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Avatar n tn I am 20 years old, weigh 125. I have been having random chest pain and when it starts hurting , it hurts to take a deep breath. This doesn't happen all the time but when it does it is really distracting.
1492140 tn?1288850380 gas can cause chest pain hw we know it is heart pain or it is because of gas?
584851 tn?1220272833 Yes great BBQ, that is what i ate on Sat, someone said that there is a intestine around the spine that gets gas caught in it sometimes. That is cool, but i just don't understand how a pain in the chest under your nipple area can be from gas. But hey i'll confess im not a guienes. Its not as bad today at all, even had a good night sleep. I really would like to tell the difrence tho.
Avatar f tn When I was pregnant with my daughter I ate a banana and had chest pains and guessing its an alergic reaction go to hospital they can figure it out
Avatar n tn I was woken up late last night with severe chest and stomach pain,My arms did'nt hurt and I could breath ok,It hurt to breath in and I was imobile for about 5 mins,the pain was so bad I thought I was having a heart attack,I've experienced gas and I thought that's what it was until it went into my chest,I've never felt pain like that before,having 2 babies was'nt as bad as that was,after about 15 mins it slowly eased up,I took 2 rolaids and a beno,but today I still have a dull
Avatar n tn Most of the time, there is just a dull pain that continues in that area and sometimes spreads to the shoulder and upper arm. I am concerned because it is becoming more frequent but I am not sure what it is. I am in between jobs and do not have health insurance right now so I can't just go to the doctor. I am on Levothyroxine for hypothyroidism but aside from that, I consider myself pretty healthy. I do not smoke and very rarely have a drink.
Avatar f tn You know, it is strange, but our bodies, if we listen to them, will let us know when it is serious enough to check into, I know I can have a certain pain and not worry at all, but, I can have another pain, and I just "feel" in my spirit that it should be ruled out. I have been blessed though, because when I have checked them out at the ER, there has been nothing wrong. Sure did not hurt to check though.
1691674 tn?1306056511 I am 43 years old and for the past three years I have been getting these pains in my chest just under my breast down to about my belly button with backache pains from about the shoulder blades down to lower back. They come at random times, normally I would be asleep and be woken up from them, they start of as a dull pain under my breast and then the pain moves to my stomach just about where my belly button is, then my lower back will hurt (sharp pains).
1163616 tn?1266352039 Hi pink, i experience the same problem as you.... gas and chest pain.... i get nervous and think i am going to get a heart attack...... i took a endoscopy which shows some blood clots in my stomach. and doctor said it is called erosive gastitis and there is nothing to worry. i am still under medication. iam waiting for the full course of medication to finish. but the doctor has said to me it is not permanently curable... it will come time and again and disturb you....
Avatar m tn I have the same problem sometimes, its most likely gas pain. When I need to relieve gas pain in my chest and upper back I drink about 2-3oz of lemon juice in a glass of water and take a few gas x. It helps me a lot. Try not to drink carbonated beverages after 6pm, and drink the lemon water after dinner and before bed to help relieve the pain all night long, It works wonders for me.
Avatar n tn I've been having constant pain in my chest in th middle and right side. It is not sharp but an aching pain. Wondering what could cause this? I've had inflamed pecks in the past and this is not the same pain. I am a 30 year old woman of mixed race.
Avatar m tn I'm 50 years old and I recently participated in a cardiac study that provided CT/ MRI/ Nuclear Stress tests, echocardiagrams etc... I was told I had 'significant' CAD by my internist. Through the test I discovered that I had an MI on the surface of the heart that didn't penetrate the muscle." I've felt nothing I would describe as pain in the center of my chest, left arm, jaw or back.
Avatar f tn That can hurt like the devil and can definitely constrict your breathing. You can try a gas pill. They are over-the-counter and work quickly. (Gas has constricted my breathing.
Avatar f tn I been having a chest pain for three days, but it usually pain for 2 hours. Although i have experience these pain before from the past, it usually come and go. But today i have a hard time to digest food, and my stomach feel weird. My whole body is working fine, legs and arm are both function normal, it just that my chest is feeling pain and my body is not digesting food today. So i don't know what is going in on. Please let me know what this is, thank you.
Avatar n tn i have had chest pains off and on for several days. Mainly ledy side of chest sometimes moves to right side last for few hours at a time.
9330903 tn?1403362548 I have gas a lot now and I just lay down n ball up bc somtymes it's so painful
Avatar f tn Go to the doctor.Stop asking general people about this, you are the one feeling this thing of "pains in my chest". It may be as simple as "gas" or it maybe something like chest wall inflammation. Make an appointment with your family doctor, or go to an urgent care. Worry over past months is not worth the risk of getting help.Joan.
Avatar f tn For the past 9 months, I have been experiencing a discomforting pain on my right chest area. The pain is not in the whole chest area. It is centralized "between", my breast and shoulder blade. When I turn or bend on the right side, I experience a sharp stabbing pain. I find that my pain level would be a 10, if I am experiencing gas discomfort (from not eating on time, or ingesting a gas producing food) , but, my pain level would generally be on a pain scale of 4-6 (daily).
Avatar f tn Thank you I go tomorrow to my ob and will let u know how it.
Avatar m tn m 23 years old and I was actually endorse into an endoscopy when I was 18 and found out that I only have dyspepsia and until now I still experience a chest pain once I started to eat and after taking a glass of water to releif the pain then it comes with an hiccup. Sometimes too I experience an extrem neck pain that runs to my brain and I only feel the pain and burning sensation at the back of my neck. Please I want to know what this heal issue I am experiencing right now.
Avatar n tn Many foods (we are thinking at this point) seem to cause his chest pains, but thinks it is gas around the heart even though it feels like chest pain. Have you had any heart problems?
Avatar n tn Is it posible for gas to cause chest pain that gets worse when you breath. I have also been burping alot. The pain is gone if i relax my chest but the deeper the breath the sharper the pain.
20758552 tn?1505855713 Good day, i have skin infection for years now, it started as a black spot on my hand then legs start cracking, have taken some drugs, the rash goes and come back again, recently i noticed that when i take anything bitter or anything that has too much peppe in it, the rash come out the more am filling hot inside the same on my skin, i feel pain on my chest and back any time anything that has gas in it what could be the cause and how can i treat it.
Avatar f tn So I was if family this weekend and we had dinner and I got a nasty stomach ache from gas so I went to the bathroom and wasnt able to to do anything but I let out a little gas then maybe an hour later we had desert and the same thing happened again but worse it made my stomach ache and gave me chest pain. It was horrible I don't think I have ever been in the much pain. I'm almost 11 weeks is that normal to have that much gas.
212633 tn?1277307127 hello ,you are very young and your symtom show that your chest constant pain or different may be cause by the heart artery disease ,although you have not the shortness of breath or any other symptoms,but your chest paint constant 4 years,my suggestion is that take a examination of the heart ,the chest test MRI or cardogram check are the best choices for you .It is the very important thing for you to go to the hospital,and see the heart expert doctor ,pay more attention to you health.
Avatar m tn well since then my stomach has been out of whack, the last yr i have lost 50 plus lbs i have chronic gas and pain when i eat i get these pains in my chest about 1 to 2 hrs after i eat there are sharp and suddle, i am on a bland diet i exercise reguarly also i ahve a problem with severe constipation at times unable to go for 5 -6 days at a time i ahve been told i have a ulcer and been put on nexium no antibiotics at all i get pains under my ribs on the right and left side i have no h-pylori and