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Avatar m tn The constant coughing could cause muscle strain and chest pain. Sometimes the pleura, the lining of the chest cavity and lungs can get inflamed causing pain with coughing. This should resolve as the infection and inflammation subside. However, if the pain persists or if you develop additional symptoms like fever or cough consult your doctor for an assessment. In the meantime you can take OTC pain medication Ibuprofen. Ensure to take this medication after food to avoid gastritis.
Avatar n tn Why when I'm coughing, pain radiates through out my chest and side? I'm okay when I am not coughing. I had a Broncoscopy about a week ago.
Avatar n tn One week after my broncoscopy, I'm experiencing sharp pains throughout my chest and side area when I cough. If I am still and dont cough I'm good.
Avatar f tn Hopefully soon this will work out. Still coughing, my head and back and chest are killing me from all the coughing. However I am hopefull that I will get better soon. Thank you for your help. I talked to my doctor about the things you mentioned.
Avatar m tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! Yes, chronic cough with chest pain needs to be examined. A cough is generally a result of an irritant such as stomach acid (gastric reflux), mucus (asthma), hair spray, perfume, dust, pollen, mold, even spicy food, post nasal drip, or infection. It could also be due to infection such as pneumonia or bronchitis. Chronic sore throats can be allergic, viral or bacterial in origin.
Avatar n tn Last year I developed a very bad cough, I was coughing so bad, my chest was in constant pain, my head would throb, I was prescribed everything to relieve my cough, nothing worked. Visit my Cardiologist, told him what was going on, he stopped my bp med Lisinopril, changed med over to Avapro which I no longer take, but after two weeks my cough stopped.
Avatar f tn Have however woke up today with a stabbing pain in the chest and a cough that is causing me to be sick, peak flow a little lower but not too bad. I really thought I was getting well, has anyone else had this?
Avatar f tn I am coughing intensly and my chest is almost always hurting. It starts with a pricking sensation in my throat and then the coughing starts. It is so intense that I sometimes throw up because of it. Cough syrup has little effect. They gave me the following drugs: Benzonatate cap/ Bensau 100mg/cap.
Avatar m tn But my question is has anyone ever had Sneezing and coughing along with chest and stomach pain. Every time I cough my chest hurts all the way down to my belly button.
541208 tn?1215463099 Hi, Has a chest xray been done to rule out any rib fracture, chest infection, or air in the pleural space? There could be several causes of the symptoms you are having including a muscle pull, injury or trauma at the site, chest infection, gall stones, etc. Do you have any associated symptoms? You should apply some local pain relief medications, take some oral pain relief medications, maintain a proper posture throughout the day, try some warm compresses.
Avatar f tn ya i too have the same problem, got an x ray done a week back, shows no problem.i have this pain on the left side of my chest while coughing. frnds suspect of cramp or the result of too much of coughing over 3 weeks.. m on medication now since 10-15 days but no relief..
Avatar f tn I have pains under my armpit, upper backache and on the right side of my chest, also pain under my sternum. I also feel like i have a sore throat, but no coughing, shortness of breadth and no pain on my left side.
Avatar n tn i am 19yr.old male.pain on left side of the upper chest and coughing one to two times every 10 minutes.when i take a deep breath it hurts a little bit worse always starts around 9:00 PM and it lasts about 22 hours. and it is the third time i had it in 2010-2011.
Avatar f tn A couple of months before it started paining in my chest esp. In the right lung. I also developed a pain in my left upper back just opp where lung pain would happen. I have a slight coughing and wheezing ! Does it mean something wrong and what am i supposed to do ?
Avatar f tn The constant coughing could cause muscle strain and chest pain. Sometimes the pleura, the lining of the chest cavity and lungs can get inflamed causing pain with coughing referred to as pleuritis. With your symptoms it is likely that the bronchitis has caused consequent pleurisy. Therapy lies in treating the underlying cause and pain killers. So, continue with your medications and take OTC naproxen for relief from pain.
Avatar n tn It's unusual for your chest to be tender when you swallow, that suggests pain in your esophagus, the tube leading to your stomach. Acid reflux sometimes causes discomfort there, but isn't associated with head pain, although it's sometimes associated with throat pain.
Avatar m tn Anytime there is chest pain present it can be alarming due to the possibility of cardiac problems. But, in your case, I would lean toward respiratory or gastro-intestinal issues. The persistent cough, along with the possible presence of lingering congestion, could be causing your upper airways and throat to be inflamed and sore. Also, there could be a possibility of a hiatal hernia. Frequent or hard coughing is a risk factor. I hope that you will consider seeing a physician. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Your symptoms are not specific, but any chest pain should be checked out. Chest XR can show many things, but not heart pain. An EKG would be advisable as a baseline test. If anything else shows up the doctor will follow that up. Don't delay this.
Avatar f tn i slipped at work on friday and fell forward and landed on my chest, at first i was winded and in pain. I have a pain in my chest which is sore to touch and im finding it difficult to breath without being in some sort of pain when i take a deep breath im in agony although as the days have passed the pain whilst breathing has eased slightly, however the thought of coughing or sneezing is a frightening thought as im in total agony when i do either and im on my knees when i do either.
Avatar n tn 2 months ago I started coughing dry for a month, now I have chest wall pain, shoulder blade pain, mild to moderate, especially when moving, I sweat easily and get dizzy easily, this is very recent. I dont cough much anymore. I also have occational diarrhea and stomach cramps. Breathing appears normal. I have had pollen allergies in my teenage years, but hardly ever have problems with it these days, and only in springtime.
Avatar f tn I have been having pain in my chest for over week now. It comes and goes sometimes stays for awhile. It not when I breath and I'm not coughing. But it hurts like someone stepped on my chest. The doctor thought it was pleurisy but that was 6 days ago the in profin doesn't help. Please ideas.