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Avatar m tn 31 cal., 0 g fat, 0 mg chol., 49 mg sodium, 6 g carbo., 1 g dietary fiber, 1 g protein. Exchanges: 1/2 Starch Carb Choices: 1/2 Preparation 1. In a small bowl, stir together cumin, chili powder, salt, cayenne pepper, and cinnamon. 2. Spread popped popcorn in an even layer in a large shallow baking pan. Lightly coat popcorn with nonstick cooking spray.
Avatar m tn i actually prefer the crystal rock salts from the Himalayan mountains...its pink in color and its great on popcorn whic i forgot to mention as another food i love..Thank you Marcia..God bless ya litte heart my dear.
Avatar f tn I always appreciate nutrition info! thanks for posting it!
Avatar f tn But am confused about the nutrition fact they write in the box of food (rice for example) they say nutrition facts for 100 g but is it like 100g of boiled rice or the uncooked product ? I guess there's a difference because when you use dry product you need for example two cups but if you use cooked rice you may need a cup ... Since it sucked water and its heavier so .. Any thoughts or maybe am dumb lol ! Thank you .
Avatar f tn Green tea, in combination with exercise, could help you lose weight, according to the Journal of Nutrition. Researchers think substances in green tea known as catechins stimulate the body to burn calories and enhance loss of belly fat. Blueberries are also good, Many fast food options are typically high-fat, calorie-dense foods that are eaten in large portions -- all of which contribute to over-consumption of calories, weight gain, and an increase in belly fat when eaten frequently.
979080 tn?1323433639 Limit carbohydrates to reduce triglycerides in the liver Excessive carbohydrate consumption is one of several characteristics of the American diet that contributes to abnormal lipid profiles and fatty liver disease. If your carbohydrate intake exceeds your energy needs, the excess is converted to triglycerides in your liver through a process called lipogenesis.
2000931 tn?1401563007 E927b Carbamide - Browning agent - Used in: wine, pretzels, yeast foods, mouthwash, antipersperant, hand cream, fertilizer - Made from: Urea from human urine or animal origin.. URINE!!!!! Technically i'm healthy lol discount all the things that say otherwise but my diet works on the basics of whats classed as healthy nutritional levels.
Avatar f tn My son is still on soy baby formula and stage 2 and 3 Gerber baby food for his main nutrition. The only foods he will eat are goldfish, potato chips, Bacon, Popcorn. He was accepted to the Kennedy Krieger Eating disorders clinic, but health care would not cover it and we could not afford it or receive government assistance. I am at a lost and willing to listen to any advice. He is 6 years old 42lbs. and about 43 inches tall. He is very happy, loving and energetic.
Avatar f tn Have any of you mommies to be had microwave popcorn.
Avatar f tn Can you eat caramel popcorn with chocolate and white chocolate ? Cause i.
Avatar f tn I'm 12w 4d and since yesterday I have felt this popping feeling, it feels like popcorn popping. I believe I'm at least two weeks farther along then my doctor says because I measured 4.3cm at 8w which was how big the baby is supposed to be at 10-11w. I have been pregnant before, but I lost the pregnancy, so my question is, is this the baby I am feeling?
Avatar f tn Who else craves popcorn all the time? Lol. I could eat 4 bags a day but I limit myself to one a day lol. I'm 32w1d.
Avatar f tn the movemnt tonight i feel is like popcorn popping in my stomach...anyone else feel this? is that gas or movement?
6807839 tn?1386436725 I eat popcorn on like a constant she/he may not like popcorn cause my lil girl does that with Spicey food
Avatar f tn I just had popcorn yesterday and I'm 26 weeks.
Avatar f tn Ive always enjoyed eating popcorn slightly burnt. I was wondering if it can hurt my baby? I am currently 19 weeks pregnant...
Avatar f tn The most important is self-care. Eating good nutrition, drinking plenty of water, decreasing caffeine (a stimulant). Exercise, even if it's just getting up and dancing or going for a good walk. Rest when you need to. Listen to your body. Distraction when the anxiety is creeping in - turn on some music, call a friend and talk it out, get up and go walk. But most importantly is retraining your brain. "This is just anxiety. It's no fun, but it's not going to hurt me.
547836 tn?1302832832 I was reading the nutrition facts under the links and noticed that although none of the two contain iron, the Protegra contains 5000 IU of Vitamin A! That's a lot of Vitamin A. Should I start taking these every other day? Or maybe once/ twice a week instead of everyday? or not at all? THANKS!
Avatar f tn Is the vitamin water even healthy to drink. The Zero oneā€¦ I saw the nutrition facts & it has alott lol like vitamin Bs vitamin A , Naicin , pantothenic acid & magnesium. Is this good?..
Avatar m tn Yeah, my daughter put an unpopped pop corn kernel in her ear the day before Easter when she had just turned 4. Motherly experience.
Tbd I have never used Medifast personally, but a quick glance at their nutrition facts, and I would say if you are struggling with high cholesterol, I wouldn't go that route. Any pre-packaged items/shakes like that tend to be high in sodium and cholesterol- two things you want to stay away from. As with any diet- I'd ask your doctor before you start any plan to make sure it's right for you. I know losing weight can be tough!
Avatar f tn My ear was popping and then yesterday it never unpopped and they said it just eventually gets so full of wax
Avatar f tn If im constipated, I avoid bananas, rice and cheese. Try popcorn and lots of fluids. I like warm apple cider or a big glass of 100% juice.
Avatar m tn All patients are motivated to clear hbsag , some are ready to put their heads or fingers in hot oil just because they want to clear hbsag . They do not abide with certain facts that are inevitable . There's no curable drug available for hepatitis B for now .2 o/o with chronic hepatitis B has cleared the virus . some on treatment (ART) and others not . Some with chronic hepatitis develop hbsag without any treatment and are cured .