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Avatar m tn This is following a motorcycle accident five years ago which resulted in a comminuted fracture of the tibia which was treated using an external fixator and internal screws. The x-ray shows the initial signs of joint space narrowing anteriorally medially. The range of motion in the joint is *almost* normal and there is no stiffness or problems in that regard, at the moment I simply experience mild pain/discomfort with activity.
Avatar f tn I have seen many doctors, but I can't seem to find someone who will really give me the time to look at the whole picture. Two years ago they said that it was plantar fasciitis(normal x-Ray but MRI showed some mild plantar fasciitis, had shots and months of PT and Home stretching and icing. Months later I went to another doctor who did another xray and on scan that showed fractures in both calcaneus .
Avatar n tn It hurts to stand on my toes (which also makes it painful to drive my stick shift), and I'm generally in pain after a full day of teaching. I had an x-ray the doc said it was clear. I also had a bone scan and the doc said it looked okay. She suggested the possibility of osteoarthritis. My question is, do I believe her diagnosis or is there some other explanation for the bone pain?
Avatar f tn I recently went to my PCP to find out if I had Hypothyroid disease, and got alot more than I bargained for. I was just diagnosed (via x-ray) with osteoarthritis in my large toe (left foot). I have had two surgeries on that foot (for a bunion) back in the 1980's. The joint in my toe has been swollen and it's very painful to walk. I also got what the doctor termed as a positive result for an ANA test. All he said was that the sedimentation rate was something like 1:300 - what does that mean?
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with high risk osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. I am wondering if I could have fractured the metatarsals(if thats what they are in the foot) or can it be arthritis causing this burning terrible pain. Some days I can barely walk. I can't find any shoes that don't hurt. I would appreciate any ideas here. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Diagnosis is done by x-ray and MRI of the joints.Treatment includes rest,reduction of weight,non steroidal anti inflammatory pain killers like ibuprofen, local injections of glucocorticoid or hyaluronan, and in severe cases, with joint replacement surgery. I feel that a rheumatologist’s consultation will be the best. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar m tn Otherwise the exact cause can be found out only after x-ray or blood tests.Pls consult an orthopedician or rheumatologist for that. Hope it helps.Take care and regards.
572651 tn?1531002957 I didn't realize I'd done it, at first, but after a week or so of moderate pain, I had it looked at. Yup, x-ray showed the tiny fracture. Didn't need a brace or anything, but they made me come back over and over for subsequent x-rays till it finally healed completely. They said extremities take longer to heal because blood flow is less. I'm not sure if this is valid. Anyone know? Lu, here's hoping yours heals fast.
1084398 tn?1277308410 I don't fit in either category. He told me from the x-ray, the angle from the ankle to the bottom of foot should be 15 degrees. I'm not sure I understood what he was saying exactly. Then he said, in both of my feet, the angles were 33 degrees and 31 degrees. He said I am over double what the angle is and asked if I had knee pain. I've been in PT for my knees since high school off and on for the last 19 years. He said without a proper orthodic in both feet, they will never feel better.
Avatar m tn He should go for testing his blood uric acid levels to rule out gout. He should go for X-ray scans and some other blood tests to rule out osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis or Rheumatic fever etc. Ask him to see a rheumatologist / orthopedician for a proper diagnosis and treatment. Take care!
Avatar n tn It gets worse when climbing the stairs or a hill. The pain does not go down the leg. I had X-Ray of my hip and it showed mild to moderate osteoarthritis. I had physical therapy for 3 weeks and it did not help much. I get stiff when sitting for a long time but stretching helps. Should I have a steroid injection?
Avatar f tn I would suggest you to go for an X-ray and confirm osteoarthritis. I would also suggest you to go for viscosupplementation and take pain killers intermittently. The only solution if you have complete cartilage loss is to go for a total knee replacement surgery and you can discuss with an expert orthopedician. Take all necessary precautions, wear proper foot wear and you can go in the car and do not put much pressure on your knees. Take care!
Avatar f tn You would need to consult a neurologist to rule of Fibromyalgia and then if required follow up with a Rheumatologist. For Rheumatoid arthritis you would need to go for an X-ray and Rheumatoid factor estimation and follow up for proper diagnosis. Osteoarthritis can also be ruled out with proper clinical examination and X-ray.
Avatar f tn I'm 29 and three years ago I was diagnosed with osteoarthrits in my foot. It was painful for weeks, and an x ray confirmed this. I think it is on the other foot too, but I never had that x- rayed. Shortly after, I noticed that I was having pain at the base of my thumb joint, which I understand may indicate osteoarthritis. I was tested for rh. factor and the usual blood tests. I also asked for anti CCP tests- everything has come back normal twice.
Avatar n tn This also causes pain worse after inactivity—the first few steps always painful. It could also be a bone spur. Please consult an orthopedic specialist regarding this. An X-ray of foot and ankle should be taken. Hope this helps. Do let me know if there is any thing else and keep me posted. Take care!
657653 tn?1224684306 In some cases, degenerative arthritis may be hereditary. Simple x-ray testing can be very helpful to exclude other causes of pain in a particular joint as well as assist the decision-making as to when surgical intervention should be considered. Aside from weight reduction and avoiding activities that exert excessive stress on the joint cartilage, there is no specific treatment to halt cartilage degeneration or to repair damaged cartilage in osteoarthritis.
Avatar m tn It is important to know what the findings of the X ray were. Also at this point a repeat X ray of both the knees and an orthopedic evaluation is warranted. There can be many causes of knee pain like arthritis, bursitis, meniscal injury, and tendinitis and nerve compression. I will urge you to get her orthopedic evaluation done at your earliest.
Avatar f tn Without having a specialist looking at a x-ray or cat scan...it would be difficult to tell what actually is going on. Have you had any tests done? Blood work?
Avatar m tn Avascular necrosis of hip joint and osteoarthritis can also be the cause and this can cause increased density on X-ray. Your doctor will have to decide whether physiotherapy will help you or you will need surgery. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history.
Avatar n tn I waited a while it came and went, but never got better. So I go to the Dr. he x ray ed it, told me it was NOT broken, I had arthritis in the big toe joint. During this winter we have had a lot of snow, so when I felt tired and sore all over I thought it was from the shoveling or the flu. When the snow finally stopped and I was still sore and my knee was hurting going up the stairs, I knew it was time to see the Dr. again.
Avatar f tn After obtaining a chest X-ray (due to repeat respiratory illiness), it was noted on the report "small osteophytes noted along the spine. Mild degenerative change of the spine". I am wondering if at my age (38), this is normal or is this something I need to look into. I have had increased back pain (on and off) in the chest area and lumbar area over the past year with numbness in my foot.
Avatar m tn You may need to have lab work including an ESR/CRP (to evaluate inflammation), ANA (to evaluate for connective tissue disorders), and metabolic workup. Also, an x-ray of an affected joint may be of use. The treatment typically includes NSAIDs (if there are no contraindications). However, if an underlying cause is found, then the treatment would then be adjusted for that. Thank you for using the forum, I hope you find this information useful, good luck.
Avatar f tn my fingers go numb and my left big toe hurts along with the top of that left. foot... waiting for the Dr. to call re x-ray results. Rt hand seems to be carpul tunnel....waiting til we resolve the problem with the left one.... still extremely forgetful.. I try hard to stop and think... Ha !Man, I am a mess. I am working on losing weight. Dr Gott author of a book simply NO SUGAR NO FLOUR. I wish I could exercise but I hurt too much right now. I can not use my left hand. Got a pair of CROCS...
975514 tn?1325001538 The first X Ray I had I was told that there was something wrong with the formation of my bones. I have pain in my legs and buttocks. Sometimes it is difficult to walk. My left foot is always numb. It gets worse when I sit and creeps up my leg if I sit on a wood or plain chair without a cushion (it's bad at restaurants). It also sometimes bothers me when my lower back is swollen- even if I am lying down, but not usually.
1072055 tn?1264195605 In my opinion an MRI would be beneficial in determining if this curvature is causing more problems than can be seen on a simple x-ray. Is there also some disc issues? An MRI can provide you with that information. Best of luck to you. Please let us know how you are doing. We will look forward to your updates.
Avatar n tn June - Sept 2008 - My knee was getting no better, and now it seemed to be the outsides of it which were hurting, I had an x-ray which came back clean, and I was given small amounts of ultra sound/physio which temporarily relieved pain.
Avatar f tn Did they did an x-ray or an MRI on your hip? If they di some tests, what were the results of them? If your Doctor didn't do anything then it might be time to find another Doctor to get a 2nd opinion! Sometimes you have to get 2nd or even 3rd opinions before someone is willing to (as Tuck puts it) "think outside of the box"!
280234 tn?1532989849 So I seen an orthopedic surgeon about it. She did an x-ray and said it was a peroneal tuberosity or possible ganglion cyst. She said the x-ray didn't show calcification. She did not biopsy it or order an MRI, & sent me home. She said nothing to worry about. I got a second opinion from a podiatrist. He felt of the lump & area, and said it could be a small cyst that devleoped on my tendon after injury (i sprained it a few months ago), but he wasn't sure.
Avatar m tn cfm Other causes of knee locking are torn medial meniscus, knee cap mal-alignment, osteoarthritis, knee arthritis, torn lateral meniscus, Osteochondritis dissecans - occasional knee locking with instability, Recurrent patella dislocation - may cause knee locking or knee collapse, Chondromalacia patella - occasional locking or knee collapse, Knee alignment problem, Knee fragment or Knee cartilage disorder. Hope this helps. Do not ignore it. Consult an orthopedic specialist.
Avatar n tn but to walk completely straight I have to consciously be aware of which direction my feet are pointing. An x-ray showed nothing of structural concern in the area of my right hip.....could this be a tendon/ligament issue? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!