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Avatar n tn your billirubin levels usually rise when the liver is having trouble producing bile or bile thickens. this can be caused by a couple of things, most often it is a sign of dissapearing bile ducts in the liver. when you body is unable to process the bile your total and conjicated billi levels will go up. you can tell when your billi lever are rising if, you start to experience itchiness, jaundice of the eyes or skin. itching will be the first sign.
Avatar f tn HI....Omeprazole is is the same thing...just a generic name, but the same med. If ur mom feels worse, it could be 1 of a few things....she possibly did not need the meds as she may have a condition called hypochlorhydria which is too little stomach acid....the symptoms r very similar as when u have too much acid. One other issue could be the fact she just stopped taking the meds...she should really step off of them slowly to avoid rebound effect...
Avatar f tn I know that the stomach although can appear normal but still be sensitive as we know with certain issues like the flu or yes other organs could be involved. I do have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. But the doctors do not seem worried about that. I guess getting rid of the cancer was more an issue than my liver. So maybe I am suffereing from something to do with that.... although my liver has never showed in cat scan or pet scan as being enlarged.
Avatar f tn I did some research online and read that Omeprazole can cause Hepatitis and liver issues. This concerns me greatly because I already have Hepatitis C and a swollen liver. Should I stop taking Omeprazole? Please help. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Thank you. So, I go in for another liver enzyme blood test in a month. I guess I should stop taking both omenprazole and zantac until then? Is that what you would do? Thanks.
Avatar f tn If you have pain under your right rib then there could be a liver infection, pancreatitis, or a gall bladder problem. Get a liver function test, ultrasound or CT of abdomen, and pancreatic enzymes. It can also be due to acidity and duodenal ulcer. Take a late night snack. Raise head end of bed. Take Omeprazole empty stomach in morning and an antacid gel at bedtime. Refrain from smoking, alcohol, fuzzy drinks and spicy food. Walking around also helps clear gas.
Avatar f tn NSAIDs and cause internal bleeding and and hurt the kidneys if you have cirrhosis. 'Fatty liver' commonly (75%) produces only mild liver enlargement. Mild enlargement will not typically cause the liver to stretch to the point of hurting. As someone else said that liver itself (meaning the functional part of the liver - 'parenchyma') has no nerves. Otherwise a biopsy couldn't be performed while you are awake.
Avatar n tn I don't understand. I thought you do not have hep c anymore. After completing successful treatment your cirrhosis should hopefully cease and go down a stage. I have just checked this drug and it can cause all kinds of liver problems. I would go back to your doctor at once and have a serious discussion with him/her. Just google it and you will find the inlay and warnings.
2005895 tn?1327725390 Hi, How is your brother? Were there imaging studies done? It is good that the initial diagnostic test results were normal. Hepatomegaly or enlarged liver may be attributed to many conditions including alcohol use, congestive heart failure, hepatitis, glycogen storage disease, primary biliary cirrhosis, steatosis, Reye syndrome, and even malignancy. Fever may also suggest infectious cause and he may benefit from a referral to an infectious disease specialist. Take care and hope all is well.
Avatar n tn hi i was woundering if my pain im haven could be caused from fatty liver, i have this pain that no dortor can tell me what its from or whats causeing it i have had a lot of stomach trubble for as long as i can remeber but i have this pain from my belly butting up and across the right side and sometimes it gets hard like a big nott it hurts so bad that i just sit and cry and rud and rud its got a mind of its on sometimes it comes as fast as it gose some times its for days i was told when i was 2
Avatar n tn I have been prescribed OMEPRAZOLE 20 mg capsule for my gastro problem, i.e keep burping and discomfort in sternum and around side and back, also constant bloating. I am on my third day and the burping is slowly disappearing and also the discomfort in my sternum has gone. I am so so so so happy. But I was wonderig how long for it to work completely as I am only on my third day and have been told to take the whole 28 days worth. I would appreciate any advice.
Avatar m tn rarely omeprazole could do it. sometimes the ALT can fluctuate inconsequentially.
2105146 tn?1334597383 I have read, heard, been told that Tylenol (acetominophen) can cause harm to the liver, yet on this forum I have seen many recommendations to take Tylenol. I am curious as to why Tylenol would be recommended when there are other things to take. My friend, who died of HepC/liver cancer, was told NOT to take Tylenol and to stick to ibuprofen. I prefer good old aspirin.
Avatar f tn is eomeorazole 40mg is appropriate for patient with liver cirrhosis child Pugh C??
Avatar f tn I had a bunch of blood tests and an abdominal ultrasound. It came back that I have a fatty liver, but everything I have seen dosen't show nausea as a symptom. There were also signs of some inflammation. I am significantly overweight, but I exercise two to three times a week and don't eat horribly. I know I need to lose weight, but is there something else that could be causing the nausea?
Avatar m tn Hopefully there is nothing wrong with your liver. The PPI that you are taking, omeprazole, can cause mild, transient elevations of your liver enzymes. This doesn't occur often and it doesn't mean that any real damage is occurring. Normally the elevations will quickly resolve themselves without the need in dosage adjustments. The new blood work will hopefully show a down turn in levels. And simply monitoring things is all that is needed.
Avatar m tn Hi there, Before Christmas I went to my doctor complaining of fatigue. He did a full blood count and most came back normal except that I had very low vitamin D (33.3mol/L) and high Vitamin B12 (856ng/L). So he's prescribed me 20,000IU cholecalciferol capsules to take (twice a week for 6 weeks).
Avatar f tn After the gerd diagnosis I was prescribed twice daily omeprazole. Was still feeling horribly fatigued all the time, dizzy, joint pain. My doctor kept running tests and nothing was found (I should note that I tested reactive for hep c antibodies - I have had a PCR viral load test four times since then spaced months apart - most recently this month - and all have come out not detected - two doctors insist I do not have hep c so I guess I have to let that go.
Avatar n tn Dear doctor, Since last 10 months I have a slight sense of pain in area just below the right ribs ,feeling of acidity , gases all the times, always i have sticky and semi loose stools. when i beat with hand on the lower right back i get pain in liver area. i always have cracking sounds in stomach 2 hrs after the meal. i have shown to the doctor 10 months back & he said it is just a acidity problem.
Avatar f tn The only doctor that can help you at this time with issues having to do with your liver is a hepatologist (a liver specialist) at a liver transplant center. Pain is common in person with ESLD and can only be managed by a doctor that understands the exact nature and extent of your liver disease. Since you have stopped drinking you may be eligible for a life-saving transplant at a liver transplant center. Without proper treatment your illness will only get worse over time, I'm afraid.
Avatar n tn After doing an abdomen and chest ct I found out I have small nodules on both my lungs and a lesion on my liver which they feel is benign. I just had a 6 mo ct followup and nothing changed. Its frustrating not getting an answer to the shortness of breath. It is not consistent when it happens however it is happening more frequently. Especially when doing something more strenous such as carrying laundry upstairs or milk gallons from car etc...
Avatar f tn Take omeprazole (empty stomach in morning) and antacid gel and see if it helps. Liver and kidney dysfunction is another cause. Hence kidney and liver function tests should be done. Other causes are diabetes and hypothyroidism. Electrolyte imbalance too can cause nausea. IBS, gluten or lactose intolerance, parasites in gut too can be the cause. A stool test should be done for worms, giardiasis etc. Also if nothing is found then food challenge test to detect food intolerance should be done.
163305 tn?1333672171 It is always in the liver patient’s best interest to consult with a liver specialist prior to taking any medication. Acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) and other NSAIDs such as Motrin are drugs that are widely used for their anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. They also have the potential to cause drug-induced liver disease. In fact, many NSAIDs have been withdrawn from the market due to their hepatotoxicity. All NSAIDs have the potential to cause liver injury.
Avatar m tn currently i have finished my 1 month omeprazole dose by yesterday but at same time i m feeling little uneasiness and swelling type in right abdomen area just below my ribs it fatty liver due to omeprazole?...what shld be done in such a case.
Avatar n tn It is a liver related disease. Mary's issues are about taking care of someone who is at the end stage of liver disease. She is taking care of her mother in law who is in the process of (at least to my understanding) dying - or close to the end phase. Her mother in law's condition is much more than we are capable of giving advice about. "Correct me if I'm wrong I"m on this site because I am being tested for hep c and want to be informed.
Avatar n tn i was diagnosed with Gilbert's syndrome and leukopenia 17yrs ago, and recently Ive been to see a specialist about pain in my chest, i had an endoscopy done which showed an sliding hiatus hernia, at the same time i also had a scan which as shown the left lobe of my liver is enlarged is this normal? is it to do with my GS? I am worried I'm not under any specialists, my doctor just does nothing.
Avatar f tn I’ve always suffered but it was starting to really bother me, constantly burping (not pleasant for my colleagues!) waking with chest pain etc. I tried ranitidine, omeprazole then lansoprazole. By mid july I was suffering badly with horrible mid stomach pain between my ribs and in right side. Had an ultrasound which found masses on liver, an MRI was done and reported ‘at least 3 types of lesions’ a hemangioma, 2.
Avatar f tn Probable bile-duct obstruction due to stool appearance. Am taking omeprazole daily for gerd. Can this be the cause? My gall bladder has been removed. Can herbal milk thistle strengthen or help cure liver disease? thank you.