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Avatar n tn Hi there, I am searching for a second opinion. We have two adult female guinea pigs who live happily together. One is just two and the other we aren't sure about (adopted her from the local shelter) but she could be as old as 3 I would think from the state of her when we got her. Our vet at their yearly exam the other day brought forth the idea of a preventative spay. More specifically for the younger one as her body shape is VERY pear like and Very fatty in the rump area.
Avatar n tn I live with my husband two children (8 and 5), six ex-battery hens, cats and guinea pigs, amongst beautiful tall and numerous eucalyptus trees that sometimes have koalas in them. Indeed, I even see a few kangaroos around and also some echidnas now and then (similar to your porcupine/ant eater). Even though it is only about 1/2 hour drive to Melbourne (large city), we feel blessed to live in such wonderful surrounds and as I am a true nature/animal lover I am in my element here.
Avatar f tn I have never sued anyone and didn't even sue the doctor that removed my appendix when there was nothing wrong with it (actually caused by burst ovarian cysts) and didn't even think to see what was wrong when he was in there and saw my appendix was fine (this by the way caused more problems with the endo and scar tissue from the surgery). I generally oppose many of the lawsuits out there as much of America is sue happy, but I think the makers of Ortho Evra really screwed this one up!
Avatar f tn How come nobody responded in all of this time? I want to know if 600 mg of Ibuprofen is going to be strong enough for the endometrial biopsy I'm having July 8. I have read too many women on health boards including this one who even took 800 mg of Ibuprofen and they said it was still very painful some still said it was the most painful test they ever had.
Avatar n tn 2 breast fibroadenomas, fibroids, ovarian cysts, endocervical thickening and cervical cysts. I'm seeing my gynecologist soon to determine, what I believe, if Depo is the cause for all these problems. I also developed osteoarthritis and chrondomalacia in both my knees. If Depo use could cause osteoporosis, could it also have caused these problems as well?
Avatar n tn My ovaries got an ultrasound, but didn't show cysts. My bladder was also checked and nothing was found. My blood test showed normal hormone levels, except for my FSH which was high. By 36, I was completely through menopause even though all the other women in my family (3 sisters, mother, aunt, 4 female cousins) were fertile through their 40s and had periods through their 50s. I am now 42 and going through another fast weight game right now - 2 lbs a day.
Avatar f tn , breast pain, and even hemorraghic ovarian cysts before I knew I had Lyme. Both my GP and my LLMD told me to stay off hormones until I was well. (Note: You DON'T want to get pregnant right now. Lyme and Bartonella are often transferred to the fetus and treatment of congenital Lyme can be long, difficult, and costly.) The MRI isn't very useful for Lyme. Personally, I think you have too many non-MS symptoms for you to suffer through another MRI looking for signs of MS.
Avatar n tn Or cystic acne being a big deal, but it is. Or the ovarian cysts I now have, But they are. and they hurt like h.ell. How would you like your hair falling out in clumps ? I dont think you would. How about having memory blackouts ? Not a good thing. How about not wanting sex ? My DH didnt like that aspect. How about finally having it and it being painful ? That wasnt good for me. Would you go on a birth control if you KNEW they were known side effects ?? I think not.
Avatar n tn it seems like the ladies with problems - cysts, endometriosis, etc. - seem to have problems with the procedure. I started taking Seasonique 9 weeks ago.....I have been bleeding/spotting/gushing for 5 weeks. In all of my years, I have never actually soiled myself, but guess what.....yeah, I was in a social situation, and a huge gush and I was wearing light pants....I won't be returning to that social group any time soon....I am so disappointed I can't even elaborate here in words....
Avatar n tn About two weeks ago I went to my gynocologist and they did a urine pregnancy test, which came out negative, they did a vaginal ultrasound, and said there were no cysts or polyps on my uterus or ovaries. I requested a blood test to check my hormone levels to rule out possible menopause (I'm 42 and my husband and I have been trying to conceive for 2 years). I got my results back last week and the doctor said all my hormone levels were PERFECT and that I am nowhere close to menopause yet.
Avatar n tn We told my family today and they were happy. It has been such a rocky year with the loss of my mom. (ovarian cancer) It's nice to be able to share some happy news with everyone. Well I'm going to look at craigslist for baby things. We got rid of everything. It is fun to buy new things:) Good luck to everyone else.
Avatar n tn I don't have high FSH which would generally make it simpler to understand why I have a diminished ovarian reserve, but I have high E2 levels which artifically supress my FSH. I was also adviced to take DHEA for 16 weeks in the hopes that it will improve my egg quality. But I have no clue where to begin, where to buy DHEA supplements and what kind to use?
Avatar n tn The forst one said maybe its a side effect from stopping the pill, and the second did bloodwork and urinalysis and all was normal. Tomorrow Im scheduled for an ultrasound of my lower abdomen to check for ovarian cysts. I am scared. ALso experiencing gassiness and bloated feelings. Please, has anyone had this? Do you think its going off the pill, and if so how long til I am back to normal again? Or does it sound more like cysts?
1647691 tn?1363727302 Just got the call that my estrogen level is 160 and it should be 100 or below to start bcp. Also, I have cysts that needs to go down before starting the August/Sept cycles. I am going to remain calm and put everything in the Lord's hands.