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Avatar f tn Dont eat it. I had ate some before my doc appointment once and she said i smell like KFC . Doc said to avoid KFC and just eat other at other places that serve friend chicken because she said that there was a study showing that kfc's chicken doesnt have enouhh real meat to call it chicken so the company changed the name to Kentucky Fried Crisps . If you look into it you'll read it and see that its true. Your not eating chicken, idk what they serve us. Try not to eat there..
Avatar m tn Thanks fntn. From your answer, you are implying that it's caused by gallbladder problem. But why did the doctor diagnose me with gastric acid? Furthermore the medicine he gave me is actually a proton pump inhibitor, which impedes production of stomach acid, seem to have been working well in reducing the symptoms. Does this mean there is connection between impeded duct bile and stomach acid? By the way, what are examples of non-fatty foods? Is there meat which is non fatty?
268911 tn?1213744781 The answer is yes,akso theres 11 different herbs and spices.Im sorry that was Kentucky Fried chicken.
Avatar f tn ve tried feeding him wet food, fried egg, plain rice, rice with chicken, hell I even tried a hot dog just to tempt his appetite (he loves hot dogs) but he wouldn't even eat that. I don't want to lose my baby!
1057060 tn?1266513126 so i fried chicken tonight..and it was good BUT i tasted this weird taste and i couldn't figure out what it was other than that it tasted like chlorine...i didn't think it was my cooking so i looked it up online. apparently our chicken nowadays is bathed in a chlorine solution after being slaughtered. so thats why it tasted im worrying that my baby is okay...anyone else know anything about this or if its dangerous?
Avatar f tn I would crave fried chicken and eat it then throw it up. My mom says the baby was eating what he liked and pushed back up what he didnt.
1462810 tn?1327360449 ~ And Satan brought forth deep fried fish and chicken-fried steak so big it needed its own platter. And Man gained more weight and his cholesterol went through the roof. ~ So God then created a light, fluffy white cake, named it ÔÇťAngel Food Cake," and said, "It is good." ~ Satan then created chocolate cake and named it "Devil's Food." ~ God then brought forth running shoes so that His children might lose those extra pounds.
Avatar m tn 30 and consists of a fried chicken sandwich and some fries along with another milk. Then I go home and eat dinner around 6 PM and I have started eating salads with grilled chicken ( no sauce) with low fat dressing and fresh fruits for desert. I really want to lose about 40 lbs because every time i change or look at myself I get depressed and angry; however, I don't really know what to do. As for exercise, I have a 1 hour PE class at my high school and usually I'm active in it.
7601195 tn?1406663344 Fried Chicken isnt necessarily healthy since it's fried, but eating it once a week is completely fine. Water and powerade are healthy. ...
Avatar f tn Fried chicken. I was just saying to my grandmother the other day that all I want to eat is fried chicken. She laughed and said that when she was pregnant with my mother, all she wanted was fried chicken, and when my mother was pregnant with me, all she wanted was fried chicken.
3149845 tn?1506627771 I had not fasted and did eat quite a bit of kentucky fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravey, a biscuit and 2 cans of coke 1 hour or so before the blood drawn. My blood suger is 146 bun 34 creatinine 1.65 I have blood tests every six month for the prostate and never had these readings. i had fasted with prior tests. my doctor want say i have low kidney function and says to see a uroligist.
Avatar f tn I'm 22wks and I've craved fried chicken almost immediately in the beginning and still do lol.
Avatar f tn m really trying to limit my sodium intake, so when I go grocery shopping I make sure I pay special attention to sodium on the nutrition facts. I want to ask how can you calculate sodium from something you eat? If I buy a box of poptarts for example and it says 30MG, does each poptart have 30mgs of sodium or is that the amount for the whole box in all? Also is I buy a red baron pizza and it says 800mgs of sodium how do u calculate how much sodium in eating if I only eat 2 slices?
4114400 tn?1349923931 For dinner tonight im making fried chicken (homemade), cheese mashed potatos, and honey glazed carrots.. i have been craving fried chicken all day.
Avatar f tn I had fried chicken for dinner but now i want some smothered chicken with mashed potatoes, cheescake, banana pudding without the bananas, onion rings and ice cream.
Avatar f tn My addiction was sweet n sour chicken and pork fried rice.
Avatar m tn I also have the same pain after eating fried chicken although any other chicken is fine. My boyfriend thinks it is all in my head because I read somewhere that dairy is bad for you. I don' t have this problem from any other dairy product. When I eat the fried chicken and eggs I dont think about how its bad because it tastes so good. Kinda like chocolate. Am I crazy and if so why do I only get the reaction from eggs and fried chicken and not anything else that could be potentially bad?
Avatar f tn I rarely get to eat anything that's not home cooked anymore, but boy have I been craving Kentucky Fried Chicken. My 50th birthday is next week and that's all I want.