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Avatar f tn The surgeon that did the surgery did say to start out with a light diet and that maybe going back to my normal diet would be ok. It was for a while until today. I just hope that eating what I ate today will be the only cause. Any ways the body is our temple and we need to treat it as such. We can never predict even if we are healthy diet eating souls what can happen.
903531 tn?1275393973 My father, 48, suffers from gallbladder attacks and stones. We've already decided to forego the operation and stick to a healthy diet (GREAT website for gallbladder info by the way: so my question is simply this: What are the symptoms of a ruptured gallbladder? I ask only to be cautious in the future, I'd like to know incase something were ever to come up.
Avatar n tn She has cirhossis, and has been hospitalized with bleeding esophageal varicies (she takes inderall and propanonol)and pancreatitis. In 2003 she was diagnosed with leukemia. She just finished her chemo last spring. She recently had a visit for a blood work-up to her general doctor. Her fasting glucose revealed that her glucose was 137. Her doctor assumed that she must now have diabetes, and prescribed oral diabetic medication.
Avatar n tn When she was be preped for this procedure, the GI dr who did it, told my husband and I that there should be no complications, except for maybe a pancreatitis flare. Well, she had the pancreatitis, and now this dry heaving problem. Her GI dr is in the process of weaning her off some of her meds. She is now off Elavil, Zofran, Donnetal, Nexium and is currently on a wean down of Neurontin.
Avatar n tn Zantrex is a fad-diet pill. An interesting parallel to your Herbal Life diet - - to say the least. However, I have also been on Jenny Craig and I have read that dieting and gallbladder issues have been linked. Noticing the dates of your comments - - I hope everyone is doing better. In a morbid way, I was happy to read that I was not alone and it helped solidify my confidence in finally having the surgery.
Avatar n tn lasted about 6hrs,no pain killers helped(so far no painkillers other then hospital morphine eases pain) no egg was in my diet so i was confused as 2 what was causing this pain. Then pains stopped as if they never happened! #June'02 i got the pains again in early mornings, on& off, went 2 see Dr & he said it was most likely gall stones. #July i gained alot of weight pains still occured in mornings& certain foods made my pains worse, still no pain relief Dr now thinks ulcer.
Avatar f tn Additionally, one of the gallstones could block the cystic artery and cause the pancreas to get backed up which could lead to pancreatitis and pancreatitis could lead to permanent damage of the pancreas leading to diabetes or pancreatic cancer.
Avatar m tn thanks for sharing i hope you get better soon i don't know if i would say i am malnourished, i write plans in this book i keep often of my diet changes/experimentations, and i do my best to eat from every food group and include all the essential nutrients my body needs including antioxidants, since i drink cocoa and white tea daily..i do take supplements which include: multivitamins (liquid), cod liver oil, salmon oil, calcium, zinc, palmegranate, and b vitamins..
Avatar n tn Doctor increases meds and says give the meds time to work. Meal plans are small meals eaten frequently. Pain becomes manageable but never absent. One week later, following a meal out at a restaurant, I experience my worst pain attack yet. Nothing eased the pain but no ER was around as we were up north so I spent 48 hours curled in a fetal position and it was the only thing that eased the pain. Returned to broth and jello for 3 days.
1734735 tn?1413781671 Glad you are not stressing over this - but I would not go overboard w/the vitees, and the new diet. Keep a list of all you are taking, by chance there is something that can (or has) contribute to this.....
Avatar n tn After many tests(x-ray, ultrasounds, CAT scan, ERCP which caused pancreatitis, etc.,..) I was told I should have surgery to cut the sphinter muscle. I looked for another opinion, and was told an alternative treatment could be done with Calan SR, and Nitrostat. This helped greatly. However, I decided to go off the Calan because I was getting married and wanted to conceive, but continued with the Nitrostat in case I had an emergency.
Avatar n tn Those who have lots of money (or excellent insurance plans -- isn't that the same thing?) get great treatment here; everyone else runs the risk of getting substandard care, or even slipping through the cracks. Americans are told that under socialized nedicine, people have to wait for a long time for medical care, and that they are unable to choose their own doctors and/or hospitals. This is true in some countries where the system has been mismanaged -- notably in the United Kingdom.
Avatar f tn I am not going back until after the 1st of the year (too many plans around the holidays---I don't want to deal with the swelling and wearing larger clothes to hide it.) Good luck.
Avatar f tn 1. Have a LOW-PROTEIN diet trial. Exclude as much proteins as you can from the diet for at least 3-4 days, and see if gas will improve or at least the smell will go away. 2. Have a LOW-FAT diet trial. Exclude all fats: meat, all dairy products, egg yolk, olives, oil, and nuts for 3-4 days. 2. Have LOW-FIBER diet trial. No fruits, vegetables, bread and other cereals at all for 3-4 days. Have one diet trial at the time. This may help in diagnosis.
Avatar n tn If all the testing for your gallbladder comes back negative I would suggest that you ask your doctor to take a close look at your pancreas and order bloodwork to check your amylase and lipase levels. These are also symtoms of pancreatitis.
Avatar m tn Finally, after suffering with this pain, I went to the er the next day and was admitted for acute pancreatitis. Needless to say, I don't advocate the use of Victoza. The only plus of using the medication was the weight loss, although, I'm not sure it was worth all the pain.
Avatar n tn Since I have had my Gall Bladder removed in 1998 I ssem to have diarrhea and had been diagnosed with IBS. I notice that generally it occurs after fasting or if I eat a high fat content diet. I am wondering if I could have a form of dumping syndrome? I know that IBS can come any many shapes and forms but I rarely ever have constipation with it just diarrhea.
Avatar m tn The drs didn't say it was impossible, I'm saying it's almost impossible to get them to see why I am still in pain. First it was "it takes time to heal" and now it's "we aren't seeing anything - maybe you are constipated" (??), however they hadn't really tested for anything either. I just had an MRCP on Saturday and I await the results. If 50% get better, then 50% get worse.
Avatar n tn I can tell you that a big part of the problem is people's diets! Another, is the fact (diet related) that our bodies are too acidic, which provides the very best environment for disease to breed and flourish. Take away the host environment, and the disease will leave! I'd be happy to send some info. to anyone who wants to contact me, on some of these recommendations.
710547 tn?1295449630 They can't be sure, but the pancreas itself, as well as my liver are both enlarged, and I had two pancreatitis attacks while there. The lung nodule seems stable, but there's a new ovoid growth at the base where I have atelectasis bilaterally in the bases, and scarring throughout. My blood work is bad, bad, bad - and I truly didn't think it could get any worse. My Dr. doesn't think I have very long to live and I find myself rather frightened.
Avatar f tn My kids are at the ER tonight with their dad (my ex). He has been a severe alcoholic for 20+ years and was diagnosed 15 months ago with Alcoholic Hepatitis and Cirrosis of the liver. He was told then that if he quit drinking, he had approx 2 years to live. He continued to drink heavily until 3 days ago, when he became too sick to drink. He has lost 40+ pounds in the past 6 months, is vomiting blood and has bloody diarrhea now.
541150 tn?1306037443 IBD, being that it's basically food allergy, is all about diet, so he has told me to get E.N instead of Z.D to see how kitty's body reacts to it. Trust me, if I have to have them perform the endoscopy I will, but the vet isn't too happy about it. He knows which cells are the trouble makers, and he even explained to me how they work, basically how they "think", so lets hope my cat gets better. He is young, and he's got that going for him. Please let us know how your puppy is doing.
Avatar m tn As it was reentry culture shock that is the umbrella term and cause of my illness. I actually don't drink milk, and I haven't been eating meet either. But I find my diet to be working alright these days. The dairy I eat is yogurt, and cheeses (lasagna and pizza and creemchese) and Keefer! but that's about it for dairy. You know, while it is true that humans are the only dairy consumers throughout life, most all human cultures survive off it.
Avatar n tn She thought it could be cancer or pancreatitis but I would have to pay for more tests that might not find the problem. I decided to go back to the old vet and get my cat's file. I remembered some of what he had done and tried to explain it to the new vet but she wasn't really taking what I was saying seriously. I presented her with the file and she read it over and agreed it was the exact same problem.
Avatar n tn I quickly went and saw a naturopath went on supplements and went on a strict diet. No yeast,glutten free ,no salt ,no sugar diet trust me it worked! I did lose 18 pounds but I think it was from the sickness and the diet mixed but I didn't gain any weight. Naturopathic madicine does work too! Go to or just goggle eatingalive. Trust me. But it does take a lot of disapline. Im now on 10ml starting on sunday and every week lowering it I should be off of it by the end of Jan.
Avatar f tn are being blown away with new dx of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer (liver, bladder, lung), cirrhosis, macular degeneration, pancreatitis, blood disorders, vasculitis, fibromyalgia, lupus, crohn's disease, neuropathy, etc. None of them had HCV....these things are going to come as we get older. I guess my point is that to try to figure out what health issues came from HCV tx is kind of a crap shoot.
637767 tn?1227583107 At first I had nothing but very loose stools and they have begun to thicken up now that i'm eating more of a regular diet. For me... I seem to go back and forth and it makes it feel like I can't leave the house much. I've only left to go to the ER and to the doctors for follow ups. It seems that every one has a problem with the stools thing. All I can say is just be patient with it, take it day by day.
4520139 tn?1355852769 I will try to address all your questions quickly as your decision has to be today and I too have plans for a bit later. -yes xrays can only be done under anesthesia...and please insist on these being done!! its mainly only with an xray that FORL's can be dx'd..b/c as with my boy they were all beneath the gums and not showing on the surface. thus is why he needed a dental surgeon, and the absolute need to extract the roots and not just the tooth....he had 4 extractions and under gum work done.
Avatar n tn Drinking 55 oz of water before one brushes one's teeth, and then no food or beverages for one hour, will begin to heal over 30 diseases. A diet of fresh raw fruits and vegetables will also provide that needed diet of 80% alkaline raw foods needed to allow the body to heal from the inside out. Essential oils is another form to encourage the body to self heal.
Avatar f tn I found this site while getting information on my Mini Schnauzer who has kidney failure and is having a bout with Pancreatitis. I will share my story at a later time. I just want you to know that you did everything possible for your Cissy and she is no longer suffering. I had a dog die in my arms 20 years ago and have had to put down 2 since. They are like your babies and they can never be replaced.