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Avatar n tn Any body eating healthy?! Am 27s and 1d and I'd like to starting healthy and exercise.. But I don't now if its a good idea.. Any advice?!
Avatar f tn I had posted a question this week, if anyone noticed a difference on sx after shots if they ate bad, eg; fast food, salty foods, sweets. Well, I found out on my own. I had a very bad diet last week eating just about everything I wanted. Shot day is friday and saturday I felt ok, to my surprise. Then sunday I woke w/ a huge headache, nausea that was so bad even my seabands werent working. Monday I was still very sick I even went home an hr after arriving to work.
Avatar n tn Hello, I'm 5 weeks, one day today and am wondering whether or not it's too soon to begin increasing calories. I read that rather than "eating for 2", women are supposed to take in (on average) an additional 300 calories per day. So, I am curious if it's too early to begin doing that. Any thoughts? Thanks!
Avatar m tn I have a history of anorexia and bulimia since I was 14 - in the course of 4 years my weight went down to 40 kg and then up to 68 kg, for a height of 165 cm. In the last 5 years I got back to a relatively normal eating pattern (no more diets or binge eating, obsessive exercise etc.). In the last 2-3 years my weight stabilized at 54-58 kg. In the past few months, I started eating less than usual - not as a diet, but mainly because of a busy schedule and getting home late.
3109932 tn?1347067940 No, you should still be eating healthy. Junk should be limited whether you're pregnant or not anyways.
Avatar f tn Right now im going through a hard time , I haven't been eating a lot and i don't want my son to have birth defects or anything like that ... What kind of meals can I eat ?
Avatar f tn Are lays chips even healthy too eat? Because when I look at the nutrition facts I see that it has some Vitamin B6 , some vitamin C , Magnesium , thiamin, and other things too. And I'm craving some right Now!!!
Avatar f tn m not unhealthy but I want to start eating right so that I can remain healthy as I get older. I weigh around 116. What should I be eating to make sure my heart rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol are in excellent conditions? I would also like to avoid foods that lead to diabetes. I'm not familiar at all with eating properly, or a healthy diet. My last doctors visit was really good, all my stats were great, but I know I eat a lot of junk food.
Avatar f tn Would you only feed your baby every other day after the child was born? If your answers no you probably shouldnt do that while your pregnant..
Avatar m tn But a basic healthy diet balances protein with lots of colored vegetables and whole grains, preferably not just wheat, which is problematic to digest. To gain weight eating the same healthy diet anyone should eat, just eat an additional meal, and resistance training will help put on muscle. Good luck.
Avatar n tn To have healthy bone marrow is to keep your white (immune system) and red blood cells healthy by eating healthy. Eating the proper fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, proteins and moderate fats daily.
Avatar n tn I have a hard time losing weight fast? What are some of the healthy foods that you should be eating that will give the proteins and vitamins; not the fats and carbs?
Avatar f tn You suffer from lack of nutrition, not baby. So dont worry there. But its important to keep yourself healthy as possible too. If I had a peppermint or b-natal sucker about 30min before a meal, I could usually keep a small meal down.
547836 tn?1302832832 I was reading the nutrition facts under the links and noticed that although none of the two contain iron, the Protegra contains 5000 IU of Vitamin A! That's a lot of Vitamin A. Should I start taking these every other day? Or maybe once/ twice a week instead of everyday? or not at all? THANKS!
Avatar n tn I've never been a healthy eater so I'm finding it difficult now so I just eat and put more fruits and a lil more greens in my diet.
Avatar f tn How heavy are you? Are you overweight, or just don't look the way you want to look -- we all have shapes and those are our basic shapes no matter what. Ever seen Serena Williams? Top tennis player, obviously exercises as much as you can and has a private nutritionist and all that but she's just a large person -- she'll never be thin unless like her sister she gets very sick.
400099 tn?1282954864 WW, Other than eating a healthy diet, there is no proven MS diet. Yes, there are all sorts of diets out there that are purported to work to control or cure MS. These diets have been tested and scientifically proven to not work for that purpose. From what I know the only diet that has some backing to actually working is the Ornish diet. If you go to his website and read the information, this very strict regimen or diet, exercise, meditation, etc.
Avatar f tn I have 20% body fat and exercise regularly and include a lot of weight lifting to prevent the risk of osteoporosis and other conditions that run in my family. I have studied eating disorders in my nutrition classes and I know that ED sufferers avoid any foods with fat because they are terrified of being fat.
2070825 tn?1337225969 Now that you're in the second trimester, nutrition for your baby is the most important. If you're not hungry now, just wait a couple more weeks, and you'll be eating just about everything in front of you!! If you're past your morning sickness period, you should be eating 5-6 healthy, small meals/snacks regardless if you're hungry or not, and drinking upwards of 80 oz. of fluids (fruit juice, water, etc.) per day regardless if you're thirsty or not.
Avatar n tn my dog has stopped eating parts of his regular food and leaves it all over the floor so he can pick out the pieces that he likes. He has always eaten the same food. he keeps trying to eat poop and likes to get into the bathroom garbage and eats the used tissues and feminine products. And the last time he got the garbage he had diarriha really bad. Stool is still loose but has some form.