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Avatar f tn But I have really bad acid reflux since. My doctor suggested I increase my omeprazole 20mg to twice a day which have done for 5 days now but it's still not getting any better. I wake up in morning with a mouth full if acid. Its horrid. I'm also having to take gaviscon in between (2 hours after) has anyone got any other suggestions? I've been eating small meals, only drinking flavoured water, eating plain foods.
Avatar m tn You can get remedies to control the production of gastic joices, like Losec, Gaviscon, Omeprazole, Pantaprazole, and there are others. My husband has a Hiatus Hernia and Pantaprazole works for him. He occasionally also has to drink some Gaviscon when he gets indigestion. I have a problem with my food pipe (the barrium meal xray showed that it is deviated). I find that eating small meals, but oftern is better that eating one large meal.
Avatar m tn Following a valve replacement and triple bypass I was discharged from Hospital with a number of drugs and a new one being Omeprazole. I did not know why it was prescribed but after a number of months taking it I decided after discussion with my Doctor to stop taking it. A few months later through the night I got this terrible chest pain on a scale of 1-10 I guess it was 7-8.
Avatar f tn Taking Omeprazole 20mg capsules x 2 daily for the last 10 days for acid reflux. Recently diagnosed with emphesyma. Am smoker but now trying to quit. Since being prescribed the meds abovementioned experienced deterioration in breathlessness. Is this due to the above medication ? For first few days of taking this medication felt more ill with eventual increasing breathlessness.
Avatar m tn Hey guys, posting here again. I posted a question here on Feb 18th about stomach pains I had. Well these pains are back now. I think it may be an ulcer or inflammation of some kind. The last time I had this problem I got some Omeprazole off my doctor. I finished those and the pains came back last week so I got some more on Tuesday. Problem is that not it's a lot worse. I haven't ate or slept in 4 nights and I'm now starting to get constipated. Some thing I've never been before!
Avatar n tn I take my Omeprazole like a good boy daily around 7am before breakfast, but by midmorning the burning has reared its ugly head and Gaviscon and a Tagamet to temper the burning. I have also begun taking another 40mg Omeprazole at night to deal with any nighttime discomfort. I realize I am playing doctor by upping and adding to my current regimen but that is all know.
Avatar f tn Is anyone else struggling with acid reflux? I am on medication, gaviscon, and rennie given to me by my obstetrician but still struggling. How is everyone else coping?
Avatar n tn I take my Omeprazole like a good boy daily around 7am before breakfast, but by midmorning the burning has reared its ugly head and Gaviscon and a Tagamet to temper the burning. I have also begun taking another 40mg Omeprazole at night to deal with any nighttime discomfort. I realize I am playing doctor by upping and adding to my current regimen but that is all know.
782022 tn?1237829503 my 17mnth old son was born 14wks premature. from birth he has suffered with, and been diagnosed with severe GERD. recently, i would say the past 20 days, he has rapidly alternated between frequent loose stools, to constipation. theese changes can occur every few days, to as little as every few hours. in the past he has been tested for celiac, lactose intolerance, and wheat intolerance. he was clear for all of these, except the GERD.
1709162 tn?1314084832 Im currently taking domperidone as not allowed to take omeprazole as I have an endoscopy in 10 days. The pain feels like burning bruised sensation and whatever I take it does not seem to ease. I have taken Gaviscon extra which has not helped just burned my throat. I have just started 30mg cymbalta (anti-depressants. Does anyone think this could be causing this pain? Any comments would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn m wondering about my dosage of Levothyroxine (50 mcg daily) after reading some of the posts here,one in particular that mentioned cutting a 25 mcg pill in half and taking that, with full agreement from her doctor? So, my question I guess would be is my dosage high, I mean, I've only just begun this medication within a week and I'm having sleep problems, falling and staying asleep and waking up way too early, etc.? I was told this is a low dose so maybe it could be lower?
Avatar f tn I'm living with a bottle of gaviscon by the side of the bed and drinking milk.
Avatar f tn Initially I simply had a bitter taste in my mouth when I woke up in the mornings however my acid problem has got far worse recently and I am having acid reflux all day every day (even when I do not eat) and when I wake up in the mornings. I have tried omeprazole and lanzaprozole and gaviscon and neither work. I have also avoided acidic food. I would be very grateful for your advice.
Avatar m tn - Constant belching mixed with difficulty belching and feeling like food would come up if forced - Warm feeling in stomach after eating - Churning feeling when stomach is empty I have had 2 other instances within the past year where I would get some pain and bloating after eating, the first time was treated with omeprazole which cleared everything up and then was told to use Gaviscon which cleared up symptoms.
Avatar m tn After a few weeks and several laxatives later (lactulose, suppositries, movicol) and stomach remedies ( senna, gaviscon) she is still experiencing pain. Blood tests for sugar (diabetes), blood count, iron, liver function, thyroid have all come back negative/normal as has urine tests and a stool sample for h.pylori. Also a pelvic scan was normal. She has been on omeprozole liquid 5ml at night) for just over 2 weeks and was taking gaviscon before meals twice a day.
1709162 tn?1314084832 To assist with the pain for now, try something like Maalox, Gaviscon, or Pepto Bismol. When I have a flare up of GERD one of those 3 things usually help me immensely. Good luck!
Avatar f tn You need to get yourself some gaviscon, and make an apt with your doc, he may be able to give you something else. I am just on gaviscon at the mo though. It is safe to have in pregnancy.
Avatar n tn We have seen the doctor who has prescribed Omeprazole, Buscopan, Pirizetin, Gaviscon and Ondansetron. Nothing has worked. She has missed quite a lot of school as she just can't concentrate due to feeling so sick. The school have been fabulous and she is now able to leave the class to have a bit of fresh air and a gaviscon and some water when needed. She loves school and is doing really well.
Avatar f tn Apple cider vinegar! About a teaspoon mixed with 8 oz of water, I drink with a straw to protect teeth. It's nasty and the first5 minutes seem counterproductive but that's the only thing that got me through my pregnancy!
Avatar f tn I was gunna go doctors to get some gaviscon or anything peppermint on prescription but I m not sure now weather you are allowed it during pregnancy? I haven't had any yet.....?
Avatar m tn while taking the tablet Omeprazole they tell you not to take with any other indigestion remedies,? Why give me Gaviscon ???
Avatar f tn Dear, we have answered all of the same questions in length and given you different ideas, including advice to start addressing anxiety. You continue to ask the same questions, which is even more indication that you're dealing with some kind of anxiety. I know it's hard to believe sometimes that anxiety would cause such symptoms, but it does.
20110020 tn?1490347477 Omeprazole, Nexium Control, Buscopan, Fybogel, Cyclizine Hydrochloride, Tums, Vitamin Supplements If I had to describe my symptoms in a sentence, it would be: A regular feeling of nausea and stomach discomfort accompanied by differing bowel movements. I am only 26 and I am at a loss at what to do. It is constantly getting me down and I get upset and angry because I just want to feel normal. The fact that tests and scans show nothing yet I clearly feel unwell is frustrating too.
Avatar m tn No AM stomach pain apparent, but gave gaviscon along with the naproxen - queesy and nausous in late evening - pepcid 2x and additional gaviscon w/ naproxen - pm - carafete @ 10pm Obviously stiff and sore upon waking - heat - am naproxen w/gaviscon after eating - stiffness lasted approximately 30 minutes -periodic complaines of pain in evening -up several times at night with back pain- pm naproxen w/gaviscon, heat, aspercreme, tylenol eyes - dots - no floaters - decreased sensativity to light
Avatar f tn It seems to help if I eat small servings throughout the day, rather than a large dinner, eating breakfast or a light lunch does not trigger it, only dinner. The Omeprazole or Prilosec helps with the reflux, but does nothing for the bloating pain. You can try Simethicone, (GasX) may help.