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Not losing weight after gastric bypass

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Avatar n tn Gastric bypass. Not sleeve.
611067 tn?1458591483 The endoscope has been changed to November 7th instead. So, that's good, it's sooner rather than later!!!! Because I don't have pancreatitis, I decided to eat what my family had for dinner last night - ribeye steak. I only ate a small portion, but today my stomach is hurting like it did before. So, I guess I need to stick to the sweet potatos, black beans, garbonzo beans, protein drinks, bananas and the SF/FF pudding I've been eating.
Avatar f tn I had gastric bypass April 23,2012 start weight 278 current weight before pregnancy 156. My issue is I am eating but I continue to lose weight but I have not lost anymore weight before I got pregnant. Has anyone expieranced this if so can you give me some pointers as to not put myself or baby at risk. I am currently 7 weeks pregnant. Any advice?
Avatar m tn I have lost 15 lbs from my pre-double bypass surgery weight, half of which has been during the 7 weeks since the surgery. .Is this normal? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/868095'>Weight Loss Prior/Post Heart Surgery</a>.
Avatar f tn I had gastric bypass surgery in 1981. Recently I have been losing weight in leaps and bounds and my dr is afraid I may have blockage down near my stomach and if I'm not better by my next appt, he is going to send my to a Gastroenterologist. See I would eat and then throw up. Today I am fine, but the day is young. I have been taking nausea meds and also cough meds today and they seem to have helped. Could someone help if they have ever had this problem before.
3106099 tn?1341488881 I had an RNY gastric bypass 2 years ago and have lost 130lbs. I just found out I am pregnant finally after trying for so long. Is my pregnancy going to be harder due to the surgery?
Avatar m tn A weight loss surgery is recommended only if medical management of excess weight is not possible or the patient is not responding to it. Also, just weight is not a parameter—person’s height, waist, body surface area, BMI etc are all considered. First the doctor will assess him, take detailed medical history, rule out causes of weight gain with appropriate tests (diabetes, hypothyroidism, adrenal gland problem, anemia, liver and kidney problems), assess his diet, physical activity level etc.
Avatar n tn Overall, most people WILL lose weight if they restrict their food enough, so if he is not losing weight then he needs to eat even less. But this does not mean the weight will stay off or even continue to drop. He may need some medication help as well. Talk to your husband about the nutritionist etc, as well as speaking with his doctor about medications that can help(Orlistat and Meridia are both approved for this).
Avatar f tn Before they do a surgery like gastric bypass you have to loose a certain amount of weight before they will work on you. My mom had it done about 5 years ago and she was on a strict diet plan..its expensive and I believe with diet and exercise you can achieve the same results..
Avatar m tn Plus, you can very easily regain all of your weight back after this surgery. You have to continue eating small amounts frequently and what you eat is very similar to a diabetic's diet. Watch Al Roker on the Today Show, he will pack on 40-50 pounds and have to start eating properly again, and he's had by-pass surgery.
Avatar f tn My psychiatrist has recommended Lithium or Depakote. My biggest concern is the weight gain. I had the Gastric Bypass about 2 1/2 years ago & have had great success, losing 150 pounds. I've been going to therapy/psychiatrists ever since I graduated high school back in 2005 but before that, my emotional issues/behavior were always ignored b/c my parents didn't believe in therapy. I was on various antidepressants for a few years and nothing ever helped me.
Avatar n tn Everyone is different with the weight gain I lost weight with my last pregnancy before gastric by pass this one also after gastric bypass because you are used to eating healthier and consuming less food but more often you body is working it off long as you are taking your vitamins and doctor is okay with weight I won't worry about it good look
Avatar f tn And then perhaps you will go back to the eating habits pre baby and be able to maintain the weight again. Can you talk to the office that performed the gastric bypass? Working with them AND your ob may be the best thing.
690240 tn?1227301359 my wife has had the gastric-bypass back in july of 2008, how will the gastric bypass affect her sex drive.
870200 tn?1240459551 I know that my friend went in for hernia surgery and gastric bypass, and now she is not able to breath on her own due to this bile leak. The doctors said that it was her stomach leaking and they did a second operation on her,becuse she was also bleeding and losing a lot of blood. I saw her the other day and she does not look good. I just never heard of what a bile leak can do to your body.
Avatar m tn Im six years out from a true gastric bypass. I have kept my weight off and have done well. I've had lots of problem with my legs though. I had two knee replacements last year. Because of a lack of ability to take any NSAIDS, I ended up on methadone and narco. Now I'm trying to get off of it all. I would love to take one of those Aleve. Every time I take something, even if it's with nexium or prevacid, my stomach hurts. I feel really hungry and it starts a carbohydrate cycle.
907729 tn?1244174363 I am a 41yr old female I have Type II diabetes, hypothyroid, and I have heart disease and heart failure. I am severely obese and have tried many diets and also exercise.. I have been overweight most of my life. I need to loose weight for my health. I need to get heart sugery, but they won't do it based on my weight. I want to know if I would qualify for the gastric bypass surgery.
548476 tn?1214707282 Rosey, I have posted a few studies that show why your doctor is suggesting weight loss. If he has recommended gastric bypass there may be several reasons for this. Firstly, you are probably morbidly overweight and the bypass would allow you to lose weight at a much faster rate than conventional weight loss programs and this would allow you to start treatment as soon as your weight reaches an acceptable level.
Avatar f tn The gastric bypass will not have anything to do with the pregnancy but it might be good to wait till you loose weight decided by your dr before trying as being to over weight can cause complications in pregnancy and you would not want to be looseing weight during the pregnancy and I would think after the bypass you might loose to quickly. Talk to your dr about that. Best of luck to you!
Avatar f tn A related discussion, <a href="/posts/Weight-Loss-Alternatives/Distal-Gastric-Bypass-Mal-absorption-problem/show/2140794">Distal Gastric Bypass Mal-absorption problem.</a> was started.
553970 tn?1215380533 Hi there...this is not the gastric bypass forum so unfortunately we would not be able to help you out with that. Also, on the may want to google that not too sure. If you click on forums on the top of the screen I believe there is a forum for weight loss surgeries and I believe you would get alot more responses there! Best of luck to you!
Avatar f tn I had a gastric bypass surgery in Jan'04 & so far i have been pretty healthy(despite not following all dr instructions). But about 8 years ago i began suffering from some severe mental health issues which have only worsened over the years. At the beginning, in order to cope i started drinking, and i went from being a person who drank 1 or 2x a yr to being a 24/7 drinker that required a medical detox so i would sieze out and die.