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Avatar f tn If that is normal then it is very very unlikely that your chest pain is due to heart. Regarding pain in joints I think you should talk to your primary care and ask him to get you tested for any auto immune conditions and or inflamation since you are saying that you have chronic pain. But I highly doubt that your chest is due to heart. Ihope you feel better soon.
2036337 tn?1337104009 I've blahs anxiety for two years now and I've had every test in the book, EKGs, Chest X-Rays, Blood work, Ct scans -- everything came back fine. I felt like I was finally doing okay until a few days ago the chest pain came back and it's so scary. I know my heart it fine after so many tests, but I'm flying across the country tomorrow and I think it's why I feel so sick. Chest pain, shortness of breath -- has anyone else experienced this?
Avatar m tn I have started p90x again (for the 2nd time), after beginning to run and I find virtually no chest pain or shooting pain in my arm. The tightness occurs rarely and it is not as bad at all.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am 18 years old now and have been involved in masturbating since about 12 years of age. I am a virgin. I was ashamed of doing it so i tried to hide it by doing it prone, laying chest flat on the bed and using my hand. My penis seems a little darker in color now and after learning it was bad for you to do it this way because of TMS occurring, i got scared and tried masturbating the conventional way and can't get a full erection so I'm scared I messed up the nerves in my penis.
Avatar m tn It might be a pretty small issue but I've been having chest (lower lung) and abdominal( (upper) pain since a night out three days back. It was a really rough night, we were drinking alot and I threw up about 4 times seperately, although close interval, and each for about 4-5 heaves. Ever since then I've been having these chest pains, especially when I breathe. I guess it could be because of the harsh muscle contractrion from vomiting, but its been 3 days and really annoying for sleep.
Avatar m tn Taken in the context of your youth and the number of tests you have already had, then the lightheadedness, shortness of breath, and the kind of chest pain you describe are absolutely *not* diagnostic hallmarks of heart disease for you. They are, however, characteristic of anxiety. By all means, see a cardiologist. But if he/she tells you that you're OK in the heart department, you are. You might, however, benefit from a little counseling to help you with anxiety and stress.
Avatar n tn I'm 17 years old and I found a lump in my chest in June 2007. At that time it was pea size and now (Jan 2008) it has doubled in size. I did go to the doctor and the diagnosed it as a fibroadenoma and that it was no risk. It's very sensitive and uncomfortable so i was considering surgery. I just want to know the affects of surgery (cosmetically, how bad was the post op pain, and likelihood of it returning).
Avatar f tn m not mad at my youth pastor for telling her because when my youth pastor asked me if it was alright for her to look around and find me some professional help I told her it was ok. So I am glad she did it just upsets me that I have to lie to the counselor but I guess I can at least get help with the just feeling down part. I guess that would help being that it's feeling down that males Mensa t to kill myself. So I guess it should still help a lot I hope anyways.
Avatar m tn I recently had my prostate scraped out because I could not urinate I am a 59 yo male, obviously. Since I was discharged from the hospital I have had a nagging pain in my left groin area. The same incision area that was used to remove a testicle when I was a youth.
Avatar m tn Well, I just recently moved to california, everything was fine at first, about 3 weeks into being in california, my anxiety started surfacing a little more and I was having panic attacks at night, well after about 2 days of that, I wake up in the morning and have a sharp pain that comes and goes in the center of my chest. I was really worried about it...stressed me out a little. So I got up, went on the computer talked to this girl, and we were going to go have lunch together.
Avatar f tn None of the doctors seemed to be particularly concerned about this, but it freaks me out. It feels my heart is going to jump off my chest! Should I just let it go? Should I insist for more detailed testing? I'd appreciate input!
Avatar m tn Start of the year put about 30lbs on with comfort eating/drinking rubbish and for about 12 weeks have had pains come and go in chest aswell as recently light headeness. I Have being A&E and had ECG,Chest Xray, blood test and blood pressure which were fine other than Blood pressure was high and ever since then my blood pressure tends to stay on the high side.
13017155 tn?1429020488 Concerns: My daughter is 14 yrs.. She attends a youth group on a weekly sometimes biweekly basis. She came to me last night and told me she made a new friend. This new friend is soon to be 18 yrs old and appears to be a boy but is really female. I told my daughter that the relationship/friendship is inappropriate and they she can't continue to befriend this person. My daughter became very upset and starting crying and through a sort of tantrum and said I cant stop them from being friends.
Avatar m tn I am 42 yrs old and lately have had severe pain in the right testical, it feels as if someone is hitting it with a ballpeen hammer, this pain lasted for most of one night and the next day was gone, however it is back but more of a pulsating pain now it was sunday when pain first appeared its now thursday. The right testical is also swollen and about 2-3 times larger than left.
Avatar m tn I recently had my prostate scraped out because I could not urinate I am a 59 yo male, obviously. Since I was discharged from the hospital I have had a nagging pain in my left groin area. The same incision area that was used to remove a testicle when I was a youth.
Avatar f tn The problem is I am a stay at home mom that cant afford a gym membership (especially with all the healthy food I have bought being quite expensive) . I have horrible lower back pain (because of my weight), standing 5 minutes hurts emensly. I do have an oliptical and a weight bench. Does anybody know best way to strenghten my lower back and help lose weight without hurting myself too much? With what equiptment I do have?
Avatar m tn I have also noticed other symptoms working on me over the past 6months including - finding myself very tired to the point where i engage in day time sleep [this is not something i have ever done], very tight head aches up the left hand side of my head [near the back of my left ear - these can last for days], poor vision and burning feeling to my eyes, very painful neck, minor chest pain, lack of appetite [due to burning sensation in my throat] and tasteless sensation in my mouth.
Avatar f tn Hi there, so lately I've been thinking do I have SA? I'm 15, I've always had a hard time making friends, I only have 4-5. But when friends text me and want to hang out I lie, and just stay home, I don't like going out. I hate being in front of people, I feel embarrassed. I'm very negative about myself, I feel very ugly, and I'm always saying negative things, I gave my teacher hard time last year a lot because I don't feel confident.
2181319 tn?1337737809 ve been experiencing a sharp burning pain located just below my sternum on both side of my chest. The pain then expands through my chest and and middle/upper back, neck and shoulder areas. When this happens, i can't slump over or curl up (which is my normal response to pain), because the pain just intensifys. It forces my to sit straight, when i do that, i get extremely dizzy and sick. After about 10-15 minutes the pain begins to fade away. what could be causing this?
Avatar m tn Anyways, I have been experianceing chest pain which have been happining to the left of the centre of the chest, sometimes accompinied with left arm pain. I havent had breathlessness as such but have had funny feelings in my chest while breathing. I had an ECG done, had my heartbeat checked and also blood pressure all of which turned out to be ok however, this was taken when the chest pain wasnt present or was bearly present. Anyway, I want to know if there is anything to worry about.
Avatar n tn Because chest pain can be something serious you really need to get seen by a dr. It's possible it's nothing more than acid reflux, but it could be something much more serious so it's not worth the risk. If you feel any dizziness, shortness of breath, extreme pressure in your chest or severe nausea you should get to the ER.
Avatar f tn When I have a number of ectopics close or have an extended amount I can get chest pain. Sometimes the chest pain is short lived other times it can last all day but it is generally gone by morning. Is your chest pain persistent or is it gone in the morning only to come back later in the day? Is it all over pain or does it feel localized? Do you notice if you start to stress out a bit when you start to feel anything odd with the heart?
2081129 tn?1332253157 Can a heart attack cause chest pain on left side and send radiating pain down your spine
Avatar f tn m at rest but as soon as the paramedic but a gnt tablet under my tongue the pain disappeared and I havnt had the pain since taking the tablets ,they have also said that some indigestion can present like this but surely the gnt tablet wouldn't cure indigestion would it ?I'm confused now .