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581954 tn?1223395096 I have been taking Omeprazole for 2.5 months. I was diagnosed with gerd. Ever since I have been taking this drug I have been light headed nauses and fatigue. It seemed to gradualy get worse. I have been off it for 4 weeks and still feel the light headed and fatigue. Some days are better than others. It usually sticks around for a day. I have been tested ok for every thing else. Been in the ER 3 times for this concern. They say it could be anxiety?
Avatar m tn I have hd this burning and numbness on the left side of my body particularly in my hand, foot, and face, and lips. I also have been waking up in the middle of the night gasping for doctor ran a blood test but it showed nothing what could be wrong with me. I also have hepc and fatty liver on top of these strange new sympyoms. The gasping for air in my sleep has been going on for over a year now, it feels like my heart stops and then i am struggling to breathe.
Avatar f tn My surgeon had told me, he hasn't come across something like this and doesn't know why i feel the numbness in my chin..please if anyone can give me information about this it would really help.
Avatar n tn I have been prescribed OMEPRAZOLE 20 mg capsule for my gastro problem, i.e keep burping and discomfort in sternum and around side and back, also constant bloating. I am on my third day and the burping is slowly disappearing and also the discomfort in my sternum has gone. I am so so so so happy. But I was wonderig how long for it to work completely as I am only on my third day and have been told to take the whole 28 days worth. I would appreciate any advice.
Avatar m tn Tried to settle my stomach with some Ginger ale only, to have that come back up. The weakness and numbness in my legs and arms got better by the evening. I've also suffered with sciatica and a bad back for a few years now. I also have a family history of thyroid problems and high blood pressure. Recently, I've noticed that all my shoulder and neck muscles are very tight which at times, feels light I have a lump in my throat which does help when I get nauseous.
Avatar n tn After receiving treatment from a gastroenterologist for GERD (omeprazole), I've gained 5 of it back. Since that time though I've noticed that my heartbeat feels strong. This is constant and not just episodes of palpitations. My heart doesn't race (it's around 80 bpm), I just feel the beat through my entire body and it makes me feel like i've just exercised or that I'm stressed, even though I'm definitely not. In spite of exercise, I feel like I'm shaky and weak most of the time as well.
4081540 tn?1349675942 Now its more then a few beats and last longer than a few minutes and it is also accompanied by severe chest pain and sometimes numbness in my left side. The chest pains are on my left side at and around my breast and feels very sharp and icy. When i start having these "attacks" i get very weak and lightheaded. They have started happening more and more. Also there is a history of heart disease on my dads side of my family.
Avatar m tn • Injury to a nerve -- for example, a neck injury may cause you to feel numbness anywhere along your arm or hand, while a low back injury can cause numbness or tingling down the back of your leg • Pressure on the spinal nerves, such as from a herniated disk • Lack of blood supply to an area -- for example, plaque buildup from atherosclerosis in the legs can cause pain, numbness, and tingling while walking (this is called vascular claudication) • Other medical conditions, including: o Carpa
Avatar f tn If that's not enough, OTC prilosec (Omeprazole) is a proton pump inhibitor that can be added in the morning. 20mg is the OTC dose and you can take a maximum of 2 a day.
Avatar m tn If you have chest pain along with hemifacial numbness, then it can be a bad gastric reflux as well. Take Omeprazole empty stomach in morning and an antacid gel at bedtime. Refrain from smoking, alcohol, fuzzy drinks and spicy food. Common cold, sinusitis, ear infection, sensory nerve compression, peripheral neuropathy as in diabetes, Bell’s palsy, inflamed wisdom tooth, impacted wisdom tooth, dental caries, etc can all cause facial numbness and pain.
Avatar f tn Had total thyroid removal in September 2011. Voice still gets hoarse when I talk alot. Also, right side of my neck and under chin feels numb and tender to the touch. Been prescribed Omeprazole and now Protonix for "acid on vocal cord (box). Never had any acid reflux or heartburn. Have appointment for a "Swallowing Test" next month. As for the neck/chin don't seem to be concerned about it. Was told it won't go away.
Avatar m tn I have Barrett's esophagus with a hiatel hernia, could this be the cause of the numbness on the bottom of both feet, numb hands, and most recently sharp tingling pains in both feet and hands. Could the Barrett's be making me have this numbness and pain? I am a breast cancer survivor since 2001. I have suffered from chronic pain for most of my adult life. I need to find out what kind of doctor I need to go to for the constant heartburn with acid reducing drugs.
Avatar m tn widespread abdominal pain, nausea, numbness/tingling of the hands, feet and face, muscle soreness (especially in the legs), blurred vision and pain in my right eye, and "brain fog" type symptoms (can't think clearly). If it gets really bad I get very fatigued as well. The larger and more frequent the meals are, the worse the symptoms get. If I do not eat the symptoms improve but I can no longer avoid eating because my weight is dangerously low.
Avatar n tn the type A migraines with all the neurological side effects. Now I am starting to experience numbness and tingling i my hands and feet and arms and legs. It happens every day at least 5-10 times aa day and may have nothing todo with my migraines, but it is very uncomfortable and frustrating. Just now, it happened in my right hand and when I tried to stretch my thumb out it wouldnt stretch... kind of hard to explain. It felt almost heavy like it was to heavy to lift.
Avatar n tn lumber disc, right arm burning, numbness, weakness, tingling, heat intolerance, shoulder stiffness, neck pain, left leg numbness & weakness to big toe, legs swelling, headaches, tail bone pain & numbness, twitching at night, trouble sleeping, depression, weight gain and that is just problems with my back and arm. I have had MRIs on my head, neck (2), back (4), CT (back), EMG (right arm), Dexa Scan (2), X-Ray (neck), Echo for tachy cardia & Bloodwork.
Avatar f tn On my left side, I have what feels like bubbles in the middle of back. A numbness in the face and arm. The arm hurts upon my shoulder, not bad pain but nerve racking. Below on my left side just numbness. We I walk I hear cracking in legs like a bone. Anxiety a little. Sweating comes often. I had colon problems, but it was taken care of. And a weakness mainly on the left side. Sometimes, I feel naecous, like throwing up. Would too much coffee and cigarette smoking be increasing this illness?
Avatar n tn hello...i recently had a mri that my neuro ordered for some numbness i was feeling in my feet. the first mri revealed lesions on the t7 and t9 vertebrae that he believes to be fat deposits. I did have a second with contrast and fat saturation that i've yet to receive results for. I have bo back pain at all and no neurological defeceits. should i worry about cancer?
Avatar f tn I have short breath, difficult breathing, chest congestion, deep tiredness, night sweat, swollen lymp node, sore throat, coating on tongue, bumps on back tongue, rash, numbness, fatigue, joint pain, headache, fever, nausea, heartburn, itch.... Seven months ago I got h. Pylori and chronic gastritis, and four months ago took antibiotics for 10 days, 9 weeks ago had unprotected anal and oral sex. 8 week after sex tested with 4 generation test and result negative.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am 29 years old and for about a year and a half now I have experienced left sided numbness in my left arm and left leg, (numbness is the best word to describe it, thought it is a wierd sensation). I do not get weak in those limbs nor do I lose any usage. I have seen two neurologists, both said they were probably a migraine equivilant and not to worry about them. I have had an MRI which was normal and read by both of the Docs. I also had an EMG test on my left side which was normal.
Avatar m tn She explains it to me like a buzzz feeling. She also feels numbness around her face and her skin feels like it bubbles up and snaps. The feeling in her body also changes with the temperture. She has gone to the ER room 6 times within the last 5 months. Had Cat scans and MRI but doctors could not find anything wrong with her. They keep giving her medication but just makes the electrical sensation worse. If anyone has any similar symptoms to this please help. Thank you.
1140218 tn?1316144876 ive read lots of books and stuff about anxiety and numbness and tingling in certain parts of the body are very common. Usually my face gets tingly and then it travels down my body and my whole body goes numb! I think that this is definitly related to your panic attacks.
Avatar n tn I went to hospital ten days ago and they did a chest xray and ecg and confirmed everything was normal and diagnosed gastro eusophogal reflux disease and gave me omeprazole which have stopped the pains. However I am now getting strange sensations in my heart or that area that doestn hurt but feels a little bit like a pinch or a shock. I dont feel as though my heart is skipping a beat but I am quite worried. I have a docs appt tomorrow and I feel as though they will think I am wasting there time.
Avatar f tn For now, please take some antacid or OTC medications like omeprazole and ranitidine. The numbness and tingling can be due to parasthesia which can be due to anxiety and stress, vitamin B 12 deficiency, thyroid causes like hypothyroidism or diabetes. Eat a diet rich in vitamin B 12 levels like non veg diet and take some B 12 supplements for some days.
Avatar n tn I have literally had numbness in my face everyday since. The tingling in the extremities comes and goes. Can be right hand, left hand, either foot or all 4. At my physical last week, my thyroid numbers were still low, so he changed my meds and increased me to 175 mcg. He changed my GERD med as well, thinking it could be a drug allergy because of a change in my pharmacy's supplier for the Omeprazole. He sent me for a nerve conduction study of my left arm. It was normal.
Avatar n tn I went to my doctor yesterday for a check up as I have been feeling some things in my body lately. First is my left arm, when I out it up I have that tingling feeling, and numbness at times, that goes through the whole hands. And then there's me getting weak, I feel like I am bloated and I will have a hard time in the toilet. Then I have this thing in my throat, as if I am loaded with phleghm and I will have a hard time burping and I feel as if my throat's being blocked.
Avatar m tn Been diagnosed with burning mouth syndrome with no idea of how to treat it. Lately I have begun to experience salty, dry lips and numbness of the lips. It's not Sjogren's or a B12 deficiency. I take omeprazole (have for years) for GERD and the omeprazole controls the GERD. I also take hydrochlorathyiazide for blood pressure and occasionally take benadryl for allergies. I also take Trazadone for sleep. I'm just so frustrated.
Avatar f tn I also get wierd head rush-like feelings in my head. I don't have any pain, no tingling or numbness, no fainting. I don't know what I should do now or what type of doctor I should try or if I should try again with my PCP (who basically seemed to out of suggestions the last I saw her).
Avatar f tn long story but in short i have headaches 5 months ago got sever i thought i had brain tumor went to neurologist because i have left arm pain left leg pain numbness and tingling nausea loss appetite loss weight vision prob heart burn twice she checked i had head ct scan which came clear, when i was googled about brain tumr symptom was difficulty in swallowing and it also come in me.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia & gastritis after having a light ran down my throat (not sure the correct medical term) about 3 years ago. The dr gave me protonix 40mg once a day & I was fine until about 3 months ago & that's when my issues began. I woke up one night with my heart pounding out of my chest & I felt dizzy & I got no sleep that night, went to my dr the next day & she gave me a GI cocktail & did an EKG (which was good) & all my symptoms subsided.
Avatar f tn I've posted many times before, without any real information. My tingling/numbness sensation has come full force with my hands and feet, arms and legs. Coupled with a sick feeling in my stomach and major dizziness. I really want some suggestions. I feel like the doctors think I am crazy. All the tests have come back "normal" yet I feel awful! I go back to my internist, rheum, and neurologist next week....what should I keep pressing them to do? Tests?