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Avatar m tn If osteoarthritis in your case is due to some other medical condition then treating that would eliminate arthritis in the spine. Symptoms usually are pain, stiffness and reduced flexibility. Diagnosis is made with the help of history, evaluation of symptoms, x-rays, blood tests and MRI’s. When one joint is affected due to arthritis, simultaneously there is more stress on the other joint on the opposite side, leading to micro trauma and there by development of arthritis.
Avatar m tn The following symptoms WERE with me (Feb-Apr). 1. Bending forward my neck and very worst tingling in my hands (A electrical sensation was moving from my fingers of my hands towards my arms), it was lasted for one month 2. Blurred and uncomfortable vision (sometimes) 3. Weakness of my legs 4. Cramp of the muscle of my lower leg (left) 5. Jump of muscle (arms) BTW, I had fever (38.8 oC) because of tonsillitis, so my hands started to tingle for a short time!
Avatar f tn I recently was hospitalised with hemiplegic migraine and osteoarthritis in my spine. I had 4 lumbar punctures which made me almost paralysed but I had no headaches, only leg pains. Everything serious has been ruled out but no one at my local hospital would treat me and I was shunted around the hospital until I lost my temper and said I was leaving with force if need be !
Avatar n tn Although I have had 2 surgeries on my cervical spine for ruptured discs and lax ligaments (am now fused from C3-C6), I am now told that I have significant osteoarthritis at C1-C2 (atlanto-axial joint) Accupuncture did relieve a lot of the associated muscle spasms but I still get bone pain sometimes even at the base of my skull. I've also wrenched the left side of my neck twice in the past 6 weeks at work.
Avatar f tn All the doctor would say was that he believed I was anxiety ridden, and gave me a script for Topomax. I want a diagnosis and some relief from my symptoms - not an anxiety drug!!!!! Can you get a false positive result on an ANA? Is a positive result always an autoimmune problem and if so, what type of autoimmune diseases can cause this to happen? Could my antiphospholipin syndrome cause this to happen?
Avatar m tn I would strongly suggest you see a rheumatologist to rule out OA, RA and PsA before accepting a single diagnosis of "weak quads." I have had PsA for 47 years, diagnosed when I was 18, and your symptoms are exactly the same as mine were back then. (I have no idea what shape MY "quads" were in at the time) While it was good your doctor took X-rays, it can take many years for visible evidence of arthritic damage to appear. Those are my thoughts and I wish you the best.
Avatar m tn I mentioned this to my MD at my annual physical and she felt that it was probably osteoarthritis (mainly due to the fact that there was no redness around the joints). She didn't order any kind of tests to confirm this diagnosis. I've also started to notice some tenderness in my elbow joints when resting my elbows on a table, and my knee joints have been a bit stiff and sore after using my exercise bike.
1811847 tn?1327243634 I've had a recent non-contrast MRI and one of findings are degenerative disc disease and facet osteoarthritis with disc space narrowing, endplate sclerosis and osteophytosis throughout, most severe at L-1-2, L3-4 and L4-5. The conus medullaris terminates at T12 with the known, cervical thoracic syrinx extending to this level. Can some help me with this is more laymen terminology or how serious this is?
Avatar f tn i felt like and had symptoms of a stroke and was told that ms symptoms and stroke symptoms sometimes mirror each other when an mri showed no change from the last one i had.
11119474 tn?1428705770 Hello everyone. I just found this group while searching for information on the use of Solu-medrol for which I have been scheduled for a three-day treatment beginning Monday by my neurologist. After doing a good bit of reading, I think I have a pretty good idea of the possible benefits and side effects, so my questions are not related the that specifically.
Avatar f tn They will run a huge amount of specific blood tests and review your symptoms to come up with a diagnosis. You need your life back. Insist on it.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone, I've posted under Neuro but find myself here for reasons I've seen before...I, too, have been through test after test to try to find a diagnosis for a myriad of symptoms...Can you all advise me? Bottom line - how do you find a doctor who "specializes" in Fribro/CFS? I've experienced horrible fatigue for years - but docs all said, well - you have a lot of stress in your life (quadruplets, financial woes, crazy schedule, etc)...
Avatar n tn I smoked for 10 years and quit 5 years ago. I haven't had any symptoms of lung cancer such as blood, or coughing - never the less, my body feels "funny". It's hard to describe. Not a good diagnostic description, I know. It feels like a pressure - like a softball has been shoved inside my ribs and is pushing everything around.
691233 tn?1228734020 I am a 40 year old female. I have had my share of car accidents in the past, but nothing recent. About three and a half years ago I was in a hurry and threw my head back quickly when I was gargling. It felt like something snapped. Since that day, I have had nothing but problems.
3112530 tn?1434035633 I have to go for an x-ray but my doctor mentioned the possibility of Rheumatoid arthritis. Are they related? This diagnosis could be related to a number of things but rheumatoid arthritis is one of them. I have no other symptoms, a history of degenerative joint/disk disease with my spine but that is it for the most part. I do not have any problems with the joints in my fingers or any symptoms of enlarged knuckles or joint issues of the hand. Can anyone please advise?
587021 tn?1302220907 Hi All~ I wanted to see if anyone else has symptoms similar to mine and see if they have gotten any diagnosis other than Fibromyalgia. All over pain ~ some days worse than others ~ from fingers to toes ~ everywhere.. Extreme dry eyes ~ had test at eye doctor and he said it was severe. Extreme dry mouth. EXTREME anxiety. I can make myself have a panic attack and faint pretty much on cue. Numbness and tingling in hands ~ especially at night. On and off heat sensations in left thigh area.
Avatar n tn However, a year later, the symptoms are still present, and become worse with increased standing, kneeling, or bending. Just under the right knee cap swells dramatically, and is "squishy" like fluid. It becomes extremely painful. I have gone to the doctor for this. I do not remember what tests were run (I believe only an MRI).
Avatar f tn Had all kinds of test done and still no results. Is their anyone who could help? My symptoms are legs hurt all the time, toes move in a fanning motion constantly, feel sick to my stomach, had a spinal tap and now I have headaches, buzzing noise in my ears. I am tired all the time. Pains in the upper abdomen, feel shaky sometimes, and lightheaded almost faint.. Does anyone have any ideals?
Avatar f tn Ive been to the ER (toward the beginning of my onset of symptoms) primary doctors, and a nuerologist twice....... I have had 2 CT scans, and a lumbar puncture both of which they saidlooked "normal". My symptoms include shooting pains mainly on the right side of my head with throbbing/ quivering veins in my head. Sensitivity to light and blurred vision. Pressuress feeling on my temples and forehead........also my neck fizzes, almost as if fluid is moving around in my neck........
Avatar f tn The MRI does not sound like MS. The symptoms do and don't. I have most of your symptoms as well and all my tests are normal too. I'm being treated for lyme disease.
Avatar f tn I'm desperate to find help for multiple symptoms that I feel may be thyroid related. I moved to a different state across the country 20 years ago and I have yet to find a good endocrinologist who specializes in thyroid diseases such as Graves- consequently, for the last 20 years, my health has been spiraling down & out of control. I had severe Graves disease & had a thyroidectomy leaving 2gr in '75. I've been on 125 mcg Levothyroxin for many years.
572651 tn?1531002957 We haven’t had a good old mystery diagnosis lately so I thought I would offer up my case history and get your feedback. This is not MS related because it is not a CN problem Pt history: MS Left foot Bunionectomy April 2012 Pulmonary embolism August 2012 Hammer toe – left foot developed 2013 Sx (that’s for symptoms and not sex)- Pain in left foot – got orthotics for relief from hammertoe – helped temporarily but then started to worsen over past six months.
Avatar f tn I was sent to a physio who was quite rude to me, telling me that my symptoms were stress related and I was imagining it. So the burning pains which drive me to despair are imaginary are they? I notice that these symptoms are worse in cold weather. More recently though, I have developed a lot of numbness and tingling in my arms and hands... Sometimes this extends to my legs and feet.
Avatar n tn I will answer your concerns to the best of my abilities, but please be informed that I am unable to offer a diagnosis based on your history and list of symptoms. I am extremely limited in not having the opportunity to perform a full neurologic examination on you, nor am I able to review the pertinent imaging. This is solely for educational purposes and should in no way be a substitute for a formal evaluation by a certified physician.
Avatar n tn Many reputable menopause books and web sites talk about such symptoms as numbness, tingling, and burning, along with "formicatoin" (the feeling of ants or fire ants crawling on the skin). I have been experiencing many of these symptoms over the past several months and so far no other "bona fide" diagnosis has been made. My gynecologist and internist don't seem to support the idea that these symptoms can be hormone related. What do you think?
Avatar n tn Possibly a pain syndrome like fybromyalgia except I don't have the tender points to be diagnosed.I have a variety of symptoms that seem to change. They include fatigue, weak & tired,spasms,heart fluttering alot some days, tickling in throat, tingling sensations, sore feet, arm, jaw, tongue & various chest pains (newest one is tightening in right breast area).Arms sometimes feel sore & weak (although they're not).Most persisitent symptoms are in chest, jaw, tongue & arm area.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, raynauds, sjogrens, osteoarthritis, and I am not sure they are the correct diagnosis. I have all the symptoms of FMS but with severe fatigue that strikes after I go away for a weekend (travel over 30 miles) and get little sleep, stress also causes it to happen. I am in bed sleeping for sometimes over 24 hours and physically unable to get up and function past just going ten feet to the bathroom and sometimes I need help with that.