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Avatar n tn I would like to reiterate that while I understand an MRI is a much more high quality image, no abnormalities were seen on any x-ray immediately subsequent trauma. Technique - Multiple pulse MRI sequences were performed in multiple planes through the cervical spine without administration of intravenous contrast. Findings - There is no evidence of acute fracture, subluxation, or dislocation. The vertebral body heights, intervertebral spaces and alignment of the spine are maintained.
Avatar f tn I recently went to my PCP to find out if I had Hypothyroid disease, and got alot more than I bargained for. I was just diagnosed (via x-ray) with osteoarthritis in my large toe (left foot). I have had two surgeries on that foot (for a bunion) back in the 1980's. The joint in my toe has been swollen and it's very painful to walk. I also got what the doctor termed as a positive result for an ANA test. All he said was that the sedimentation rate was something like 1:300 - what does that mean?
1091980 tn?1295545031 As she has said nothing to me I presume these are all negative. Apart from my thumb which is grade 2 osteoarthritis. (x ray 6 months ago-no obvious sign of arthritis) the aching elsewhere went away. However I have noticed that my other thumb is beginning to ache slightly. I put this down to using this instead of the injured hand. I have noticed that my knees are making strange noises, like squeeking, especially climbing stairs. My questiond are- Does osteoarthritis affects several areas?
Avatar m tn Bone spurs usually do not cause signs or symptoms and are often an incidental finding from an x-ray for another condition. They can also be part of the aging process. If they are symptomatic, they can cause pain in the joints or loss of motion in the joints. As mentioned from the other post, cervical bone spurs can protrude inward and may lead to difficulty in swallowing or breathing and even restrict blood flow to the brain. Bone spurs can be managed with medication or surgery.
Avatar n tn It hurts to stand on my toes (which also makes it painful to drive my stick shift), and I'm generally in pain after a full day of teaching. I had an x-ray the doc said it was clear. I also had a bone scan and the doc said it looked okay. She suggested the possibility of osteoarthritis. My question is, do I believe her diagnosis or is there some other explanation for the bone pain?
Avatar f tn All the other levels as well as thyroid, hydration and others are within normal range, although some are borderline! I have severe lower back pain (diagnosed with x-ray as degenerative joint and osteoarthritis), pain at the tips of my ribs, headaches, very fatigued, insomnia (now on Ambien and still tired!!), having trouble with constipation and nausea and I have lost 15+ pounds in about 2-3 months. Any ideas at all or where I should go from here.
Avatar f tn You would need to go to the nearest orthopedician and take an appointment. Before that go for X-ray and diagnose if you have any osteoarthritis or cartilage wasting for which you want to take synvisc injections It cannot be useful in all types of joint pains and synvisc is not a pain killer it will help to alleviate the pain in some cases of partial cartilage loss and it consists of hyaluronate. Take care!
Avatar f tn After obtaining a chest X-ray (due to repeat respiratory illiness), it was noted on the report "small osteophytes noted along the spine. Mild degenerative change of the spine". I am wondering if at my age (38), this is normal or is this something I need to look into. I have had increased back pain (on and off) in the chest area and lumbar area over the past year with numbness in my foot.
Avatar m tn I was also thinking about what diagnostic test they used for osteoarthritis. I was reading a site I rely on and it's tricky to diagnose with an x-ray and may require a test of the fluid in your joints. I would insist on this additional test or at least ask why he won't do it (cost perhaps?) It may be because of your young age, perhaps he hasn't seen young people with arthritis? http://www.umm.edu/patiented/articles/what_tests_will_confirm_diagnosis_of_osteoarthritis_000035_6.
415600 tn?1212446371 of the spine has occurred over time. Schmorl's nodes are a helpful x-ray finding as an indicator of degenerative process that may be affecting a patient's spine. you do not have stenosis....which is a good thing. ......spinal stenosis is a narrowing of your spine. In a more detailed explanation, spinal stenosis is when the channels that your spinal cord and nerve roots travel through become narrower-so narrow that your spinal cord and nerve roots get squeezed.
1116556 tn?1345119506 Thank you for your response! I have had an X-ray, but not the other tests you mention. I thought there should be more to the dx itself, so this makes sense. Thanks.
Avatar f tn 5 months ago I had a sudden onset of pain in my upper arms and thighs, generating into my hips and buttocks. I have had an x-ray which showed no degeneration of my hips, varying blood tests which showed raised crp level of 16 which have now reduced to 8 but no abnormality in esr test. I have a b12 deficiency and am now being tested for Intrinsic Factor Antibody - no results yet with a view to pernicious anaemia although I don't think that this would be responsible for my pains.
Avatar n tn Was there previous trauma on your back? Its good that your blood and urine tests are normal. Have you considered lumbar x-ray (of your back) to rule out pathology in your muscles or bones? In acute cases, the structures damaged will more than likely be soft tissue like muscles, ligaments and tendons. With a serious accident, osteoporosis or other causes of weakened vertebral bones, vertebral fractures in the lumbar spine may also occur.
Avatar n tn My hip's and knee arthritis showed up on an x-ray as that was the only testing that I had on these area's. Also I have extreme episodes of the swelling and pain and after a couple of weeks it will get somewhat better. But I believe that my meds also help in that area as I take anti-inflammatory's and Omega-3. I don't see as to how it would make a difference during his test whether he is having his problems during it. If he is inflamed more during the episode, this will also show up on the mri.
Avatar f tn I recommend you get a referral to a well-rated oral and maxillofacial specialist who specializes in TMJ- hopefully they will order an MRI to check on the discs as well as a panorex of your joints (x-ray) if they think it's more than inflammation and causing the difficulty w/opening (which is likely with your jaw popping in and out of place).
1388332 tn?1285350047 Since your pain is increasing I think you need some imaging studies like x-ray or MRI to determine a diagnosis. I've got osteoarthritis in my hips and it is a BEAR when the weather changes. I was a ballet dancer and like you, very flexible. That flexibility means we have long ligaments and tendons, which also means we have weak joints. The bones take on more of the job of supporting our bodies than soft muscle, tendon and ligaments do.
Avatar n tn Could kyphosis cause weding or is it a consequence of wedging? Also, according to the results of the x-ray, is the pain justified....i.e. spurring, etc.... I would greatly appreciate a response. I am very worried.
476834 tn?1228402309 Hi Ray, we haven't met yet as I've been a little hit and miss on here lately. I am undiagnosed myself right now so I know how you are feeling. It is nerve racking to say the least. You'll do fine on Monday. Make sure you take a time line as it can be helpful in that even if the Neuro does not read it himself, you can always use it for yourself to help remember things that have happened. If you are anything like me, I find that I become brain dead when speaking to them.
Avatar f tn Your first step should be to consult your PCP and request an x-ray. That can provide a look at possible structure problems. You may require more than a x-ray but it's a starting point. I don't know a thing about you or your medical background so I'm cautious to suggest OTC (Over the Counter) NSAIDs (Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs). However your Pharmacist should be able to direct you to one that would be best for you.
Avatar n tn Hello - thanks for asking your question. The diagnosis of sacroiliitis is based on both the physical exam and X-ray studies. Conditions that can predispose patients to sacroiliitis include trauma, pregnancy, infections of the skin, osteomyelitis, urinary tract infection, endocarditis and drug addition. Fever, pain, and decreased range of motion in the sacroiliac joint are the most common symptoms.
900459 tn?1304996859 However I would want to rule out other causes before I jumped to the conclusion that your pain is caused by arthritis. An x-ray is a good starting point but there are other imaging that will provide your physician with a more detailed picture, such as an MRI. Because you have a history of spinal structure problems I would not to be assured that this pain is not related to a thoracic or cervical spine problem. Again imaging can rule those conditions in or out.
Avatar f tn The other thing that I'm confused about is the MRI doesn't say anything about the lower levels and the MRI actually states a 'new' area where my pain isn't - my pain is lower by my levels in the X-ray. The X-ray actually correlates more with my symptoms and area of pain than the MRI, though another different radiologist looked at the MRI. Strange how it don't correlate with my pain though.
Avatar m tn I'm very worried that my joints are simply wearing away. I haven't had an x-ray in several months, so I thinking about asking my current doctor to check specific joints. I saw a nutritionalist who did bloodwork to check for food intolerances. My results came back saying I needed to stay away from about 26 different foods including gluten, eggs, dairy, tomatoes among many others). I've done my best to follow that advice.
Avatar f tn I had broken that leg as a teenager so I assumed it was scar tissue appearing on my x-ray, but the rheumy sent me for an MRI just in case. However, my bloodwork is a whole 'nother kettle of fish. ACE 87 (high) RNP antibodies 4.5 high ANA Direct: positive abnormal Aldolase 9.3 High Parvovirus B19 IgG 5.8 high Note: My mother has RA. I have hypothyroidism which I've been treating with synthroid for the last 25 years and I've also been on antianxiety meds for 25 years.
Avatar f tn Below are what my results reports say for my MRI and X-ray of my lower back and pelvis. MRI of lower spine/sacrum: There is disc degeneration at L2/L3 level with a Schmorl's node and annular bulging. The degeneration would appear to be Grade 3. The remaining discs appear normal. There is no evidence of facet osteoarthritis. The sacroiliac joints are normal. There is no evidence of nerve root compression and all foramina are normal. The conus is normal.
500238 tn?1255134814 This makes it difficult to walk for any length of time unless I want to deal with the pain which I usually can deal with if I feel like it but it's not fun. Pseudogout is suggested when abnormal calcifications are seen in the cartilage of joints on x-ray testing. These calcifications are referred to as chondrocalcinosis.
1280306 tn?1271271386 I just found your post regarding your issues - which are pretty much identical to my own. The progression you've experienced follows my own going on 2+ years. What I and doctor have thought was adult onset of extreme allergies causing continual sinus pressure (for the first year), with symptoms expanding and intensifying, with sudden severe loss of vision in right eye (my only working eye), she ordered brain MRI, carotid artery test, sinus x-ray, autoimmune blood tests.
Avatar f tn My GP did a quick examination and decided that my pain was coming from my hips and due to my history of being born with 'click hips' ordered an x-Ray. Days later my hip scans revealed NOTHING but I had developed pain in my wrists. Dr then suggested it may be some sort of Arthritis and sent me to a Rheumatologist with possible 'osteoarthritis'.
Avatar f tn Hey Gzsimo. As I mentioned in a previous reply, AOR has a nano-available Boswellia supplement which I believe is more efficient. It costs a bit more and you may have to order it online if you can't get it locally. If cost is a factor, MSM powder is fairly inexpensive and with a broader therapeutic potential. Botwellia on the other hand has a direct action on inflammatory chemicals like TNFa and Leukotrienes.