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Avatar n tn Hello, The knee pain can be associated with any condition so a proper examination and diagnosis is required if it bothers you. It can be knee injury due to knee sprain , prior knee injury ,dislocated knee , dislocated patella, femoral condyle fracture, torn ligament , knee overuse , knee infection due to any bacterial infection , knee inflammation due to synovitis or bursitis or Knee arthritis due to arthritis , osteoarthritis , rheumatoid arthritis or gout and any tumor. Take care!
Avatar n tn The first occurrence was in my right knee. If I bent my knee near its maximum extent (such as when kneeling, crouching or climbing into bed), I experienced an incredibly painful tearing/burning sensation in the area of my patellar tendon. I would immediately react and straighten my knee and the pain would completely dissipate within several minutes. Afterward the area would feel about 50% numb, as if injected with a mild local anesthetic that was slowly wearing off, for several hours.
Avatar n tn I am 24 and have been having these vibrations above my left knee. It started on a Sunday while I was at the grocery store! I have been having knee/shin soreness in the same leg. The vibrations don't hurt, they are just weird. It is surprising that no one has any answers! Too bad there is not a DR. on this site!
975514 tn?1325001538 This forum is a place for people to come and share experiences with FMS and CFS. Some of you may have a diagnosis from your doctor, some of you may be seeking an answer for undiagnosed symptoms and some of you may be a relative or friend of one who is suffering. This is a great place to learn more and to gain support from others who suffer as well. In addition to the community here, MedHelp also offers tools to help you and your doctor in your road to wellness.
211940 tn?1267884866 And believe me I know pain I've had 2 total knee replacements over last 4 years.. this pain is in the same range as the knee pain...10 plus !!!!! Best of luck to us all.
Avatar n tn The possible diagnosis i have seen here is better that what i get from my doctor. I can't go to any other doctor or the ER because i can't afford it and don't want to place an additional financial burden on my family. i am interested in any homeopathic alternatives.Thanks again for sharing your stories.
Avatar n tn The doctors have no idea what it is and say everything is normal, but I keep seeing so many people with these symptoms and no diagnosis.. And the pain is real and very annoying, so something has to be wrong I just wish I knew what it is. A hot compress does help make the pain go away, that's what I did after thanksgiving dinner because it started hurting. Does anyone have any ideas, what should I get tested next?
Avatar f tn Diagnostic testing by TNF-release assay could be a diagnostic tool in these patients, although comprehensive studies are needed to test the validity of this method of diagnosis in broader populations. The arthritic complaints were alleviated in the case patient following removal of the implant. SITED PAPER COMMENTS IN A PhD STUDY The extensive use of metal implants in orthopedic surgery as well as in dentistry calls for a general attention to their biological safety.
Avatar n tn well the mood stabilizer put 12 lbs on in 3 months partly beause I spent most of the time in bed not wanting to move because i couldn't believe the confirmed diagnosis. I am relieved and angry . My neurologist has me on neurontin for pain and it works like magic. I begged her for topamax after researching it for 2 minutes lol. at this pont in time I am not afraid of anything. Possible side effects don't scare me any more.
Avatar n tn I got these checked a month ago and I am assuming it's negative for herpes. So if anyone gets a diagnosis plz let me know it just sucks to get tears on your vagina. I don't want to be intimate any more as I am scared to infect my partner for anything. Never had problems like this in the past.
Avatar m tn Been going on for years though. No diagnosis. So basically I'm out of ideas, and about to go insane. It's terrible at night not being able to sleep because of that feeling, and not being able to sleep with my girlfriend because I keep her awake with my constant moving around and itching...