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Avatar n tn I will be honest, the Vet bill was $1400 in just five days and I could not afford to go any further with hospitalization. The Vet felt that if the dog could eat, take her home and feed her Science Diet ID dog food, slowly building her intake level each day. On 11/14/07 another blood panel was ran, Lipase level dropped to 3258, glucose 66, Albumin 2.5. I can clearly see that there is high risk for the dog to get diabetes and other major disorders.
Avatar f tn my dog has had pancreatitis 2 times he is 8 yrs old and he hasnt shown symptoms in 2 yrs. we got a kitten over the weekend and the dog ended up eating the cat food a couple of times. now he has diahrea and i have seen a couple blood drops by the poop. Is there something i can do for him other then take him to the vet. It is the same exact symtoms as last time so i really dont need to pay a couple hunred dollars for them to tell me what i already know.
Avatar n tn I am looking for a dog food for our rat terrier who has issues with chronic pancreatitis, high cholesterol and trig. We presently have her on Hill's W/D but would like a maintenance low fat food.
793908 tn?1294708709 I want to tell you this...most Pancreatitis attacks are brought on by giving the dog HUMAN foods. I was alot better with her diet, but I did give her starches which I was told is okay. Than everyone else let her taste this n that & it all built up in her Pancreas..over the course of 6 weeks (since her last attack)..called built up in her...which my poor baby couldn't digest...& had another attack. Fatty foods cause attacks.
Avatar n tn Ginger899, what type of dog food do you give your dog, we want to switch and don't know what brand to choose?
Avatar n tn My 7 year old Pekingese loves to eat cat food. He still eats his Science Diet dog food as well, but is it damaging to his health if he eats a little cat food once in a while? Also, I read someone on here say they knew cat food was bad for dogs, but why is that? I mean, how does it harm them? If it's really horrible I won't allow him to eat it anymore, but he just enjoys cleaning up what the cats don't eat at dinner.
1300834 tn?1273126954 What is she eating now? I was told years ago when our dog had pancreatitis that the best thing we could do for her is not feed table scraps or junk food snacks. She was overweight, and we would give her the occasional cookie or potato chip. We stopped. What type of dog food do you give her?
Avatar f tn Instead of plain white rice, use sticky white rice (most good supermarkets sell it, or available at Asian and some Chinese cuisine outlets) as it's lower in phosphorus. Purina is not a good source for dog food of any kind. You may or may not be aware there is a huge (1000s of dog owners) lawsuit still going on against Purina, owing to alleged deaths due to contamination/ingredients. I would look more at other canned varieties such as Hills kd, once the pancreatitis is under control.
Avatar n tn Did the vet say an ultra-sound should be done. My dog had all the symptoms of pancreatitis - and we found out when it was too late that he had eaten a piece of rubber - and it was lodged in his intestines. It didnt show up on an x-ray ... but did when i decided to take him for an ultra-sound. Unfortunately, Willie was too weak, and passed away.
Avatar n tn Anyway, the only reason I mention this story is because your dog at 14 is doing great! It's not easy for any dog to recover this quickly from acute pancreatitis, but for a senior dog to come out of it so well is truly remarkable! I wouldn't push any new foods too quickly. His pancreas is still probably bubbling away angrily, and you don't want to aggravate it any more than necessary.
Avatar f tn Last week, my 8 year old Siberian Husky went down with acute pancreatitis, which was probably triggered by gorging on dog food. (he got into the canister of food) He came home on Thursday, and on Friday appeared to be on track, but my dog sitter had trouble administering his antibiotic and pain meds. By the time I got home on Sunday he was lethargic and totally off his food.
Avatar f tn I am switching over to a new post, becuz I have a diff subject relating to this same dog, so want replies that don't have so much to do with pancreatitis, rather how we should let the other dog in our household know what is going on if we have to put her down. It's entitled, "One of two dogs dies, how to tell other one?" Chan, We pick up our dog from the week-long vet stay this afternoon. The antibiotic you asked about, she took Cephalexin when she had her dental a month ago.
Avatar m tn Best non prescription dog food for a dog who needs low fat, low in oxalate dog food because of recent bout of pancreatitis and a strong history of calcium oxalate stones in the bladder. Dog was on Hills' I/d low fat food for his pancreatitis but it is not good for calcium oxalate stones.If new stones develope while treating pancreatitis will have to put the dog down because he could not survive surgery , which is why preventing calcium oxalate stones is so important.
254215 tn?1195096984 We waited for over 3 weeks when our dog had panc, and finally had to euthanize him because he was just not getting any better. Chronic pancreatitis can be managed to a certain extent with diet. My aunt had a mini schnauzer (the breed is notorious for chronic panc) who lived to be 19 - most of those years with chronic pancreatitis, and occasional hospital stays for acute attacks. I doubt the paw-dragging is in any way related to the pancreatitis.
Avatar f tn Since then he is doing much better. I have elimiated all dog food and people food that people would tend to give him. If they were eating they would always give him a little piece, but no more. He is now eating boiled chicken with rice and organic veggies mixed in. He seems to like this. I am hopeful this never happens again. I have never seen a dog in so much pain. I honestly thought he was going to die and I was distraught.
Avatar m tn Thank you so much for you raw food suggestion. I am not quite sure what that type of diet entails but I am willing to listen to all ideas and/or explainations for a diabetic do diet. Like I said earlier, her vet doesn't have any ideas other then the Low Residue rx foods because Sweety has a very sensitive stomach. Or the old stand by of boiled white meat only chicken and veggies such as broccoli or green beans, she hates green beans!
Avatar n tn They drew some blood, gave her some IV antibiotics, and some fluids, though she was not dehydrated. They also gave me some prescription pills to give her at home along with some prescription dog food that we are to feed her a teaspoonfull at a time, a couple times per day. A few hours later, the vet calls back to tell us that the blood work indicated that Piper's liver was not functioning, or barely functioning.
82861 tn?1333457511 I had a 13+ year old dog that developed pancreatitis 4 years ago. After nearly a month of intensive treatment - starvation, central line for meds, blood work, fluids, TPN, etc, we had to make the decision to euthanize. There was simply nothing else to be done as his pancreas was so enlarged that it put intense pressure on the gallbladder and biliary tree and blocked bile and enzyme flow.
Avatar n tn They drew some blood, gave her some IV antibiotics, and some fluids, though she was not dehydrated. They also gave me some prescription pills to give her at home along with some prescription dog food that we are to feed her a teaspoonfull at a time, a couple times per day. A few hours later, the vet calls back to tell us that the blood work indicated that Piper's liver was not functioning, or barely functioning.
Avatar m tn Only dog food that is low in fat. It can be a long hard road with a dog with pancreatitis. I know. I've been there and now going thru it again. But they depend on us to take care of them so you must be very diligent and dedicated to them. They love us unconditionally so they deserve our unconditional love and care in return. Best luck to you on this journey. It can be a very emotional journey. God bless your little fur baby and heal him.
Avatar f tn before each meal It will help digest the food so the pancreas does not have to work that hard. Do not give dog food or ANY FOOD WITH OIL OR FAT! It will make the condition worse and even cause it. Dogs can not eat or digest fats! Boil chicken, brown rice and mix vegetables. Feed him very small meals. There is a vitamin called SAM-E. Give him that as well. My dog was near death. It;s painful, so he'll be resting for a month, depending how bad it got.
1619792 tn?1298874132 html Not sure if the dog will eat it, but my daughter's dog has chronic pancreas problems and can only eat (without going holistic) Science Diet ID food. You might try that.
509877 tn?1315365294 Or is this a one time thing? I know not to let her eat anything but her dog food diet but I am still worried... Any thoughts?
Avatar n tn my dog on a raw food diet ate some food that may have been spoiled. it's been 20 hrs. and now he's throwing up. what do I do??
212161 tn?1537898045 potato chips and other snacks, pizza crust, fat cut off of meat and poultry, and junk food for example, are not good for dogs. Excess fat in your dog's diet can lead to pancreatitis. Most commercial food manufacturers are catching up with the times and producing much healthier, and more natural foods, which rely less on cheap grains and fillers, and use more higher quality protein sources, and vegetables and fruit. Good commercial foods are Evo/Inova, Wellness, Orijin, and more.
Avatar f tn A few hours later we noticed the left side of his stomach totally bloated. We rushed him to the ER where they diagnosed him with food bloat. Within 2 days he developed pancreatitis and started to show significant signs of improvement (more energy, more appetite, drinking water, no more swelling, not tender, etc). They allowed us to treat him at home as long as he was eating and drinking and getting better every day, which he had been. We brought him back to the vet twice for extra fluids.
Avatar m tn For some reason, Cushingoid dogs are more prone to pancreatitis than normal dogs, so it will be important for you to keep your dog's diet very low in fat. You also want to keep the food low in fiber and high in potassium. Cushings medication makes it difficult for dogs to digest high fiber foods properly, and high potassium diets just give them more "oomph" when dealing with taking the necessary medications. What medications does you vet have your dog on?
Avatar n tn -) Fats can cause pancreatitis in dogs (I lost my first dog to pancreatitis) but it's usually from a massive intake of fat that the dog isn't used to. My vet told me he can count on a busy week after any summer holiday that usually features BBQ. People give their dogs the leftovers like bones with lots of fat on them and a day or two later the dog is puking his guts up with acute pancreatitis - which oftentimes is fatal.
Avatar f tn Also, he is now having trouble walking in the mornings and his back legs give out on him and he falls occasionally. We went to a local holistic dog food store and the lady recommended Nupro powder for his joints. My questions are: Will the Nupro hurt his kidneys (too much added protein)? Is there another food besides the Royal Canin that has low protein but will give him more nutrition and also be good for his kidneys?
Avatar n tn Your dog should be on a good monthly flea control product (Revolution is a good choice since it also kills scabies mites), and if skin infection continues to recur, talk to your veterinarian about senior bloodwork and starting a hypoallergenic diet trial for possible food allergy. Referral to a veterinary dermatologist ( is always an option for tough cases as well. Good luck, Kimberly Coyner DVM DACVD www.dermvetvegas.