Omeprazole pharmacokinetics

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2016728 tn?1328362441 There are very few false results from chromatography, certainly no false opioid positives for someone who's had a poppy seed bagel, or false MJ readings for someone taking omeprazole. Dr offices and pain clinics use immunoassay because it is cheap and quick. Chromatography is expensive and requires a medical laboratory, expensive equipment, and skilled medical lab scientists to perform the tests.
Avatar n tn d is more geared towards isolation of active alkaloids, and studying the pharmacokinetics for medical benefit.(yes you were right spade22.. thanks) Either way, try contributing rather than correcting. Most of the numbers you threw out there were accurate though. All of these drugs lose efficiency after time, even the ones with long half lives. The reason some may appear to lose it quicker is because the ones with shorter half lives are more prone to dose escalation :).