Chest pain right side with burping

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Avatar f tn Right side, crampy.
Avatar f tn Right side, crampy.
Avatar n tn Left Chest Pain Right side pain*where chest meets armpit in corner) its sore.
Avatar f tn sharp pain on right side. right under boob. especially bad when i breathe in hard. lasted all night. woke up with it a few times. finally, it went away sometime late morning.
Avatar n tn having chest pain on the right side at top of breast it hurts with deep breaths, swallowing and burping. I have been experiencing chest pain for the past 3 weeks and have had ekg, stress test, holter electrocardovas. test everything came back fine. heart problems run in my family and I am only 30 yerars old. heart rate has been as high as 122.
Avatar n tn Left side chest burning/pain.
Avatar n tn When it was time to eat, as i swallowed, I realised that i was getting a slight pain in the right side of my chest with each swallow, located on the left side of my right breast (NOT my breast hurting, just the location of where the pain is). The pain has continued up to this moment, and I have been burping alot since saturday, but how could I have gas in my chest? And if I did, why would it last this long? I do not get the pain when I breathe deeply, nor when I swallow saliva.
Avatar n tn eye pain , and issues with right side of face , Leg cramps again
Avatar n tn same right side stab pain right side chest comes goes very quick scares me.
Avatar n tn However, I found that when I started to burp a lot the pain went away. However now the side of my chest had a throbing pain. I went to my doctor and he said the severe gas caused the discomfort and I somehow pulled a muscle on the side of my chest. He gave me some anti-inflamatory's and the pain went away. Now almost two years later the same problem came back. The gas preasure pulled that muscle again.
Avatar m tn Last 2 days I have begun noticing that a dull pain starts on my right side of the chest when i am walking and which gets relieved by burping, excessive burping. can this be heart related. I am a heavy smoker. Kindly advise.
Avatar n tn Worked out chest and triceps with Vince. Pain in right side prevented me from completing some exercises.
4250330 tn?1388621179 Pain in right side of chest hurts to breath or move or anything it didn't start Til I woke up this morning what could it be I thought it was just BC I had to burp but I've been burping and everything it still hasn't went away
Avatar f tn Hi. I am 28 years old..I have this gastric problem for quite sometime . For the last three months , I have excessive burping at night after eating .. The burp doesn't sound normal and I will doing this atleast 100 times per night . Even when I sleep , I wake up with breathing difficulty. The problem now along with excessive burping is my chest pain .. Last week it's become worse that , my left hand along with my chest is painting . I have previously had GERD..
Avatar m tn s been about 3 months now and I started with burping bad headache and left side chest pain so i finally went to the ER. Where they ran EKG chest X-ray and sent me home after everything came back normal. So i followed up with my primary doctor and she refered me over to a GI doctor were he ran some more blood test, and refered me out to a cardiolagist because of the left side pain. I had a ECHO cardio gram and a EKG and they came back normal.
Avatar n tn (at night on way to driving to ohio to move) Short sharp shooting pain right side of chest followed by a squeezing that comes and goes whole night.
Avatar f tn Pain still not any better after taking antibotics and pain medication.
Avatar m tn Pain in side when walking must place hand on area to control pain.
2175126 tn?1337471848 I kind of overdid things this week ~ Tuesday's yoga concentrated on the deltoids, then I was really, really tense at therapy and Wednesday I played in the pool with the kids. Each day the pain got progressively worse. My right shoulder, deltoid, tricep, trapezius are causing pain to shoot down my arm, into my hand and causing it to go numb and tingly.
Avatar m tn But, I am having a great deal of pain running around my right side down to almost my hip area. I am having a great deal of gas (burping). I am wanting to ask if anyone else has the same problem and if they have treated this issue?
446474 tn?1446347682 Most pain I have ever felt. Unbearable. Near center of chest on right side. 2.0 cm right lobe tumor location.
Avatar f tn ve been in and out of clinics because of breathing difficulty and pain on the right side of my chest. I feel like there is something there stopping my breathing from that side. I got an x-ray that said I have "nonspecific small fibrocalcific scars.
1149636 tn?1278253923 sudden throbbing chest pain behind right breast. It hurt a lot.
675788 tn?1295191343 Sx are slightly better than yesterday, but now with pleuritic chest pain on the right side, radiating through to the back.
1438695 tn?1308666824 Woke up last night with some right side twinges/pain on my right side.
1731947 tn?1310179581 aura yesterday, pain on left side this morning, instead of normal right side pain.
914380 tn?1509974275 16 breathing on left side ok, right side closing up again. pain in face more to left than right, but still some on right; head aches all over.
Avatar n tn I woke up yesterday with shortness of breath, chest pains on the right side, excessive burping, and my right arm lost strenght in it, I think it's bad gas what do you think?