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Avatar n tn If the nuvaring was not remove until 4week after insertion, when removed should you get you cycle right way? And do you count that as your normal cycle?
Avatar n tn well i'm planning to start nuvaring after my period maybe two weeks from now and i need some opinion from you guyz what is your experience on nuvaring...i recently used the pill but my mom found out and she took all of the way i'm already 18 and i believe i do have rights so i choose nuvaring because it is more descrete than the pill...any opinions from you guys?
Avatar n tn i want to take the nuvaring but my period is more than 5 days ago.. do i have to wait for the next cyrcle/next period to insert it? how does the valetta bc pill deal with that issue? because i really want to take a contraception ASAP.. - the point is ,i want to SKIPP my next period and not wait for it to insert the contraception-..
11297526 tn?1417038365 Mild cramps for the past 5 days Headaches Fatigue According to the app I'm 3weeks. (If I am pregnant) I would like to hear your experiences is all. I'll be testing with an hpt soon.
Avatar n tn I think I'm going to wait until next week to test. Technically I'm supposed to start today but we'll see. Also lately when I wipe there's this clear sticky mucous. Now I know that's my cervical mucous I just don't know what it means. I've never actually had to worry about any of this stuff before. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn Just yesterday I went to the doctor to start on the NuvaRing. The doctor had me insert the ring at the appointment even though I'm at day 15 of my cycle. When I got home, I read that women who are starting NuvaRing who haven't been on another form of oral contraceptive should start the ring between days 1 and 5 of their cycle. What should I do? Should I take the ring out, wait until days 1-5, and then insert a new ring? Or will the ring still be effective even though I've started mid-cycle?
Avatar f tn I was on Nuvaring and was always regular (even when not on BC), I stopped Nuvaring Oct of 2015 due to having bad migraines, we wanted to see if it was the cause. Still had them, so in February of 2016 I restarted it. I had a period the last week of Jan (was getting them every 2-3 weeks due to coming off of it). I had it again the week of Feb 2. I had protected sex Feb 5th and was still lightly bleeding then). I started the ring a few days later. That month...
Avatar f tn I was on Nuvaring and was always regular (even when not on BC), I stopped Nuvaring Oct of 2015 due to having bad migraines, my gyn and I wanted to see if it was the cause. Still had them, so in February of 2016 I restarted it. I had a period the last week of Jan (was getting them every 2-3 weeks due to coming off of it). I had it again the week of Feb 2. I had protected sex Feb 5th and was still lightly bleeding then. I started the ring a few days later. That month...
Avatar m tn You started Nuvaring, it can take a few days for your period to start especially when your on yo ur first mornth of Nuvaring. It takes 3 months for your body to regulate hormones. Now if you had unprotected sex within the first week of being on nuvaring (if you hadn't been on another birth control method before) then it's possible to get pregnant. I was on Nuvaring for 3 months and had no issues with it.
Avatar f tn Hi, Im not sure if this will help you but i was on the nuva ring for 4 years and i never experiance what you are experiancing but i did completely miss my period once and when i spoke to my doctor i was told the nuva ring is known to screw with your periods wheather it is getting 2 in one month or not getting one at all. if it keeps happening i would get it check out but if it is a one time thing i wouldnt worry about it.
Avatar n tn I've been on NuvaRing for about 4 months now. My questions: 1. During my period when the NuvaRing is out, am I protected against pregnancy still by the hormones produced when it was in? Or am I only protected during those 3 weeks? 2. I've read that you can wash the NuvaRing off and put it back in if it falls out during sex so long as it wasn't out for more than 3 hours. My boyfriend and I CAN feel it during sex and I find it to be very uncomfortable.
Avatar f tn I had weird side effects.on it so i switched to NUVARING except now after a month i took it out to start my period and im not starting. Its been six days. I put in a new ring tomorrow but without a period? Iv taken tests and there negative. Has anyone else gone through this with nuvaring?
Avatar n tn I've had some light sporratic spotting (about a week before and a week after my period). It's just enough to see it when I wipe myself. When do most people return to a nomal cycle after using NuvaRing? Is the spotting something I should worry about?? Also, how long does it normally take people to concieve after using birth control for so long?? Just a little worried that my spotting will keep me from being able to become pregnant...HELP!
Avatar n tn I had little brown spotting like I normally do when I am about to start, so I inserted the ring and the spotting stopped, I know there is no chance I should be pregnant. It has been three days and no period. So I just go with the three weeks then take it out and put back in a week later, or should I take it out immediately?
Avatar n tn I was previously on Ortho tri Cylen (using the generic) and my GYN wanted me to switch to the Nuva Ring. I was told to start the NR on the day that I would start my 1st active pill. This would have been on Tuesday. I don't know how, but I got the days confussed and put it in on Wednesday instead. Will this make a big difference? For those of you who have responded to my previous posts. I still feel this burning sensation sometimes and it is obviously beyond annoying.
1639746 tn?1300562865 So i decided to go back on the nuvaring method; eventhough, I was having complications the 1st time I used this method. Thought i had just used it wrong the 1st time. On March 5, I started my period(light period) & decided to have intercourse with my partner(who i've been with for 2yrs). It was unprotected sex & he came inside,so eventhough i've heard that it is safe to not get pregnant while being on your period, I still took plan b on March 6. I also had intercourse on March 8.
Avatar f tn Are you sure you were supposed to start Nuvaring on the first day of your period? I ask because Im on Nuvaring and was directed to put it in the Sunday AFTER the first day of my period. Then leave it in for 3 weeks and take it out on Sunday and leave it out until the following Sunday.
Avatar f tn My problem may be that I accidentally left my nuva ring in during the week I was suppose to take it out. When my period came I took it out and inserted a new ring. When my period came it seem to last longer than 5 or 7 days. More like 10 days and my period acted like it didn't want to flow out. If was spotting. During my second day of having my nuvaring in, I had took it out to have sex then accidentally left it out for a whole day, then I put the old one back in.
Avatar n tn I just started on Nuvaring & my doctor had instructed me to put it in on the first & take it out on the 26th of each month. While this makes it easier to remeber when to take in or out, will it change the effectiveness of the medicine? Has anyone ever heard of this method? Is anyone currently practicing this same method? Bottom line is this safe & effective to practice?
Avatar n tn I'm spotting light to dark brown, and it has not been accompanied by cramps or anything remotely close to what I feel when I have a normal period. Today would be when I'm supposed to get my actual period, but I'm taking into account the fact I just got off the birth control and my periods could be irregular. According to the Nuvaring website, you can start ovulating 13-28 days after you last remove the website, which does make pregnancy a possibility in my case.
Avatar m tn I have only spotted a couple times in the past, but they were all normal type spottings Last week, I started spotting. I started to worry when it was 3 days in. I had only ever spotted for a day It has been about 8 days, maybe a little longer. I am getting worried. I dont know if i should take the nuvaring out or keep it in. I am scheduled to take it out in 4 days, so i figured id act like everything is normal.
730826 tn?1317946934 Hi, my husband and I have been thinking about when we wan to start our family. We agreed on starting in the fall 2010 as thats when he will be home ...finally. I wanted to know if there are things I should do now or soon to start preping myself physically. (He is going on tour and leaves in the winter and gets back the following fall) One thing I have planned is to stop taking nuvaring while hes gone so it will be safe to conceive when he gets back.
Avatar f tn I started the Nuvaring right after a m/c. Three weeks and 3 days later wondering when my period will start. Woke this morning thinking maybe I am pregnant. I had been having that feeling but thought it was just 'residual' thoughts of the recent pregnancy. I took a pregnancy test...positive. But less than 2 hours later I'm bleeding. I go back to look at the test just to make sure I saw what I saw...and yes it is.
Avatar m tn The wheezing was very notable and Cam's little chest will rise and fall and you can see him laboring to breathe. He also sweats when it gets hard to breathe. All kiddos are different, but check with your Dr. sounds like normal baby sounds, but always best to call and be safe. Hope all is well.
1297979 tn?1272749990 2 weeks later (mid april) I got the go ahead to have sex and start my new Birth Control nuvaring. That night we had unprotected sex in the middle of the night and the next morning I put in my nuvaring for the first time. Since then I've been having crazy hot flashes, I'm more tired, and sometimes feel alittle sick. I've already had 2 children and it only took us one time to conceive them, so I'm very fertile i guess. I still have about a week before I take out the nuvaring. What should I do?
Avatar n tn they bothered me waaay tooo much for fact they kept moving then i'd have to replace it when i forgot to fix the original heck it wasnt even 45 days, more like 2 weeks...and i've had 2 periods since then....
Avatar f tn I started On Nuvaring a week before my period was suppose to start. i missed my period that week. when i took out the nuvaring after three weeks im now spotting light brown and having cramps. i did have unproteced sex before i started Nuvaring but i took Plan B with in four days of unprotected sex and he pulled out. could i be pregnant?
Avatar m tn I would go get Plan B if you don't want to get pregnant. When should you start your period? Check to see when you should be ovulating, if you are close to ovulation you could have conceived. Nuva Ring only works if it is in you and only should be taken out for just a few hours at a time to be considered effective. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I had my period 3/29-4/2, put a new nuvaring in for two days and removed it on 4/4 after my husband and I decided to start trying for #2. I started bleeding on 4/9-4/12 like a regular period, took an ovulation test on 4/15 and it was positive. All the apps I have said that I was to be fertile 4/20-4/25 with ovulation occuring on 4/22 or 4/23. I'm just so confused! Do I count the period on 4/9 as a new period or go by my original one when I had the ring out on 3/29?