Ovarian cysts and trying to conceive

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Avatar f tn I stopped taking the birth control pills because I was trying to get pregnant. Now each month my period gets later and later. I have heard that Geritol helps but I am not for sure. I don't have that type of money to go get help. What do I need to do?
9603437 tn?1404789671 thanks! I had a lot of problems with ovarian cysts and PCOS so I really needed to know how that would effect my chances too. I appreciate you sharing?
Avatar n tn please help,, I'm trying to think if taking birth control pill for a few months and stop will help me conceive..
Avatar n tn We are ttc and I have PCOS. The months I have cysts he prescribes bcp to get rid of them. When I'm all clear the following month or two we start trying again. The docs don't want to give you meds to stimulate follicular growth because it could wind up being a surgery resulting in a loss of an ovary. But that's only when your taking stuff like clomid and the injectable fertility meds.
Avatar n tn But today it's not that simple. There are many people trying to conceive and can not. They resort to others ways then the normal way, like invetro. not saying that you would have to turn that way. Basically you are young and you need to go to the doctor along with your partner to see if you and your partner are able to have kids the way god intended. Remember sometimes it can be the man that's not able to produce.
Avatar n tn I also recently was diagnosed through sonogram with 2 (simple) ovarian cysts. Recently I went back on 10/05 and had a follow up sonogram. The doctor said my cysts had gone down a lot and were very small and looked fine, but that my unterine lining was REALLY thick. She wanted to know if I was trying to get pregnant, she is not the doctor I normally see so she was not sure. I told her I was so she thought that could be why my lining was so thick.
362408 tn?1236444681 Im feeling much better now even though i wont ever forget my M/C i just keep telling myself that im trying to hard and that i should relax and chill out and let nature take its course as they say!
Avatar f tn I'm pregnant with my first and 6 weeks along. Due to an irregular cycle my doctor sent me along for a dating scan yesterday. During the scan they found two cysts on my right ovary measuring around 5cm... she didnt seem too worried but my doctor has since called to ask me to come and see her regarding the scans.. I do get a bit of occasional pain on my right hand side from time to time but nothing too serious.
Avatar n tn Its been a crazy road but we are in love and weren't trying to conceive but we would truly consider this a blessing.
Avatar n tn my husband and I have been trying to conceive since january, my obgyn started me on clomid 50mg back in may, my blood work showed a slightly higher number for my ovulation and put me back on clomid @ 100mg ,after blood work my ovulation number had gone down, so he put me back on clomid for 150mg , blood work showed my ovulation had gone up to 17. something.
Avatar f tn I have had one full term child and my husband and I have been trying the last 2 and a half years to conceive. I was diagnosed when I was 18 with pcosand toktold then I would probably not have kids. I have had pregnancies but so far only one full term. I took metformin about a year ago go pregnant but lost it at 12 weeks. We are planning on trying clomid this spring. Just know it's possible to have a baby just stick with it and stay as positive as you can. The end result is worth the fight!
356929 tn?1246393356 Was also told that I have mild hypoglycemia. So this makes perfect sense to me that the ovarian cysts and the thyroid nodules are connected. I don't want to think that my body is just falling apart - I'm only 36!! Though lately I feel more like 96!
Avatar f tn I have had ovarian cysts and fibroids when I was a teen and have always had painful periods and irregular periods. I even experienced a cyst bursting one time. I sched an appointment with my obgyn. I am pretty routine with my visits and have changed my dr since then and she has only mentioned that things are fine. No cysts or anything unusual. Thanks for the input.
670722 tn?1225772191 i was just 17 and i ended up in the hospital because i got really sick and i had really bad pains and they didn't knwo whwy and then they found i had cysts. now over a year later i have been getting seriously extreme pains and they are ridiculous like i have to find a positioin usually laying down straddling something to make it stop and they go from 1 minute to 3 to 4 hours . could they have grown or progressed into smething else or more serious.????? should i worry ??? i have no kids yet ...
Avatar f tn I have been trying to conceive for 2 mths. Started birth control in December and stopped at the end of January Last month I tried preseed and had the weirdest period ever and thought for sure I was pregnant. Unfortunately I am still getting that BFN. I am actually quite disappointed and wondering if I will ever have any kids. I am also overweight and I had a cone biopsy back in September 05, not sure if this has anything to do with it but still not pregnant yet.
Avatar f tn I wouldn't try the IVF so soon, even though you're 36 that's pretty young for trying to conceive. You're probably right with attempting IUI first and see how you respond to ovarian stimulating drugs. They can test you also for your ovarian reserve. If ovarian reserve isn't great than maybe the IVF...ask about clomid challenge test and/or anti-mullerian (sp?) hormone (this one's better) to test your ovarian reserve. Godd luck to you. I don't think IVF is quite that urgent at 36.
Avatar f tn I breastfed and never had a problem before I had my daugter and now I have cysts, and pain w/them and they are still trying to figure out exactly whats going on, we did try for a little while also and didnt get preg. like we did the first time which was right away! Maybe that's why I have cysts now~I had no idea! thanks haha!
Avatar n tn I was just recently dx: w/bilateral ovarian cysts...left side 2.0 cm and 2.5 cm on right. I just turned 30 and have been on bith control for 5 years. I was also dx: Intercystial Cystitis (IC) a little over a year ago and taking ELMIRON. I had several GI tests before a CT scan was done revealing the two cysts. I had left lower abdominal and flank pain for about 2weeks measuring 4/10 for pain before resently resolving.
Avatar n tn Best wishes trying to conceive, it's tricky, but very possible. My husband and I finally adopted our beautiful son after trying for over 8 years of surgeries, treatments and many rounds of IVF. God bless you!
Avatar n tn My gyn suggested that I have surgery to remove the fluid in my abdomen and remove the 2 cysts that she saw during my next exam (both still around 4 cm). I had the surgery Sept. 13 and started birth control that Sunday to hopefully prevent any other cysts from forming. I had ANOTHER stupid rupture a couple of days before the surgery, so she only had to drain one. The surgery went well and she was able to clean out most of the fluid while she was in there.
Avatar n tn Also, if anyone has had an ovarian cysts and had a Laparoscopy done to diagnose and treat the problem and was fine and able to conceive afterwards? I'd appreciate any personal opinions and stories on this. Thanks.
Avatar f tn 5cm cyst that torsioned and have had two cysts surgically removed since (age 13, 15) and I have another cyst growing (I'm now 20) It's 5cms long and my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 14 months, no luck. My cycle is regular, period is regular, hormones seem to be fine, husbands swimmers are great! I'm worried scar tissue has damaged the ovary in some way and I will be infertile. Has anyone had multiple surgeries and conceived naturally?
Avatar f tn In July, I went to the ER and found that I had ovarian torsion due to a 12cm cyst on my right ovary. I am 29 and had been visiting doctors for over a year (and symptoms for over 2 years) about abdominal pain that was diagnosed as IBS. Imaging also revealed that there were 3 total cysts, two on the right and one on the left. I had a laparotomy that same day to have them all removed. They were all dermoid cysts and I still have both of my ovaries. My recovery was much slower than normal. At 4.
609745 tn?1223401677 You have come to the right place and are going to the right place. We would have recommended you to go a gyn/onc. They are the most trained in this area and it is a good thing they will be doing your surgery. This doesn't mean you have cancer. Remember that over 95% of all cysts are benign. There is some very good information on types of cysts and their symptoms on the health pages (top right). Have they given you anything for pain? Don't be afraid to ask.
1188823 tn?1265137057 Hi! There is no harm in waiting presuming that the cyst has not increased in size since the last check up. It is VERY common for young women to have cysts of this type, and very RARE for them to be "serious", so I often advise them to wait up to 3-4 months to have surgery. ESPECIALLY if you don't have children yet, because surgery can lead to the formation of scar tissue which can reduce fertility.
Avatar f tn Hi I've been told I have a cyst on my ovary to which I'm having a follow up scan soon to have it looked at again however we've been trying to conceive. My period is now 8 days late and I've been having lots of tugging and aching pains around my ovaries but all the test have been negative could the cysts affect this or do I just face to the fact it's negative?
1023997 tn?1251925766 I had ovarian cysts in my late 20's and while I was trying to conceive. My first surgery the doctor was able to remove the cysts withouth damaging my ovaries. The cysts came back on both ovaries. Had another surgery and had my entire right ovary removed. Amazingly, I became pregnant 6 months after surgery with just one ovary without trying or doing anything special. It had been 8 years of infertility. I then got preganant again while breast feeding and had another child 16 months apart...
Avatar n tn When I had my cyst removed, I was told it would not affect my fertility, so it shouldn't. Mine was in my right ovary and they were able to keep my ovary intact; however, they told me that even if they had had to remove it, my fertility would still be the same.
Avatar f tn Hi Shelly, Thank you for your post. I failed to mention that I'm not trying to conceive. I have to 2 children. I was on the pill for 15 years (from 18 years old until I conceived my first child), which I believe prevented the growth of endometriosis. I got pregnant right after getting off the pill. I think because the endometriosis didn't have time to take over is the reason I got pregnant so easily each time (my pregnancies were back to back essentially).