually a lifestyle, but if you did it for a few will see an enormous difference like I did...I got to 100% better. .... ACIDITY in the body is one of the worst things....get rid of the acidity ! eating healthy !
Avatar n tn I quickly went and saw a naturopath went on supplements and went on a strict diet. No yeast,glutten free ,no salt ,no sugar diet trust me it worked! I did lose 18 pounds but I think it was from the sickness and the diet mixed but I didn't gain any weight. Naturopathic madicine does work too! Go to or just goggle eatingalive. Trust me. But it does take a lot of disapline. Im now on 10ml starting on sunday and every week lowering it I should be off of it by the end of Jan.
522415 tn?1242941355 Some include; lyrica, cymbalta, etolac, percocet, ms contin, zanaflex! They HAD me on MAJOR strong stuff 3-5 yrs. ago including: Dilata's, Methadone, Soma & Clonopin. Couldn't handle ALL the side effects & was house bound & became severely depressed & OVERSLEPT constantly. ============================================================ In the PAST my dr. has tried EVERYTHING........... w/ my chronic pain: tramadol, darvocet, vicodin, loratab, celexa, bextra, MANY diff.
Avatar f tn I found this site while getting information on my Mini Schnauzer who has kidney failure and is having a bout with Pancreatitis. I will share my story at a later time. I just want you to know that you did everything possible for your Cissy and she is no longer suffering. I had a dog die in my arms 20 years ago and have had to put down 2 since. They are like your babies and they can never be replaced.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had any luck with a diet I found on line consisting of ground beef, white rice, egg, and white bread slices? It is breaking my heart to see her starving to death. We have given her thin sliced turkey that I'm sure is not good for her since it is processed just to get her to eat something. Of course she readily eats that.
Avatar n tn As far as your husbands vomiting goes, he should have stopped after 2 - 4 days. I would guess his diet is greatly attributing to his sickness. My suggestion is that your husband consumes alot of proteins and carbs. Because Oxycodeine, as with any codeine, strips your body and muscles of essential protein and sugars. This may be why he is so sick feeling all the time. I also suggest he goes to your family physician and lets him know of his stomach problems.
Avatar n tn go get some zoloft and take short walks every day.... the worst part is the stomach problems... but i found with a better diet and light exercise the symptoms are less intense.. the mind is a powerful machine capable of disabling the strongest of wills... dont let your life become wasted.... enjoy life and always think of the world as a gift... i was 19 when my freedom was robbed from me... no longer could i just take off and run without a care...
Avatar m tn As far as food, the vet told me to keep him on his normal diet cause if he overeats he will then become overweight. He was really hungry for about a month and a half but I think he is pretty much used to the medicine now. I wish you and your doggie all the best.
203342 tn?1328740807 My dog was just diagnosed with Cushings, and now we are weighing our options. Has anyone tried a raw meat diet? Or, any other diet you'd recommend? Thanks!