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Avatar n tn 1. Best- try the anxiety video from it will work wonders.remember you can really control it...Acceptance really breaks the cycle. This is better than any pill out there! 2. SUN light - 30 min early morning + 1 hour rest of the day. 3. Do weight training and running. 4. Take Tryptophan - its available in Whey protein shakes (will naturally increase serotonin- the idea is to fight irrational fear or OCD by increasing serotonin naturally). 5.
Avatar f tn I do not call in sick often at all but I work for a financial company and we are going through a big audit this week, not the best time to probably call in sick. I have a lot of anxiety about calling in sick and I know if I feel the same tomorrow, I am going to have to call in sick again. I also have really bad anxiety about losing weight, I am 5'8 but only weigh 106 pounds. When I get anxiety I tend to throw up, so today I have been throwing up.
Avatar n tn I went to see a doctor who told me that it was glandular fever. After taking medicine it cleared up. But the nervousness and anxiety stayed there. I went to the local health department and tested at 2,5,9,and 14 weeks and all the tests came back negative. But evertime I search the internet for symptoms I find more. I tried calling CDC but they told me to test at 6 months. It was like hell waiting for the 3 month test. Do u think that my test results where conclusive at 3 months?
Avatar n tn Xanex is vey good for anxiety but is habit forming so short term use is the best. Intense anxiety is terrible I Know but I found that Xanex provided it is not overused provides some good short term relief. Like a pain killer.
Avatar m tn I could wish you the best or tell everyone general things about the anxiety issues we are going through. First of all, I want you, everyone, to be happy, to gain concious of your mind and body,and have a very honest friend. I go through the same symtoms. my hart begins beating faster, my hands start shaking, and my mind functions does not function properly. This happens only when i come across a group of people or general public, specially when i am been notice.
Avatar n tn 5 mg, Effexor XR 150 mg, Buspirone HCL 15 mg, Lamictal 100 mg, Provigil 200 mg, Bisoprolol/HCT/z 10/6 .25 tab, Celebrex 200 mg, Spiriva, Lisinopril 10 mg and , Metanx and he's still depressed and anxious. He meditates every day but has not seen a therapist. Could the combination of all these meds be making him worse? Is a second opinion advisable? Thank you.
Avatar n tn Except I still had other problems but the drepression and anxiety went away and I went off the medicine. I will tell you that I was still pretty messed up. My husband divorced me and to this day has never told me why. He just up and left and served me with papers and so I moved back to Colorado and lived with my mom and 3 kids.
Avatar f tn HIV, non reactive (ELISA test through Labcorp) RPR non reactive Hep panel negative HSV 1 positive (cold sores) HSV 2 negative chlamydia negative ghonorreah negative Pap smear was normal Symptoms starting around 6-8 weeks post exposure including immense anxiety I have never had before in my life! I am a healthy person and have not been sick since October 2009. SYMPTOMS: I had a small flesh colored bump appear on my right buttock about 3 inches away from anus.
Avatar n tn Then I suggest you make an appointment with a pschiatrist since they are the best trained to deal with anxiety disorders. They can help you get back to normal as quickly as possible. Let us know how you make out.
480448 tn?1426952138 ONE important thing to remember that I learned, and have never forgotten is that these two effects CANNOT exist without anxiety.....but that anxiety can exist without these sensations. Derealization is basically a change, an alteration in the PERCEPTION or experience of the external other words...everything LOOKS very strange, very "unreal" (movie like, in my experiences). Depersonalization is a subjective experience of unreality of one's self. So the difference is...
808293 tn?1238605783 Hi -- thought I'd throw my 2 cents in too -- I completely understand what you're going through! Like so many of us who suffer from anxiety, it's in my genes and I've always been a worrier -- an excessive worrier, really.
Avatar f tn I used to take Ativan, which is a little longer lasting than Xanax. But its in the same group of Z drugs called benzodiazapines. Xanax and or Ativan, made me feel like putting on my nice warm Christmas Jammies, and snuggling up on the couch and watching a good movie. You just feel Calm and Relaxed. :) However, in my experience, I got physically dependent on them. I later found out, 4 years later, by another Dr.
Avatar f tn Secondly it is likely that you have gotten yourself so worked up over the fact that the z-pack may cause palpitations that your anxiety is causing a majority of the symptoms. Illness, and lethargy are MAJOR contributors to our arhythmias and you add in the hormonal fluxuations you are going through right now and things become that much more complex. You said yourself that you were terrified of the Zithromax prior to ever taking it.
Avatar n tn My grandaughter (Z) will be 4 in Dec. Mom & Dad have lived together off and on.Mom(L)has commitment issuses & finally asked my son(J)to marry her 5/04. Mom(L) sleeps with Z most every night(and has for a very long time), and rarely with dad(J). L has seen a psycologist a few times (under pressure & not on regular basis) for anxiety & ?? marriage, & J has attended with her twice, at her request.
Avatar n tn Dear Physicans at Cleveland, During a cardiac catherization one major blockage of 90 to 95 per cent was found in the LAD and two less significant blockages were found on the right side(one of 25 per cent and one of 30 per cent). In your opinion what would be the best course of action (angioplasty or bypass surgery) to correct the blockage in the LAD? What are the pros and cons of both of these procedures as related to this situation?
Avatar m tn I have been suffering from stress and anxiety for the past 30 yrs. I have tried therapy, bio-feedback and antidpressants. The first time that I took an antidepressant my throat closed up, my tongue swelled, my muscles ached, my blood pressure dropped, my eyes felt like they were going to explode along with other side effects. Over the years my doctor tried every antidepressant from A to Z all with the same reactions.
Avatar f tn After a trip to the ER, it was assumed that I had an alergic reaction to the medicine. I stopped taking the medicine after only 3 weeks and needless to say, I am still breaking out in hives and have joint pain. I have been tested for allergies and that was negative. I have had bloodwork done and it was negative. Just wondering if anyone else was experiencing same symptoms. I am going insane trying to deal with this!
Avatar n tn and about two weeks ago i was diagnosed with a sinus infection and was given a Z-pack and then 10 days of Levaquin 500 mg because the z-pack didn't clear up the infection. So had the following follow up questions: 1. would the medicine i took clear up NGU or any other bacterial STD's the test missed? 2. Also i am still getting tingling on the head of my penis and slight penis pain. My family doctor believes it could be prostatitis or CPPS and we have talked about that.
Avatar f tn I went back to my family doctor and she perscribed me a Z-Pack and an inhaler. That was the best I had felt in 2 months! But the Z-Pack only lasted for 5 days, so it wasn't long until I was back to feeling bad. My sister was feeling my back one day after I had been complaining of pain and she said something felt out of place, so i went to the chiropractor. After getting my back and neck realined, the preasure went away!
544292 tn?1268886268 Accident was in 2000, two years of taking almost nothing but doing lots of alternative medicine. Then I slowly worked thru the opiates until my Doctors got "opiate-freaked," and put me on the 'Oh So Safe Tramadol. ' There was a second accident (Do you think I should take that bumper sticker off my car that says "REAREND ME PLEASE!" ...) about 9 months ago? That didn't help. Both times. dead stopped and rear ended. I tend to forget about Accident #2. Probably the concussion.
Avatar f tn I went back to my family doctor and she perscribed me a Z-Pack and an inhaler. That was the best I had felt in 2 months! But the Z-Pack only lasted for 5 days, so it wasn't long until I was back to feeling bad. My sister was feeling my back one day after I had been complaining of pain and she said something felt out of place, so i went to the chiropractor. After getting my back and neck realined, the preasure went away!
Avatar n tn has continued throughout the years I have taken the Xanax. I have been on Paxal, Zoloft, Cymbalta, Effexor, Zantrax?(something with a Z low dose 10mg) , Klonopin, Wellbutrin, and last but not least, Lithium. (Although I could not afford the blood work so I dropped lithium in 2 days) I am sure I have been on more meds, I just can't think of all the names now. Here is my problem. I desperatly want to stop taking Xanax. I know that I am addicted to it.
Avatar m tn I went to see a doctor and he gave me a single dose of Z-pack and 2 weeks worth of doxycycline. I then took blood and urine tests 10 days after the day i had oral sex. I am still waiting for the results. After 4 days of doxycycline, i noticed having diarrhea often and my urine was getting a little bit cloudy.
Avatar f tn Yep, tremors! I have been on my laptop a lot lately so I noticed it a few days ago, but it may have been going on this whole time for all I know. They aren't interfering with my daily life, though, so that's at least good. I was supposed to start off on 10 mg of Lexapro, but the pharmacy screwed up the order and gave me 20 mg.
544292 tn?1268886268 Last night I was alone in the house and steadily starting to believe I had a cold in the nose starting. Got rapidly worse. Searched for the Z-Pac, found the Z-Pac. Took the first dose. Woke up this morning thinking OMG I am so tired. But I didn't feel the "I feel like crawling in a hole and dying" thing. Progress!! Got to work, assistant took one look at me and said, "You have to go home." LOL!! Yeah. Looking GOOD! I sound like a snuffle monster.
544292 tn?1268886268 I have everything I need. VICKS. Steamers, liquid Vicks. Z-Pac. This morning I woke up and could barely speak. Now I can speak very softly; but not yell. LOL. Which is sad. I also cough and sound exactly like a barking dog. Which freaks out the cats! However. No back pain. Very little leg pain. DO you understand I have had pain since 2000? And getting so much worse in this last year I was sure I was on the way to the knife!? Which would have been a disaster!
Avatar f tn One of my major anxieties is taking medicine because that's why I almost died when I was pregnant the dr gave me the wrong medicine and I had a bad reaction to it. I am tired of feeling crazy and having the anxiety I need to be well for my children and enjoy life more. Can anyone help give me strength to either take the meds or tell me some natural remedies I can try that will help me.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am 45 years old male. I had a series of depressive symptoms from the end of 2008. My doctor said it is in the mild to modest range. First I tended to "snap'" out without medicine. In January I gave in and decided to start my medicine. In the last 8 weeks, I am using Prozac 20 mg per day. The result is very puzzling.