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Avatar n tn What are the effects of cough medicine abuse? The effects of the abuse of cough medicines containing dextromethorphan vary with the amount taken. Common effects include confusion, dizziness, double or blurred vision, slurred speech, loss of physical coordination, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, rapid heart beat, drowsiness, numbness of fingers and toes, and disorientation.
Avatar n tn One of the main things is that EVERY medicine ( even over the counter ones) have a list of side effects. The problem is that most of them are not common and only occur in a small percentage of people who take the med. BUT... someone, somewhere is going to be part of that small percentage. Most people just do not consider that when they take a medicine. Everyone's body has a personal genetic "thumbprint".
Avatar f tn Is it possible to become addicted to over the counter medications? My 75 year old mother recently moved to my town so that I could help her financially, etc. I have become very concerned about the amount of excederine, prilosec, nasal spray, aleve, and other antacid medicines that she takes. She has a history of bleeding ulcers, she smokes about 2 packs of cigarettes a week, high blood pressure, and other ailments of old age. I didn't realize that she was taking so much of this medicine.
Avatar m tn Generic over-the-counter herbal remedies are less effective and have the potentila to interact with medications that you may be on. Your herbal medicine practitioner will also be able to give you lifestyle advice to try and get to the root of your anxiety and provide a holistic solution for you. I am a medical herbalist practicing in Dublin, go to: www.tammioflynn.com for more info.
Avatar f tn You know, I thought maybe that is what happened because I understand his Dad made a comment "be careful taking perscription or over the counter meds even if they are a low dose." It sounds like he mixed too many of those pills at one time even if it was a small dose too many is TOO MANY. I told my doctors-all of them that my body is VERY sensitive to medication. I went in for surgery where I just needed a "twilight" and that put me to sleep like I was actually put under.
Avatar m tn It continued off and on most of the day , and after dinner, while cleaning up, I tried to ignore what my body was telling me, but ended up slumped over the counter and it felt like there was an elephant on my chest. I was rushed to e.r. I had had a heart attack with a blockage in mid- LAD cleared and stented (the funny thing is that no one could tell me how I got a blockage when I do not have high cholesterol).
Avatar m tn WELCOME TO THE ANXIETY FORUM! Welcome everyone to the Anxiety Forum. This is the place to come if you have questions or concerns about anxiety/panic, related medications and their side effects and recovery. Some of our members have been living with anxiety and related disorders for years, while others are new to the waiting rooms of psychiatrists/therapists and the rainbow of medications available to treat our various conditions. Regardless of what brings you here, welcome!
Avatar f tn Shen Calmer, Heart Qi Tonic, or Heart Yin Tonic (Dr. Xie's Jing Tang Herbal Company), Calm (naturalpetrx.com). Dr. Xie's Jing Tang Herbal Formula's and Naturalpetrx formula's are available by prescription from your vet. Separation Anxiety Remedy and Bully Remedy (spiritessence.com), are available online from the spirit essence company without a prescription. A visit with a veterinary behaviorist may also help.
Avatar f tn I, too, am hyper-sensitive to prescription (and some over-the-counter) drugs. The only course of action I have found to be safe for me is to abstain (refrain from going to the doctor). There are only standard drugs at the standard dosages.
Avatar n tn I tried every over the counter lotion you could buy, from bag balm to the green bottle gold bond, nothing helped. Finally called the doctor and he put me on a steriod cream (Triamcinolon) and that really helped. I just quite wearing pants and wore my Utilikilts for 2 weeks solid.
1151955 tn?1262647133 For the Peple that have been on these type of medications' Will the Xanax help me better than the klonopin? I know they say the Klonopin works longer, but if the dosage i take dont work then really should I be taking these Xanax's? It's just been really tough these past few weeks. I have chest pain, Back pain, I feel like I'm having heart attacks and strokes, I know it's all in my head but how does one tell it's body that your okay, just deal with the symtoms.
Avatar dr m tn Many people with panic disorders can be treated either conservatively with therapy of stress control and relaxation methods, but many people end up being placed on an anti-anxiety medications. Any time I see patients in my practice with anxiety disorders, in almost every case, the person prefers not to sleep on his or her back. The reasons for this is that due to certain anatomic factors, if the person lays flat on his or her back, then due to gravity, the tongue falls back partially.
Avatar m tn The next day anxiety is worse because of the hangover, so you drink to get over that. But then if you want to quit, you also have terrible anxiety. After a few days sober, you are so anxious that drinking seems like the only solution, and so on. I think that making it past those first few vital days is really important. And I really think that guys like us will be able to do it, because we want to change so badly. St.
Avatar m tn She put me on an over the counter antihistamine (Claritin I think) for 3 weeks, and they went away. I suspect that if I'd started on them as soon as the hives started showing up, they would have been gone much sooner.
Avatar m tn I was placed on medication, dropped 25 pounds, went off and since then I'm at a good body weight, but still my stomach issues creep in. The medicine didn't work to help the issue so I've treated it with teas, over the counter medications and moving around my meals to avoid any sickness -- and pretty much avoided restaurants when possible. It is. The pits.
Avatar f tn Any medications given during your procedure are metabolized and gone from your system by now. I think that the panic attacks warrant a visit to the doctor. I think the cardiac and anxiety are 2 different issue?
Avatar f tn Paxiled, what are your feelings about the acid relieving over the counter meds like Tagamet? That has been very helpful for me. I find tomato or acid based foods do add to my difficulty and as I 'love' this type of food . . . I take my antacid prior to the meal. As I don't take the medication every day --- but when I feel a symptom starting or if I'm giving into my craving for red sauce. I've never had any issues with it not working?? Anyway, interesting things we can do with our diet.
Avatar n tn Doctors have had me on almost all the PPI meds at different levels and all the over the counter meds. Nothing seems to help. However....I do believe it is Acid Reflux...at times it goes into my arms and most of the time is present in my upper back and of course near my heart. They have endosoped my throat and that was clear and upper MRI was clear and all blood tests are cleared for liver and pancreas problems. They have also ran all the tests on my heart as well.
Avatar f tn The problem with ma huang, the Chinese name for the herb, is that teenagers were buying it over the counter and taking a bunch, dieters were abusing it, and drug dealers were using it to make methamphetamine. There was no problem with the herb itself, which is very mild. So you might as well ban Nyquil, and Xanax, which are also abused, and all painkillers, which are abused. If we make illegal everything that's abused, we won't have any medication left, natural or otherwise.
Avatar n tn or something else? How many drinks? Do you take any prescription meds or over-the-counter meds? If so, did you take any of them last night? Sorry so many questions, but it may help me find you an answer or point you in the right direction. Keep in mind, I don't know you and this is pretty anonymous, K?
Avatar m tn Decide to take a time out in life if that's what you gotta do to face it as hard as possible. Choose to counter the thoughts and the fears that lead you to become so convinced of things that are never true, reread that, in fact I'll reprint it in caps: THINGS THAT ARE NEVER TRUE!!!! You are doing this to yourself, and I know you don't mean to do it, but only you can stop it (perhaps along with meds though). Stop feeling the victim if that applies, don't coddle yourself.
Avatar n tn I am so serious i have never EVER taken any medicine to try and calm it cuz as everyone with anxiety knows its the fear of overdosing and or needing it to much. But if any of you have not tried Lucinda Bassitt I strongly recommend it because it DOES work believe it or not. I was to the point i would not get out of bed, my head would feel like it was constantly spinning i felt like something VERY terrible was going to happen out of nowhere. You all know what im saying.
Avatar m tn Some medications do cause bad side effects if taken with other medications. So even if you take over the counter medicines, tell your doctor or ask the pharmacist if it is OK to take with whatever you are already taking. Alcohol should also be avoided when taking certain medications. We all get floaters in our eyes and that is normal. If there are a lot or they appear as if you want to grab one, then you do need to get your blood checked out for any abnormality like anaemia.
6539069 tn?1383243807 As of now, I don't have any signs of hyperthyroidism, my thyroid is not enlarged and my eyes are back to normal again though it's not perfectly like before, it's just the anxiety attacks that I've been experiencing lately and the occasional fast heart beat and hyper acidic, it's really a nightmare for me.. guess, I will be taking all this medication for lifetime..
Avatar f tn No, it's not a good idea to take Benadryl on a long term bases to ward off an allergic reaction. Why? Our bodies can build an allergy greater than the Benadryl would counter-act over an extended period of time. One time is okay but that's about it. When we're allergic to a substance (antigen) our bodies often build more antibodies the longer we are exposed - so the reaction gradually becomes worse. Indeed this can include an anaphylactic reaction - which is often life threatening.
Avatar f tn I agree with turkee23, they are only giving you medications to sleep and not treating the real cause of the insomnia which is the anxiety. Once you start to treat the anxiety, the insomnia will resolve itself. I know you don't want to take any more pills but sometimes it is hard to do it without medication. So go to a psychologist who specializes in CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy, and see if those techniques work for you.
Avatar f tn You definitely need to ditch the stimulants! No coffee! No soda! Extra precautions with over-the-counter cold and flu medications! Any of those can and will send me into a panic attack in a matter of minutes. I made the stupid mistake of drinking half a cup of caffeinated coffee while visiting family several weekends ago and within a few minutes I was gripping my chair feeling like I needed to rush to the ER... stupid, stupid, stupid!
Avatar n tn I decided rather than taking the Effexor right away, I am going to see the psychiatrist of a friend who apparently will sit down with me and go over a list of all the possible medications I could take, the side effects of each one, the pros and cons, mechanism of action, everything. I'd feel much more comfortable doing that than just taking the first thing a primary care doctor who was filling in for my regular doctor prescribed. Thanks again to all of you for your advice and support!!!
Avatar m tn its from my Anxiety. I notice them the more anxious I get. Anxiety gives you the craziest symptoms and its different for every body.
Avatar n tn Okay , I can relate to all of you, this is surely nothing PSYCHOLOGICAL or in the mind or us causing this to happen,. this happens then we get aware of it. I am sure you are all sick of hearing "its nothing" or "youre fine" or "its just in your head" or "its anxiety" etc.. etc.. yes my bed pillow sheets all vibrate and visibly move too,.