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Avatar m tn Whenever I cough I get a severe burning in my chest area right below my throat. It's quite possible I could have burned my trachea smoking things I shouldn't have in my youth. Could this be the cause of the burning when I cough?
Avatar m tn s Kyphosis as a youth, have lived with a hunched back now for about twenty five years and over the last two years have developed intractable back and chest pain and an anterior chest wall deformity as well. The surgeon I saw has scheduled me for surgery called T9 Pedical subtraction osteotomy and T5-T12 Legacy instrumentation and fusion. I am all for it as the pain is crippling. Can anybody share their experience in what I have to look forward to after surgery and in my recovery?
Avatar n tn Left Chest Pain Right side pain*where chest meets armpit in corner) its sore.
Avatar n tn It lasted for about ten minutes. Since then I have had alot of aniety and mild chest pain. I am reluctant to admit this is serious. Am I wrong?
Avatar n tn ( Its a stinging type pain
Avatar n tn Quick sharp chest pain
Avatar m tn left-shoulder ROM pain left-elbow tendinitis
Avatar n tn right chest nagging sore/burning pain?
Avatar n tn sudden left arm ,left chest through back and throat pain, sweats.bp at time ave.-140 over 90 rate 88-110. dr says im fine.but still did hart cath.finding 50% and 35% blockages. proscribed meds-vytorin eve.-mininitro patch -protonix and toprol daily. since on meds i still have episodes 3-4 times a week of pain starting in left arm and throat. i take baby asprin and sometimes nitro tab.pain goies away slowly.but dr. still says hart ok! pain in left arm most of the time last 10 days.
Avatar n tn Question for ya. I recently had a cold, and lost my voice for a couple of days. Nothing unusual, and this particular strain seemed to hit a lot of people in my area. All of my symptoms have gone, and I feel 100%. However, for the past few days there has been this pain in my chest. It's located on my right side, close to my armpit, but definatly under my rib cage. At first I thought I had a muscle sore because some kids in my youth group and I were wrestling.
Avatar f tn Intermittent chest pain left chest and under left shoulder blade
Avatar n tn Tracking Chest pain. Getting more serious pain during movement.
Avatar f tn Today I had a horrible pain in the left side of my chest. Any movement or breath I took killed me. I finally felt a pop in my chest which seemed to relieve the pain. I felt very light headed after the pop. Any ideas on what could've happened to me?
Avatar n tn have been yawning constantly
Avatar n tn Day #3 without Nitro Patch and yesterday forgot the Amitriptyline hs...Can feel little bit of Cpain.
Avatar n tn Decreased Nitro patch to 0.
Avatar n tn Continue 0.
Avatar n tn Went to gymn...Chest pain started right after 45 min. of exercices. Had to take Nitro s/l once that afternoon then, went away then restarted during evening lasting 30+ took Nitro s/l x2 then, went to bed.
Avatar n tn Will continue Nitro 0.4 patch until the apt. with the physician.
Avatar n tn Restart Amitriptyline 10 mg.
Avatar n tn Restarted this morning. Nitro patch applied 0.
Avatar n tn Restarted the Amitriptyline 10 mg taken at 8pm.
Avatar n tn Feeling awful in morning...
Avatar n tn Pain all day on & off but long duration...
1230582 tn?1268064522 Chest pain all afternoon, usually worse upright, walking and standing. Headache in AM, still beeling crashed from Saturday. Weak legs, and shaky.
Avatar n tn Came back at noon from walking the dog in hot humid weather and had fairly bad chest pain (between breasts, slightly to my right) after coming into air conditioned house. Sitting, bringing legs into chest, didn't help. Tried ibuprofen. Still was having fairly moderate pains by 2:15p before it subsided around 2:30. I rested, then went to the grocery store and just got the basics.
Avatar f tn Had massive chest pain this morning just when I got up. Lasted about 5 minutes. Could not move. No SOB. Had intermittent chest pain t/out the day. Feeling generally tired and lousy.
1250698 tn?1371351279 For 2 days, I've been getting sharp, piercing chest pains in the center and right side of my chest. It only lasts for a few seconds then goes away, but when it happens, it's very painful. All day today, i've had trouble catching my breath. I feel like I have to take in huge gulps of air to stop the heavy feeling.