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Avatar f tn Hello My Xray showed Osteoarthritis in my fingers and wrists. I knew I had Osteoarthritis in my fingers but not in my wrists. Is it unusual to have OA in wrists? http://i239.photobucket.com/albums/ff168/kjl07/Osteoarthritis/IMG_2638.
Avatar n tn Fibrosis occurs more rapidly in men than in women, and also in older people, particularly those over age 50. Progression does not seem to be linear; that is, the process appears to accelerate later in the course of disease. Immune system compromise for example, due to coinfection with HIV or use of immunosuppressive drugs after a liver transplant also has been shown to accelerate fibrosis. Heavy alcohol consumption is strongly associated with worsening fibrosis and cirrhosis.
Avatar f tn I recently was hospitalised with hemiplegic migraine and osteoarthritis in my spine. I had 4 lumbar punctures which made me almost paralysed but I had no headaches, only leg pains. Everything serious has been ruled out but no one at my local hospital would treat me and I was shunted around the hospital until I lost my temper and said I was leaving with force if need be !
Avatar n tn There is a relationship between ostroporosis and arthritis only in that they are both common, especially in women, and both are related to the bones. One doesn't necessarily cause the other. Treatments for osteoarthritis can lead to osteopenia. So can medications such as dilantin and steroids, aluminum containing over the couter medications, excess coffee, colas and alcohol.
Avatar f tn While researchers have identified some common risk factors for fibromyalgia, there are still many people with the disease who have none of these traits. Also, some women have fibromyalgia with certain diseases, such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), or other autoimmune diseases. But others have fibromyalgia without any underlying disease." They hint that it is autoimmune in nature and surmise there is a genetic predisposition.
Avatar n tn Hello, I have a respiratory therapist friend that has Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Osteoarthritis. She has filed twice now for SSD, the 1st denied, and the last one, they won't let her file SSI due to house ins. money from the big tornado we had in March, is setting in her account waiting to be paid for contractors for the house repairs. She has no income. Donations can be sent: Donna Brawley, 5504 Waddell St.,Ft. Worth, TX 76114.
Avatar n tn I am having an extreamly hard time getting pregnant and I have been diagnosed with bicornate utuerus (having two usteri which are full functional), I also have other health problems that include Juvinile Rhemathiod Arthrits and OsteoArthritis and finally Fibromyalgia. I was wondering if the bicornate Uteri is the cause of my inability to get pregnant or if it is all the medication I take.
1259963 tn?1284488560 Sometimes it feels like a 15! I live with it constantly. I have osteoarthritis and osteopenia, too. The pain is systemic. It feels like every cell in my body hurts. It's so hard to move around and be functional. Also, does anyone else get headaches after their IVIg infusions? I get one almost every time. I have one usually for 2-3 days after every infusion. I also feel an increase in pain each time. I would appreciate any reply. God bless you all.
Avatar f tn I was just diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I have some osteoarthritis and have had a hip replacement 4 yrs ago, in the last year I have becomed very fatigued, muscle pain especially in arms, shoulder area, hands and feet, I have very little energy to go to gym anymore, I heard that 50% of people with fibromyalgia also have low thyroid, even though my thyroid test shows normal, could thyroid medication help?
209987 tn?1451939065 or some lame excuse. Anyway, they didn't do anything when she would go in and complain of heart pains and such. Around ten years ago I had 3 "attacks" in a row. I was lifting things over my head just before all 3 attacks happened. A few minutes after lifting ( not heavy items) I would get a sudden tight pain in my chest. I would stand still for a few minutes, and then the pain would subside. Afterwards ( half hour later?) I would feel "energized".
1428646 tn?1330981663 I have Hashimotto's disease, PPMS, Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis and I have family Hx of Graves disease and rheumatoid arthritis. I hope this note finds you well.
Avatar n tn The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of consuming sweet cherries on plasma lipids and markers of inflammation in healthy humans. Healthy men and women (n = 18) supplemented their diets with Bing sweet cherries (280 g/d) for 28 d. After a 12-h fast, blood samples were taken before the start of cherry consumption (study d 0 and 7), 14 and 28 d after the start of cherry supplementation (study d 21 and 35), and 28 d after the discontinuation (study d 64) of cherry consumption.
1408210 tn?1340200372 Went to one AA meeting a couple of years ago (I live in a very small town) and it was all women which was good, but they turned off the lights and lit a candle and that was depressing to start with. All seem to be very close friends, I was welcomed but I wanted to talk about how to quit and they just wanted to talk about their day as they went from person to person. So I figure treatment is one thing and support is AA.
Avatar n tn I have been on long term pain management for the past few years. I broke my back, as well as had several herniated and bulging discs and I have degenerative disc disease (meaning the discs in my back are slowly degenerating). I have had 2 back surgeries- lamenectomy (in which they remove the herniated or bulging disc) and 1 fusion (in which they place Herrington Rods in the back along the spine to stabalize the spine and discs).
691983 tn?1266808432 i did get alot of rashes this summer when i was in the sun.i never had that be for and i am always in the sun and i never burn..rashes go with lupus .and i have a rash on my finger for 11 months.. thanks msk luv!!!!
Avatar n tn Haven't been through that yet and frankly do NOT want to take HRT. I have osteoarthritis and am willing to deal with occasional pain in upper and lower back, but the weakness in the legs, along with aches, dizziness, headache, etc. is just wearing me down. Seems there is no escape from some type of daily assault and I never know what to expect. At times, I'm afriad to travel because the unexpected seems to follow me everywhere.
Avatar f tn This stuff is crap to come off..I am attempting to wean off..I am on slow release 100mg and just started one every other day. I have the sweats,and chills, sneezing and feeling flu like. I did loose 10 lbs but had heart surgery so I attribute it to that. It seeems everyone is happy only for the weight loss. I can see women running to the MD'S because of "pain" and asking for Tramadol just to get the weight loss effect.This drug is very addictive and avoid it!!.
Avatar f tn After years of my telling them I had problems now they are reluctantly looking at them. The old stereotype of women complaining of symptoms because it pleasures them is alive and well in medicine. Nobody wants SLE, nobody wants MS, but even worse is having either or both these problems and not having them identified, because it is so much harder to move forward with treatment without the pin being put in the right hole - need to come up with a better analogy. Wow, that was me sharing a lot.
Avatar n tn However, my endocrinologist was at a lipids conference, and they said that for menopausal and post menopausal women (don't know if you are there yet), plant STANOLS are better. They lowered my ldl to 109 after 3 months, and I am going to be tested again. That and fish oil (1 tbsp although 1 tsp is the recommend dose) brought my cardio crp down to 1 from 3.
Avatar f tn I had some tiredness in the last six months or so but as I said I put that down to blood loss and extremely low iron. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my left knee last year adn bursitsis in my hips in January. I have been allergic to antibiotics specifically penecillins, most of my life. I developed an allergy to shellfish about 7 years ago. One of my siblings has lupus and my mother has hypothyroidism.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed Topamax along with an appetite suppressant (Adipex) for weight loss a bit over a year ago and stopped taking them after two and a half months. I did not lose all of the weight I had wanted to, but most of it. I had gained 55 pounds while on Paxil over the course of two and a half years. By taking a combination of the two medicines, I lost 22 pounds the first month, 10 pounds the second month, and 8 pounds the first half of the third month.
1036936 tn?1254756587 I've had CT of chest, abdomen, head (without contrast on the head) and had some sort of lung scan to check for pulmonary embolism--again, all negative. My choiropractor did a bone scan with contrast and found the beginning of osteoarthritis but didn't think it was affecting me yet. Not sure why he said that, but that is what he said.
Avatar f tn I also feel depressed all the time and I have horrible muscle pain and body aches. I can be perfectly fine one day and the next day I wake up and my whole body aches for weeks. It's so bad I feel like I've been run over by an 18 wheeler truck. It's so bad that I can barely move and I'm miserable. Then it will suddenly go away just as quickly and mysteriously as it came on. I also can't do anything physical now without getting severe muscle pain.
Avatar n tn if your gyn is not helping, get a new one!! ask other women and see who comes recommended. it's also nice to find a doctor who is open to incorporating herbal remedies into the treatment. western biomedicine tends to focus strictly on the part of the body that is sick. sometimes they miss the bigger picture. many doctors don't even bother to explain thoroughly what is happening. especially for this type of problem, a holistic approach is essential. good luck all!!
Avatar n tn hypoparathyroidism, infertility, habitual abortion (multiple miscarriages), gynecological problems, disrupted menstruation, irregular menstrual periods, estrogen production, helps maintain pregnancy, uterine fibroids, Endometriosis [Copper is called the 'psychic' mineral, the 'intuitive' mineral, and a 'feminine' mineral because it is so important for the female reproductive system. Women tend to have higher levels of copper than men. Women also have more symptoms related to copper imbalance.
Avatar m tn Usually Lupus is more common in women than men, especially black women. I'm a white male. If you suspect Lupus and it runs in your family, they have a DNA specific test, I think it is called an Anti-DsDNA test (antibodies found in double stranded DNA). Don't foget the ANA test too. There are a bunch of different tests to either clarify that it's Lupus, or rule out other stuff. That being said, I have two friends that DO have Lyme disease (from deertick bites).
1544019 tn?1318508126 I live with chronic pain osteoarthritis, and i have three kids i'm pregnant with my fourth now.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed in the last two years with osteoarthritis and have a small herniation in L5/S1 and a bulge/tear in L4/L5. I also have bilateral sacroiliac joint dysfunction so I don't have know if all of the back/leg pain is from that or maybe ovaries? Anyway, I have had several epidural injections in both areas over the last year and 1/2, and none have brought any relief and I'm not "bad enough" for back surgery.
Avatar n tn Had a vaginal hysterectomy due to prolapse. Had pain in right side before, and was told that was the cause. Now about 6 years later, pain has returned. The first time this time had to take time off, couldn't lift my leg, and the pain went into my right groin area.. Dr thought it might be a hernia, because the pain returned after lifting at work, and is triggered everytime I do heavy lifting. Had a CT, only said I had some osteoarthritis in hip, but not that bad.
Avatar n tn I have read stories of women who were told they just had osteoarthritis in their back, and then later find out that it indeed was mets to the spine. Or because an area of the body is an unlikely place for cancer to spread to, then they are shrugged off again. People just want the truth, the whole truth and not be told that oh their pain is nothing to worry about. Because in all fairness, there is always a chance the cancer will come back to be fought again another day.