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Avatar f tn Anyone had strep throat while preg. I think I might have it and I'm going to call the Dr. I'll have to call my OB as I don't have a primary. I was wondering if anyone had been in the same boat though and what the Dr. did or perscribed.
Avatar f tn I do not believe in taking anything while pregnant even if the doctor says its safe. I am almost 28 weeks and I cracked my tooth months ago by eating a chip, lately its getting to the point where I'm in sooo much pain its shooting pain from my tooth into my temple. it was on the news that Tylenol causes ADHD when taken while pregnant.
Avatar f tn If you can deal with the pain then try not to take the pain meds often. I had a c-section and was prescribed pain killers and only took them when I couldn't deal with the pain. But that's just a personal choice. If your doctor knows you are pregnant and prescribed you this then I don't see anything wrong with it.
1133317 tn?1264881827 I am hoping to meet some moms who share the same concerns i do or who have already been preg while taking these meds and all turned out ok. Please write me or post to my message.
13089429 tn?1436037535 Would happen to me sometimes when i was preg my doc said it was normal but if your worried bring it up to your ob :)
5774236 tn?1374107071 Please refer to a thread I started a while back, regarding some suggestions to deal with fibro symptoms and pain, by searching here in this community under: "IWILLDOTHIS". Best wishes to all.
Avatar f tn - if there are ANY PREGNANCY-SUPPORTING medications that can give faulty NEGATIVE urine HCG 10 mlU/ml preg. test result (FALSE NEGATIVE), despite USG diagnosed pregnancy? - or is there ANY medication at all that would give FALSE NEGATIVE urine preg. test, (besides the abortion pills) Long story short: My parter (45+) says she is pregnant (6 week now), but the pregnancy test shows a clear NEGATIVE result. My guess is that she is not telling me truth.
Avatar f tn Im 18 weeks in 2nd trimester. Dr says the risk is lower in 2nd trimester and hernia is getting bigger causing more pain.
Avatar f tn Has anybody heard of methocarbamol 750mg 2x per day for pain? I was taking something else nub*****tone anybody? when i went to refill the nu*******tone they gave me methocarbamol said the doctor changed it. I don't get it I never called the doctor and the pharmacy said there was a written one( prescr.) for 5 days after the orginial prescribition. Any way anybody heard of it I can't call the doctor till tomorrow. Thanks in advance!
Avatar m tn It seems to be a strong pain medication - but if it is chronic pain or pain from cancer then it is indicated. There are non-narcotic applications you can try--accupuncture/massage/meditation, etc. You don't say what your pain is from so it is hard to say. Blessings to you, though. Keep your chin up.
Avatar f tn Tylenol is better for aches and pain that come with being sick. You can take it while pregnant but if you just have a sore throat try sucrets and gargle with warm salt water to kill the bacteria in your throat.
Avatar f tn I understand the anguish you are going through. I found myself in your situation 4 years ago. I was going in for facet injections, they always do a pregnancy test on you before the procedure because they use conscious sedation. They came back and told the procedure had to be cancelled because the peg. test was positive. I did not believe them because I was told I could not get preg., I have PCOS, and would need hormone therapy or other means to get preg.
Avatar f tn 5 day as I cut down I quit cold turkey morphine at 4 weeks and was fine now back pain as I take this for pain not addiction as I’m only .
2095738 tn?1339825243 Hii mara. I actually just had surgery,friday on my foot,n have to b on crutches for 12 weeks! Unreal! But,the thing is im waitn to see,if in preg I had my iud takn out march 14th afta havn it in,for 5 yrs .. March 17th I bled lightly for about 3 days im due for my periodi I guess its all messd up,i havnt bleed in ova to yrs due to,the,iud me n my man r tryn too hav one tho lol.. Anyways I could b pregnant,n u was under,anethesia cuz of my surgry..
1725558 tn?1309737496 I was taking oapiates for a while and i tell u i was happier then but maybe cuz i was a little buzzed. but i functioned fine. where are u from? and what kind of dr do u go to? is it ur pcp or psyc dr?
Avatar f tn m 38+3 and just got on it yesterday bc my anxiety has arrived now b4 baby. I was on it b4 preg. It was hard being off while preg but I pushed thru. However, I wasn't on Xanax so I don't what its like to withdrawal from that.
Avatar f tn Can i go swimming while preg? is there a limit on swimming at some point during my pregnancy? and are there any serious health risks? thanks im advance!
Avatar f tn I'm six weeks n four days n have been bleeding n cramping for a week now just like a period preg test still shows in preg would it be accurate or are the hormones just still there regardless? I'm trying to be hopeful but its my first preg n so much blood doesn't seem right..??
1212221 tn?1266186039 is it ok to go bowling while pregnant i am 7 n a half months